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James Graves (1) was born about 1833 in Walmer, Kent (about 7 miles northeast of Dover, on the coast).  He married Dorothy Lashley, possibly about 1856 in Barbados, British West Indies.  She was born about 1835 in Barbados.  Several members of this family were agents and dealers of various kinds, with a strong mechanical/motor engineering thread, and owned various businesses.

They were in the 1871 census for Minstry, Kent, when he was listed as Gunner, RA (probably Royal Artillery).  They were in the 1881 census for Woolwich, London, England, and in the 1891 census for Portsea, Hampshire.  Their first 7 children were born in Barbados (except for Herbert, possibly born in Trinidad), and the eighth in Jamaica.

His mother's name is recorded as Mary Graves, probably born about 1806, and her father's name was William Graves.  It appears that James was illegitimate and his father was part of or connected to some well-to-do family, where Mary was 'in service'.  She married later, in 1837, to Robert Town and had more children.  The Towns and the Graveses remained in close contact when James returned from the West Indies.  One of James' daughters married a Town.  (R‑1)

Children - Graves

+2.   Alfred Graves, b.c. 1857, m(1) Jane E. ‑‑‑‑‑‑, m(2) Elizabeth C. ‑‑‑‑‑‑.

+3.   James Graves, b.c. 1859, m. Annie Beatrice ‑‑‑‑‑‑.

   4.  Louis Graves, b.c. 1861.

   5.  Herbert Graves, b.c. 1862.

+6.   Laban Graves, b.c. 1865, m. Louisa Grimmer.

+7.   Maria Graves, b.c. 1867, m. ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Town.

+8.   William Adolphus Graves, b.c. 1868, m. Ann Selina Whybrow, 25 Dec. 1889.

   9.  Eugenia Graves, b.c. 1872, m. ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Metzger.






Alfred Graves (2) was born about 1857 in Barbados, West Indies.  He first married Jane E. ‑‑‑‑‑‑.  She was born about 1844 in Sholden, Kent.  He married second Elizabeth C. ‑‑‑‑‑‑.  She was born about 1865 in Woolingford, Berkshire.  He was in the 1891 census for Charlton, London, with his first wife.  He was in the 1901 census for Portsmouth, Hampshire, with his second wife.  He was a tinsmith.  Both his children were born in New Cross, London.

Children - Graves

   10.   Charles B. Graves, b.c. 1892.

   11.   Dorothy M. Graves, b.c. 1895.


James Graves (3) was born about 1859, probably in Barbados but possibly in Jamaica, West Indies[1].  He married Annie Beatrice ‑‑‑‑‑‑.  Her name was given as Annie B. in the 1891 census and as Beatrice in the 1901 census.  She was born about 1863 in Woolwich, Kent.  They were in the 1891 and 1901 censuses for Charlton, London.  In 1891, his aunts, Mary Moore, 55, and Joanna A. Moore, 45, were living with them.  In the 1901 census, living with them were his aunt Joanna Moore, his widowed sister Maria Town and her 2 children, and his widowed sister Eugenia Metzger.  Their first 2 children were born in Woolwich, Kent, and the next 2 in Charlton, Kent.

Children - Graves

   12.   Mabel L. Graves, b.c. 1886.

   13.   Ethel A. Graves, b.c. 1889.

   14.   Louise Graves, b.c. 1893.

   15.   Irene Graves, b.c. 1901.


Laban Graves (6) was born about 1865 in Barbados, West Indies.  He married Louisa Grimmer, daughter of F. K. Grimmer and Jane ‑‑‑‑‑‑.  She was born about 1862 in the West Indies.  Her father was a staff sergeant in the Army and apparently served all over the world, judging by where his children were born.  He was only found in the 1871 census for Plumstead, Kent, and had died by 1881.  The 1891 census for Plumstead, London, showed Laban, Louisa, and their 2 children living with her widowed mother.

Children - Graves

   16.   Cecil H. Graves, b.c. 1888 (Woolwich, Kent).

   17.   Fred Oscar Graves, b.c. 1889 (Bermuda).  In 1901 he was living in a boarding school in Chelsea, London.


Maria Graves (7) was born about 1867 in Barbados or Jamaica, West Indies.  She married ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Town.  She was in the 1901 census for Charlton, London, widow, living with her brother James.  Both her children were born in Sandwich, Kent.

Children - Town

   18.   Herbert Town, b.c. 1897.

   19.   Laban Town, b.c. 1899.


William Adolphus Graves (8) was born about 1868 in Barbados, British West Indies.  He married Ann Selina Whybrow on 25 Dec. 1889.  She was born about 1870 in Deptford, London.  They were in the 1901 census for Elswick, Northumberland, when he was an iron worker.  Their first child was born in Woolwich, London, the next 2 in Plumstead, London, and the others in Newcastle on Tyne.  (R‑1)

Children - Graves

   20.   Charles Graves, b.c. 1891.

   21.   William Graves, b.c. 1892.

   22.   Alfred Graves, b.c. 1894.

   23.   Edward Graves, b.c. 1896.

   24.   Norman Graves, b.c. 1897.

   25.   Violet Graves, b.c. 1898.

+26.   Herbert Laban Graves, b. 29 Dec. 1899, m. Alice Emily Taylor, 5 June 1921, d. 17 Nov. 1973.






Herbert Laban Graves (26) was born 29 Dec. 1899 in Newcastle on Tyne, and died 17 Nov. 1973.  He married Alice Emily Taylor on 5 June 1921.  She was born about 1901-02 and died 7 Sept. 1984.  (R‑1)

Children - Graves

+27.   Ronald Labon Graves, b. 29 Sept. 1924, m(1) Joan Hill, Sept. 1945, m(2) Edith ‑‑‑‑‑‑, m(3) Jean ‑‑‑‑‑‑, d. 26 May 1995.

   28.   Lillian May Graves, b. 1926, m. ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Roberts.

   29.   Roy Herbert Graves, m. Rose ‑‑‑‑‑‑.

   30.   Ann Christine Graves


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[1] The birthplace of James was given as Barbados in the 1881 census but as Jamaica in the 1901 census.