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------ Greaves (1) married. Eben Putnam suspected that he was a Thomas Greaves, but did not get proof of this. The children listed below are probably his.

Eben Putnam (R-206) wrote: "It appears to be evident that the Olaves, Southwark, family of shipwrights and those of Lymehouse were closely connected. I take it that William Greaves of southwark who died in 1582, and Henry Greaves of Stepney, who died in 1590, were brothers, and am inclined to think that their father was a Thomas Greaves, but this supposition is purely guesswork as I did not follow up the clue obtained. Neither did I trace the Graves family of Whitechapel, the next parish to Stepney, although evidently some of the Graveses of Stepney and of Whitechapel were of the same family, perhaps connected with the shipwright family."

Eben Putnam also wrote: "It is not likely that every one bearing the name is from a common ancestor, yet I think the most of the wills I obtained of Hertfordshire Graveses are of the same great family, and I think likely that some connection exists between the Stepney family and those of Herts and Essex." (R-206)

Children - Greaves

+2. Henry Greaves, m. Margaret ------, d.c. 1590.

3. Clement Greaves (dau.), m. ------ Hunt.

+4. William Greaves, married, d. 1582.






Henry Greaves (2) married Margaret ------. He was of Stepney, England, in Middlesex, just east of London. Administration of his estate was granted to his widow Margaret on 8 July 1590. She secondly married Thomas Masters on 14 Dec. 1591. She was living in 1603, and may have thirdly married ------ Barbor (see will of Margaret Barbor, 1608). (R-206)

Children - Greaves

+5. Mary Greaves, m. ------ Lane, d. by 1603.

6. Hester Greaves (probable dau.), m. ------ Cocke.

+7. Robert Greaves, m. Susanna May, 18 June 1593.

+8. Thomas Greaves, m. Joan Gibbs, 17 Oct. 1585, d. 1603.

+9. John Greaves, m(1) Sarah Malter, 6 April 1597, m(2) Susan Hoxton, 24 June 1624, m(3) Mary Raymond, 18 May 1630, d. 1637.

10. Joane Greaves, bapt. 17 July 1581, not married in 1603. She may have married Nathaniel Moulser, 31 July 1603.

11. Margaret Greaves, bapt. 2 May 1582.

12. William Greaves, bapt. 14 April 1583.


William Greaves (4) of St. Olaves Southwark, Surrey, England, may have married Phillis ------, since she was executrix of his will, which was proved in 1582. (R-206)

Children - Greaves

13. William Greaves

14. John Greaves

15. Tobye Greaves

16. daughter, m. Lawrence Somper.

17. daughter, m. Richard Johnson.

18. daughter, m. John Birch.






Mary Greaves (5), probable daughter of Henry, married ------ Lane. She died by 1603. (R-206)

Children - Lane

19. Grace Lane; living in 1603.


Robert Greaves (7) of Limehouse, Middlesex, England, just east of London and next to Stepney, was a probable son of Henry. He married Susanna May, of Brookstreet, on 18 June 1593 at Stepney, England. (R-206)

Children - Greaves

20. Robert Greaves, bapt. 12 Feb. 1597/8.


Thomas Greaves (8) lived in Limehouse, and was a shipwright. He married Joan Gibbs on 17 Oct. 1585. She was executrix of her husband's will, which was dated 20 April 1603 and proved 20 June 1603. (R-206)

Children - Greaves

21. Mary Greaves, bapt. 31 Jan. 1570/71, not married in 1603.

22. Susan Greaves, bapt. 20 Nov. 1586, died young.

23. Ann Greaves, bapt. 12 Dec. 1588, died young.

24. Matthew Greaves, bapt. 7 Nov. 1594; shipwright.

25. Rebecca Greaves, m. ------ Puzey, after June 1603.


John Greaves (9) lived in Limehouse, and was a shipwright. His will was dated 1 Aug. 1637, and proved 15 Dec. 1637. He first married Sarah Malter of Ratcliff on 6 April 1597. She died between 1618-1624. He secondly married Susan Hoxton on 24 June 1624. He thirdly married Mary Raymond, widow, of St. Mary Whitechapel, on 18 May 1630. The baptisms of all the following children were recorded in the Stepney parish records. According to the IGI, John was born 1571 in Ratcliffe.

John Greaves, the elder, of Lymehouse, Middlesex, shipwright. Will dated 1 Aug. 13th Charles (1637); proved 15 Dec. 1637. To be buried in eastern end of Stepney churchyard on the south side of the church as near my first wife and children as conveniently may be; to wife Mary lease of house now in tenure of Mr. Richard Elli, mariner, and in possession of John Shaw, mariner; to Anne Shaw and her heirs; after wife's decease the Elli house to return to my son John Greaves who I had by her; wife Mary the least of my four new houses lately built held of lease of Mr. James, and so much of the wharf as is now laid out and enclosed for the use of said houses; if she marry, to my son John and daughter Mary Greaves whom I had by her; to children of first wife; to wife Mary lease of my six tenements in Lymehouse yard which I have of John Marsh, also lease of house at Shadwell, and other property, all of which is for the maintenance and bringing up of children John and Mary; they are also to have 50 pounds, one third plate and one third of dwelling in the yard; son John 5 pounds out of the yard near the limekilns; to sons William, Abraham and Nathaniel the lease I took of Mr. James excepting the four new houses above mentioned; widow Andrews and widow Rowland Langram occupants of tenaments; son Robert Greaves 50 pounds when 21 and 5 pounds per year out of my lower yard.

To John, William and Rebecca, children of my son Thomas Greaves 10 pounds each when 21; to Sarah and Rebecca children of my son William Greaves ditto; son Matthew Greaves a house; son Joseph Graves, when 21, a house in Cooper Lane, London, in occupation of William Dorrett; also such household stuff as I had by his mother; also 50 pounds, 20 pounds whereof was the legacy of his grandmother; daughter Rebecca Margate 30 pounds and to her daughters Anne and Mary 10 pounds when 21; daughter Anne Shawe 30 pounds and to her daughter Sara Shawe 10 pounds when 21; to grandchild John Graves 20 pounds at 21; sister Ducie 40sh, her daughter 20sh; cousin Matthew Graves 20sh; cousin Rebecca Puzey, 20sh; mentions ships and shipping; the other two thirds to be divided between my children by my first wife; son John house and lands in Bridges in parish of Brixley, Kent and at Blendon, and when 21 12 pounds; daughter Mary when 21 100 pounds; son Thomas and his hears house where I now dwell near Dickshore in Lymehouse; son William and his heirs male one third of dock, wharf, yard and crane lying near to Dickshore aforesaid as far as it is boarded with the red house and way under it by the house that is tiled and now occupied by John Askew, joiner; two thirds of said dock, yard, wharf and crane to sons Abraham and Nathaniel Greaves and if they die without heires male to the survivor, and if they all three so die to my sons Thomas, Matthew and Robert; in case either choose to sell the others to have option of buying at 5 pounds less than any one else; sons Abraham and Nathaniel 50 pounds each, and they to be freed of their apprenticeship indentures; wife Mary all rents due from my servants. To the poor of Ham and Hookend 20sh; Jacob Aishley 20sh; every servant 10sh. Sons Thomas and William Greaves, and son George Margatte executors. Friends Anthony Tutchen, Mr. John Ducie, Joseph Chapman, overseers. Signed, 1 Aug., before John Ducie, George Hutchinson, John Ednor, scr.

Mem. 10 Aug., 1632, John Greaves, etc., a customary tenant of the said manor since the last court day did surrender into the hands of the Lord of the manor by the rodd according to the custom of said manor by the hands of John Domelaw head borowe or Cheise pledge, in presence of William Pulbery, Michol Austie, Francis Holliday, John Watte, William Delton, and Stephen Traford all six customary tenants, etc., all such the premises for the use of the last will and testament of said John Greaves.

Codicil, 17 Nov., 1637. There being due me from the company of shipwrights 200 pounds, said sum is bequeathed to sons William, Abraham, Nathaniel Greaves. Proved 15 Dec., 1637 by William Greaves and George Margatte, executors. P.C.C. Goare 163, 164.

John Greaves of parish of Stepney, alias Stebunheeth, in Middlesex, ship-builder. The Vestry minutes published by G. W. Hill and W. H. Frere, from 1579-1662, contain frequent mention of the name. From those records it appears that John Graves was one of the Vestrymen in 1603 and frequently thereafter, as well as engaged upon other work of the parish till 1637 when his name appears on those records for the last time.

He was a shipbuilder of consequence and the limits of his yard are shown upon a map published by Hill and Frere. According to a note in the work above mentioned his first wife was Sarah Chester [whether her name was Chester or Malter she lived long enough to bear her husband fourteen children, or else she was a second wife who died childless] who died within a few months of marriage and almost at once he married Susan Hoxton on the 24 June, 1624. He married for the third time 18 May, 1630, Mary Raymond. (R-206)

Children - Greaves, by Sarah Malter

26. William Greaves, bapt. 1 Feb. 1597/8, died young.

27. John Greaves, bapt. 20 Aug. 1600, died young.

28. Sarah Greaves, bapt. 13 Dec. 1602, died young.

29. Thomas Greaves, b. 16 June 1605, m. Katherine Gray, before 1635, d. 31 July 1653. This is Rear Admiral Thomas Graves. See Rear Admiral Thomas Graves of Charlestown, MA book for information.

+30. Rebecca Greaves, bapt. 13 Dec. 1607, m. George Margett.

31. Matthew Greaves, bapt. 5 March 1608.

+32. William Greaves, bapt. 18 March 1609, m. Elizabeth Diggins, 1 Sept. 1631, d. 1667-68.

33. Henry Greaves, bapt. 15 March 1611, died young.

+34. Anne Greaves, bapt. 11 April 1613, m. John Shawe.

35. Susanna Greaves, bapt. 16 June 1614, possibly m. John Ducie.

36. Samuel Greaves, b. 9 Oct. 1615, bapt. 15 Oct. 1615, died young.

+37. Abraham Greaves, b. 13 Jan. 1616/17, m(1) Elizabeth ------, m(2) Mary Wallace, Sept. 1654, m(3) Sarah ------, d.c. 1689.

38. Nathaniel Greaves, b. 1 June 1618, bapt. 7 June 1618. Administration on his estate to brother William Greaves, 11 Sept. 1638.

39. Robert Greaves, a minor in 1637, living in 1667.

Children - Greaves, by Susan Hoxton

40. Joseph Greaves, under 21 in 1637.

Children - Greaves, by Mary Raymond

+41. John Greaves, m. Alice ------, d.c. 1665.

42. Mary Greaves, m. James Putt.






Rebecca Greaves (30) was baptized 13 Dec. 1607 in Stepney, England. She married George Margett. (R-206)

Children - Margett

43. Anne Margett

44. Mary Margett


William Greaves (32) was baptized 18 March 1609 in Stepney, England. He was a shipwright, and lived in Limehouse. His will was dated 14 Feb. 1667, and was proved 3 March 1667/8. He married Elizabeth Diggins on 1 Sept. 1631. She was living in 1668. (R-206)

Children - Greaves

45. Sarah Greaves, m. ------ Higginson, before 1667. He d. by 1667.

46. Rebecca Greaves, m. Samuel Stretton.

47. Elizabeth Greaves, bapt. 1 Nov. 1642, not married in 1667.

+48. John Greaves, m. Mary ------.

+49. Thomas Greaves, married.

50. Abigail Greaves, bapt. 19 Oct. 1654.


Anne Greaves (34) was baptized 11 April 1613 in Stepney, England, and was living in 1667. She married John Shawe. He was a mariner. (R-206)

Children - Shawe

51. Sarah Shawe


Abraham Greaves (37) was born 13 Jan. 1616/17 in Stepney, England. He was called "of Stepney, gent." His will was proved in 1689. He first married Elizabeth ------. He secondly married Mary, daughter of Martin Wallace (or Walker) of Cornhill, merchant tailor, on 17 Sept. 1654 (published 3 and 10 Sept. 1654). She was buried 30 Oct. 1655 at St. Michaels, Cornhill. He thirdly married Sarah ------. She may have been the widow of ------ Jefferson, and was the executrix of Abraham's will. The children by this third marriage are probable. (R-206)

Children - Greaves, by Elizabeth ------

52. Edward Greaves, probably bapt. 7 Aug. 1640.

+53. Nathaniel Greaves, bapt. 27 June 1654, married.

Children - Greaves, by Mary ------

54. Mary Greaves, bapt. 10 Oct. 1655, not married in 1687.

Children - Greaves, by Sarah ------

+55. Sarah Greaves, m. John Cooper.

56. Rebecca Greaves, not married in 1687.


John Greaves (41) was a citizen and vintner of London, England. His will was dated 12 Oct. 1663, and proved in 1665. He married Alice ------. She was executrix of her husband's will. All three of his children were minors in 1663. (R-206)

Children - Greaves

57. John Greaves

58. Elizabeth Greaves

59. Sarah Greaves






John Greaves (48) lived in Stepney, England, and was a millwright. He was living in 1687. He married Mary ------. (R-206)

Children - Greaves

60. Thomas Greaves, bapt. 3 Oct. 1672.

61. Rebecca Greaves, bapt. 27 Oct. 1675.


Thomas Greaves (49) married. He lived in Stepney, was a shipwright, and was living in 1687. (R-206)

Children - Greaves

62. Elizabeth Greaves; called grandchild by William in 1667-8, and probably dau. of Thomas.



Nathaniel Greaves (53) was baptized 27 June 1654. He married. (R-206)

Children - Greaves

63. Elizabeth Greaves (probable daughter)


Sarah Greaves (55) married John Cooper of London, England. He was a merchant. (R-206)

Children - Cooper

64. Sarah Cooper

65. Mary Cooper

66. Rebecca Cooper

67. Elizabeth Cooper

68. Abigail Cooper


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