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John Greaves (1) was born about 1814 in Mile End, Middlesex, England.  He married Mary Wood on 15 March 1835 in St. Dunstan, Stepney, Middlesex.  She was born about 1812 in Birmingham, Warwickshire, and died in 1873 in Mile End, London.  They were in the 1841 census for Bethnal Green, Middlesex.  They were in the 1851 census for Stepney, St. Philips, Middlesex.

Because of living in the same places, it seems possible that this family is descended from genealogy 28, the Greaves family of Stepney, London, England.  (R‑1)

Children - Greaves

    2.  John Alexander Greaves, b.c. 1836 (Bethnal Green, Middlesex).

+3.   George Greaves, b.c. 1839, m. Mary Sophia Reid, 9 Nov. 1857.

+4.   Thomas E. Greaves, b. 7 June 1841, m. Frances Ann Ball, 17 Jan. 1863, d. 28 Feb. 1916.

    5.  Sarah Elizabeth Greaves, b.c. 1844 (Lambeth, Surrey).

    6.  Henry Benjamin Greaves, b.c. 1846 (Stepney, Mile End, Middlesex).

    7.  Ruth Mary Graves, b. 31 March 1848 (Stepney, Mile End, Middlesex).

    8.  Eliza Greaves, b.c. 1851 (Stepney, Mile End, Middlesex).

+9.   Charles Greaves, b. 11 March 1857, m. Alice Chiles Goodbody, 1876.






George Greaves (3) was born about 1839 in Lambeth, Surrey, England.  He married Mary Sophia Reid, daughter of Thomas James Reid and Sophia Thatcher, on 9 Nov. 1857 in St. Andrews, Bethnal Green, Middlesex.  She was born 15 Nov. 1837 in Mile End New Town[1], London, England, and died 19 March 1894 in Poplar, London.  (R‑1)

Children - Greaves

    10.   George Walter Greaves, b.c. 1862 (St. George in the East, London).

    11.   Eliza Greaves, b.c. 1863 (Bethnal Green, Middlesex).

    12.   Florence Greaves, b.c. 1866 (Stepney, Middlesex).

    13.   Herbert Alexander Greaves, b.c. 1868 (Stepney, Middlesex).

    14.   Henry Greaves, b.c. 1870 (Mile End Old Town, London).

    15.   Rosina Sophia Greaves, b. 16 Dec. 1872 (Stepney, London).

+16.   Arthur Joseph Greaves, b. 6 Dec. 1876, d. 3 May 1910.

    17.   Walter Thomas Greaves, b.c. 1879 (Poplar, Middlesex).

    18.   William Victor Greaves, b.c. 1883 (Poplar, Middlesex).


Thomas E. Greaves (4) was born 7 June 1841 at 13 Norfolk St., Bethnal Green, Middlesex, and died 28 Feb. 1916 at 22 Star St., West Ham, Essex.  He married Frances Ann Ball, daughter of George Thomas Ball and Frances Ann Hatfield, on 17 Jan. 1863 in St. Dunstan, Stepney, Middlesex.  She was born 29 Dec. 1844 in Stepney, Middlesex.  All  their children were born in Stepney, Middlesex, probably all (or almost all) in Mile End Old Town.  (R‑1)

Children - Greaves

    19.   Frances Ann Greaves, b.c. 1863, d. 1904 (Watford, Hertfordshire).

+20.   Thomas George Greaves, b. 15 June 1865, m. Jane Dalton, 1888.

    21.   William Greaves, b.c. 1867.

    22.   Ruth Mary Greaves, b.c. 1870, d. 1871.

    23.   George Greaves, b.c. 1871.

    24.   Henrietta Greaves, b.c. 1873.

    25.   Frederick Greaves, b.c. 1875.

    26.   Elizabeth Greaves, b.c. 1877.

    27.   Alfred Greaves, b.c. 1878, d. 1882.

    28.   Emily Greaves, b.c. 1880, d. 1882.

+29.   Henry Greaves, b.c. 1883, m. Frances Clara Kate Puncher, d. 31 Oct. 1952.

    30.   Alfred Greaves, b.c. 1885.


Charles Greaves (9) was born 11 March 1857 in Bethnal Green, Middlesex, England.  He married Alice Chiles (or Chailes) Goodbody in 1876 in Stepney, London.  She was born about 1855 in Brighton, Sussex.  They were in the 1881, 1901, and 1911 censuses for Bethnal Green, London.  He was a carman for the railway.  All their children were born in Bethnal Green.  (R‑1)

Children - Greaves

    31.   Charles G. Greaves, b.c. 1878.

    32.   Christopher Alexander Greaves, b.c. 1881.

    33.   Alice Greaves, b.c. 1885.

+34.   George William Greaves, b.c. 1887, m. Jane Whiteman.

    35.   Mathilda (or Matilda) Greaves, b.c. 1889.

    36.   Mary Rosina Greaves, b.c. 1893.

    37.   Julia Greaves, b.c. 1895.






Arthur Joseph Greaves (16) was born 6 Dec. 1876 at 22 Wentworth Road, Mile End, Stepney, London, and died 3 May 1910 in West Ham, Essex.  He married Susan Jane Lewis on 5 May 1895 in St. James Church, Bethnal Green, London.  She was born about 1879 in Bethnal Green, Middlesex.  (R‑1)

Children - Greaves

    38.   Susan Jane Greaves, b.c. 1895 (Poplar, London).

    39,   William Richard Greaves, b.c. 1899 (Poplar, London).

    40.   James Charles Greaves, b. 26 Dec. 1907, d. Aug. 1988 (Essex).



Thomas George Greaves (20) was born 15 June 1865 at 35 Trafalgar Square, Mile End, Middlesex.  He married Jane Dalton in 1888.  She was born 11 Dec. 1869 in Ratcliff, London.  They were in the 1901 census for Limehouse, Stepney, London.  They havenŐt been found in the 1911 census.  (R‑1)

Children - Greaves

    41.   Thomas Michael Greaves, b. 27 July 1888 (Ratcliff, London), d. 29 Dec. 1960 (Dagenham, Essex).  He may have been the one in the military in India in the 1911 census.

    42.   Jane Greaves, b.c. 1890 (Stepney, London).  Not in 1901 census with family.

    43.   William Greaves, b.c. 1891 (Stepney, London).

    44.   Maurice Greaves, b.c. 1894 (Stepney, London).

    45.   Dorenda Greaves, b.c. 1895 (Stepney, London).

    46.   Lily Greaves, b.c. 1899 (Stepney, London).

    47.   son


Henry Greaves (29) was born about 1883 in Limehouse, Middlesex, and died 31 Oct. 1952 at 15 Grove Crescent Rd., Stratford, Essex.  He married Frances Clara Kate Puncher, daughter of William Puncher and Hannah Sarah Poore.  She was born about 1883 in Stratford, Essex, and died 9 June 1967 at 49 Hillcrest Rd., Hornchurch, Essex.  All their children were born in West Ham, Essex.  (R‑1)

Children - Greaves

    48.   Frances Hannah Lilian Greaves, b.c. 1903, d. 1946 (Essex).

    49.   Harry William Thomas Greaves, b.c. 1906, d. 1971 (Essex).

    50.   Beatrice Henrietta Greaves, b.c. 1908.

    51.   Ive E. Greaves, b.c. 1911.

+52.   William Charles Greaves, b. 27 July 1917, m. Menna Gough, d. 1 May 1993.

    53.   Iris Hazel Greaves, b. 25 Feb. 1924, d. 1998.

    54.   daughter



George William Greaves (34) was born about 1887 in Bethnal Green, Middlesex.  He married Jane Whiteman.  He was still single and living with his parents in the 1911 census for Bethnal Green, so he apparently married after that.  (R‑2)

Children - Greaves

    55.   Rose Greaves

    56.   Charles Greaves

    57.   Elizabeth Greaves

    58.   Lillian Greaves

    59.   Frederick Greaves

+60.   James Henry Greaves, b. 26 Feb. 1915, m. Ivy Susan Somerset, 22 Feb. 1940, d. 10 Oct. 1997.


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[1] Mile End is now an area within the East End of London.  It is located 3.6 miles east-northeast of Charing Cross.  It developed on the London to Colchester road as one of the earliest suburbs of the City of London, and the parish of Mile End Old Town became part of the metropolitan area of London in 1855.  About 1691 Mile End became known as Mile End Old Town because a new unconnected settlement to the west and adjacent to Spitalfields had taken the name Mile End New Town.  The parish of Stepney includes Mile  End (both New and Old Town) and part of Ratcliffe.  Previous to 1669, Stepney was much more extensive than it is now, comprising, in addition, Limehouse, St. GeorgeŐs in the East, Spitalfields, Bethnal Green, Poplar, and others.  [This information from Wikipedia and Genuki.]