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1608 Settler of Jamestown, Virginia,

and His Descendants




This genealogy is gradually being revised as a result of the findings of the Graves/Greaves DNA Study.  In this version, one section that is not descended from Capt. Thomas Graves has been removed and put in a separate genealogy (gen. 145, John Graves of Halifax Co., VA).  Another portion of the genealogy has been shown to be descended from Thomas2 Graves rather than from Francis2 Graves, and has been moved as a result of that finding.

Francis Graves, long believed to be the youngest son of Capt. Thomas Graves, has now been shown by DNA analysis to not be his son.  Therefore, Francis and all his descendants have been removed and put in a separate genealogy (gen. 220).

Two other branches of the family have been shown to not be descended from Capt. Thomas Graves and have been put in separate genealogies (gen. 152, Thomas Graves of Lunenburg Co. & Mecklenburg Co., VA, and gen. 94, Thomas Sims Graves of Culpeper Co., VA and Fayette Co. & Nelson Co., KY).

More recently, the descendants of John Graves (born about 1665), previously thought to be a son of John2, Thomas3 (#10), have been removed from this genealogy.  As discussed in genealogy 270 for that family, it has been shown by DNA testing and by the will of descendant Solomon Graves that genealogy 270 was not related to Capt. Thomas Graves but was descended from a Greaves family of Northamptonshire, England, arriving in Virginia probably about 1700 or in the late 1600’s.

In addition, the connections for several genealogies have been shown by DNA analysis and have been added to this genealogy.  Some of these results can be seen in the master table of DNA results.  Other changes will be made as further evidence is obtained.





Thomas Graves (1), gentleman, arrived in Virginia in October of 1608, coming from England in the ship "Mary and Margaret" with Captain Christopher Newport's second supply.  Although John Card Graves (R‑915) states that Thomas was accompanied by his wife Katherine, sons John and Thomas, and eight others, including Henry Singleton and Thomas Edge, most other historians agree that he did not bring his wife and children over until later.  It is likely that he did not even marry Katherine until 1610, and his first child was born about 1611.

Thomas Graves was one of the original Adventurers (stockholders) of the Virginia Company of London, and one of the very early Planters (settlers) who founded Jamestown, Virginia, the first permanent English settlement in North America.  He was also the first known person named Graves in North America.  Captain Thomas Graves is listed as one of the original Adventurers as "Thomas Grave" on page 364, Records of the Virginia Company of London, vol. IV.  Although the Records of the Virginia Company state that in 1622 was granted "a patent to Thomas Graves of Doublin in the Realm of Ireland, gent.", this may be a clerical error.  As stated in the original charter of the Virginia Co. of London, the first Adventurers to Virginia were to be from the city of London.

King James I of England, on April 10, 1606, granted letters patent (charter) to Sir Thomas Gates, Sir George Somers, Richard Hakluyt, Edward-Maria Winfield, Thomas Hanham, Raleigh Gilbert, William Parker, and George Popham, in whose names the petition for the charter to the Virginia Company of London had been made, for the founding of two colonies in Virginia.

In 1606 the name Virginia designated the North American coast north of Spanish Florida.  The First Colony was to "begin their first plantation and place of their first sojourning and dwelling in any place along the aforesaid coast of Virginia or America where they thought it suitable and convenient, between the aforesaid thirty-four and forty-one degrees of the aforesaid latitude."  The Second Colony was to locate at some point between thirty-eight degrees and forty-five degrees of northern latitude. (Rec. Va. Co., vol. IV, p. 368)

The First Colony (consisting of knights, gentlemen, merchants and others of the city of London) made a settlement at Jamestown on May 13, 1607, which became permanent.  The Plymouth grantees (from the English cities of Bristol and Exeter, the town of Plymouth, and other places) established the Second Colony at Sagadagic (on the coast of what became Maine) in August 1607, but abandoned it in the spring of 1608.

On May 13, 1607, Captain Christopher Newport's fleet of three small ships, the Susan Constant, the Godspeed and the Discovery, with 105 colonists, reached the site of this first permanent English settlement, and called it James Towne.  Captain Newport returned to Jamestown on Jan. 8, 1608 with the first supply in the John and Francis.  The Phoenix, commanded by Captain Francis Nelson, which had sailed as part of the first supply, finally arrived on 20 April 1608.  More than half the settlers died that first winter.

Captain Newport sailed again for England and arrived at Blackwell May 21, 1608.  Capt. Nelson returned to England in the Phoenix early in July 1608, with requests from Virginia to be sent by the second supply.  Capt. Newport left England in the Mary and Margaret, a ship of about 150 tons, with the second supply, probably in August of 1608.  Many sources give the arrival date of this second supply as being early in October 1608.  We do know that it was after Sept. 10, 1608.

A comparatively complete record, with the names, of the little band of first planters who came in 1607 and the two supplies of 1608 is given by Captain John Smith in his Historie.  These three expeditions brought a total of about 295 people -- the first settlers numbering about 105, the first supply 120, and the second supply about 70.  Of the whole number, 92 are described as "gentlemen."

Regarding the title of "Captain" which is attached to Thomas Graves in Virginia historical records, he had no such designation in the Charter of 1609 wherein all the Adventurers (stockholders) of the Virginia Company are listed, and is shown by Captain John Smith on his arrival in Virginia simply as "Thomas Graves, Gent."  Thus it appears that he acquired the title of Captain after arriving in Virginia.

Thomas Graves early became active in the affairs of the infant colony.  On an exploring expedition he was captured by the Indians and taken to Opechancanough. Thomas Savage, who had come to Virginia with the first supply on the John and Francis in 1608, was sent to rescue him, in which he was successful.

The winter of 1608-09 was much better than the previous winter, but soon after Capt. John Smith returned to England for medical treatment in October 1609, the "Starving Time" reduced the population of about 500 to no more than sixty men, women, and children.  In June of 1610, the survivors were in the process of abandoning the settlement, when Lord Delaware arrived as governor of the colony.  From that time on, there was apparently no further serious thought of abandoning the town.  However, even by 1616, the colony had a total population of only 351, of whom 81 were farmers or tenants.

In 1617 the Virginia Company, hoping to expand population and agricultural production in the colony, encouraged private or voluntary associations organized on a joint stock basis to establish settlements in the area of the Company's patent.  The Society of Smith's (or Smythe's) Hundred (later called Southampton Hundred) was organized in 1617.  In addition to Captain Thomas Graves, the Adventurers included Sir Thomas Smith, Sir Edwin Sandys, and the Earl of Southampton.  Soon after April 29, 1619, Governor Yeardley wrote to Sir Edwin Sandys: "I have entreated Capt. Graves, an antient officer of this company, to take charge of the people and workes."

Capt. Thomas Graves was a member of the First Legislative Assembly in America, and, with Mr. Walter Shelley, sat for Smythe's Hundred when they met at Jamestown on July 30, 1619.  The time of Capt. Thomas Graves' removal to the Eastern Shore is not known.  It was, however, after August 1619, since he was then a representative from Smythe's Hundred to the first meeting of the House of Burgesses.  It was also prior to Feb. 16, 1623, for "A List of Names: of the Living in Virginia, Feb. 16, 1623" shows Thomas Graves "at the Eastern Shore".  His patent for 200 acres on the Eastern Shore is of record 14 March 1628 (Patent Book No. 1, p. 72, Land Registrar's Office, Richmond, Va.).  This land was in what was then known as Accomack, now a part of Northampton Co.  It was granted by Dr. Thomas Pott, Governor of Virginia, and was on the eastern side of the Bay of Chesapeake, westerly of the lands of Capt. Henry Flute, an explorer of the Bay, "by virtue of the adventure of five and twenty pounds paid by the said Capt. Thomas Graves to Sir Thomas Smyth, Treasurer of the Virginia Company."  He paid a "quit rent" of one shilling for fifty acres, payable at the feast of St. Michael the Archangel (Sept. 29) each year on a part of his land.

In the census of February 1625, Capt. Thomas Graves was one of only 51 people then living on the Eastern Shore. He was put in charge of the direction of local affairs later in 1625.  In Sept. 1632 he, with others, was appointed a Commissioner "for the Plantacon of Acchawmacke".  He was one of the Burgesses to the Assembly, representing Accomack, for the 1629-30 session and the 1632 session.  He attended many of the meetings of the Commissioners, but he was absent from Dec. 30, 1632/3 until Oct. 23, 1633/4.  It appears that he was out of the country.

The old Hungars Episcopal Church is located about seven miles north of Eastville, on the north side of Hungars Creek.  Hungars Parish was made soon after the county was established, and the first minister was Rev. Francis Bolton, who was succeeded by Rev. William Cotton.  The first vestry was appointed in 1635.  The first vestry meeting was on Sept. 29, 1635, at which Capt. Thomas Graves headed the list of those present.  The first church edifice was erected in 1690-95 and was still standing around 1900, one of the oldest churches in the country.  In addition to Capt. Thomas Graves, the other persons named by the court as vestrymen of Hungars Church were William Cotton, minister, Obedience Robins, John Howe, William Stone (first Protestant Governor of Maryland), William Burdett, William Andrews, John Wilkins, Alexander Mountray, Edward Drews, William Beniman and Stephen Charlton.

Captain Thomas Graves died between November 1635 when he was witness to a deed and 5 Jan. 1636 when suit was entered against a servant to Mrs. Graves (Adventurers of Purse and Person, pp. 188-189).  His birth date is not known, but is believed to be about 1580.  That would have made him only about 55 years of age at his death.

Very little is known about Katherine, wife of Capt. Thomas Graves.  Her maiden name may have been Croshaw. (There was a Raleigh Chroshaw, Gent., who arrived with the second supply with Thomas Graves.)  Just when she came to Virginia is not recorded.  She and her children are not included in the 1625 census of the Eastern Shore, although Capt. Thomas Graves is.  The patent granted to John Graves (son of Capt. Thomas Graves) on Aug. 9, 1637 states that the 600 acres granted to him in Elizabeth City was "due in right of descent from his father Thomas Graves, who transported at his own cost himself, Katherine Graves his wife, John Graves the patentee, and Thomas Graves, Jr., and 8 persons." (Cavaliers and Pioneers, Nugent.)  The 50 acres assigned for each person transported shows they came after 1616.  The other 8 persons transported did not include any members of Capt. Graves' family.  The girls, Ann, Verlinda, and Katherine obviously came later, and Francis was born in Virginia.  The last reference to Mrs. Graves shows her living at the Old Plantation, Accomack, as of May 20, 1636.

Since Captain Thomas Graves had been active in the affairs of Virginia from his arrival, the absence of any mention of him during certain periods indicate he had returned to England.  This is also confirmed by patents issued to him and to others in which he is mentioned. Mrs. Hiden stated: "Even a cursory reading of Northampton (formerly Accomack) records reveals how frequent were the trips to England, Ireland, Holland, and New England" of those living on the Eastern Shore.  Mrs. Hiden also stated (R‑909, p. 34): "We know from the land patents that Capt. Thomas Graves made several trips out of the country, to England presumably, and on one of his return voyages his family accompanied him."

Thomas Graves was probably unmarried when he arrived in Virginia in 1608.  He was young, and adventure was probably the reason for his coming to Virginia.  He was obviously educated, of some "social status" and financial means, and a leader.

It is likely that he returned to England, possibly in Oct. 1609, either on the same ship with Captain John Smith (who left Virginia for England for treatment of his wounds resulting from an explosion), or on one of the other seven ships which arrived in Virginia in August 1609.  In that way he would have missed the "Starving Time" of the winter of 1609-10, which so few survived.

He may have then married in England in about 1610, fathered John Graves and Thomas Graves, remained in England for several years, and returned to Virginia prior to the formation of Smythe's Hundred in 1617, or possibly a little later.  It is known that he was "entreated to take charge of the people and workes" at Smythe's Hundred in April 1619, and was there then.

Also, there is no record of his being in Virginia after the meeting of the Burgesses in July-August of 1619 until he is shown as living on the Eastern Shore in 1623.  It seems reasonable that he was in England at the time of the Indian Massacre of March 1622, and upon returning to Virginia settled on the Eastern Shore where it was less perilous to live.  The fact that he fathered three children, the first three girls, during this period certainly lends support to his being in England.

One of the most disputed issues regarding his children is the last one, Fra. Graves, who has been believed by some to be a son Francis and by others to be a daughter Frances.  This child was originally said by genealogist William Montgomery Sweeny in a published article in 1935 (R‑906) to be a son of Capt. Thomas Graves.  This was repeated by Mrs. P. W. Hiden in 1936 (R‑907).  However, others provided evidence that the last child of Capt. Thomas Graves was a daughter, and that the male Francis Graves was a son of someone else unknown.  After a thorough search and examination of the documentary evidence, it was decided that this last child of Thomas probably was a son, as explained in the Appendix at the end of this book.  However, the results of the Graves DNA Study indicate that Francis was a son of another Graves immigrant, and the child of Capt. Thomas Graves was a daughter.  Since the documentary evidence is ambiguous and the DNA evidence is conclusive, there is now no question that the youngest child of Capt. Thomas Graves was a daughter.  As a result, the male Francis Graves and his descendants have been removed from this genealogy and placed in a separate genealogy 220.  (R‑14, R‑901, R‑915)

Children - Graves

+2.   John Graves, b.c. 1611, m. ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Perrin, c. 1624 or later, d.c. April 1640.

+3.   Thomas Graves, b.c. 1616, wife unknown, d.c. 1674.

+4.   Verlinda Graves, b.c. 1618, m. William Stone, d. 13 July 1675.

+5.   Ann Graves, b.c. 1620, m(1) William Cotton, before 10 July 1637, m(2) Nathaniel Eaton, by 1642, m(3) Francis Doughty, 8 June 1657, d. 2 March 1683/4.

+6.   Katherine Graves, b.c. 1622, m(1) William Roper, c. 1636, m(2) Thomas Sprigg, 3 March 1650.

    7.  Frances Graves, b.c. 1630.






John Graves (2) was the oldest son of Captain Thomas Graves.  In the absence of documentation, Mrs. Hiden estimated his birth in one instance to be "by 1605" and "not later than 1616" in another.  Based on all available evidence, it seems likely that he was born about 1611.  He was almost certainly born in England, since he did not receive land as an "Ancient Planter." All persons in Virginia prior to 1616 received an additional 50 acres.  He was "of age" (age 21 or older) before 19 Feb. 1634/5, for he had sued John Parramore (Accawmacke 1, p. 26), proving he was born at least by 1614, and on that date the Acchawmacke Court's decision was "John Parramore ordered to pay a debt of 100 lb. tobacco to John Graves".

(Note: On p. 48 of Louise Graves' book (R‑901) is a comment that should be taken into consideration, since it indicates the possibility that he was not yet 21 in 1634/5.  "It was the custom for the boys in Virginia to be married anywhere from 16 to 21 and the girls from 15 or 16 to 18 years of age.  It is sad to relate, but life expectancy and the average age at death was around age 35 in those days, although many lived to be very old, even as in the present.  It is noted that in almost all the wills of the period, while the testator's property did not usually come into the control of the male heir until he was 21 years old, yet sometimes the testator would declare that his son was to be considered 'of age' when he reached 16.")

John Graves died intestate in Elizabeth City County, possibly in April 1640.  His death was between 29 May 1639, when he patented land, and 30 April 1640, when William Parry was named his administrator and bond was made (Northampton Co., Book 2, p. 281).  Capt. Roper, William Cotton and Capt. Stone, brothers-in-law of John Graves and administrators of the estate of Capt. Thomas Graves, were originally appointed administrators of John Graves' estate, but in April 1640 they resigned and William Parry was appointed.

John Graves seems to have been the only one of his name in the county.  Because most of the early records were destroyed, very little information is available about him, but land records and patents do reveal some facts.

On 9 Aug. 1637, John Graves patented 600 acres in Elizabeth City County near the upper end of the Back River, "due in right of descent upon his father Thomas Graves who transported at his own costs himself, Katherine Graves, his wife, sons John Graves, the patentee, and Thomas Graves, Jr., and 8 persons, Henry Singleton, Thomas Edge, Robert Phillips, Thomas Griggs, Thomas Phillips, Francis White, William Symber, Jone Packett."  This patent is proof that Capt. Thomas Graves did not bring his family until after 1616, for had they come earlier they would all have been "Ancient Planters" and entitled to 100 acres each instead of 50 acres.  This patent was near the lands of Capt. Adam Thoroughgood and east of the dwelling of Ohner Van Kirk.  In 1638 and 1639 he received additional patents.

The holdings of John Graves were near the York County line and almost directly opposite Hungar's Creek in Northampton Co. (formerly Accawmacke) on the Eastern Shore, where his father had lived and where his sisters were still living at that time.

The wife of John Graves is not known, but John Card Graves stated (R‑915): "He married a daughter of the illustrious Perrin family, large property owners, and prominent in Virginia history."  He gave no basis for this statement.  (R‑915)

Children - Graves

+8.   Ralph Graves, b. by 1629, m. Rachel Croshaw, c. 1652-4, d. 9 May 1667.

+9.   William Graves, b. by 1631, m. ‑‑‑‑‑‑, d. before 1668.

    10.   Thomas Graves, b. by 1631, m. Elizabeth ‑‑‑‑‑‑, d. aft. Aug. 1695 (when he witnessed a deed in York Co., VA).  He was an adjoining land owner to his brother William in 1652 in York Co. (Adventurers of Purse and Person, 3rd edition, 1987, p. 331).  He married Elizabeth ‑‑‑‑‑‑.  On 26 May 1684, a judgement was granted to Thomas Graves (York Co., Book 6, p. 580).  In August 1695, Thomas and Elizabeth Graves witnessed a deed (York Co., Book 1665-1701, p. 26).  The Virginia Quit Rent Rolls of 1704 show a Thomas Graves in King William Co. with 100 acres.  King William was a new county, having been formed from King and Queen Co. in 1702.  It was previously believed that he might have been the father of John Graves, b.c. 1665, but it is now believed that was genealogy 270.  (R‑14)

    11.   Sarah Graves, m. Thomas Dipnall (Burgess from James City Co., VA in 1654), by 1661.

+12.   daughter, m. William Grenther.


Thomas Graves (3) by some accounts was born about 1617, probably in England.  He died about 1675 in Gloucester Co., Va., and left his land to his sons Thomas, Jeffrey and William.  He settled in Gloucester Co., Va., and acquired large tracts of land there, part of which was granted in 1657.  He patented 53 acres and later 240 acres in Gloucester Co., also 300 acres in Lancaster Co., Va.  He was known as "Thomas Graves, Sr. of Timberneck Creek, Gloucester Co., planter."  The name of his wife is not known, although it is believed to be Elizabeth (or Katherine).  (R‑915)

Children - Graves

+13.   Thomas Graves, b.c. 1639, m(1) Mary ‑‑‑‑‑‑, before 1677, m(2) Elizabeth ‑‑‑‑‑‑.

+14.   Jeffrey Graves, m. Dorothy ‑‑‑‑‑‑, before 1680.

+15.   William Graves, m. Mary ‑‑‑‑‑‑, by 1686.

    16.   Mary Graves (given by John Card Graves, but not by most other sources).


Verlinda Graves (4) was born about 1618 in VA, and died 13 July 1675 in Charles Co., MD.  She married Capt. William Stone before 1640, perhaps about 1634 or 1638 in VA.  He was born about 1603 in Lancaster, Lancashire, England (or Somerset, England), and died 21 Dec. 1660 in Charles Co., MD.  He was governor of Maryland, the first Protestant governor, Capt. of Colonial Service, and the third Colonial Governor appointed by Lord Baltimore 6 Aug. 1648.  After his retirement from public life, he resided on his estate "Poynton Manor."  In addition to the 6 children listed below, R‑327 also listed Matthew Stone.  (R‑120, R‑141, R‑168, R‑327)

Children - Stone

+17.   Thomas Stone, b.c. 1638, m. Mary ‑‑‑‑‑‑, d. 1676.

+18.   John Stone, b.c. 1642, m(1) Elizabeth Warren, m(2) Eleanor Bayne, d. 1698.

+19.   Elizabeth Stone, b.c. 1650, m. William Calvert, 1662, d. 1707.

    20.   Richard Stone

+21.   Mary Stone, b.c. 1656, m(1) Benoni Thomas, m(2) Robert Doyne, 1674, d. 1682.

    22.   Catherine (or Katherine) Stone


Ann (or Anne) Graves (5) was born about 1620, and died 2 March 1683/4 in Charles Co., Md.  Her will was proved 18 July 1683 in Charles Co., Md.  She first married Rev. William Cotton, son of Andrew Cotton and Joane ‑‑‑‑‑‑, before 10 July 1637 in Hungar's Parish, Accawmack (or Accomac) Co., Va.  He died in 1640.  There is a tradition in the family that he was a son of widow Joan Cotton of Bunbury, Cheshire Co., England, and was granted 350 acres of land on the main branches of Hungar's Creek, adjoining the lands of his brother-in-law, Capt. William Stone. This consisted of 100 acres for personal adventure of himself and wife and 250 acres for the transportation of five persons to Virginia, viz. Eleanor Hill, Richard Hill, Edward Eason, and Domingo and Sambo, negroes. William Cotton was succeeded by Rev. John Rozier.

Ann married second Nathaniel Eaton, son of Richard Eaton, about 1641 (by 1642).  Nathaniel was assistant to Rev. Rozier, and was previously the first head of Harvard College.  He went to Virginia after his dismissal from Harvard.  He fled from his creditors in Virginia about 1647, deserting his family, and died in 1674.

Ann married third Francis Doughty, son of Francis Doughtie, on 8 June 1657.  He died about 1683.  He, like Ann's first two husbands, was Rector of Hungar's Parish. She later went with him to Rappahannock Co., where he was Rector of Sittenbourne and South Farnham Parishes in 1665.  (R‑114, R‑915)

Children - Cotton

+23.   Verlinda Cotton, b. 1638, m(1) Thomas Burdett, 1 Sept. 1658, m(2) Richard Boughton.

Children - Eaton

    24.   Samuel Eaton, d.c. April 1681 (Charles Co., MD).

    25.   Nathaniel Eaton

    26.   Alexander Eaton (?)


Katherine (or Catherine) Graves (6) was born about 1622, and died on or before 1668 at Resurrection Manor, Calvert, Prince George's Co., MD.  She first married Lt. (later Capt.) William Roper, son of Christopher Roper and Katherine Seborne, about 1636.  He was also a resident of Accawmack (Northampton Co.) on Virginia's Eastern Shore, and a burgess representing that county.  His plantation was on a small neck of land with a waterfront location.  Here he carried on a profitable trade.  He died about 1650 in VA.

After Capt. Roper's death, Katherine married another neighbor, Lt. Thomas Sprigg, son of Thomas Sprigg and Katherine Griffin, on 3 March 1650/51.  They were both living in Northampton Co., VA at the time.  Thomas Sprigg was born in 1630 in Kettering, Northamptonshire, England, and died in 1704 at Resurrection Manor, Calvert, Prince George's Co., MD.  His will was probated 29 Dec. 1704.  After Katherine died, he married Eleanor Nuthall in 1668.

Shortly after Katherine's marriage to Thomas Sprigg, they moved to the new colony of Maryland, where her brother-in-law, William Stone, had gone as governor. Thomas Sprigg's land certificate in Maryland shows that he transported himself, his wife Katherine, Verlinda Roper, Nathaniel Sprigg, and several others.  Verlinda Roper was Thomas's young stepdaughter; Nathaniel may have been an infant son -- no other record of him has been found.

Sarah Sprigg is listed by some writers as a daughter of Katherine Sprigg and by some as a daughter of Thomas Sprigg's second wife.  In 1670, Thomas Sprigg executed a deed of gift which identified Sarah as his oldest daughter.  Sarah was already married and even had a married daughter, Sarah Pearce Beall, who was also mentioned in the deed.  When we consider ages and dates, it seems likely that Sarah was from her father's marriage to Katherine Graves Roper.  (See Md. Hist. Mag., VIII:75.)

Thomas Sprigg, Jr. is shown as the son of Katherine Sprigg in Adventurers of Purse and Person, Third Edition, pp. 190, 192.  His birth date is uncertain, but was probably about 1665. One possibility is that his mother died at or soon after his birth, and he was brought up by his stepmother, Eleanor Nuthall Sprigg.

In Maryland, Katherine and her family settled first in Kent Co., and then across the bay in Calvert Co.  (R‑11, R‑116, R‑150)

Children - Roper

+27.   William Roper, b.c. 1640, m. Alice Morgan, d. 1720.

    28.   Verlinda Roper

Children - Sprigg

    29.   Nathaniel Sprigg, b.c. Dec. 1650 (by Jan. 1658) (Northampton Co., VA), died young.

    30.   Samuel Sprigg, b. by 1652, d. by 1704.  No children.

    31.   John Sprigg, b.c. 1655, d. by 16 March 1700/01.  His father made a deed of gift to daughter, Sarah Sprigg Pearce, of land that had formerly been “in the occupation of John Sprigg, deceased”.

+32.   Sarah Sprigg, b.c. 1657, m(1) John Pearce, m(2) Enoch Coombs, d.c. 1736.

+33.   Thomas Sprigg, Jr., b.c. 1665, m. Margaret Mariarte, c. 1690, d.c. 1738.






Ralph Graves (8) was born at least by 1629 (probably about 1625), as he witnessed a deed in 1650 in York Co., VA, and died testate 9 May 1667 in York Co., VA (according to the Bruton Parish Register).  He married Rachel Croshaw (or Crosher), daughter of Major Joseph Croshaw, about 1652.  Joseph Croshaw was a son of Raleigh Croshaw who arrived in Jamestown in 1608 on the ship "Mary and Margaret" with Capt. Thomas Graves.  Ralph Graves made a trip to England in 1652 for his father-in-law, Major Joseph Croshaw.

After Ralph died, his widow married Richard Barnes, and died 20 April 1669.  Richard died in Jan. 1674/5.  Joseph Croshaw deeded to Ralph and Rachel 2000 acres of land in New Kent Co., VA on 23 Dec. 1654.  Joseph was Justice of the Peace in York Co. in 1655, member of the House of Burgesses in 1659-60, and died 10 April 1667.  The will of Ralph Graves, dated 5 May 1667, proved 29 July 1667 in York Co., Va., names oldest son Ralph, youngest son William, eldest daughter Anne, youngest daughter Mary, wife Rachel, and uncle Richard Croshaw, executor.  In his will, he mentioned that he was in the prime of life, but feeble in body.  His will bequeathed his 1000 acre homeplace in York Co. to his wife and then to his son, Ralph Graves, Jr.  In 1675, Ralph, Jr. petitioned to be appointed guardian of brother William, denied.  (R‑14, R‑915)

Children - Graves

    34.   Anne Graves, d. aft. 5 May 1667.

+35.   Ralph Graves, b. 24 July 1653, m. Unity White, d. 1694.

    36.   William Graves, b. 2 March 1665, d. aft. 1675.

    37.   Mary Graves, d. aft. 5 May 1667.

    38.   Martha Graves, d. 27 Oct. 1665 (or 1666).


William Graves (9) was born by 1631, since he patented land in York Co., VA in 1652.  The name of this wife is not known.  He died before 1668 (York Co., Book 4, p. 178), when Rachel Graves, wife or widow of his brother Ralph, appeared on behalf of her son Ralph as next of kin to Ann Graves, daughter of William Graves, deceased.  This proves William had no other surviving children, since they would have been Ann's heirs.  It also proves that Ralph (#8) was the older brother of William, and Ralph (#35) was the oldest son of Ralph (#8).  This follows the English inheritance laws of that time, primogeniture, where the eldest son succeeds to a parent’s real estate to the absolute exclusion of the younger sons and daughters.  William received a grant of 80 acres in York Co. on 13 Oct. 1656.  (R‑14)

Children - Graves

    39.   Ann Graves, d. by 1668.


Daughter (12) married a Mr. Grenther (perhaps William Grenther), according to the estate settlement of Ralph Graves (#8).  (R‑14)

Children - Grenther

    40.   William Grenther, d. by 7 Sept. 1667.



Thomas Graves (13) was born about 1639.  His death date is unknown.  He was still living in 1707 when he had lot no. 1 in the new town of Gloucester.  He first married Mary ‑‑‑‑‑‑ before 1677 (possibly about 1669).  They lived in Abingdon Parish, Gloucester Co., Va.

He and his brother Jeffrey inherited large tracts of land which their father had patented.  This land was beyond the head of Timberneck Creek, and between Severn and the Indian Road.  As part of their inheritance, they also received a tract of 400 acres in Abingdon Parish on 6 March 1675/6.  Thomas had other large grants in Westmoreland and Gloucester counties.

He married second Elizabeth ‑‑‑‑‑‑.  The christening of all the children listed below was recorded in the records of St. Peter's Church, Abingdon Parish.  (R‑915)

Children - Graves, by Mary ‑‑‑‑‑‑

+41.   John Graves, christened 1677, m. Rebecca ‑‑‑‑‑‑, probably d. by 1716.

+42.   Robert Graves, born or christened 4 Feb. 1682/3, m. Mary ‑‑‑‑‑‑.

    43.   Mary Graves, christened 19 Aug. 1685 (or 1674?).

Children - Graves, by Elizabeth ‑‑‑‑‑‑

    44.   Frances Graves, b. 1698.


Jeffrey Graves (14) married Dorothy ‑‑‑‑‑‑ before 1680. They lived in Abingdon Parish, Gloucester Co., Va.  He and his brother Thomas had the several grants of land mentioned above.  (R‑915)

Children - Graves

    45.   Elizabeth Graves, b. 21 May 1680, probably died shortly after birth, although this could have been a birth date and the date for the second Elizabeth could have been the bapt. date for the same child.

    46.   Elizabeth Graves, b. 15 May 1681.

+47.   Jeffrey Graves, b. 24 May 1683, m. Elizabeth ‑‑‑‑‑‑.

    48.   Sarah Graves, baptized 1 July 1688.


William Graves (15) married Mary ‑‑‑‑‑‑.  They lived in Abingdon Parish, Gloucester Co., Va.  The baptisms of all the following children were recorded in the records of St. Peter's Church, Abingdon Parish.  The gap in the baptismal dates of the following children is suspicious, but perhaps the family was not of the parish from 1689 to 1700.  (R‑14, R‑915)

Children - Graves

    49.   John Graves, bapt. 26 Dec. 1686, d. early.

+50.   William Graves, bapt. 29 April 1688, m. Martha (or Elizabeth?) ‑‑‑‑‑‑, d. by Oct. 1756.

    51.   John Graves, bapt. 5 June 1689, m. Elizabeth ‑‑‑‑‑‑.

    52.   Benjamin Graves, bapt. 28 April 1700.

    53.   Rebecca Graves, bapt. 27 Sept. 1702.

    54.   Robert Graves, bapt. 4 Feb. 1704.

    55.   Susanna Graves, bapt. 6 April 1707.

+56.   Edmund Graves, bapt. 4 Jan. 1709, married.



Thomas Stone (17) was born about 1635 or 1638 in Accomac Co., VA, and died in 1676.  He married Mary ‑‑‑‑‑‑.  (R‑186, R‑327)

Children - Stone

+57.   William Stone, b.c. 1666, m. Theodosia Wade, d. 1731.

    58.   Richard Stone


John Stone (18) was born about 1642 and died in 1698.  He first married Elizabeth Warren.  He married second Eleanor Bayne.  (R‑186)

Children - Stone, by Elizabeth Warren

    59.   Capt.) Thomas Stone, b. 1677, m(1) Martha Haskins, m(2) Katherine Boughton, d. 1727.  She d. 1750.

    60.   Matthew Stone, b. 1679, m. Rachel Smoot, d. 1750.  She was b. 1695, d. 1756.

    61.   John Stone

Children - Stone, by Eleanor Bayne

    62.   Walter Stone

    63.   Eleanor Stone

    64.   Elizabeth Stone


Elizabeth Stone (19) was born about 1650 and died in 1707.  She married Hon. William Calvert, son of Gov. Leonard Calvert, in 1661/2.  He was born 1642/3 in England, and died 10 Jan. 1682 in Maryland.  See the book Descendants of the Virginia Calverts for more information on this Calvert family.  (R‑120, R‑186)

Children - Calvert

+65.   Elizabeth Calvert, b.c. 1662, m. James Neale, 20 Dec. 1681, d. 1684.

+66.   Charles Calvert, b.c. 1664, m(1) Mary Howson, 1690, m(2) Barbara Kirke, d. 1733.

    67.   William Calvert, b.c. 1666.

+68.   George Calvert, b.c. 1668, m(1) Elizabeth Doyne, 1690, m(2) Anne Notley, 1691 (?), m(3) Hannah Neale, d. 1699 (or 1739).

+69.   Richard Calvert, b.c. 1670, m. Sarah ‑‑‑‑‑‑, d. 11 Nov. 1718.


Mary Stone (21) was born about 1656 and died in 1682.  She first married Benoni Thomas.  He died, and she married second Robert Doyne, Esquire, in 1674.  He was the executor of the estate of Mary's mother.  He was born in 1654 and died in 1680 (or 1689).  (R‑128, R‑141)

Children - Thomas

    70.   Benoni Stone

Children - Doyne

    71.   Wharton Doyne

    72.   William Doyne

    73.   Sarah Doyne

+74.   Verlinda Doyne, m(1) Samuel Taylor, m(2) John Brown.

    75.   Elinor Doyne

+76.   Mary Doyne, b.c. 1683, m. Nicholas Dawson, d. 14 Dec. 1734/Jan. 1735.



Verlinda (or Virlinda) Cotton (23) was born in 1638 (or 1645) at Bunbury, Northampton Co., Va.  She first married Thomas Burdett (or Burdette or Burdit) on 1 Sept. 1658. He was in the colony of Maryland before 1659, according to Early Settlers of Maryland by Gust Skourdas.  He was born about 1635 in England, and died in Feb. 1666 at Nangemy Creek, Charles Co., Md.  She married second Richard Boughton.  She made a deed of gift to her Burdett children 20 June 1668, before her second marriage.  (R‑114, R‑902)

Children - Burdett

+77.   Elizabeth Burdett, b.c. 1659, m(1) John Hamilton, c. 1677, m(2) Richard Chandler, 1683, d. before 1686.

    78.   Frances Burdett, b.c. 1661, m. Col. Charles Ashton (of Westmorland Co., VA).  Burdett Ashton became an heir of the Burdett land in Charles Co., MD.

    79.   Parthenia Burdett, 1663, never married, d.c. 1697 (Charles Co., MD).

+80.   Sarah Burdett, b.c. 1665, m. Gerard Fowke, 31 Dec. 1686, d. 1734 (or 1744).

Children - Boughton

    81.   Samuel Boughton, b. 1669, never married, d.c. 1714 (Charles Co., MD).

    82.   Virlinda (or Verlinda) Boughton, b. 1671, not married in 1717.

    83.   Katherine Boughton, b. 1673, m. ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Thomas, by 1714.

    84.   Mary Boughton, b. 1675, d. before 1714.

    85.   Thomas Boughton; not mentioned by R‑902.



William Roper (27) was born about 1640 in Northampton Co., VA, and died in 1720 in MD.  He was given a calf in the will of his godfather William Burdett.  He married Alice Morgan, widow of Jarvis Morgan.  She was born about 1649 in Anne Arundel Co., MD, and died in 1699 in Prince George’s Co., MA.  All their children were apparently born in Westminster, Anne Arundel Co., MD.  (R‑100)

Children - Roper

+86.   Alice Roper, b. 30 April 1676, m. Clement Davis, 1693, d. 1761.

    87.   William Roper, Jr., b. 27 June 1678, d. Feb. 1703 (Westminster, Anne Arundel Co., MD).

    88.   Thomas Roper, b. 8 Nov. 1679.

    89.   John Roper, b. 8 Feb. 1681.

    90.   Henry Roper, b. 27 Nov. 1684.

    91.   Dorcas Roper, b. 3 May 1688.

    92.   Mary Roper, b. 8 Dec. 1691.


Sarah Sprigg (32) was born about 1657 (or 1660) in Northampton Co., VA, and died on or before 25 Nov. 1736 in Prince George's Co., MD.  She first married John Pierce (or Pearce or Peerce), son of John Pierce and Sarah ‑‑‑‑‑‑.  He was born before 1658 and died before 1701.  She married second Enoch Coombs after 1704.  He died in 1727 in Prince George’s Co., MD.  (R‑116, R‑117, R‑150)

Children - Pierce

    93.   John Pierce III, b. 1674, m. Mary Evans, c. 1701, d. 1766 (Prince George’s Co., MD).  Mary was the daughter of John Evans and Elizabeth ‑‑‑‑‑‑.

+94.   Sarah Pierce, b.c. 1675, m. James Beall, 1693, d. 1761.

    95.   Thomas Pierce


Thomas Sprigg Jr. (33) was born about 1665 in Maryland, and died about 1738 in Prince George's Co., MD.  He married Margaret Mariarte, daughter of Edward Mariarte and Honor ‑‑‑‑‑‑, about 1690.  She was born about 1670 in Anne Arundel Co., MD, and died in 1739 in Prince George's Co., MD.  (R‑929)

Children - Sprigg

    96.   John Sprigg

    97.   Mary Sprigg

+98.   Thomas Sprigg, b.c. 1695, m. Margery Wight (?), d. 1725.

+99.   Edward Sprigg, b. 1697, m(1) Elizabeth Pile, m(2) Mary Belt, d. 1751.

+100.    Priscilla Sprigg, b.c. 1698, m. Ralph Crabb, 22 Aug. 1716, d. 1759.

    101.    Eleanor Sprigg, b.c. 1699, m. Henry Wright, 1716.

+102.    Margaret Sprigg, b. 1700, m(1) Francis King, m(2) Richard Keene, d. 1755.

+103.    Elizabeth Sprigg, b.c. 1703, m(1) Josiah Wilson, c. 1720, m(2) Turnor Wooton.

+104.    Osborne Sprigg, b. 1707, m. Rachel Belt, 11 July 1727, d. 7 Jan. 1750.






Ralph Graves (35) was born 24 July 1653 (or about 1658) in York Co., Va., and died in 1694 (by Feb. 1694) in York Co. without a will.  He married his cousin Unity White, daughter of Henry White of York Co., Va. and Mary Croshaw, and granddaughter of Major Joseph Croshaw.  They lived in York Co., VA.  After Ralph died, Unity married Thomas Cripps sometime after 25 June 1694.  She died about Feb. 1695.

From his uncle, William Graves, Ralph inherited Skimino plantation, land given to his deceased sisters by their father, and also land inherited directly from his father.  On 25 June 1694, Unity Graves, with William Jackson and her brother Henry White, secured administration of Ralph Graves' estate by filing a bond for 40,000 lbs. of tobacco.

The inventory of his estate mentions four horses, harness, cart, saddle, etc.  It mentions his sons Ralph, Elijah, and Henry White Graves.  A daughter Mary is also documented (how?).  It is also likely that he had sons Joseph and John.  Joseph was the one in the 1704 quit rent rolls of James City Co., and John who had children Susannah and Matthew, both born St. Peter's Parish, New Kent Co., later lived in Goochland Co.  (However, according to Mrs. Sue Davis, the inventory of the estate did not list his children.)

In addition to the children listed, there were probably others, including one girl who married a Daniel. All the children were supposedly born in York Co., Va. (R‑179, R‑915)

Children - Graves

+105.    Ralph Graves, m(1) Mary Pinkethman, m(2) Elizabeth ‑‑‑‑‑‑, d. Feb. 1748/9.

+106.    Henry White Graves, b.c. 1692, m(1) Mary Jones, m(2) Mary Williams, d.c. 1745.

    107.    Mary Graves, m. Richard Easter, by 1 March 1710/11.

    108.    Joseph Graves

+109.    John Graves, b.c. 1677, m. Elizabeth ‑‑‑‑‑‑.



John Graves (41) was christened 1677 in St. Peter's Church, Abingdon Parish, Gloucester Co., Va.  The most likely death date for John is by 1716, since a Rebecca Graves appears in the Essex Co., Va. estate settlement of Richard Brecknell in 1716 (not as an heir).  No other Rebecca is known to fit this circumstance other than the wife of John.  The payment to her for some debt indicates she was either single or a widow.

[The death date of 1747 given by John Card Graves is for John’s son, John Graves (#111).  A death date of 1737 (from Mrs. Ethel Taylor) is from Spotsylvania Co. records, where a John Graves, very ancient, was exempt from taxes in 1737. This was John Graves (genealogy 270).]

John married Rebecca ‑‑‑‑‑‑.  She probably survived her husband, as indicated in the first paragraph.  The children listed below plus a daughter Elizabeth were named by John Card Graves (R‑915).  Charles Hughes Hamlin (The Graves Newsletter, vol. 1, no. 4, pp. 4-6, and vol. 2, no. 1, pp. 2-5) agreed with John Card Graves, except that he did not list Elizabeth.  (R‑915)

Children - Graves

    110.    Rebecca Graves, bapt. 21 Jan. 1704.

+111.    John Graves, bapt. 9 March 1706, m. Susannah Dicken, 22 Nov. 1732, d. 30 March-2 June 1747.

    112.    Edward Graves, b. 13 March 1709, m. Elizabeth Hollis, 7 April 1732.  All dates from Abingdon Parish register.


Robert Graves (42) was born or christened 4 Feb. 1682/3 in St. Peter's Church, Abingdon Parish, Gloucester Co., Va.  He married Mary ‑‑‑‑‑‑.  They lived in King and Queen Co., Va.  (R‑915)

Children - Graves

+113.    Thomas Graves, b. 19 Sept. 1714, m. Lucy ‑‑‑‑‑‑.

    114.    Robert Graves, bapt. 14 Jan. 1717.

    115.    James Graves, bapt. 4 Oct. 1724.  It was previously thought that this might be the James Graves who married Mary Copeland and died in Lincoln Co., Ga.  However, there is no known documentation for this, and this has been proven not possible as a result of DNA testing.



Jeffrey Graves (47) was born 24 May 1683.  He married Elizabeth ‑‑‑‑‑‑.  In 1748, his lands in Abingdon Parish, Gloucester Co., Va. adjoined those of Ellis, Robert, and Joseph Coleman.  Both of the children listed below were baptized in St. Peter's Church, Abingdon Parish.  (R‑915)

Children - Graves

    116.    Thomas Graves, bapt. 21 Jan. 1704, probably m. Elizabeth Laffingham, 20 Oct. 1733.

    117.    Elizabeth Graves, bapt. 23 June 1706.



William Graves (50) was baptized 29 April 1688 in St. Peter's Church, Abingdon Parish, Gloucester Co., Va.  He married Martha ‑‑‑‑‑‑.  (His wife's name is given as Elizabeth in a Chesterfield Co., Va. deed.)  They settled in Chesterfield Co., Va.  His will, probated Oct. 1756, names his son William and Henry Marshall as executors, and mentions his grandsons Pliny and Arthur.  (R‑915)

Children - Graves

+118.    William Graves, b. 4 July 1725, m. Sarah Cox, d. 24 Jan. 1776.


Edmund Graves (56) was baptized 4 Jan. 1709.  An Edmund Graves appeared in Caroline Co., Va. records in the 1730's as a carpenter.  In 1752 a John Graves appeared there and was involved in several lawsuits over the next several years.  Although there is no documentation, it has been believed that John was a son of Edmund.  Also, descendants had believed that this was the line of Reuben, Esom, etc., of Halifax Co., VA, but DNA testing proved that was not correct and Reuben and Esom were part of the same family as Beverly Graves of Caroline Co., VA, and Archibald Pratt Graves of SC.  (R‑14)

Children - Graves

    119.    John Graves, b.c. 1735, married.



William Stone (57) was born about 1666 and died in 1727 or 1731.  He married Theodosia Wade.  She was born about 1666 and died in 1747 or 1749.  (R‑327)

Children - Stone

+120.    Thomas Stone, b.c. 1696, m. ‑‑‑‑‑‑, d. 1771.



Elizabeth Calvert (65) was born about 1662 (or 1664) and died in 1684.  She married Capt. James Neale on 20 Dec. 1681 in MD.  He was born about 1651 in Spain.  (R‑186, R‑524)

Children - Neale

    121.    Mildred Neale

    122.    Margaret Neale

    123.    Ann Neale

    124.    Mary Neale, b. 1683, m(1) Charles Egerton, Jr. (he d. 1703), m(2) Jeremiah Adderton (he d. 1713), m(3) Joseph Van Swearingen, m(4) William Peacen, d. 173‑.  According to R‑524, she married Mr. Vanswerring, then Mr. Deaton, and then Michael Taney III.  Michael was born in Calvert Co., MD.  Children by Taney were Dorothy Taney and Michael Taney.

+125.    William Neale, m. Ann Pile.

    126.    Benjamin Neale

    127.    Henry Neale

+128.    James Neale, Jr., m. Jane ‑‑‑‑‑‑, d.c. 1730.


Charles Calvert (66) was born about 1664 (or 1672) in Maryland, and died in 1733 in St. Mary’s Co., MD.  He first married Mary Howson in 1690.  He married second Barbara Kirke.  (R‑186)

Children - Calvert, by Mary Howson

    129.    Sarah Howson Calvert, b. 1694, m. Nathaniel Jones.

    130.    Anne Calvert, b. 1696, m. Thomas Porter.  He d. 1714.


George Calvert (68) was born about 1668 (or 1663) in MD, and died in 1699 (or 1739) in Stafford Co., VA.  He first married Elizabeth Doyne in 1690.  He married second Anne Notley, possibly in 1691, although this date or some of the others are wrong if the first six children were really from the first marriage.  His third marriage was to Hannah Neale.  (R‑186)

Children - Calvert, by Elizabeth Doyne

    131.    Charles Calvert, b. 1691.

+132.    John Calvert, b. 1692, m(1) Jane Harrison, 1711, m(2) Mary Goslin, d. 1739.

    133.    James Calvert

    134.    Elizabeth Calvert

    135.    William Calvert

    136.    Thomas Calvert

Children - Calvert, by Anne Notley

+137.    George Calvert, b. 1696, m. Constant (or Constance) Harrison, 1719, d. 1750.


Richard Calvert (69) was born about 1670 and died 11 Nov. 1718.  He married Sarah ‑‑‑‑‑‑.  (R‑186)

Children - Calvert

    138.    Robert Calvert; he is said to have migrated to TX and founded Calvert City, TX, but he lived much too early to have done that; perhaps his descendants did.

    139.    John Calvert, m. Mary Calvert.

    140.    Francis Calvert, m. Hannah Brent.



Verlinda Doyne (74) first married Samuel Taylor.  He died in 1706.  She married second John Brown.  (R‑141)

Children - Taylor

+141.    Samuel Taylor, Jr., m. Mary Wight.


Mary Doyne (76) was born about 1683, and died 14 Dec. 1734/Jan. 1735.  She married Nicholas Dawson, son of John Dawson and Rebecca Doyne, about 1704 in Fendall Delight, Charles Co., MD.  He was born about 1675 in MD, and died by 29 June 1727.  (R‑128, R‑130)

Children - Dawson

    142.    John Dawson, b.c. 1706 (MD).

+143.    Thomas Dawson, b.c. 1708, m. Elizabeth Hawkins Lowe, c. 1740, d. Aug. 1800.

    144.    William Dawson, b.c. 1710/1712 (Prince George’s Co., MD).

+145.    George Dawson, b.c. 1716, m. Eleanor Lowe.

    146.    Nicholas Dawson, b.c. 1720 (Prince George’s Co., MD)



Elizabeth Burdett (77) was born about 1659, probably in MD, and died before 1686.  She first married John Hamilton about 1677.  He was born in Scotland, and died before 4 April 1686 in MD.  He arrived in Charles Co., MD in 1674.  She married second Richard Chandler in 1683.  (R‑4, R‑499, R‑902)

Children - Hamilton

+147.    John Hamilton, b.c. 1678, m. Elizabeth Harrison, d. 1709.

+148.    Alexander Hamilton, b.c. 1682, m. Elizabeth Zacharia Green, c. 1708, d. 1730.


Sarah Burdette (or Burdett) (80), of Charles Co., Md., was born about 1665 at Nangemy (or Nanjemoy) Creek, Charles Co., Md., and died in 1734 (or 1744) in Charles Co., Md. She married Col. Gerard (or Gerrard) Fowke, son of Gerard Fowke and Anne Thoroughgood (daughter of Capt. Adam Thoroughgood and widow of Job Chandler), on 31 Dec. 1686. He was born (or christened) in 1662 in Charles Co., Md. (or in Va.), and died 1734 at Nanjemoy Creek, Charles Co., Md.  His will was dated 6 Jan. 1734 and proved 20 Jan. 1734 in Westmoreland Co., Va.  He was previously married to ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Lomax, but there were no known children by this marriage.  Source:  Hayden, Virginia Genealogies; Fowke family Bible record from NGSQ, vol. 65.  (R‑10, R‑114, R‑174, R‑902)

Children - Fowke

    149.    Gerard Fowke, died when about to be married.

    150.    Chandler Fowke, m. Mary Fossaker (or Tassaker), 1716, d. 10 Feb. 1745.  Had three children.

    151.    Roger Fowke, m. Anne Stone.  Had two children.

    152.    Ann(e) Fowke, m. Robert Alexander (of Stafford Co., VA).

+153.    Frances Fowke, b. 2 Feb. 1691, m. Gustavus Brown, 1710 (or 1711), d. 8 Nov. 1744.

    154.    Catherine Fowke, m. Elsworth Bayne (of Charles Co., MD).

    155.    Elizabeth Fowke, never married.



Alice Roper (86) was born 30 April 1676 in Westminster, Anne Arundel Co., MD, and died in 1761 in Prince George’s Co., MD.  She married Clement Davis, son of Griffin Davis, in 1693 in Anne Arundel Co., MD.  He was born about 1672 and died in 1738, both in Anne Arundel Co.  (R‑100)

Children - Davis

+156.    Alice Morgan Davis, b. 5 Sept. 1696, m. Seth Hyatt, 1717, d. 1755.



Sarah Pierce (94) was born in 1675 in Calvert Co., MD, and died before 28 Nov. 1761 when her will was probated.  She first married James Beall, son of Alexander Beall and Margaret Ramsay, in 1693 in MD.  He was baptized 5 Feb. 1652/3 in Largo, Fifeshire, Scotland, came to America in 1655, and died in 1723 in MD.  His will was probated 10 Feb. 1723.  They lived in Prince George's Co., MD.  She married second Dr. John Haswell.  He died in 1750.  (R‑116, R‑117, R‑150)

Children - Beall

+157.    Margaret Beall, b. 1694, m(1) John Brewer, Jr., m(2) Thomas Odell, c. 1714, d. after 1755.

    158.    John Beall

    159.    James Beall, b. 1698, m. Mary Ann Edmondson, d. 1733.

+160.    Nathaniel Beall, b.c. 1699, m. Elizabeth Brooke, c. 1725, d.c. 1775.

    161.    Sarah Beall, b. 1703, m. Reginald Odell, 21 Nov. 1723.

    162.    Robert Beall, b. 1705, d. 1740.

    163.    Joseph Beall, b. 1708, m. Rachel ‑‑‑‑‑‑, d. 1798.

    164.    Zephenial Beall, b. 1720, m. Keziah Offutt, 1768, d. 1801.



Thomas Sprigg (98) was born about 1695 and died in 1725.  He married Margery Wight (?), although some sources show him marrying Margery Beall.  (R‑929)

Children - Sprigg

    165.    Thomas Sprigg, b. 1715, m. Elizabeth Galloway, d. 1781.

    166.    Anne Sprigg

    167.    Edward Sprigg


Col. Edward Sprigg (99) was born in 1697 and died in 1751.  He first married Elizabeth Pile, daughter of Dr. Richard Pile.  He married second Mary Belt, daughter of Joseph Belt and Esther Beall.  She was born in 1722. (R‑929)

Children - Sprigg, by Elizabeth Pile

    168.    Dr.) Richard Sprigg, m. Elizabeth Wooton (dau. of Turnor Wooton and Agnes Chambers).  Turnor Wooton later married Richard's aunt, Elizabeth Sprigg.

    169.    Margaret Sprigg, b. 1726, m. William Bowie, d. 1804.


Priscilla Sprigg (100) was born about 1698, and died in 1759 in Prince George's Co., Md.  She married Ralph Crabb on 22 Aug. 1716.  He was born in 1695 in Md., and died in 1734 in Prince George's Co., Md.  (R‑929)

Children - Crabb

    170.    Sarah Crabb, b. 1717, m. Robert Magruder, 1734.

    171.    Thomas Crabb, b. 1719.

    172.    Margaret Crabb, b. 13 April 1720, m. William Hilleary, 1735, d. after 1790.

    173.    Henry Wright Crabb, b. 1722/3, m. Ann Snowden.

    174.    Ralph Crabb, b. 1724.

    175.    Ellinor Crabb, b. 1726, m. ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Lansdale.

    176.    Jeremiah Crabb, b. Oct. 1728, m. Lucy ‑‑‑‑‑‑, d. 1777 (Anne Arundel Co., Md.).  No children mentioned in his will.

    177.    John Crabb, b. 1731.

    178.    Edward Crabb, b. 1734.


Margaret Sprigg (102) was born in 1700 and died in 1755. She first married Francis King.  She married second Richard Keene as his second wife.  (R‑929)

Children - King

    179.    Margaret King, b. 1718, m. John Hilleary.

    180.    Thomas King, b. 1720.

    181.    Cave King, b. 1722, m. Thomas Williams.

    182.    Francis King, b. 1724.


Elizabeth Sprigg (103) was born about 1703.  She first married Josiah Wilson, son of Maj. Josiah Wilson, about 1720.  He was born about 1696 in Md., and died in March 1726/27.  She married second Turnor Wooton as his third wife.  (R‑929)

Children - Wilson

    183.    Martha Wilson

    184.    Margaret Wilson

    185.    Dr.) Henry Wright Wilson, m(1) Ann Wilson (his 2nd cousin), m(2) Agnes Lacy.

Children - Wooton

    186.    Mary Wooton, b. Nov. 1735, probably died young.

    187.    William Turnor Wooton, b. 1636/7, m. Ann Sprigg (#200), d. 1777.

    188.    Dr.) Thomas Sprigg Wooton, m. Molly Offutt.  No children.

    189.    Richard Wooton, b. 1741, m. Martha Perry, d. 1777.

    190.    Singleton Wooton

    191.    John Wooton


Osborne Sprigg (104) was born in 1707, and died 7 Jan. 1750 in Prince George's Co., Md.  He married Rachel Belt, daughter of Col. Joseph Belt and Esther Beall, on 11 July 1727.  (R‑929)

Children - Sprigg

    192.    Lucy Sprigg, b. 9 Jan. 1728, m. ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Crabb.

    193.    Osborne Sprigg, Jr., m(1) Sarah Gantt, m(2) Mary Smith, m(3) Martha Craufurd.

    194.    Esther Sprigg, b. 15 Nov. 1730, m. Thomas Bowie, d. before 1749.

    195.    Rachel Sprigg, b. 1 June 1733, m. (Capt.) Thomas Harwood.

    196.    Priscilla Sprigg, b. 26 Sept. 1735, m. (Col.) Barton Lucas.

    197.    Joseph Sprigg, b.c. 1736, m(1) Hannah Bowie, m(2) Margaret (Weems) Elzey.

    198.    Elizabeth Sprigg, m. Thomas Watkins.

    199.    Gen.) Thomas Sprigg, b. 1747, m. Elizabeth Belt, 1780, d. 1809.  He was a member of Congress.

    200.    Ann Sprigg, m. William Turnor Wooton (#187).






Ralph Graves (105) first married Mary Pinkethman, daughter of William Pinkethman.  He married second Elizabeth ‑‑‑‑‑‑.  He died in Feb. 1748/9.

Ralph increased his holdings by purchasing 825 acres in Charles Parish known as "Boar Quarters"; also three plantations from George Baskerville; and 130 acres from John Hillyard.  His will dated Feb. 11, 1748/9, was proved May 15, 1749, and in his will he described himself as "of Bruton Parish."  (R‑179, R‑915)

Children - Graves

+201.    William Graves, b. by 1728, m. Ann Brown, d. 1782.

    202.    Henry Graves, never married, d. 1758 (will, York Co., VA).  He named his mother, brother, and sisters in his will.  He inherited Skimino plantation.

+203.    Richard Graves, m. Dyonisia ‑‑‑‑‑‑, d. by 12 Jan. 1769.

+204.    Richard Croshaw Graves, b.c. 1734, m. Elizabeth Valentine, c. 1760, d. after 1792.

+205.    Unity Graves, m. William Hilliard, d. 3 Dec. 1759.

    206.    Elizabeth Graves, m. Ralph Stone, d. 1761 (York Co., VA).

    207.    Ralph Graves, Jr., d. before Feb. 1749.  He witnessed a deed for his father as Ralph, Jr.


Henry White Graves (106) was born about 1692 in York Co., VA, and died about 1745 (between 1743 and 1746) in Virginia.  He first married Mary Jones, probably a daughter of Rice Jones and Elizabeth Croshaw.  He married second Mary Williams.  She was a daughter of Lieut. Col. John Williams and his wife Mary Keeling of York Co., VA, who later moved to Hanover Co., VA.

According to Delbert Cox, Henry White Graves and family moved to Granville Co., NC, in the 1750's with a relative, Samuel Henderson, and Henry White Graves died in Granville Co.  (This seems to contradict the information given above.)

Much of the information about Henry White Graves and his descendants is from Barbara Graves Billings, although she does not make any claims for a first marriage to Mary Jones.  For additional information, see The Graves Newsletter, vol. 1, no. 3, pp. 10-16.  The information from the John Card Graves manuscripts is very confusing and does not agree with this.

According to Mrs. Hiden (R‑924), "Henry5 Graves of Hanover Co., Va. patented land there in 1731 (S.L.O., Book 13, p. 173).  When he sold this land three years later with consent of his wife Mary, it is described as adjoining Major Leigh, John Saunders, Capt. Crawford and other lands of Henry5 Graves (Hanover Rec., 1730-35, p. 128).  In 1730 (Goochland D.B. 3, p. 90) John Williams, Sr. of Hanover, had sold to his son, John Williams, Jr., 425 acres on the north side of James River on the branches or meanders of Tuckahoe, part of a patent granted him on Oct. 31, 1716.  This was witnessed by Henry5 and Ralph6 Graves.  On 10 Sept. 1737, John Williams, who had now moved to Goochland, sold 293 acres more of the same patent to Henry5 Graves of Hanover (ibid, p. 92).  In 1743 (Car. O.B., 1741-46, p. 204), John Daniel of the York Co. family and who owned land in Hanover, paid Henry5 Graves 145 lbs. tobacco for one day's attendance at court as a witness for him, coming and going 40 miles.  He died between this date and 1746, for in the latter year, Ralph6 Graves appeared as a tithable for Mary Graves (Goochland Loose Papers, Archives Div., VA State Library).  He seems to have been married twice, first to a daughter of Rice Jones and Elizabeth Croshaw, probably Mary.  By this marriage there was at least one child, Ralph6, born probably about 1710."

In addition to the proven children of Henry5 Graves of Hanover Co., Mrs. Hiden believed he had yet another son whose widow, Elizabeth, was the grantor in the following deed (see p. 264, R‑924).

In Mecklenberg D.B. 2, p. 4, on May 10, 1767, Elizabeth Graves of St. James Parish of said county, for love and affection, bound herself in the penalty of double the amount to give to her son Thomas Graves when he should attain the age of 21 years the sum of 30 pounds current VA money; the witnesses were Henry6 and Elijah6 Graves, whose ancestry was previously discussed.  This bond of Elizabeth was probably given preparatory to a second marriage.  In 1779 (Lunenburg D.B. 13, p. 206), Andrew Gregory of Mecklenburg for 30 pounds current money sold to Thomas Graves of Lunenburg 100 acres lying on Juniper Creek adjoining Samuel Jordan, Edward Slaughter and Joseph Johnson.  In 1798 (ibid, D.B. 18, p. 44), Thomas Graves and Sarah his wife of Mecklenburg and William Townsend and Elizabeth his wife of Lunenburg to Samuel Jordan of Lunenburg for 100 pounds current money convey 100 acres on the branches of Juniper Creek adjoining James Shelbourne, David Wood, Jeremiah Slaughter, Young Slaughter and Edward Slaughter.  From the above, it would seem Thomas's mother married second William Townsend and had some rights in this 100 acres, else she would not have joined in the deed.  We do not know the date of Thomas's removal to Mecklenburg, but it must have been after 1790, at which time he was residing in Cumberland Parish, Lunenburg Co., with 3 tithables (Sunlight on the Southside, p. 240).  (R‑14, R‑110, R‑915, R‑924)

Children - Graves, by Mary Jones

+208.    Ralph Graves, b.c. 1710, m. Judith Womack, 1 Sept. 1746, d. by 18 May 1762.

    209.    Mary Graves, m. ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Cook.  There was a Mary ("Molly") Graves who m. John Cook 9 Dec. 1799 (Northampton Co., VA).

Children - Graves, by Mary Williams

+210.    Sarah Croshaw Graves, b. 1735, m. Thomas Barnett, 3 Feb. 1754, d. 20 Jan. 1814.

+211.    Rachel Graves, b. 30 Dec. 1734, m. Benjamin Hendrick, 16 Oct. 1750, d. 27 Dec. 1800.

+212.    William Graves, m. Mary ‑‑‑‑‑‑, d. 1786.

+213.    Elizabeth Graves, b. 28 Jan. 1741/2, m. Joshua Coffee, 11 Aug. 1767, d. 1804.

+214.    John Williams Graves, m. Mary (Jones?), d. 1788/9.

+215.    Henry Graves, m. Rachel Lewis, c. 1760, d. 1797.

+216.    Elijah Graves, m. Lucretia Chappel, by 1774, d. 1798.

    217.    Mary Graves, b. 1726, m. John Christmas, d. 14 April 1810 (Orange Co., NC).  John was b. 1720, Hanover Co., Va., d. 1783, Orange Co., NC.  He named Mary as his wife in his will.  Although Henry White Graves named a daughter Mary in his first marriage, it would not be unusual for him to repeat the name in his second group of children.  The statement by Worth Ray in his book about Granville Co., NC that John Christmas married Mary's sister Rachel is not correct.

    218.    son, m. Elizabeth ‑‑‑‑‑‑.  This son may have been Barzillia Graves, according to R‑257.  He had apparently died by 1767 and Elizabeth probably married again soon after that to William Townsend (see the discussion for his father).  A William and Elizabeth Townsend cosigned a deed with Thomas and Sarah Graves.  It was previously thought that this unknown son was the father of Thomas Graves, b.c. 1746-66, m(1) Sarah ‑‑‑‑‑‑, m(2) Henrietta Greenwood, 6 March 1828, d. 1838 or 1839.  However, DNA analysis of 3 descendants of this Thomas Graves have shown that to be wrong.  Thomas Graves was apparently not a descendant of Capt. Thomas Graves of VA.  (R‑77, R‑924)


John Graves (109) was born about 1677.  He married Elizabeth ‑‑‑‑‑‑.  Because of the formation of new counties and acquiring new land, records of this family are found in Albemarle, Caroline, Goochland and Spotsylvania counties, VA.

Lucy Adams, wife of John Graves, Jr., and Susannah Adams, wife of Matthew Graves, were sisters and both daughters of Robert Adams and Mourning Lewis of Henrico Co. (later Goochland Co.), VA.  (R‑14, R‑45, R‑230)

Children - Graves

    219.    Thomas Graves

    220.    Elizabeth Graves, b.c. 1705 (Goochland Co., VA).

    221.    Matthew Graves, b. 1710, m. Susannah (or Susanna) Adams.  Moved to Goochland Co., VA

+222.    John Graves, Jr., b.c. 1712, m. Lucy Adams, before 1743.



John Graves (111) was born in 1706 in Abingdon Parish, Gloucester Co., VA[1], was baptized 9 March 1706 in Abingdon Parish, and died between 30 March 1747 (date of his will) and 2 June 1747 (date of probate in Spotsylvania Co., VA).  He married Susannah Dicken on 22 Nov. 1732.  She was probably a daughter of Isaac Dicken.  She was born 14 June 1714, and died in 1784 in Culpeper Co., VA.  After John died, she married Henry Chiles.  Henry had first been married to Mercy Webb.

In an article by Mrs. P. W. Hiden, “The Graves Family of Essex Co.”, William & Mary Quarterly, vol. 16, second series, 1936, pages 650-668, she wrote on page 657: “About 1922, the late Gen. John Card Graves, of Buffalo, N.Y., gave the writer dates of birth and marriage of John4 Graves and his wife, Susanna Dicken, with names and dates of birth of their children.  This data had been secured for him by the late Mr. R. A. Brock about 1894 and its source was not given.  Since, however, these dates have been corroborated by different branches of the family, it is assumed they are from John4 Graves’s own Bible and they will be used in this article.”

“According to this, John4 Graves, b. in St. George’s Par., Spotsylvania Co., Dec. 10, 1712, d. Mar. 30, 1747, married on Nov. 22, 1732, Susanna Dicken, b. June 14, 1714.  A patent error is seen in speaking of St. George’s Par. some nine years before its creation, but most likely the meaning of the statement is that he was born in St. Ann’s from which St. Mary’s was formed, St. Mary’s including that part of Essex which later lay in Spotsylvania and became St. George’s Parish.”  If the 1712 date were correct, then John would be descended from Thomas1, Francis2, Thomas3, John4.  However, in an article by Charles Hughes Hamlin, The Virginia Gazette, Williamsburg, VA, 28 Aug. 1959 and 4 Sept. 1959, Mr. Hamlin disagreed with Mrs. Hiden’s conclusions and gave a very reasoned argument for the lineage given here.  Mr. Hamlin’s article can be seen in the Appendix.  In addition, DNA testing has shown that John Graves is not descended from Francis Graves, but has instead confirmed the descent given here.  (R‑5, R‑14, R‑907)

Children - Graves

+223.    Thomas Graves, b. 14 Nov. 1733, m. Sarah Delaney, c. 1752, d. 1810.

    224.    Rebecca Graves, b. 4 Sept. 1735.  Died young.

+225.    John Graves, b. 19 Dec. 1737, m. Ann Rice, 30 Nov. 1760, d. 8 Dec. 1825.

+226.    Isaac Graves, b. 2 Sept. 1741, m(1) Mildred McWilliams, m(2) Elizabeth Cowherd, 1772, m(3) Jemima Holliday, c. 1791, d. 1818.

+227.    Jemima Graves, b. 21 March 1743/4, m. James Chiles, by 1764.

+228.    Edward Graves, b. 19 Aug. 1746, m. Sarah Rice, c. 1769, d. Feb. 1832.



Thomas Graves (113) was born 19 Sept. 1714, and was baptized 15 Dec. 1714.

He married Lucy ‑‑‑‑‑‑.  She died 7 Oct. 1760 (Abingdon Parish register, Gloucester Co., Va.).  The Abingdon Parish register lists all the following children as born to Thomas and Lucy.

It has been said that Thomas first married Elizabeth Laffingham on 20 Oct. 1733.  However, this was probably another Thomas, probably Thomas (#116), son of Jeffrey. (R‑915)

Children - Graves

    229.    Mary Graves, bapt. 10 Oct. 1736.

+230.    William Graves, b. 2 March 1738, m. Ann ‑‑‑‑‑‑.

    231.    Thomas Graves, b. 2 March 1741-2.

    232.    Susannah Graves, b. 4 May 1744.

    233.    John Graves, bapt. 4 Sept. 1745.

    234.    Elizabeth Graves, b. 1747, bapt. 29 Feb. 1748.

    235.    Jeffrey Graves (twin of Robert), b. 9 June 1751, bapt. 14 July 1751.

    236.    Robert Graves (twin of Jeffrey), b. 9 June 1751, bapt. 14 July 1751.



William Graves (118) was born 4 July 1725 in Chesterfield Co., Va., and died 24 Jan. 1776.  His will was dated 17 Jan. 1776.  He married Sarah Cox, daughter of Henry Cox and Mary Jones.  She was born 10 July 1732 and died 12 Feb. 1791.

Will: CW 1774-02 17 Jan 1776, Dale Parish, Chesterfield Co. VA

pg5 p71 Will of WILLIAM GRAVES, Dale Par. To wife Sarah, plantation I live on, 4 Negroes, items, for widowhood and at her death the plantation to son BENJAMIN, and rest divided between, CHARLES, FRANCES, WILLIAM, HENRY, MATTHEW, SARAH and BENJAMIN GRAVES. To son KING, 3 Negroes and items and 10 acres I purchased of EDMUND GRAVES, next to his own land, also 50 lbs. To son ARTHUR, 14 Negroes and 5 shilling. To son CHARLES, tract between ARTHUR and land I live on, land purchased of John Ragon Owen and ARTHUR GRAVES, at mouth of Swift Creek, and next to land formerly John Elliott's and Negroes, items and 50 lbs. To son WILLIAM rst of plantation bought of John Elliott, and 89 acres purchased of EDMUND GRAVES, 2 Negroes, items and 50 lbs. To son HENRY, 250 acres, part of land purchased of EDMUND GRAVES, adj. Capt. Thomas Worsham, William Worsham and WILLIAM GRAVES, a negro, items and 50 lbs, at 21. To son Matthew, 350 acres, being rest of land bought of EDMOND GRAVES, at upper end, adj. Henry Smith and ARON FARGUSON[2] also a negro, items. To son Benjamin, plantation I live on at my wife's death and rest of land on South side of Road I purchased of my son ARTHUR, also 1 Negro and items. To dau. FRANCES GRAVES, 2 Negroes and items. To dau. SARAH GRAVES, 1 Negro and items, and 50 lbs at 21 or marriage. To dau. MARTHA WINFREE, 25 head of cattle. To 2 sons HENRY and MATTHEW, 150 lbs at 21. To my seven children: CHARLES, FRANCES, WILLIAM, HENRY, MATTHEW, SARAH and BENJAMIN, rest of estate at my wife's death. Exe. wife SARAH, Henry Winfree and Jesse Cogbill. Wit. Thomas Worsham, Jesse Cogbill, James Ball, Peter Edwards.

  Probate: CW 1774-02 1 Mar 1776 Chesterfield Co. VA


  Event: CW 1774-02 Will proved 14 Feb 1788 Chesterfield Co. VA

  Note: pg156 p41 Will of WILLIAM GRAVES further proved by MAJOR WINFREY and rec. CHARLES GRAVES, one of the exe.

All their children were born in Chesterfield Co., VA.  (R‑1, R‑2, R‑915)

Children - Graves

+237.    King Graves, b. 23 Nov. 1750, m. Mary Gill, c. 1769, d. 22 June 1791.

+238.    Arthur Graves, b. 19 Nov. 1752, m. ‑‑‑‑‑‑, c. 1773, d. 28 April 1831.

+239.    Charles Graves, b. 20 Dec. 1754, m. ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Edwards, c. 1774, d.c. 1797.

+240.    Martha Winifred Graves, b. 27 Dec. 1756, m. ValentineWinfree, c. 1774, d. 1814.

+241.    Frances Graves, b. 11 June 1759, m. James (or Thomas) Batte, c. 1776, d.c. 1780.

    242.    William Graves, b. 24 Sept. 1761 (Chesterfield Co., VA), probably never married, d. 1780 or later.  His will, dated 23 Jan. 1780, mentions mother Sarah, brothers and sisters, Benjamin, King, Arthur, Charles, Henry, Sally, Martha Winifred, and Frances Batte.

    243.    Henry Graves, b. 16 July 1763, d. after 1780.

    244.    Pliny Graves, b. 1765.

    245.    Matthew Graves, b. 14 April 1767, d. 1787 (definitely before 11 Feb. 1790).

    246.    Sarah Graves, b. 23 March 1770, m. Richard Baugh, c. 1781, d. after 1797.  He was b.c. 1760 and d. after 1800, son of Richard Baugh and Margaret Jones.

+247.    Benjamin Graves, b. 15 July 1773, m. ‑‑‑‑‑‑, d.c. 1797.



Thomas Stone (120) was born about 1696 and died in 1771.  He married ‑‑‑‑‑‑.  (R‑327)

Children - Stone

+248.    William Stone, b. 1746, m. Patsy ‑‑‑‑‑‑, 1758, d. 1799.



William Neale (125) married Ann Pile, daughter of Joseph Pile and Elizabeth Boarman.  (R‑524)

Children - Neale

+249.    Sarah Teresa Neale, b. April 1752, m. John Hoskins Boarman.


James Neale, Jr. (128) died about 1730.  He married Jane ‑‑‑‑‑‑.  (R‑524)

Children - Neale

    250.    Elizabeth Neale

    251.    James Neale

    252.    Jane Neale

    253.    Mary Ann Neale



John Calvert (132) was born about 1692 in Stafford Co., VA (or in MD), and died in 1731 in Prince George's Co., MD (or in Prince William Co., VA).  He first married Jane Harrison in 1711.  He married second Mary Goslin.  It is not certain which children were by which wife[3].  (R‑120, R‑186)

Children - Calvert, by Mary Goslin

    254.    Thomas Calvert (alias Harrison), b. 1709, m. Sarah Harrison, b. 1754.

+255.    George Calvert, Jr. (alias Harrison), b.c. 1712, m(1) Anne Crupper, 1739, m(2) ‑‑‑‑‑‑, d. 1782.

    256.    Burr Calvert (alias Harrison), b. 1716, m. Jean (or Jane) ‑‑‑‑‑‑, d. 1787.

    257.    Cecilius Calvert

    258.    William Calvert

    259.    Elizabeth Calvert

    260.    Jacob Calvert, b. 1720, m. Sarah Crupper, d. 1772.


George Calvert (137) was born in 1694 or 1696, and died in 1750 in Culpeper Co., VA.  He married Constant (or Constance) Harrison in 1719.  She was born in 1697 and died in 1739 or 1740.  (R‑186)

Children - Calvert

+261.    Obediah Calvert, b. 1719, m. Mary Gosling, 1739, d. 1805.



Samuel Taylor, Jr. (141) married Mary Wight.  Their surviving children are listed below.  (R‑141)

Children - Taylor

    262.    Verlinda Taylor

+263.    Priscilla Taylor, m. James Wilson, 1760.

+264.    Susanna Taylor, m. Joshua Naylor.

    265.    Joshua Taylor



Thomas Dawson (143) was born about 1708 on the family’s plantation, Saturday’s Work, on Broad Creek in Prince George’s Co., MD, and died in Aug. 1800 in Dawsonville, Montgomery Co., MD, and was buried in Montgomery Co., MD.  He married Elizabeth Hawkins Lowe, daughter of John Lowe and Rebecca ‑‑‑‑‑‑ of Charles Co., MD, about 1740.  She was born about 1706 and died about 1802.  Her sister Eleanor married his brother George.  Thomas built a log cabin in Montgomery Co., MD, called Mother’s Delight, which is still standing.  (R‑128)

Children - Dawson

    266.    Benoni Dawson, b.c. 1742.

    267.    Susan Dawson, b.c. 1744, m. ‑‑‑‑‑‑.

    268.    Mary Dawson, b.c. 1745, m. ‑‑‑‑‑‑.

    269.    Sarah Dawson, b.c. 1748, m. ‑‑‑‑‑‑.

+270.    Eleanor Lowe Dawson, b. 24 April 1750, m. Lawrence Allnutt, 17 Feb. (or March) 1771, d. 29 Oct. 1832.

    271.    Nicholas Lowe Dawson, b.c. 1750, m. Mary Mackall.

    272.    Verlinda Hawkins Dawson, b. 26 June 1755, m. James Allnutt.

    273.    Robert Doyne Dawson, b. 10 July 1758, m(1) Sarah Chiswell, m(2) Henrietta Lowe.

    274.    Elizabeth Dawson, b.c. 1760, never married.

    275.    Jane Lowe Dawson, b.c. 1763.

    276.    Rebecca Dawson, b. 1 Jan. 1765, m. ‑‑‑‑‑‑.


George Dawson (145) was born about 1716.  He married Eleanor Lowe, daughter of John Lowe and Rebecca ‑‑‑‑‑‑ of Charles Co., MD.  Her sister Elizabeth married his brother Thomas.  According to R‑130, he was of Broad Creek, Prince George’s Co., MD and Fayette Co., PA.  (R‑128, R‑130)

Children - Dawson

+277.    Mary Dawson, m. John Garrott.



John Hamilton (147) was born about 1678 in Charles Co., MD.  He chose Gerrard Fowke as his guardian and was raised by his aunt Sarah Burdett and her husband, the guardian.  He married Elizabeth Harrison, daughter of Richard Harrison.  John Hamilton wrote his will on 18 Nov. 1708 and it was probated 18 Feb. 1709.

His widow married second John Hagers, and together they settled John Hamilton’s account on 17 Jan. 1712.  By 10 Nov. 1719, both Elizabeth and John Hagers were deceased, as was Elizabeth Hamilton.  Elizabeth’s son John Hamilton and her two children by John Hagers, John and Elizabeth Hagers, were placed in the care of Joseph Hamilton and his wife Verlinda.  (R‑902)

Children - Hamilton

    278.    John Hamilton, d.c. 1734, never married.

    279.    Elizabeth Hamilton, d. by 10 Nov. 1719.


Alexander Hamilton (148) was born about 1682 and died in 1730, both at Spye Park, Charles Co., MD.  He married Elizabeth Zacharia Green, daughter of Robert Green and Mary Boarman, about 1708.  She was born about 1684 in MD, and died about 1753 in Charles Co., MD.  Elizabeth had first married Andrew Sympson, and had two sons by him, Andrew Sympson and George Sympson.

Alexander Hamilton and his family were Catholics.  This caused a problem for him because of severe legislation against Catholics at that time.  For instance, 1n 1718, a law was passed barring Catholics from voting or holding office in the province of Maryland.  (R‑4, R‑902)

Children - Hamilton

    280.    John Hamilton, b.c. 1709.

    281.    William Hamilton, b.c. 1711.

    282.    Mary Hamilton, b.c. 1713.

+283.    James Hamilton, b.c. 1717, m. Mary Ann Coombes, d. 1785.



Frances Fowke (153) was born 2 Feb. 1691 in Charles Co., MD, died 8 Nov. 1744 at Dipple, Stafford Co., VA, and was buried in Aquia Episcopal Cemetery, Stafford Co., VA (or MD?).  She married Dr. Gustavus Brown of "Rich Hill", Charles Co., MD, son of Gustavus Brown and Jane Mitchelson, in 1710 in Port Tobacco, Charles Co., MD.  He was born 10 April 1689 in Dalkeith, Midlothian, Scotland, and died of apoplexy in April 1762 at "Rich Hill".  His will was dated 9 Dec. 1755 and was probated 12 May 1762 in Charles Co., MD.  After Frances died, he married Margaret (Black) Boyd, widow of an Irish gentlemen and merchant of Port Tobacco, Md., in 1746-7.  The children by his second marriage were: Gustavus Richard Brown, b. 17 Oct. 1747-8, m. Peggy Graham, 15 May 1769, d. 1804; Margaret Brown, b. 1749-50, m. (Hon.) Thomas Stone, after 1762, d. 1 June 1787.  Source: Hayden, Virginia Genealogies.

The tomb of Frances bore this inscription: “Here lyeth the body of Frances, the wife of Dr. Gustavus Brown of Charles County, Maryland.  By her he had twelve children of whom one son and seven daughters survive her.  She was a daughter of Mr. Gerard Fowke, late of Maryland, and descended from the Fowkes of Gunston Hall, in Staffordshire, England.  She was born February the 2nd, 1691, and died much lamented on the 8th of November, 1774, in the fifty-fourth year of her age.”  (R‑10, R‑114, R‑174)

Children - Brown

    284.    Gustavus Brown, b. 7 Dec. 1711, d. 8 Sept. 1712.

    285.    Frances Brown, b. 29 July 1713, m. (Rev.) John Moncure (of Scotland), 18 June 1741.

    286.    Sarah Brown, b. 29 Aug. 1715, m. (Rev.) James Scott (of Westwood, Dettingen Parish, Va.), c. 1738.

+287.    Mary Brown, b. 8 (or 5) Dec. 1717, m(1) Matthew Hopkins, c. 1732, m(2) Henry Threlkheld, c. 1736, d. 1801.

    288.    Christian Brown, b. 29 Aug. 1720, m. John Graham, 13 Aug. 1742, d. 17 Sept. 1742.

    289.    Gustavus Brown, b. 5 Sept. 1722, d. 13 Sept. 1722.

+290.    Elizabeth Brown, b. 5 Oct. 1723, m. Michael Wallace, 27 April 1747.

+291.    Richard Brown, b. 2 Dec. 1725, m(1) Helen Bailey, c. 1750, m(2) ‑‑‑‑‑‑ (Black) Key, m(3) ‑‑‑‑‑‑ (Smoot) Hawkins, d. 27 Sept. 1804.

    292.    Gustavus Richard Brown, b. 30 May 1727, d. 9 June 1727.

    293.    Jean (or Jane) Brown, b. 1 June 1729, m. (Rev.) Isaac Campbell, before 1755, d. 1784.

    294.    Cecelia Brown, b. 1730-1, m(1) (Dr.) John Key, before 1755, m(2) (Maj.) Thomas Bond, before 1761.

    295.    Ann Brown, b. 1732, m(1) (Rev.) Samuel Claggett, c. 1750, m(2) Robert Horner, 11 May 1758, m(3) Samuel Hanson, 3 Aug. 1764 (?).



Alice Morgan Davis (156) was born 5 Sept. 1696 in All Hallows Parish, and died in 1755 in Queen Anne’s Parish, both in Anne Arundel Co., MD.  She married Seth Hyatt in 1717 in Hyattsville, Prince George’s Co., MD.  He was born 20 Sept. 1694 in St. James Parish, Anne Arundel Co., MD, and died 25 Feb. 1750 in Queen Anne’s Parish, Prince George’s, Frederick Co., MD.  (R‑100)

Children - Hyatt

+296.    Seth Hyatt, Jr., b. 5 Oct. 1718, m. Priscilla Turner, 1742, d. 1774.



Margaret Beall (157) was born in 1694 in Prince George's Co., MD, and died after 1755, probably in SC.  She first married John Brewer, Jr.  After his death, she married second Thomas Odell, son of Thomas Odell and Sarah Ridgely, about 1714 (or 1722?).  He was born 7 Jan. 1692/3 at Darnells Grove Plantation, Prince George's Co., MD (or South River Hundred, Anne Arundel Co., MD), and died after 1763 in Newberry District, SC.  He and Margaret inherited an estate from the Bealls called "Baldi Christi".  Later the family moved to Newberry, SC, where Margaret and Thomas died.

It should be noted that the late Sharon J. Doliante (R‑150) believed that only the last 4 children listed below were those of Margaret and Thomas.  An online genealogy titled “The Odell/Odle Family of Maryland, Virginia, Ohio, and Indiana,” by Jack E. MacDonald of Powell, Wyoming, dated 2013, included the following in the Introduction:

“In researching the Odell / Odle family, literally every individual I corresponded with, and every published genealogy I read, indicated that the William Odell / Odle of Baltimore County, Maryland who was married to Elizabeth (Talbot ?), was a descendant of the immigrant, Thomas Odell, through his son, Thomas Odell, Jr. and his wife, Margaret Beall. As a consequence, but without any tangible evidence to support or refute it, I also accepted this relationship as being valid and presented it as such in my Odell / Odle family WEB page.

However, I recently received information about a DNA sample submitted by an individual who claims to trace back to William Odell / Odle and Elizabeth (Talbot ?). I personally rechecked this individuals lineage and was able to substantiate to my satisfaction that it is as they claim. This DNA sample indicates that there is no relationship between the William Odell / Odle who married Elizabeth (Talbot ?) and the Thomas Odell, Jr. and Margaret Beall that most everyone had accepted, including me, as being his parents. Unfortunately, however, only one DNA sample has been submitted from anyone who traces down from this William Odell/Odle.

In looking back, however, I remember a conversation I once had with the late Sharon Doliante, the author of "Maryland and Virginia Colonials," in which she stated that she did not believe this William was the son of Thomas Odell, Jr. and Margaret Beall.  In addition, in reading the immigrant, Thomas Odell, Sr's will of 1717, I noticed that he specifically stated in his will: "bott in case my son Thomas Odell dye without issue the land to descend ..." If William Odell / Odle was born in about 1714, as everyone claims, I would think that Thomas, Sr. would know his son Thomas, Jr. had a three year old child when he wrote his will since they were living near each other. The 1717 will, however, suggests that Thomas, Jr. did not have any children as yet. The fact that the name Rignall is used by both Odell lines is suspicious, however, and suggests there may very well be a connection between both lines in England.

In light of the above, or until some evidence can be found to substantiate that William truly is the son of Thomas Odell, Jr. and Margaret Beall, this genealogy will show that William Odell / Odle is the earliest progenitor of our Odell / Odle family to have been uncovered to date.”

Is it possible that the first 3 children listed below were by Margaret’s first marriage to John Brewer and changed their name to that of her second husband?  (R‑116, R‑117, R‑121, R‑150)

Children - Odell

+297.    William Odell, b.c. 1714, m. Elizabeth Talbot, c. 1736, d.c. 1749.

+298.    Rachel Odell, b.c. 1717, m. John Prather, c. 1735, d. 1784.

    299.    Thomas Odell, b.c. 1719, m. Kaisiah ‑‑‑‑‑‑.

+300.    Sarah Odell, b.c. 1720, m. Jacob Duckett, bef. 1744, d. 16 April 1815.

+301.    Mary Odell, b.c. 1724, m(1) Hilleary Williams, m(2) Reginald Odell, d. 1805.

+302.    James Odell, b.c. 1725, m. Martha Prather, c. 1747, d. 1770-3.

+303.    John Odell, b.c. 1728, m. Eleanor Duckett, d. 19 May 1794 (Newbury Co., SC).


Nathaniel Beall (160) was born about 1699 and died about 1775.  He married Elizabeth Brooke about 1725.  She was born 23 Nov. 1707 and died in 1774.  (R‑244)

Children - Beall

+304.    Elizabeth Beall, b.c. 1728, m. John Bracco, 15 Jan. 1753, d.c. 1768.






William Graves (201) was born by 1728 and died testate in 1782 in York Co., Va.  He married Ann ‑‑‑‑‑‑ (probably Brown or Browne), recorded in the register of Bruton Parish, York Co., Va.  She seems to have predeceased her husband.  The tax records show that he owned land in James City Co.  He succeeded his father as surveyor of the highways.  He was for some years a justice of York Co.  In 1779 he was appointed sheriff.

His will was dated 19 Aug. 1781 and proved 17 June 1782 in York Co.  His plantation home was in James City Co.  His son Ralph Graves and brother Richard Croshaw Graves were appointed executors of his estate.

(Could this William be the grandfather of Henry Winfrey Graves, as discussed in The Graves Family Newsletter, 1980, pp. 138-140?)  (R‑14, R‑179)

Children - Graves

+305.    Ralph Graves, m. Letitia Powers, d. Feb. 1795.

+306.    John Graves, m(1) Alice Pierce, 1789, m(2) Martha Cobb Brown, d.c. 1800.

+307.    Henry Brown (or Browne) Graves, m. Mary Quarles.

+308.    Mary Graves, m. Isaac Winfrey, 6 Oct. 1775.

+309.    Susanna Graves, m. ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Powers.

+310.    Sally Graves, m. James Hill, 21 Dec. 1787.


Richard Graves (203) inherited land on the Chickahominy River, James City Co., VA.  He was a minor when his father died in 1748/9.  He died by 12 Jan. 1769.  He married Dyonisia (or Dionysia) ‑‑‑‑‑‑.  They lived in New Kent Co., VA.  The births of all the following children were listed in St. Peter's Parish register, New Kent Co., VA.  By 1763, he was living in York Co., VA, having purchased from his cousin, Henry Graves of Goochland Co., 250 acres in Bruton Parish, which he sold in 1766, and returned to New Kent Co. where he died.  (R‑179)

Children - Graves

+311.    Charles Henry Graves, b. 1 June 1753, m. Mary Powell, 23 March 1775, d.c. Jan. 1796.

+312.    Frances Mary (or Mary Frances) Graves, b. 6 Feb. 1755, m(1) Isaac Otey, m(2) James (or James Walter Otey).

+313.    William Graves, b. 2 Aug. 1756, m. ‑‑‑‑‑‑.

    314.    Ralph Graves, b. 8 March 1758.

    315.    Sarah ("Sally") Cobb Graves, b. 30 Dec. 1759.


Richard Croshaw Graves (204) was born about 1734 in New Kent Co., VA, and died after 1792 in New Kent Co.  He was a minor when his father died.  He inherited "Indian Fields" from his father.  He married Elizabeth Valentine about 1760 (and definitely before 1771).  She was a daughter of Joseph Valentine, whose will was recorded in York Co., Va. in 1771.  She was born in York Co.  They lived in New Kent Co., VA, where he was living in 1792.  He commanded New Kent and Charles City counties militia during the Revolutionary War.  (R‑6)

Children - Graves

    316.    Henry Graves, b. May 1761 (New Kent Co., VA), d. Oct. 1780 (under 21, smallpox).

+317.    William Graves, m. Tabitha Walker, 3 Dec. 1795, d. 15 April 1807.

+318.    Richard Graves, b.c. 1772, m. ‑‑‑‑‑‑, d. 31 March 1835.

+319.    Polly Graves, b.c. 1776, m. Furness (or Furneau) Bullifant, d. 1800.

+320.    Joseph Crowshaw Graves, m. Angelica ‑‑‑‑‑‑, d.c. 1816.

+321.    Edmund Valentine Graves, b. 1780, m. Elizabeth Southall, d. 1827.

+322.    Elizabeth Ashfield Graves, b.c. 1780, m. Joseph Christian, d. 16 April 1825.


Unity Graves (205) married William Hilliard of New Kent Co., VA.  She died 3 Dec. 1759.  (R‑915)

Children - Hilliard

    323.    William Hilliard, b. 20 Jan. 1755 (York Co., VA).

    324.    Mary Hilliard, b. 19 Oct. 1757 (York Co. VA).



Ralph Graves (208) was born about 1710, and died testate by 18 May 1762 in Goochland Co., VA.  He married Judith Womack of Goochland Co., daughter of William Womack on 1 Sept. 1746 in Coohland Co., VA.  She was born about 1715 in Farmville, Prince Edward Co., VA, and died about 1773 in St. James North Parish, Goochland Co., VA.  They lived in St. James Northam Parish, VA.  His will dated 25 Nov. 1761, probated 18 May 1762, devises all his property in Goochland Co. to his wife Judith, land and negroes in York Co. to his son Henry, and personal estate to his daughters.  (R‑14, R‑915)

Children - Graves

+325.    Henry Graves, b.c. 1750, m. Sarah ‑‑‑‑‑‑.

+326.    Mary Graves, m. James Curd, 20 Nov. 1766, d. 28 Sept. 1774.

    327.    Sally Graves, b. 1 Sept. 1756, m. Barrett Price, 25 (or 20) Aug. 1771.  He was b. 17 April 1749.


Sarah Croshaw Graves (210) was born about 1725 or 1735, died 20 Jan. 1814 in Granville Co., NC, and was buried on the Zachariah Allen homeplace, Granville Co., NC.  She married Thomas Barnett, son of John Barnett and Katherine Farrar, on 3 Feb. 1754 in Goochland Co., VA.  They settled in Granville Co., NC, where he died in 1780. His will was probated in May 1780.  (R‑82)

Children - Barnett

    328.    Thomas Barnett

    329.    Joseph Croshaw Barnett

    330.    Sarah C. Barnett

    331.    Mary Barnett, m. Ransome Glover, 1792 (Granville Co., NC).

+332.    Elizabeth Barnett, b. 1761-1767, m. Stephen Terry, 1785.

    333.    John Barnett, b. 13 April 1762 (VA), m. Elizabeth Mitchell.

+334.    William Graves Barnett, b.c. 1765, m. Judith Thomason, 10 Jan. 1793.

+335.    Ann Barnett, b. 26 Jan. 1767, m. John Barnett, 29 Jan. 1789, d. 18 Nov. 1840.

+336.    Rebecca Barnett, b. 14 March 1772, m. Zachariah Allen, 1795, d. 3 Jan. 1854.

    337.    James Barnett, b. 7 May 1774, m. Sarah Barnett.


Rachel Graves (211) was born 30 Dec. 1734 in Hanover Co., VA[4], and died 27 Dec. 1800[5] in Chesterfield Co., SC.  She married Benjamin Hendrick (or Hendricks), son of William Hendrick, on 16 Oct. (or Dec.) 1750, probably in Hanover Co., VA.  He was born 3 (or 30) June 1730 in Hanover Co., VA, and died in March 1818 at age 88 in Chesterfield Co., SC.  He married second Mrs. Sarah Smith, previously wife of Robert Smith, in 1816 (notice in Georgetown Gazette, Georgetown, SC, in 1816).

According to deed records, Benjamin and Rachel were of Hanover Co., Va., before buying land in Granville Co., N.C.  They next moved to Mecklenburg Co., VA, with Rachel's brother Elijah Graves and their mother Mary Williams Graves.  Benjamin and Rachel went to Anson Co., N.C./Chesterfield Co., S.C. before 1800.  They are shown on the tax roll for Anson Co., N.C., in 1790.

The Bible does not list all the children of Benjamin and Rachel, since it belonged to one of their children or grandchildren.  It only lists Mary and David.  (R‑90, R‑92, R‑93)

Children - Hendrick

+338.    John Williams Hendrick, b.c. 1751-55, m(1) ‑‑‑‑‑‑, m(2) Ann ‑‑‑‑‑‑ (Baker?), d. June 1821.

    339.    Mary Hendrick, b. 13 Aug. 1759[6], m. John White, Feb. 1775.

    340.    Asa Hendrick

    341.    Thomas Hendrick

    342.    William Hendrick

    343.    Gustavus Hendrick, b. 6 March 1768, m. Pharuba (or Pharabe)[7] ‑‑‑‑‑‑, 16 Dec. 1792, d. 22 Aug. 1810 (Anson Co., NC).

    344.    David Hendrick, b. 25 March 17726, m. Phoebe Martin, 10 Oct. 1798, d. 1852.  She d.c. 1854 (Union Parish, LA).


William Graves (212) married Mary ‑‑‑‑‑‑.  He died in 1786 and his will dated in April and was proved in May of that year (Granville Co., NC, Will Book 1, pp. 492-495).  (R‑19)

Children - Graves

+345.    Mary Graves, m. Henry Hester, 8 Nov. 1774.

+346.    Elizabeth Graves, m. Henry Montague, d. April 1832.

+347.    Henry Graves, b.c. 1765, m. Nancy Bibb Daniel, 2 Dec. 1789, d. May 1808.

+348.    William Graves, b. 10 Oct. 1762, m. Anne Neal, 23 Dec. 1790, d. 15 Jan. 1847.

+349.    Lydia Graves, m. b. 3 Aug. 1768, Thomas Steele/Steel, 18 Nov. 1789, d. 21 June 1845.

    350.    Nancy Graves

    351.    Martha Graves, m. Robert Johnson Steel, 1795 (Granville Co., NC).

+352.    Anna Graves, b.c. 1770, m. Leonard Daniel, 1789, d. 1850.

+353.    Nathaniel Graves, b. 11 Nov. 1767, m. Frances Montague, 1798, d. after 1850.


Elizabeth Graves (213) was born 28 Jan. 1741/2 in Hanover Co., VA, and died in 1804 in Davidson Co., TN.  She married Joshua Coffee, son of Peter Coffee, on 11 Aug. 1767 in Hanover Co., VA.  They were living in Mecklenburg Co., VA in 1772, and settled in Granville Co., NC in 1775.  Joshua was a Captain in the Revolution, serving from NC. He was born 20 Jan. 1745/6 in Prince Edward Co., VA, and died 8 Sept. 1797 in Rockingham Co., NC.  Elizabeth moved to Tennessee in April 1798.  (R‑54)

Children - Coffee

+354.    Michael Coffee, m. Margaret ‑‑‑‑‑‑, d. 1810 (Rockingham Co., NC).

    355.    William Coffee, b. 20 Sept. 1768.

+356.    Thomas Graves Coffee, b. 4 Sept. 1769, m. Mary Knight, 18 July 1787, d. 5 Aug. 1846.

    357.    Elijah Coffee, b. 15 Oct. 1770.

+358.    John R. Coffee, b. 2 June 1772, m. Mary Donelson, 3 Oct. 1809, d. 7 July 1833.

+359.    Mary Coffee, b. 17 Aug. 1774, m. Simpson Harris, 28 Dec. 1792, d. 28 April 1839.

    360.    Nancy Coffee, b. 4 Dec. 1776.

    361.    Elizabeth Coffee, b. 20 Nov. 1778.


John Williams Graves (214) married Mary (Jones? or Moore?).  He was a Captain.  He died in Granville Co., NC in 1788/9, and left a will (Granville Co., NC, Will Book 2, pp. 110-111).  Mary then married John William Daniel, a first cousin to John Williams Graves.  The first two children were born in Mecklenburg Co., VA and the last three in Granville Co., NC.  (R‑19)

Children - Graves

    362.    John Graves, b.c. 1767, m. Penelope Hunt, 1796.

+363.    Ralph Graves, b.c. 1769, m. Elizabeth Hart, 1795.

+364.    William Graves, b.c. 1771, m. Mary (“Polly”) Hester (#635), 21 Dec. 1798, d. after Dec. 1802.

    365.    Rebecca Graves, b.c. 1773, m. James Hart, 1789.

    366.    Mary Graves, b.c. 1775, m. Graves Hester (#633), 4 Sept. 1802.


Henry Graves (215) married Rachel Lewis, daughter of David Lewis Jr. and his first wife Rebecca Stovall, about 1760, probably in Albemarle Co., VA.  She was born about 1745 in Albemarle Co., Va, and died after 24 Jan. 1803 when she signed a quitclaim in Granville Co., NC (Will Book 5, pp. 305-310).  He died at Grassy Creek, Granville Co., NC in 1797, and left a will dated 12 July 1797 (Granville Co., NC Will Book 4, pp. 136-139).  He was an elder in the Presbyterian Church.  (R‑19, R‑251, R‑258)

Children - Graves

    367.    Betsy Newberry Graves, m. Obediah Farrar, c. 1799 (Granville Co., NC).  He was b.c. 1774 (Mecklenburg Co., VA), son of John Farrar and Rebecca Puryear, d. 1825 (Granville Co., NC).

+368.    Mary Graves, b.c. 1760, m. Lewis Yancey, c. 1786, d.c. 1820.

+369.    Ralph Graves, b. 26 Oct. 1764, m. Elizabeth Briggs Graves, 26 Feb. 1789, d.c. 1825.

+370.    David Graves, b.c. 1772, m. Nancy Hunt, Dec. 1796, d. 1820-1830.

    371.    Rachel Graves; (not listed in father’s will).


Elijah Graves (216) married Lucretia Chappel (or Chappell) by 1774.  He lived in Bute Co., NC, and moved to Mecklenburg Co., VA after 1770.  He died in 1798, apparently murdered by a negro man named Nathaniel.  His will is recorded in Mecklenburg Co., VA.  He served in the Revolution, and was commissioned as Captain in the Mecklenburg Militia on 12 Feb. 1781.  The first two children listed below were born in Granville Co., NC, and the last three were born in Mecklenburg Co., VA.

Children - Graves

    372.    Dolly Graves, m. John Pittard, 1804.

    373.    Lucretia Graves, m. Ralph Chandler, 1797.

    374.    Nancy Graves, m. John P. Finch, 1795.

    375.    Howell Graves, m. Elizabeth Hunt, 13 April 1801 ((Mecklenburg Co., VA).

    376.    Elizabeth Briggs Graves, b. 10 Oct. 1773, m. Ralph Graves (#369), 26 Feb. 1789, d. 1822-3.  See #369 for descendants.



John Graves, Jr. (222) was born about 1712 in VA.  He married Lucy Adams, daughter of Robert Adams and Mourning Clark, before 1743.  They lived in Goochland Co., VA.  (R‑45, R‑230)

Children - Graves

    377.    Adam Graves, b.c. 1745, m. Mary Holland, 4 May 1769 (Goochland Co., VA).

    378.    William Graves, b.c. 1748.

+379.    John Graves, b.c. 1750, m(1) Elizabeth Davidson, 1772, m(2) Edith June, c. 1798, d. 1830.



Thomas Graves (223) was born 14 Nov. 1733, and died in 1810 in Wolftown, Madison Co., Va.  He married Sarah Delaney, daughter of John Delaney (or Dulaney) and Frances Stanton, about 1752.  Frances Stanton was a daughter of Thomas and Sarah Stanton.  The will of Thomas Stanton, dated 2 Oct. 1741 (Orange Co. Rec., W.B. 1, p. 177), mentions daughter Frances Delaney, and the will of John Delaney, dated 28 April 1800 (Madison Rec., W.B. 1, p. 409), mentions daughter Sarah Graves.  This will also mentions Thomas Graves, proving that he was alive in 1800, and could not possibly be the Thomas who died in 1792, as stated by Hamlin.

Sarah died before 1810.  They lived in what is now Wolftown, Madison Co., Va.  It was known as Culpeper Co. when he settled there on the Rapidan River.  The mill of Thomas Graves, built 1780-1790, is still standing at Graves Mill, Madison Co., Va.  The following children are all listed in the will of Thomas Graves, dated 28 April 1809, probated 22 March 1810 (Madison Rec., W.B. 2, p. 240).  Their children were born in Culpeper Co., Va.  (R‑103, R‑907, R‑915)

Children - Graves

    380.    Susannah Graves, b. 1758, m. Capt. Angus Rucker (of the Rev. Army), 23 Aug. 1806 (Madison Co., Va.).  He was born 1752 and died 1836.

+381.    John Graves, b. 28 Oct. 1760, m. Elizabeth Eddins, 23 Dec. 1788, d. 1828.

+382.    Thomas Graves, Jr., b. 4 Sept. 1762, m. Mourning Burruss, 5 Feb. 1791, d. 1833.

    383.    Sarah Graves, b. 17 Aug. 1764, m. William Hume.  They moved to Ky.

+384.    Joel Graves, b. 4 March 1766, m. Sarah Graves, 20 Dec. 1794.

+385.    Benjamin Graves, b. 24 Jan. 1767, m. Elizabeth Collins, 10 Sept. 1796.

    386.    Mary ("Polly") Graves, b. 14 Sept. 1769, m. Abraham (or Abram) Eddins (of Madison Co.), 16 March 1796 (Madison Co., Va.).  He was a son of Joseph Eddins, Jr. and Sarah Blakey.

    387.    Elizabeth Graves, b. 14 Feb. 1771, m. James Clark, 2 Feb. 1807 (Madison Co., Va.).  He was a son of Reuben Clark and Bathsheba Sampson.  They lived in Richmond, Ind.  There is some confusion with a Liza Graves, b. 1 Dec. 1787, who supposedly m. James Clark and may or may not be the same as Elizabeth.

+388.    Elijah Graves, b. 3 Sept. 1773, m. Sarah Gaines, 1 March 1797, d. 1800.

    389.    Lydia Graves, b. 23 May 1775, m. Joel Eddins, 22 Dec. 1795 (Madison Co., Va.).  He was a son of Joseph Eddins, Jr. and Sarah Blakey.  They lived near Richmond, Ind.  There was a Moley or Molly Graves, b. 29 Dec. 1776, who may be the same as Lydia.

    390.    Ann ("Nancy") Graves, b. 20 Oct. 1779, m. George H. Allen, 18 March 1806 (Madison Co., Va.).  He was the first High Sherriff of Madison Co., Va.  Either Ann's birth date or that of her brother Asa must be wrong, since they are too close together.

+391.    Asa Walker Graves, b. 25 Jan. 1780, m. Sarah Kirtley, 3 March 1815, d. 17 Feb. 1840.

+392.    Jane Graves, b. 1 Dec. 1783, m. Edwin Cuddin Davis, 30 Jan. 1811.


John Graves (225) was born 19 Dec. 1737, and died 8 Dec. 1825 in Boone Co., Ky.  He married Ann Rice, daughter of William Rice and Sarah Helms of Culpeper Co., Va., on 30 Nov. 1760.  The will of William Rice, probated 17 April 1780, gives property to his daughters, Ann and Sarah, wives of John Graves and his brother Edward.  Ann Rice was born 21 Nov. 1741, and died 12 Nov. 1826 in Boone Co., Ky.  They moved from Culpeper Co. (now Madison Co.), Va. to Boone Co., Ky. in 1797.  Their entire family of children and grandchildren went with them or moved soon afterwards.

They went down the Ohio River in small boats and landed on the Kentucky side at North Bend opposite the place where President William Henry Harrison later made his home.  The whole country through which they went was one vast wilderness.  Cincinnati at the time was only a military post.  John Graves was a man of tall, slender form over six feet in height, was upright in all his dealings, peaceable and polite, of strong and fervent religious character.  (R‑5, R‑39, R‑907, R‑915)

Children - Graves

+393.    Sarah Graves, b. 6 Sept. 1761, m. Edmund Garnett, 1 June 1787, d. 15 Sept. 1824.

    394.    William Graves, b. 10 June 1763 (or 1762) (Culpeper Co., now Madison Co., VA), m. Peggy White, 9 Feb. 1804 (Orange Co., VA), d. 7 (or 17) Aug. 1807 (or 1808) (Boone Co., KY).  Peggy was a daughter of John and Polly White, and sister of Felicia who married William's brother, Rev. Absolom Graves.  After his death, his widow married second William Bates.  She died 25 Aug. 1845.  William and Peggy had no children.

+395.    Susannah Graves, b. 30 Dec. 1764, m. George Gaines, 18 Dec. 1788, d. 17 March 1845.

+396.    John Graves, b. 19 Jan. 1767, m(1) Hannah Cave, 1 Aug. 1790, m(2) Elizabeth Eve, 1820, d. 13 Aug. 1824.

+397.    Absalom Graves, b. 28 Nov. 1768, m. Felicia White, 18 Dec. 1789, d. 17 Aug. 1826.

+398.    Anne Graves, b. 15 Jan. 1771, m. Daniel James, 2 June 1789, d. 15 May 1840.

+399.    Joseph Graves, b. 20 June 1773, m. Malinda Watts, 4 May 1812, d. 22 April 1836.

+400.    James Graves, b. 1 March 1776, m. Mary Walker, 1797, d. 12 July 1835.

+401.    Edward Graves, b. 20 June 1778, m. Nancy Willis, 17 Sept. 1801, d. 11 Sept. 1852.

+402.    Stephen Graves, b. 17 June 1781, m. Elizabeth Eve, d. 11 Sept. 1818.

    403.    Jeremiah Graves, b. 10 April 1784 (Culpeper Co. (now Madison Co.), VA), m. Elizabeth Kelly, 23 Dec. (or Nov.) 1806, d. 2 Nov. 1849.  He moved with his parents to Boone Co., Ky. in 1797.  She was dau. of William Kelly and Nancy ‑‑‑‑‑‑ of Scott Co., Ky.  Jeremiah and Elizabeth lived in Boone Co., where Elizabeth died 2 May 1828.  No children.

+404.    J. Reuben Graves, b. 18 May 1786, m(1) Elizabeth Willis, 7 Jan. 1808, m(2) Lucinda Geohagen, 1840-50, d. 24 July 1872.


Isaac Graves (226) was born 2 Sept. 1741 in VA, and died in 1818.  He first married Mildred McWilliams before 1772. She died about a year after their marriage, at the birth of a child who died in infancy, so there were no surviving children.

For his second wife, he married Elizabeth Cowherd (pronounced Coward), daughter of Jonathan Cowherd and Sarah Kirtley, in 1772.  She was born 28 Nov. 1751 and died 18 March 1791.

For his third wife, he married Jemima Holliday, daughter of Joseph Holliday and Betty Lewis, about 1791.  She was born 29 May 1754 and died 5 Feb. 1836.

Isaac Graves was a prosperous farmer and accumulated a large landed estate.  He settled most of his sons on farms adjoining his home plantation in Orange Co., VA.  He owned many negroes and kindly cared for them when they grew old.  He provided private schools for his children, who received excellent education for that day.  (R‑907, R‑915)

Children - Graves, by Elizabeth Cowherd

    405.    Sarah Graves, b. 5 July 1773, m. Joel Graves (#384), 20 Dec. 1794, d. before 1818.  See #384 for descendants.

+406.    Jonathan Graves, b. 17 Nov. 1774, m. Margaret Long, 1799, d. 4 Aug. 1849.

+407.    Claiborne Graves, b. 13 Dec. 1776, m. Sarah Tandy, c. 1798, d. 8 Dec. 1839.

+408.    Jacob Graves, b. 1 Feb. 1779, m(1) Fanny White, 20 Sept. 1800, m(2) Mary Walker, d. 6 July 1854.

    409.    Drusilla Graves, b. 27 (or 28) Jan. 1781, m. George Shelby Boxley, 18 Jan. 1797 (Orange Co., VA), d. 11 Aug. 1854.

+410.    Francis Graves, b. 22 May 1783, m. Drusilla Cowherd, 20 Nov. 1807, d. 4 Oct. 1858.

    411.    Elizabeth Graves, b. 15 Aug. 1785, never married, d. 23 Dec. 1802.

+412.    Isaac Graves, Jr., b. 8 June 1787, m(1) Elizabeth Plunkett, 18 May 1821, m(2) Nancy H. Mansfield, d. 1845.

+413.    Colby Graves, b. 5 March 1789, m. Jane Vivion Ferguson, d. 1852.

Children - Graves, by Jemima Holliday

+414.    Winifred Graves, b. 5 Aug. 1792, m. Spottswood Dabney Crenshaw, 18 June 1816.

+415.    Lewis Holliday Graves, b. 6 Sept. 1793, m. Frances A. White, 18 Feb. 1819, d. 30 May 1868.

    416.    Jemima Graves, b. 23 Nov. 1794, d. in infancy.

    417.    Edward Graves, b. 7 Jan. 1796, d. 4 April 1812.

+418.    Nancy Graves, b. 7 Dec. 1797, m. Benjamin Cason, 6 Oct. 1818, d. 20 Sept. 1878.

    419.    True Graves, died young.


Jemima Graves (227) was born 21 March 1743/4.  She married James Chiles by 1764.  He was a son of her stepfather, Henry Chiles, probably by his marriage to Mercy Webb.  They had 9 children.  (R‑133)

Children - Chiles

+420.    James Chiles, Jr., b. 12 April 1765, m. Mary West, 1785, d. 8 Oct. 1804.


Edward Graves (228) was born 19 Aug. 1746.  He married Sarah Rice about 1769.  She was a daughter of William Rice and Sarah ‑‑‑‑‑‑ of Culpeper Co., Va., sister of Ann Rice who married Edward's brother, John Graves.  They lived in Culpeper Co. when he and his wife on 9 Oct. 1769 conveyed property willed to him by his father.  He died Feb. 1832.  His wife died several years before that. (R‑915)

Children - Graves

+421.    William Graves, m. Elizabeth Davidson.



William Graves (230) was born 2 March 1738.  He married Ann ‑‑‑‑‑‑.  (R‑14)

Children - Graves

    422.    William Graves, bapt. 25 Dec. 1775.



King Graves (237) was born 23 Nov. 1750 in Chesterfield Co., VA.  He married Mary Gill about 1769.  She was born about 1751 and died after 1803.  He was a lieutenant in the Va. Militia on 25 Oct. 1775, and a vestryman of Dale Parish Episcopal Church.  His will, dated 22 June 1791, names his brother, Charles, executor.  He lived near Chesterfield, VA.  (R‑1, R‑915)

Children - Graves

    423.    Polly Graves, b.c. 1770, d. after 1791.

    424.    Frances Graves, b.c. 1773, m. John Cobb, d. after 1791.  He was b.c. 1770.

    425.    Lucy Graves, b.c. 1774, m. Peter Perry, Feb. 1805, d. after 1791.  He was b.c. 1774.

    426.    William Graves, b.c. 1776, d. after 1791.

    427.    Mary Graves, b.c. 1778, d.c. 1803.


Arthur Graves (238) was born 19 Nov. 1752 (or 23 Nov. 1750[8]) in Chesterfield Co., VA, and died 28 April 1831.  They lived in Chesterfield Co., VA.  He may have been living with one of his daughters in 1830, since he was not in the household of any Graves families in Chesterfield Co., VA in 1830.

It has been said that this Arthur Graves married Frances Eanes in 1803, but it is almost certain that it was his son, or possibly a nephew, who married Frances.  The marriage date of 1803 is very late for a first marriage.  Arthur would have been over 50 at that date.  The children of Arthur listed below were getting married themselves by 1800 or soon after.  It seems much more likely that if Arthur Graves married Frances Eanes in 1803, he was either a son of this Arthur or of one of the brothers.  Until more evidence is provided, he will be shown as a son of this Arthur Graves, even though this compiler believes he is more apt to be a son of one of Arthur’s brothers, since a fairly long list of the children of this Arthur is shown below.  (R‑221, R‑915)

Children - Graves

+428.    Matthew Graves, b. 7 Nov. 1780, m. Martha Bruce, 14 March 1814.

+429.    William Graves, b.c. 1750, m. Euphan Armistead, c. 1789, d.c. 1799.

    430.    Thomas Graves; this may be the Thomas Graves who was in the 1830 census for Chesterfield Co., VA, page 487.  His household had 3 males 40-50 (b. 1780-1790), 1 male 50-60 (b. 1770-1780), 1 female 30-40 (b. 1790-1800), and 2 females 40-50 (b. 1780-1790).  This may have been this Thomas with 3 of his brothers.  His brother Matthew was probably not living with him, since there was a Matthew Graves of the right age on page 433 of the same census.

    431.    Leroy Graves

    432.    Alice Graves, m. William B. Clark, 18 Oct. 1804.

    433.    Elizabeth Graves, m. Mathew Watson, 18 Sept. 1804.

    434.    Dorothy Graves, m. Daniel Belcher, 18 March 1811.

+435.    Rebecca Graves, b. before 1776, m. Bolling Branch, 19 Feb. 1800, d. 7 Aug. 1815.

+436.    Arthur Graves, m. Frances Eanes, 22 Dec. 1803, d. 28 April 1831.


Charles Graves (239) was born 20 Dec. 1754 in Chesterfield Co., VA, and died about 1797.  He married Ann Beasley Edwards about 1774.  She was born about 1756 and died about 1776.  (R‑1, R‑14)

Children - Graves

    437.    Peter E. Graves, b.c. 1774.

    438.    Ann Field Graves, m. Collin McRae.

    439.    Martha King Graves


Martha Winifred Graves (240) was born 27 Dec. 1756 in Chesterfield Co., VA, and died in 1814.  She married Valentine Winfree about 1774.  He was born about 1730, and died 22 July 1795 in VA.  (R‑1)

Children - Winfree

    440.    Mary Ann Winfree, b.c. 1751, m. Dionysius Oliver, c. 1770, d. after 1795.  He was b.c. 1748.

+441.    William Winfree, b.c. 1753, m. Ann Chappell, 5 April 1780, d. before 13 Oct. 1794.

    442.    John Winfree, b.c. 1758, d. after 1795.

+443.    Henry Winfree, b.c. 1764, m. Elizabeth Jarratt, 2 Jan. 1784, d. after 12 Oct. 1793.


Frances Graves (241) was born 11 June 1759 in Chesterfield Co., VA, and died about 1780.  She married James (or Thomas) Batte about 1776.  He was born about 1754 and died after 1780.  (R‑1)

Children - Batte

    444.    Betsey C. Batte, b.c. 1776, d. after 1797.


Benjamin Graves (247) was born 15 July 1773 in Chesterfield Co., VA, and died about 1797.  He married ‑‑‑‑‑‑.  (R‑1)

Children - Graves

    445.    Ann C. Graves, m. Samuel Hancock, 10 June 1822.



William Stone (248) was born about 1746 and died in 1799.  He married Patsy ‑‑‑‑‑‑ in 1758.  (R‑327)

Children - Graves

+446.    William Stone, b.c. 1760, m(1) Lucy Trammel, 1785, m(2) Polly Snyder, 1810, d.c. 1832.



Sarah Teresa Neale (249) was born in April 1752.  She married John Hoskins Boarman, son of Richard Bennet Boarman and Mary Ann Hoskins.  He was born in Charles Co., MD, and died about 7 April 1804 in Charles Co., MD.  (R‑524)

Children - Boarman

    447.    George Washington Boarman

    448.    Mildred Matilda Boarman

    449.    Bennett Hoskins Boarman

    450.    Eleanor Pile Boarman

    451.    John Baptist Boarman

    452.    Michael Boarman

    453.    Mary Louisa Boarman

    454.    Juliana Boarman



George Calvert (255) was born about 1712 or 1715 in Stafford Co., Va., and died in 1782.  He first married Ann (or Anne) Krupper (or Crupper) in 1739.  He married second ‑‑‑‑‑‑.  (R‑120)

Children - Calvert, by Ann Krupper

+455.    George Calvert, b. 6 Feb. 1744, m. Lydia Beck Ralls, 7 Feb. 1764, d. 22 May 1821.

+456.    Anne Calvert, b.c. 1761, m. William Lindsey, d. 1822.



Obediah Calvert (261) was born about 1719 and died in 1805, both in Prince William Co., VA.  He married Mary Gosling in 1739.  She was born in 1725 and died in 1785.  (R‑186)

Children - Calvert

+457.    Jesse Calvert, b. 1740, m(1) Susannah ‑‑‑‑‑‑, m(2) Mollica Brown, c. 1765, d. 1802.

+458.    Obediah Calvert, Jr., b. 1743, m. Catherine ‑‑‑‑‑‑, 1764, d. 1809.

+459.    Lydia Calvert, b. 1750, m(1) George Mills, 1783, m(2) Obediah Cooksey, d. 1844.

    460.    George Calvert, b. 1758, m. Priscilla ‑‑‑‑‑‑, d. 1830.  She was b. 1763, d. 1838 in Fairfax Co., VA.  He was in the Rev. War.

    461.    Samuel Calvert, b. 1760 (Prince William Co., VA).

    462.    John Calvert, b. 1785 (Prince William Co., VA).

    463.    Margaret Calvert, m. John Mills.

    464.    Constant Calvert, m. James Peake.

    465.    Betsey Calvert



Priscilla Taylor (263) married James Wilson in 1760. (R‑141)

Children - Wilson

    466.    Samuel Wilson, b. 1761.

    467.    Sophia Wilson, b. 1764.

    468.    James Wilson, b. 1766.

    469.    Josiah Wilson, b. 1768.

    470.    William Wilson, b. 1770.

    471.    Mary Wilson, b. 1772.

    472.    Joshua Wilson, b. 1774.

    473.    Priscilla Wilson, b. 1776, m. James Naylor (#474), 1797.  See #474 for descendants.


Susanna Taylor (264) married Joshua Naylor.  He was born in 1745 and died in 1816.  (R‑141)

Children - Naylor

+474.    James Naylor, b. 1774, m. Priscilla Wilson, 1797, d. 1841.

    475.    Joshua Naylor

    476.    Benjamin Naylor

    477.    Ann Naylor

    478.    Susanna Naylor



Eleanor Lowe Dawson (270) was born 24 April 1750 in Prince George’s Co., MD, died 29 Oct. 1832, and was buried in Monocacy Cem.  She married Lawrence Allnutt on 17 Feb. (or March) 1771 in MD.  He was born 20 July 1750 in Calvert or Prince George’s Co. MD, and died 18 May 1825.  (R‑128)

Children - Allnut

+479.    Lawrence Allnut, b. 6 Feb. 1796, m. Eleanor Smith White, d. 20 Aug. 1859.



Mary Dawson (277) married John Garrott, son of John Garrott and Elizabeth ‑‑‑‑‑‑, of Frederick Co., MD.  He died in 1798.  (R‑130)

Children - Garrott

+480.    Nicholas Dawson Garrott, b.c. 1780, m. Martha Burgee, 28 Sept. 1801, d. after 1826.



James Hamilton (283) was born about 1717 in Port Tobacco Hundred, Charles Co., MD, and died in 1785.  He married Mary Ann Coombes, daughter of Thomas Coombes (a planter of Charles Co., MD) and Elizabeth Wharton.  She was born about 1721 and died in 1753, both in Charles Co., MD.  (R‑4)

Children - Hamilton

    481.    Bennett Hamilton, b. 1743, m(1) Elizabeth Mary Spalding, m(2) Jane Coombes Green.

+482.    Thomas Hamilton, b. 1745 (Spye Park, Charles Co., MD), d. 11 June 1807 (Washington Co., KY).

+483.    Francis Hamilton, b. 1749, m. Susanna Blandford, d. 1819.

    484.    Ann Hamilton, b. 1753.

+485.    Mary Ann Hamilton, b. 1757, m. Richard Mitchell, d. after 1823.

    486.    Elizabeth Hamilton

    487.    Winifred Hamilton



Mary Brown (287) was born 8 Dec. 1717 in Rich Hill, Charles Co., MD, and died in 1801 in Charles Co., MD.  She first married Matthew Hopkins about 1732.  She married second Henry Threlkheld about 1756.  He was born 12 June 1716 in Coburg, Cumberland Co., England, and died about 1781.  (R‑525)

Children -Threlkeld

+488.    John Threlkeld, b. 26 Oct. 1757, m. Elizabeth Ridgeley, 10 March 1787, d. 30 Aug. 1830.


Elizabeth Brown (290) was born 5 Oct. 1723 at "Rich Hill", Charles Co., MD, died at "Ellerslie", King George Co., VA, and was buried in Falmouth, VA.  She married Dr. Michael Wallace of "Ellerslie", King George Co., VA, son of William Wallace, on 27 April 1747.  He was born 11 May 1719 in "Galrigs", Ayr (or Galrigs, Ayrshire), Scotland, and was indentured to Dr. Gustavus Brown 18 March 1734.  He died of dropsy in Jan. 1767 at "Ellerslie", King George Co., VA.  His will was dated 8 July 1760 and probated 4 June 1767 in King George Co., VA.  Their children were born at "Ellerslie".  Source: Hayden, Virginia Genealogies.  (R‑10, R‑114, R‑174)

Children - Wallace

    489.    daughter, b. and d. 11 July 1748.

    490.    William Wallace, b. 20 Nov. 1749, d. 10 Jan. 1750.

    491.    Gustavus Brown Wallace, b. 9 Nov. 1751, never married, d. 17 Aug. 1802.

+492.    Michael Wallace, b. 8 June 1753, m. Lettice (Smith) Wishart, 8 June 1775.

    493.    James Wallace, M.D., b. 26 Sept. 1755, d. 12 Dec. 1790 (Jacksonborough, SC).  No children.

    494.    William Brown Wallace, b. 26 July 1757, m. Barbara Fox, 22 March 1787, d. 1833.

    495.    Rebecca Wallace; no children.

+496.    John Wallace, b. 19 Jan. 1761, m(1) Esther Gaines, 1782, m(2) Elizabeth Hooe, 1792, d. 4 May 1829.

    497.    Thomas Wallace, b. 19 Jan. 1761, m. Mary Hooe, 10 Nov. 1791, d. 6 June 1818.  She was the daughter of Howson Hooe.


Richard Brown (291) was born 2 Dec. 1725 in Rich Hill, and died 27 Sept. 1804, both in Charles Co., MD.  He first married Helen Bailey about 1750.  He married second ‑‑‑‑‑‑ (Black) Key.  He married third ‑‑‑‑‑‑ (Smoot) Hawkins.  (R‑525)

Children - Brown

    498.    Gustavus Brown, b.c. 1744 (Mainside near Edinburgh, Scotland), m. Susanna Reeder, 19 Aug. 1788, d. 3 July 1801 (MD).



Seth Hyatt, Jr. (296) was born 5 Oct. 1718 in Saint Barnabas Church, Queen Anne Parish, Prince Georges Co., MD, and died in 1774 in Rowan Co., NC.  He married Priscilla Turner, daughter of Solomon Turner and Jane Prather, in 1742 in Rowan Co., NC.  She was born about 1722 in NC, and died in 1755 in burke Co., NC.  (R‑100)

Children - Hyatt

+499.    Hezekiah H. Hyatt, b.c. 1745, m. Mary Burchfield, 16 Feb. 1769, d. 20 April 1820.



William Odell (297) was born about 1714 in Prince George's Co., MD, and died about 1749.  He married Elizabeth Talbot about 1736.  She was born about 1718 in Baltimore, MD.

The Maryland Genealogical Society Bulletin (page 404, issue unknown) states: “William Odell1 was b. 1711-14, d. 1748-49.  He married Elizabeth - her maiden name and birth date unknown - probably about 1735-36.  She filed papers as administratrix on May 30, 1750 and in them listed the names and ages of their children.  From this the birth years have been estimated.  The children were Mary b. 1736; John b. 1738; William2 b. 1740; Walter b. 1742; Elizabeth b. 1744; Richard b. 1745; Rignal b. 1746; and Talbot b. 1748.”  (R‑526)

Children - Odell

    500.    Mary Odell, b.c. 1736.

+501.    John Dickerson Odell, b. 24 Sept. 1737, m. Providence Baker.

    502.    William Odell, b.c. 1740.

+503.    Walter Odell, b.c. 1742, m. Lucy Frizzel, d. May 1828.

    504.    Elizabeth Odell, b.c. 1744.

    505.    Richard Odell, b.c. 1745.

    506.    Rignal Odell, b.c. 1746.

    507.    Talbot Odell, b.c. 1748.


Rachel Odell (298) was born about 1717, and died in 1784 (or 1748) in Montgomery Co., MD.  She married John Prather in 1735.  He was born 12 June 1715 in Queen Anne’s Parish, MD, and died 3 Nov. 1796 in Montgomery Co., MD.  (R‑526)

Children - Prather

+508.    Sarah Prather, b.c. 1738, m. Zachariah Linthicum. 1757, d. 3 Nov. 1796.

+509.    Thomas Henry Franklin Prather, b. 12 June 1740, m. Eleanor Rachel Gaither, d.c. 1820.

+510.    Mary Prather, b.c. 1747, m. William Duvall, d. 1815.


Sarah Odell (300) was born about 1720 in Prince George's Co., MD, and died 16 April 1815 in Newberry Co., SC, aged 94 years.  She married Jacob Duckett, son of Richard Duckett and Charity Jacob, before 1744 in MD.  He was born 11 Nov. 1717 in Prince George's Co., MD, and died about 1764 in Frederick Co., MD.  (R‑150)

Children - Duckett

+511.    Thomas Duckett, b. 24 Nov. 1744, m. Mary Odell, c. 1766, d. Sept. 1824.


Mary Odell (301) was born about 1724 in Prince George Co., MD, and died in 1805.  She first married Hilleary Williams, son of Baruch Williams and Eleanor Nuthall.  He was born 27 Dec. 1719.  She married second Reginald Odell.  (R‑526)

Children - Williams

+512.    James Williams, b. 6 June 1745, m. Mary Duckett, d. 1822.


James Odell (302) was born in 1725 at Baldi Christi Plantation, Prince George's Co., MD, and died about 1770-73 in Prince George's Co., MD.  He married Martha Prather, daughter of John Smith Prather and Elizabeth Nuthall, about 1747.  She was born 20 April 1730 in Prince George's Co., MD, and died after 1786.  James and Martha lived in the part of Prince George's Co. which later became Montgomery Co., MD.  She married second Robert Lazenby before 15 May 1779.  (R‑116, R‑117, R‑150)

Children - Odell

    513.    Mary Odell, b. 16 Jan. 1748, m. Thomas Duckett (#511), c. 1766, d. before 18 July 1822.  See #511 for descendants.

    514.    Eleanor Odell, m. ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Robertson.

    515.    Elizabeth Odell, m. ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Garrett.

    516.    Margaret Odell, m. ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Rogers.

+517.    Thomas Odell, b. 17 May 1752, m(1) Elizabeth Garrett, m(2) Gracie Austin, 1778, d. 25 Aug. 1827.

    518.    Rachel Odell, m. David Beall.

    519.    Martha Odell, m. Joseph Jeans.

    520.    Sarah Odell

    521.    Reginald Odell

    522.    Charlotte Odell

    523.    John Prather Odell, b. 1750-5, m. Mary Bourland, alive in 1832 in SC.


John Odell (303), sometimes known as "Hoppin John", was born before 1740, probably 1728, in Prince George's Co., Md., probably died by 1794 in Newberry Dist., S.C., and was buried in the Odell family cemetery.  He married Eleanor Duckett (or Hendrix).

They moved to what is now Newberry Co., S.C., by 1768, the date of his first land grant.  He received a grant of 200 acres from King George III, dated March 22, 1769.  He served as a private in the S.C. Militia during the American Revolution.  He died before June 5, 1794, the date his widow Eleanor received papers of administration for his estate.  (R‑121)

Children - Odell

    524.    James Odell

+525.    John Odell, Jr., b. 5 Nov. 1771, m. Rebecca Hendricks, d. 5 Feb. 1830.

    526.    Eli Odell

    527.    Sarah Odell

    528.    Martha Odell

    529.    Ruth Odell



Elizabeth Beall (304) was born about 1728 and died about 1768.  She married John Bracco on 15 Jan. 1753.  He was born about 1717 and died 7 Nov. 1794.  (R‑244)

Children - Bracco

+530.    Nathan Bracco, b.c. 1757, m. ‑‑‑‑‑‑, c. 1779, d. after 4 Feb. 1799.






Ralph Graves (305) was born 8 March 1758 in St. Peters Parish, New Kent Co., VA, and died in Feb. 1795.  He was a lieutenant of foot in the York Co. Militia in 1777.  He inherited the plantation his father lived on.  He married Letitia Powers (or Power), daughter of Major John Power.  He died in Feb. 1795.

The following information is from the Revolutionary War Roster at

Graves, Ralph, Cor., served in the Continental Line. Information from Pension Application R.14569, Land Bounty Warrant Application.

“Apparently a resident of York County at the time of the war and perhaps for all of his life, but his heirs filed claims from Charles City; Cornet of Cavalry in the Virginia State Line; Lt. Col. Cha. DABNEY certified that Cornet GRAVES was in the service of the state from AUG 1779 to the date hereof; J. NELSON, late commandant, State Cavalry, certified that Ralph GRAVES was appointed an officer in the corps of state cavalry under his command in 1776 and served until a little before the Siege of Yorktown in 1781. William SOUTHALL of Williamsburg stated that he saw GRAVES while in service bearing colors; that when TARLETON was in this part of the country he made frequent efforts to catch Ralph GRAVES who was said to be the best horseman in this part of the world and would ride in sight of the British troops when he pleased. He rode an excellent horse that ran very fast and was called Black and All Black. GRAVES died in 1795 and his daughter Letitia married John M. GREGORY and had children John M. GREGORY, Letitia P. GREGORY (wife of William P. WARE) and William R. GREGORY.”  (R‑179)

Children - Graves

    531.    Nancy Graves

+532.    Letitia Powers Graves, b. 1785, m. John Mumford Gregory, d. 18 Aug. 1810.


John Graves (306) first married Alice Pierce, daughter of John Pierce, Esq., in 1789 in James City Co., Va.  He married second Martha Cobb Brown (or Browne), daughter of General John Eaton Browne.  They lived in James City Co., Va., on the plantation he inherited from his father. John Graves died about 1800 testate.

Children - Graves, by Alice Pierce

    533.    William B. Graves; was a justice in Surry Co., Va.

Children - Graves, by Martha C. Brown

    534.    John B. Graves, m. Amelia M. ‑‑‑‑‑‑.  In 1819 he was a student at William and Mary, and lived in Surry Co., Va. in 1837.

    535.    Carolyn (or Caroline) Graves, b. 1800, m. Edward Dudley Richardson, d. Aug. 1861.  He was b. 1791, d. 1835.

    536.    Ralph Graves; no descendants.


Henry Brown (or Browne) Graves (307) married Mary Quarles, daughter of Major James Quarles and Mary ‑‑‑‑‑‑.  They lived in King William Co., VA.  (R‑500)

Children - Graves

    537.    Mary Elizabeth Quarles Graves, b.c. 1790, m. Alva Lake.

+538.    Louisa Graves, m. ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Tinsley.

    539.    Sarah Graves, b. Richmond, VA, m. Landon Carter.


Mary Graves (308) married Isaac Winfrey on 6 Oct. 1775. There were probably more children than the one listed below.  (R‑179)

Children - Winfrey

    540.    Elizabeth Winfrey


Susanna (or Susannah) Graves (309) married ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Power (or Powers).  There were probably more than the two children listed below.  (R‑179)

Children - Power

    541.    Sally Power

    542.    Susannah Power


Sally Graves (310) married James Hill of King William Co., Va., on 21 Dec. 1787.  There were probably more children than the one listed below.  (R‑179)

Children - Hill

    543.    Sally Hill, m. David Timberlake (of Hanover Co., Va.), d. 1829.



Charles Henry Graves (311) was born 1 June 1753 in New Kent Co., VA[9], and died about Jan. 1796.  He married Mary (“Molly”) Powell, daughter of Peter Powell and Elizabeth ‑‑‑‑‑‑ (per Bruton Parish Register), on 23 March 1775 in York Co., VA.  His will, dated April 20, 1794, probated Jan. 18, 1796, describing him as of Warwick Co., VA, is recorded in York, W.B. 23, page 459.  In this he mentions his wife Mary and five children, Richard Powell, Charles Henry, Polly (b. 1783, Bruton Parish Register), William Powell, and Joseph.  (R‑924)

Children - Graves

    544.    Richard Powell Graves

+545.    Charles Henry Graves, b.c. 1780, m. Patsy ‑‑‑‑‑‑.

    546.    Polly Powell, b. 1783.

+547.    William Powell Graves, m. ‑‑‑‑‑‑, d. 1829[10].

    548.    Joseph Graves


Mary Frances (or Frances Mary) Graves (312) was born 6 Feb. 1755 in New Kent Co., VA[11].  She first married Isaac Otey, son of Isaac Otey and Frances Armistead.  He was born about 1750.  She married second James Walter Otey, son of Isaac Otey and Frances Armistead.  He was born about 1754 and died 8 (or 10) June 1807, both in New Kent Co., VA.  Several sources list the same children’s names for both Isaac and James, so one list is being entered, father unknown.  (R‑263)

Children - Otey

    549.    Martha Otey, m. Samuel Poindexter, 3 June 1822 (Bedford Co., VA).  He was b. 29 Dec. 1767 (Louisa Co., VA), and d. 18 Sept. 1841 (Bedford Co., VA)

+550.    Sarah Otey, m(1) Reuben Wilkes, c. 1805, m(2) John Manning.

+551.    Elizabeth Otey, m(1) James Howell, m(2) John Griffith, c. 1816.

+552.    James Otey, b.c. 1780, m(1) Martha Cowles, c. 1799, m(2) Mary Ann Cherry, 23 May 1835, d. 1 Sept. 1837.

+553.    Isaac Otey, b. 5 Feb. 1787, m(1) Ann Clopton, 24 Dec. 1812, m(2) Ann K. Binns, 7 Feb. 1859.

    554.    Armistead Otey

    555.    Frank Otey

+556.    Frances Otey, b.c. 1790, m. Josiah Austin, c. 1810, probably d. bef. 14 Aug. 1844.


William Graves (313) was born 2 Aug. 1756 in New Kent Co., VA[12].  He married ‑‑‑‑‑‑.  His children were all born in Lexington, KY.

Children - Graves

+557.    Josiah Graves, b. 5 Dec. 1778, m. Sarah Lynn, 3 Sept. 1801, d. 25 Aug. 1829.

    558.    John Graves

    559.    George Graves; lived in Portsmouth, OH.

    560.    Eleanor Graves, m. Nelson Rush (of Ohio).

    561.    Mary Graves, m. Tillman Lewis.



William Graves (317) married Tabitha Walker, daughter of Freeman Walker and Sarah Minge, on 3 Dec. 1795. He died 15 April 1807 in Charles City Co., VA.  His will was dated 18 Aug. 1805.  A codicil was added 3 Aug. 1806, stating that since writing his previous will he finds that another child is to be born, and he wishes that if born and lives, that it is to share alike with his other children in his estate.  The will was approved and recorded in the clerk's office of Charles City Co., VA.  Tabitha was born 16 Sept. 1776, and died 18 Dec. 1848 in Charles City Co., VA.

According to John Card Graves, this William was a son of Joseph Graves, not Richard Croshaw Graves, and had children Joseph C., William W., Richard Freeman, Sallie Mingo (this is Elizabeth, listed below), and Robert Walker Graves.  (More evidence needs to be included here.)  (R‑263, R‑925)

Children - Graves

+562.    Joseph Croshaw Graves, b. 16 Oct. 1796, m(1) Sarah Henry Walker, c. 1816, m(2) Catherine Marrable, c. 1836, d. 16 Feb. 1843.

+563.    William Wyatt Graves, b.c. 1798, m. ‑‑‑‑‑‑.

+564.    Robert Walker Graves, b. 2 July 1800, m. Elizabeth Cornelia Egmon, 3 Dec. 1822, d. 28 March 1858.

    565.    Elizabeth Sarah Minge Graves, b.c. 1804, m. Thomas Wyatt Walker.

    566.    Melvina (or Malvina) T. Graves, b.c. 1806, d. by 1825 (or 1838)

+567.    Richard Freeman Graves, b. 20 Jan. 1807, m. Martha Ann Smith, 1 Dec. 1831, d. 2 Nov. 1875.


Richard Graves (318) was born about 1772, and died 31 March 1835 in New Kent Co., VA, according to the Richmond Whig.  He married ‑‑‑‑‑‑ and lived in New Kent Co.  He was Justice of the Peace in 1804.  He was also Colonel of the Militia, and Member of the Virginia Legislature for Charles City and New Kent counties.  (R‑473, R‑915)

Children - Graves

    568.    Hal Graves, d. before 1861.  Moved to GA.

    569.    Croshaw Graves, d. New Kent Co., VA.  This is probably the Richard Croshaw Graves who m. Judith Slater, 3 Nov. 1834 in New Kent Co., VA.

    570.    Fleming Graves, d. before 1861.  Moved to Ga.

+571.    Edmund Hamilton Graves, b. 26 May 1809, m. Emily C. Hatcher, 6 Jan. 1841, d. 11 April 1843.

    572.    Ralph Graves, d. before 1861.  Moved to GA.

+573.    Elizabeth L. Graves, b.c. 1815, m. Daniel T. Rea, d. 18 March 1837.

+574.    Joseph A. Graves, b.c. 1820, m. Emily C. Hatcher, after 1843, d. 6 Oct. 1862.

    575.    child

    576.    daughter, m. ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Christian.  A son was James Christian.


Polly Graves (319) was born about 1782 and died in 1800.  She married Furness (or Furneau) Bullifant.  (R‑473)

Children - Bullifant

+577.    Maria C. Bullifant, b.c. 1800, m. Beverly Harrison Randolph, 21 Feb. 1821, d.c. 1841.


Joseph Croshaw Graves (320) married Angelica ‑‑‑‑‑‑.  He died about 1816 in New Kent Co., VA.  (R‑14, R‑263)

Children - Graves

    578.    Henry Graves

+579.    Croshaw Graves, b. aft. 1790, m(1) Sally Henry Lacy, 30 March 1819, m(2) Rebecca Pennington, 18 (or 23) Nov. 1826, m(3) Martha Ann Marable, 1 Nov. 1831, d. 5 July 1842.

    580.    Bartholomew Graves


Edmund Valentine Graves (321) was born in April 1780 in New Kent Co., VA, and died in 1827 in Charles City Co., VA.  He married Elizabeth (“Betsy”) W. (?) Southall, daughter of William Southall.  She was born about 1780, and died in Charles City Co., VA.  (R‑263)

Children - Graves

    581.    Sarah Graves, b. bef. 1804, m. Samuel Pryor.  From a Charles City Co., Court House record, Edmund and Betsy was opposed to their daughter’s marriage and wrote the following: With “painful sensations of feelings” caused by the “perfect indiscretion” on the part of our first born daughter who “obstinately declares, she will marry in opposition to our will” and “that she will do so at the risque [sic] of her own life and that of her parents” given their consent so as to prevent her clandestine or unlawful marriage.  However, they make it clear that they did so “with hearts filled with deepest sorrow and with the most painful apprehension, for the future peace” of our daughter and that our hearts would “never consent to the union”.

+582.    William Southall Graves, b. 23 Sept. 1804, m(1) Elizabeth Major Brown, 23 March 1836, m(2) Sarah E. (Smith) Coleman, by 1870, d. 16 March 1874.

+583.    Elizabeth Armistead Graves, b.c. 1809, m(1) Llewellyn Christian, m(2) William Freeman Graves (#1127), d. May 1870.

+584.    Tabitha Rebecca Graves, b. 21 June 1813, m. Edmund Thomas Christian, 1838, d. 6 March 1866.

    585.    Harriet Ann Graves, b. 14 April 1814, never married, d. aft. 1880.  Recorded on 1850-1880 censuses.

+586.    Richard Marshall Graves, b. 4 Sept. 1816, m(1) Jane Warren Walker, 20 Aug. 1844, m(2) Charlesanna (or Charles Anna) Otey, 18 Jan. 1871, d. 7 April 1874.

+587.    Benjamin Croshaw Graves, b. 4 (or 23) Jan. 1822, m(1) Elizabeth Wyatt Walker, 1846, m(2) Elizabeth Cornelia Graves (#1137), 29 July 1848, d. 12 Dec. 1909.

+588.    Mary Louisa Graves (twin), b.c. 1822, m. James H. Crump, Jan. 1848, d. aft. 1880.

    589.    Margaret Ann Graves, b.c. 1822 (twin), never married.


Elizabeth Ashfield Graves (322) was born about 1780 in New Kent Co., VA, and died 16 April 1825 in Charles City Co., VA.  She married Joseph Christian.  He was born 4 Sept. 1757 and died 10 April 1825, both in New Kent Co., VA.  (R‑263)

Children - Christian

    590.    Richard Allen Christian, b. 27 July 1798 (Charles City Co., VA), m. Elizabeth Robinson Steptoe, d. 8 May 1862.

    591.    Tabitha Christian, b. 14 July 1801, m(1) Patrick Allen Christian, 17 Dec. 1825, m(2) John Turner Hill, 29 Aug. 1830, d. 8 Feb. 1871.  Patrick d.c. 1835.  John was b. 22 March 1802, and d. 28 Jan. 1860.

    592.    Rebecca Christian, b.c. 1805 (New Kent Co., VA), m. William B. Harwood.

    593.    Joseph Croshaw Christian, b. c. 1807, m. Elizabeth Allen.

+594.    Elizabeth Graves Christian, b.c. 1809, m. John Redwood, d. aft 1840.

    595.    James Hill Christian, b.c. 1813.

    596.    James Hendricks Christian, b.c. 1814, m. Susan Browne Hill.



Henry Graves (325) was born about 1750 in VA.  He married Sarah ‑‑‑‑‑‑.  (R‑473)

Children - Graves

    597.    Betsy Graves

+598.    Ralph Graves, b.c. 1755, m. Jane ‑‑‑‑‑‑, d. 1830-1840.


Mary Graves (326) was born in VA, and died 28 Sept. 1774.  She married James Curd on 20 Nov. 1766 in St. James Northam Parish, Goochland Co., VA.  He was born about 1735 and died 18 July 1791, both in Goochland Co., VA.  (R‑473)

Children - Curd

    599.    Jesse Curd, b. 7 Dec. 1767.

    600.    Elizabeth Curd, b. 18 July. 1769.

    601.    Nancy Curd, b. 12 June 1774.



Elizabeth Barnett (332) was born 1761-1767.  She married Stephen Terry in 1785 in Granville Co., NC.  (R‑3)

Children - Terry

    602.    Thomas Terry


William Graves Barnett (334) was born about 1765 in NC, and died in Pulaski Co., KY.  He married Judith Thomason on 10 Jan. 1793 in Mecklenburg Co., VA.  She was born about 1770 in VA, and died in Pulaski Co., KY.  (R‑3)

Children - Barnett

+603.    John Barnett, b.c. 1794, m. Mary Martin, 24 Jan. 1825, d. Sept. 1849.

+604.    Joshua Barnett, b.c. 1800, m. Eliza Brummett.

    605.    Lucy Barnett, b. 1802, m. Lowry Bowen.

+606.    Francis J. Barnett, b.c. 1804, m. Perlana Jane Brummett, d. 25 Feb. 1861.

+607.    William Aylen Barnett, b. 3 Aug. 1805, m. Hannah Heath, d. 1881.

    608.    Joel Barnett, b.c. 1812, m. Elizabeth Ballow.  She was b. 1822 in KY.


Ann Barnett (335) was born 26 Jan. 1767 in Granville Co., NC, and died 18 Nov. 1840 in Giles Co., TN.  She married John Barnett on 29 Jan. 1789 in Granville Co., NC.  He was born 15 Oct. 1766 in Goochland Co., VA, and died 20 July 1847 in Giles Co., TN.  (R‑3)

Children - Barnett

    609.    Thomas Barnett, b. 7 Nov. 1789, m. Nancy Williams.

    610.    Lucy Barnett, b. 22 Sept. 1791, m. Arnold Zellner, d. 6 Sept. 1858.

    611.    Sally Barnett, b. 26 Sept. 1793, m. George McCormach, d. 18 May 1888.

    612.    Lettie H. Barnett, b. 14 Sept. 1796, m. James Yancey, d. 1830.

    613.    John William Barnett, b. 29 Nov. 1800, m. Nancy M. Simmons, d. 27 Sept. 1866.

    614.    Joseph Francis Barnett, b. 12 May 1803, m. Sarah Paine Brooks, d. 3 Nov. 1855.

    615.    Nancy H. Barnett, b. 18 Jan. 1806, m. Alexander Eastman.


Rebecca Barnett (336) was born 14 March 1772 and died 3 Jan. 1854.  She married Zachariah Allen in 1795 in Granville Co., NC.  He was born 14 Jan. 1773 and died 20 Feb. 1845.  (R‑3)

Children - Allen

    616.    Mary H. (“Polly”) Allen, b. 13 Dec. 1795, d. 17 March 1857.

    617.    Sarah (“Sally”) Allen, b. 10 April 1797, d. 11 Aug. 1880.

+618.    Elizabeth Allen, b. 3 Jan. 1799, m. Elisha Pruitt.

+619.    Thomas Barnett Allen, b. 11 June 1800, m(1) Judith Bradford, m(2) Emily N. Whitfield, d. 3 Jan. 1874.

+620.    William Allen, b. 25 Jan. 1802, m. Rachel Ray.

    621.    Nancy Allen, b. 18 Oct. 1804, d. 2 July 1887.

    622.    Rebecca Allen, b. 18 Oct. 1806, m. W. Byrum.

+623.    James Barnett Allen, b. 24 May 1808, m. Amarillis Morgan, d. 15 July 1854.

+624.    Joseph Barnett Allen, b. 23 Jan. 1813, m. Julia Morgan, d. 11 July 1854.

+625.    Tarcia McCaden Allen, b. 20 June 1815, m. William Thomasson, Jr., d. 21 July 1859.



John Williams (or William) Hendrick (338) was born about 1751-55[13] in NC, and died June 1821 in Wayne Co., MS.  He married at least twice.  Only his last marriage to Ann (Baker?) has been proven.  Baker is either her maiden name or that of a first husband.  She was born 1755-74 in GA, and died after 1831.  After John died, she married Obediah Hand.  There may have been more children than those listed below.  Only Rachel and Lucy are proven.  (R‑90, R‑92, R‑93)

Children - Hendrick

    626.    Lucy Hendrick, b.c. 1775-84, m. Jacob Collins, d. 1823.

    627.    Sarah Hendrick, m. James Horne.  This child is speculation.  John Williams Hendrick was guardian of Horne’s 2 children, 1805, Barnwell Co., SC, no wife named.

+628.    Rachel Hendrick, m. Christopher C. Collins, d. 1836.

    629.    William Hendrick; on Marion Co., MS census.

    630.    Nancy Hendrick; there was a Nancy in Zion Baptist Church records, but could be Ann, the wife of John Williams Hendrick.



Mary Graves (345) married Henry Hester on 8 Nov. 1774[14] in Granville Co, NC.  He is a probable son of the Henry Hester, deceased by 9 Nov. 1762, who chose Nathan Chiles as his guardian (Louisa Co., VA Records).  (R‑19)

Children - Hester

    631.    Robert Hester, m. Lucy Culberth.

    632.    Elizabeth Hester, m. William Hester, 4 Sept. 1810 (Granville Co., NC).

    633.    Graves Hester, m. Mary Graves (#366), 4 Sept. 1802.

    634.    Chisholm Hester, b. 1 Dec. 1782 (VA), m. Mary Sumner, 1 May 1834, d. 17 Dec. 1863 (West TN).  Served in the War of 1812, lived in Giles Co., TN, later moved to West TN.  Four children.

    635.    Mary (“Polly”) Hester, m. William Graves (#364).

    636.    Henrietta Hester, m. Absolom Hunt.

    637.    Nancy Hester, m. ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Frasier.

    638.    Henly (Hall or Hal) Hester, m. ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Graves.


Elizabeth Graves (346) married Henry Montague, son of Latane Montague and Catherine Young, and brother of Frances Montague who married Elizabeth's brother Nathaniel.  He was born about 1756 in VA, and died in Nov. 1831 in Rutherford Co., NC.  She died in April 1832 at the home of their daughter, Polly, in Rutherford Co.  They moved from Virginia about 1790, and settled in Rutherford Co., NC, near Green River.

The following tribute to the memory of Henry Montague is from the pen of his grandson, Major Henry M. Earle.  It was written to the compiler in 1890.  (This is taken from History and Genealogy of Peter Montague of Nansemond and Lancaster Counties, Virginia, and His Descendants, 1621-1894, compiled and published by George William Montague.)  Major Earle said, "I remember my grandfather, Henry Montague, well.  He was an earnest and interesting man and prided himself upon his independence; he was just in his dealings, saved his money, and never went into debt.  He always paid cash for what he bought and gave his offspring lessons in economy and industry.  He was a regular communicant of the Baptist Church; was never known to use profane language and lived a well governed life.  He attained his majority during the Revolutionary War and served in a cavalry company."  (R‑99)

Children - Montague

+639.    Nancy Montague, b. 1779, m. James D. Scott, 6 May 1803.

    640.    Jane Montague, m. William Jackson.  They lived in Spartanburg, SC for many years.  Their eldest son was born about 1806, and when he was 15 (about 1821) they moved to MS and then to TX, where trace of them is lost.

    641.    Mary ("Polly") Montague, b. 28 Feb. 1785 (VA).

+642.    Elizabeth Montague, m. Joseph Hawkins.

    643.    Charlotte Montague, m. Thomas Miller (of Irish parentage).  They had several children.  The oldest, Aspasio Earle Miller, lived near Rutherfordton, N.C.

    644.    Providence Graves Montague, b. 28 Oct. 1798.


Henry Graves (347) was born about 1765, and died in May 1808 in Person Co., NC.  He married Nancy Bibb Daniel, dau. of Josiah Daniel and Elizabeth Jordan[15], on 2 Dec. 1789.  She was born 27 Oct. 1767 and died in 1820.  (R‑350)

Children - Graves

    645.    Martha (“Patsey”) Graves, b.c. 1788, m. Jacob Couch, 3 Nov. 1813.

    646.    John W. Graves, b.c. 1791 (NC), m. Martha Bull, 8 Nov. 1814 (Person Co., NC).

+647.    Mary C. Graves, b. 13 Jan. 1794, m. Jesse Brandon, 2 March 1816, d. 26 Aug. 1863.

    648.    Leah Graves, b.c. 1796 (Person Co., NC).

+649.    Nancy Graves, b.c. 1800, m. Williamson Moore, 3 March 1817.


William Graves (348) was born 10 Oct. 1762 in Granville Co., NC, and died 15 Jan. 1847 in TN, according to Barbara Billings.  (However, John Card Graves says he died in DeSoto Co., MS)  He married Anne ("Nancy") Neal, daughter of William Neal and Susanna (or Susan) ‑‑‑‑‑‑, on 23 (or 28) Dec. 1790 in Mecklenburg Co., VA.  Her name has been given as Nancy Anne Neal, but Nancy is often a nickname for Ann or Anne.  She was born 16 March 1771, and died 13 July 1833 in Pulaski, TN.  They moved from North Carolina to Pulaski, Giles Co., TN about 1812.  It appears that all their children were born in Granville Co., NC.

Children - Graves

+650.    William C. Graves, b. 25 Dec. 1791, m. Elizabeth Amis, 10 Sept. 1811, d. 8 (or 17) Nov. 1874.

+651.    Sterling Graves, b. 23 April 1793, m. Nancy Amis, 1817, d. 1837.

    652.    Susanna (or Susan) Graves, b. 6 Jan. 1796.

+653.    Nathaniel Graves, b. 7 Jan. 1798, m. Martha ‑‑‑‑‑‑, d. 13 Sept. 1872.

+654.    Alexander Graves, b. 6 July 1800, m. Ann Graves, 25 Dec. 1825, d. 12 March 1863.

+655.    David L. Graves, b. 6 March 1803, m. Minerva Ann M. Graves, 1836, d. 23 July 1859.

+656.    Grandison Granville Graves, b. 10 Aug. 1806, m. Sarah Anderson Butler, 22 Oct. 1835, d. 13 Oct. 1875.

    657.    Mary Graves, b. 1809, m. William C. Graves (#672), 1832.  See #672 for descendants.

    658.    Frances Graves, b. 1812.


Lydia (or Lidie) Graves (349) was born 3 Aug. 1768 in Granville Co., NC, and died 21 June 1846 in Pulaski, Giles Co., TN.  She married Thomas Steele/Steel on 18 Nov. 1789 in Granville Co., NC.  He was born 29 May 1761 in Cumberland Co., England, and died 24 July 1835 in Pulaski, TN.  (R‑258)

Children - Steele

+659.    Robert Graves Steele, b. 1793, m. Sarah Yancey Graves, d. 28 March 1831.

    660.    David Steele, b.c. 1800 (Granville Co., NC), d. 25 Nov. 1823 (Giles Co., TN).

    661.    Graves William Steele, b.c. 1801 (Granville Co., NC). D. June 1837 (Claysville, Marshall Co., AL).  Died in a shootout.

    662.    Rose Ann Chisholm Steele, b. 31 Jan. 1804 (Granville Co., NC), m. Noah Parker, d. 11 June 1894 (Giles Co., TN).  Bur. Maplewood Cem. (Pulaski, TN).  He was b.c. 1787 (TN), son of John Parker and Rhoda Renfro, d. 21 Sept. 1855 (Lawrenceburg, Lawrence Co., TN).  Bur. Lawrenceburg Cem.

+663.    Alexander G. Steele, b. 16 July 1806, m(1) Elizabeth Anderson, m(2) Margaret Elizabeth Waters, d. 13 June 1872.

    664.    Thomas A. Steele, b. Sept. 1809, never married, d. 6 May 1858 (Giles Co., TN).  Bur. Mt. Moriah Cem.


Anna Graves (352) was born about 1770 in Granville Co., NC, and died in 1850 in Rutherford Co., NC.  She married Leonard Daniel, son of Josiah Daniel and Elizabeth Jordan, in 1789 in Granville Co.  They lived in Rutherford Co., NC.

Children - Daniel

    665.    Chisolm Daniel, b. 1790.

    666.    Mary Daniel, b. 1793, m. Robert Barber, 1816 (Rutherford Co., NC).

    667.    Nancy Daniel, m. John T. Baber (or Barber?), 1820 (Rutherford Co., NC).

    668.    Elizabeth Daniel, m. James M. Black, 1829 (Rutherford Co., NC).

    669.    Martha Daniel, m. John M. McKinney, 1834 (Rutherford Co., NC).

    670.    Leonard Daniel, Jr., b. 1803, m. Cynthia McCrary, 1824 (Burke Co., NC).

    671.    William Graves Daniel


Nathaniel Graves (353), referred to as Nathan by John Card Graves, was born 11 Nov. 1767 in Granville Co., NC, and died after 1850 in AR.  He married Frances Montague, daughter of Latane (or Lattany) Montague and Catherine Young, in 1798 in Granville Co., NC.  She was born 4 Oct. 1779, and died 21 Sept. 1838 in Fayette Co., TN.  She was a sister of Henry Montague who married Nathaniel's sister Elizabeth.

The family moved to Giles Co., TN about 1814, and later lived in Fayette Co., TN.  After his wife's death, Nathaniel lived with his son, Addison and family, and moved with them to Sevier Co., AR in 1852.  Nathaniel died sometime after 1850 and is believed to be buried in an unmarked grave in the old Graves Cem. in Howard Co., AR.  All the children of Nathaniel and Frances were born in Granville Co., NC.

In researching this part of the Graves family, it was noted that several members of the family either married cousins or did not marry at all.  According to tradition, one reason for this was that because of the large number of Graves families, they actually made up all or most of the community.  As a result, no one except relatives lived in the area.  Another reason was that the family was quite "well-to-do", owned large plantations and many slaves, and desired to keep the wealth in the family.

Children - Graves

+672.    William C. Graves, b. 1800, m(1) Mary Graves, 1832, m(2) Mary Graves, 1840, d. 1873.

    673.    Catherine Young Graves, b. 1802, m. John Kesterson.

+674.    Henry Young Graves, b. 1804, m. Mary Kirk, d. after 1880.

    675.    Emily M. Graves, b. 24 March 1807 (Granville Co., NC), m. Robert Thornton, d. 3 Sept. 1875.  Bur. Graves Cem. (Howard Co., AR).  The first court of Fayette Co., TN was held in Robert Thornton's home.

+676.    Addison Graves, b. 1809, m. Elizabeth Amis Graves, 1835, d. 1860.

    677.    Minerva Ann M. Graves, b. 1814, m. David L. Graves (#655), 1836, d. 1860.  See #655 for descendants.



Michael Coffee (354) died in 1810 in Rockingham Co., NC.  He married Margaret ‑‑‑‑‑‑.  (R‑54)

Children - Coffee

    678.    Michael Coffee

    679.    Robert Coffee

    680.    Thomas Coffee, m. Mary Patrick.

    681.    John Coffee

    682.    Sophia Coffee

    683.    Mary Coffee

    684.    Margaret Coffee


Thomas Graves Coffee (356) was born 4 Sept. 1769 in Prince Edward Co., VA, and died 5 Aug. 1846 in Lauderdale Co., AL.  He married Mary Knight, daughter of Charles Knight and Mary Smith, on 18 July 1787 in Amelia Co., VA.  She was born 1770 and died 1832.  They lived in Prince Edward Co., VA, before moving to Lauderdale Co., AL in 1819.  They were buried in Coffee/Fritts Cem., Lauderdale Co., AL.  (R‑54)

Children - Coffee

+685.    Elizabeth Woodson Coffee, b. 7 Aug. 1788, m. Stewart Jackson, 25 Jan. 1808, d. 10 May 1852.

    686.    Mary Knight Coffee, b.c. 1789, m. Claiborne Mayes, 13 June 1820 (Lauderdale Co., AL).

    687.    John C. (“Jack or Jefferson”) Coffee

+688.    Richard Smith Coffee, b. 21 March 1800, m. Sarah D. Fielder, 29 July 1819, d. 21 Aug. 1879.

+689.    Prudence J. Coffee, b.c. 1805, m. Thomas W. Crittenden, 20 April 1820, d. aft. 1850.

    690.    Caroline Graves Coffee, b.c. 1806, never married.

+691.    Missiniah Coffee, b. 4 July 1807, m(1) Robert Wells, 26 Sept. 1827, m(2) Samuel Mosely, c. 1838, d. 4 Jan. 1862.

+692.    Joshua D. Coffee, b.c. 1808, m. Minerva Green, 10 Dec. 1833.


John R. Coffee (358) was born 2 June 1772 in Prince Edward Co., VA, died 7 July 1833 in Florence, Lauderdale Co., AL, and was buried in the John Coffee Cem., Florence, Lauderdale Co., AL.  He went to Tennessee with his mother in April 1798, and settled on the Cumberland River a few miles above Nashville.  He was a general and was known as the "Father of Tennessee."  He married Mary Donelson, daughter of Capt John Donelson II and his wife Mary Purnell, on 3 Oct. 1809 in Davidson Co., TN.  She was 16 years old when they were married.  She was born 13 June 1793, died 11 Dec. 1871, and was also buried in the John Coffee Cem.  (R‑54)

Children - Coffee

+693.    Mary Donelson Coffee, b. 24 Sept. 1812, Andrew Jackson Hutchings, 14 Aug. 1833, d. 11 Dec. 1839.

+694.    John Donelson Coffee, b. 15 March 1815, m. Mary Narcissa Brahon, 35 Feb. 1836, d. 18 Aug. 1837.

    695.    Elizabeth Graves Coffee, b. 24 Feb. 1817, d. 19 Jan. 1838.  Bur. Coffee Cem.

+696.    Andrew Jackson Coffee, b. 28 Jan. 1819, m. Elizabeth Atwood Hutchings, 3 April 1839, d. 11 March 1891.

+697.    Alexander Donelson Coffee, b. 3 June 1821, m(1) Ann Eliza Sloss, m(2) Camilla (Madding) Jones, 1876, d. 9 May 1901.

    698.    Rachel Jackson Coffee, b. 3 Nov. 1823, m. Alex J. Dyas, 23 Oct. 1856, d. 18 Sept. 1892.

    699.    Catherine Harriet Coffee, b. 24 Sept. 1826, d. 9 Nov. 1881.  Bur. Coffee Cem.

    700.    Emily Coffee, b. 23 July 1828, d. 7 Aug. 1829.  Bur. Coffee Cem.

+701.    William Donelson Coffee, b. July 1830, m. Virginia Malone, 22 April 1856, d. 1902.

    702.    Joshua Coffee, b. 19 Aug. 1832, d. 25 Jan. 1879.  Bur. Coffee Cem.


Mary (“Polly”) Coffee (359) was born 17 Aug. 1774, and died 28 April 1839 in Rutherford Co., TN.  She married Simpson Harris on 28 Dec. 1792.  He was born 21 Nov. 1768 and died in 1883.  (R‑54)

Children - Harris

    703.    Robert D. Harris, m. Lucy Legrand.

    704.    Elizabeth Graves Harris, m. Horatio Depriest.

    705.    Harriet Hutchings Harris, m. Samuel Morgan.

    706.    Lucinda W. Harris, m. Benjamin Harris.

+707.    John Coffee Harris, b. 17 Feb. 1800, m. Jane Peace (or Pace) Ragsdale, 23 June 1825, d. 10 Feb. 1885.



Ralph Graves (363) was born about 1769 in Mecklenburg Co., VA.  He married Elizabeth Hart in 1795.  R‑258 had also included Nathaniel Graves, born about 1798 in Granville Co., NC who married Martha ‑‑‑‑‑, and James Graves, born about 1800 as children of Ralph Graves.  However, this Nathaniel Graves is #653, son of William Graves and Ann Neal.  (R‑258, R‑496)

Children - Graves

+708.    Ralph Graves, b.c. 1799, m. Adaline Jacques, c. 1826, d.c. 1854.

+709.    George Watt Graves, b.c. 1808, m. Mary E. ‑‑‑‑‑‑.


William Graves (364) was born about 1771 in Granville Co., NC, and died after Dec. 1802 (listed in Granville Co., NC Will Book 5, p. 304).  He married Mary (“Polly”) Hester (#635), daughter of Mary Graves and Henry Hester, on 21 Dec. 1798 in Granville Co., NC.

In the 1830 census for Carroll Co., TN, there were three Graves households.  One was a William Graves (believed to be this one but the connection not proven) with 1 male 10-15, 1 male 15-20, 2 males 20-30, 1 male 50-60 (probably William), 1 female 20-30, and 1 female 40-50 (probably his wife).  The second was Henry Graves: 1 male under 5, 1 male 20-30, 2 females 5-10, and 1 female 20-30.  The third was John W. Graves: 1 male 20-30.

A story passed down in the family from Henry Graves is that three brothers came from VA or NC to TN.  One went north to KY, one went south to MS, and one stayed in Carroll Co., TN.  Together, the three weighed over 750 pounds.  A grandson (grandfather of R‑512) of William Graves said that his grandfather was called “Buck” Graves, and that he was buried on the old farm in Carroll Co. but location is not known.

William must have died between 1830 and 1840.  From 1825 to 1830, William Graves is listed several times in the Carroll Co. Court minutes as a jurist and road builder.  The 1836 tax list mentions the “Widow Graves”.  From 1830 to 1849, Henry Graves is mentioned many times as a member of the grand jury and overseer of roads.

In addition, it appears that Walter C. Graves who married Elizabeth Jane Black (previously genealogy 9) was part of this family, possibly an older son of Henry C. Graves, but more likely a brother of Henry.  There was also a Howell Franklin Graves who might have been another son of William Graves.  (R‑512)

Children - Graves

+710.    John William Graves, b. 16 July 1804, m(1) Elizabeth Rose, c. 18 Sept. 1835, m(2) Martha Ann Lee, c. 25 May 1853, m(3) Sarah Rebecca Lee, 3 May 1866, d. 12 Sept. 1876.

+711.    Henry C. Graves, b.c. 1805, m(1) ‑‑‑‑‑‑, m(2) Harriet Emily Jolly, 5 July 1840, m(3) Elizabeth ‑‑‑‑‑‑, d. 4 Oct. 1876.

    712.    daughter, b. 1800-1810.

+713.    Howell Franklin Graves (possible son, not proven), b. 9 Dec. 1819, m(1) ‑‑‑‑‑‑, m(2) ‑‑‑‑‑‑, m(3) Margaret C. ‑‑‑‑‑‑, 1867.

+714.    Walter C. Graves, b.c. 1822, m. Elizabeth Jane Black, d.c. 1859.



Mary Graves (368) was probably born about 1760, and died about 1820 in NC.  She married Lewis Yancey about 1775 (or in 1786).  He was probably born about 1750 in VA, and died about 1819 in Granville Co., NC.

One source said he was son of Richard Yancey of Mecklenburg Co., VA.  However Dennis J. Yancey (R‑228) gave his ancestry as: (1) Mr. Yancey of Wales, (2) Charles Yancey of Hanover Co., VA, d. VA, m. Mary Leighton, (3) Charles Yancey, b. before 1684 (?), VA, d. after 1745, VA (?), m. Mary Bartlett, (4) James Yancey, b. early 1700’s, VA, d. 1779, Granville Co., NC, m. Ann or Elizabeth Thornton (?), (5) Lewis Yancey.

In April 1996, Dennis Yancey wrote:  “Out of various sources which make reference to Lewis Yancey and Mary Graves, only one gave birth and marriage dates for Lewis, and that was a 1927 DAR submission paper of a descendant of Lewis Yancey (gave birth as 1736 and marriage date as 1758, and 1739 for wife Mary).  But it seems evident that the dates were estimates and broad ones at that, apparently almost 20 years too early.  I have very little information which would allow me to nail down a specific birth and marriage date.  The only things I can go by are the following:

(1) Jane Yancey, Lewis’s daughter, was married 28 July 1790.  She had various children and in all probability she was married very young (about age 15?), putting her birth date at about 1775.

(2) The son, Henry Graves Yancey, whose birth date (on DAR records, of 1758) is also an estimate from the DAR form.  Since Lewis and Mary only seem to have had two children, one would assume that Lewis and Mary are very close in age.  Henry was first married in 1805.  According to the 1810 census, he would have been born after 1765; the 1820 census shows him to be born after 1775.  But it couldn’t have been very much after 1775.

(3) The 1800 census of Granville Co., NC, shows that the oldest male in Lewis Yancey’s household (assumed to be Lewis himself) was born before 1755; the female in the family (Mary) was born after 1755.

From the above information, my guess is that Jane Yancey was born about 1775 and her brother Henry Graves Yancey was born a few years later, and that Lewis and Mary were married about 1775.  This could have put Mary’s birth date about 1760.  From the wills of Henry and Rachel Graves it would seem that Mary was the oldest child of Henry Graves, then Ralph, David, and Betsy, in that order.  Her next brother Ralph Graves was born 26 Oct. 1764, according to Ken Graves.

My current guess is that Rachel (Lewis) Graves and daughter Mary (Graves) Yancey and daughter Jane (Yancey) Christmas were all married very young, but that all of them were the mothers of all the children of their husbands”.  (R‑228)

Children - Yancey

+715.    Jane Yancey, b.c. 1775, m(1) William Christmas, 28 July 1790, m(2) John Green, 12 Oct. 1805.

+716.    Henry Graves Yancey, b.c. 1777 (or 1788), m(1) Elizabeth Royster, 15 Jan. 1805, m(2) Sarah Green, 10 April 1813, d.c. 1848.


Ralph Graves (369) was born 26 Oct. 1764, died about 1825, and left a will in Granville Co., NC (Will Book 10, p. 77).  He married Elizabeth ("Betsey") Briggs Graves (#376), daughter of Elijah Graves and Lucretia Chappel, on 26 Feb. 1789 in Granville Co. NC.  She was born 10 Oct. 1773 (according to John Card Graves) and died 1822-3.  Ralph served a short time in the Revolutionary War at age 16, and was later a captain in the Militia.  (R‑19)

Children - Graves

+717.    Elijah Graves, b. 23 Jan. 1791, m. Areanna Stanford, 5 May 1812, d. 7 May 1869.

+718.    Henry Lewis Graves, b. 11 Jan. 1793, m. Mary Brown Dickens, 9 Feb. 1814.


David Graves (370) was born about 1772 (or 1776) in Hanover Co., VA, and died 1820-1830 in Giles Co., TN.  He married Nancy (or Ann[16]) Hunt[17], daughter of Memucan (“Muke”) Hunt and Mary (“Polly”) Wade, in 1796 in Granville Co., NC.  Their marriage bond was 19 Dec. 1796 in Granville Co., NC.  Nancy was born 10 April 1776 near Oxford, Granville Co., NC, and died between 1830 and 1840, probably in Giles Co., TN.  The family was in the 1800 and 1810 censuses for Granville Co., NC, and the 1820 census for Giles Co., TN.  Their children were born in Granville Co., NC.  (R‑251, R‑253, R‑258, R‑915)

Children - Graves

+719.    Thomas K. Graves, b.c. 1793, m. Nancy D. Kimbrough, d. aft. 1870.

    720.    Mary ("Polly") Graves, b.c. 1801, m. Robert Knott.  He was b.c. 1791 in Granville Co., NC, and d. 1855 in Maury Co., TN, son of David Knott and Mary Catherine Downey.

    721.    Henderson Graves, b.c. 1803.

+722.    Elizabeth N. Graves, b.c. 1804, m. Nathaniel Steele, d.c. 24 July 1841.

    723.    son, b. 1800-1810.

    724.    son, b. 1800-1810.

+725.    Ralph Wade Graves, b.c. 1812 (or 1799), m(1) Sarah Dorsey Larsh, 28 Nov. 1833, m(2) Clara Eliza Barnett, 27 Nov. 1839, d. 1847.



John Graves (379) first married Elizabeth Davidson in 1772 in VA (according to R‑230 he married S., probably Sarah or Susannah).  He married second Edith June about 1798.  They were listed in the 1810 Albemarle Co., VA census as both being over 45.  Two of their 7 children, Sarah and Susannah, were ancestors of the Critzer family.  (See Critzer-Drumheller Ancestors by Margaret C. Reese, Waynesboro, VA, 1979.)  (R‑45, R‑230)

Children - Graves, by Elizabeth Davidson

+726.    Richard Graves, b.c. 1773, m(1) Milly Murrell, 14 March 1796, m(2) Jane Fielding, 28 Feb. 1799, m(3) Cassandra Riggs, d. 11 Jan. 1849.

+727.    Sarah Graves, b.c. 1778, m. John Toms, 22 April 1792, d. 16 Jan. 1857.

    728.    Nancy Graves, b.c. 1781, m. Alexander Toms, 9 Sept. 1798 (Albemarle Co., VA).

    729.    Susannah Graves, b.c. 1782, m. John Jackson, 11 Nov. 1799 (Albemarle Co., VA).

+730.    John Graves, b.c. 1784, m. Lucy Turner, 17 Nov. 1807.

    731.    Thomas Graves, b.c. 1787, m. J. Turner, 20 Nov. 1810 (Nelson Co., VA).

    732.    Elizabeth Graves, b.c. 1791, m. Richard Ellendon, 4 Jan. 1808, d. 1828.

    733.    S. Graves, b.c. 1793, m. James Lyon, 26 March 1813 (Nelson Co., VA).

Children - Graves, by Edith June

    734.    Martha (“Patsy”) Graves, b. 27 Feb. 1801 (Albemarle Co., VA), m. William McClain, 16 Dec. 1817, d. 23 Feb. 1891 (Upshur Co., WV).



Major John Graves (381) was born 28 Oct. 1760 in Culpeper Co., VA, and died in 1828.  His will was proved 26 June 1828 in Madison Co., VA.  He married Elizabeth Eddins, daughter of Joseph Eddins, Jr. and Sarah Blakey, on 23 Dec. 1788 in St. Mark's Parish, Culpeper Co., VA.  Their first 3 children were born in Culpeper Co., VA, and the others in Madison Co., VA.  (R‑103, R‑907, R‑915)

Children - Graves

+735.    William Simeon Graves, m. Maria S. (or L) Yancey, 28 Aug. 1813, d. 1829.

    736.    St. Clair Graves, b. 7 April 1793, never married.  Will proved July 1877.  Bur. Madison Co., VA.

+737.    Jane Graves, b. 1794, m. Adam Wilhoit, 10 Sept. 1815, d. April 1875.

+738.    Paschal Graves, b. 26 June 1796, m(1) Mary Beidler, 22 March 1819, m(2) Elizabeth W. Graves, 25 Aug. 1830, d. 28 Aug. 1860.

    739.    Sarah Graves, m. (Col.) William P. Dulaney, 28 Sept. 1809.  He married someone else as his second wife.

+740.    Abraham Graves, m. Rebecca Biedler, 27 Oct. 1825, d. 28 Sept. 1839.

    741.    Ann (or Anna) Graves, m(1) Robert Beasley, 15 Nov. 1813 (Madison Co., VA), m(2) James P. Sims (or Simms), 23 Sept. 1822.

+742.    Judith Graves, b.c. 1798, m. John W. Snyder, 28 Oct. 1816, d. 11 April 1869.


Thomas Graves, Jr. (382) was born 4 Sept. 1762 in Culpeper Co., VA, and died in 1833.  His will was proved 1 March 1833 in Madison Co., VA.  He married Mourning Burruss, daughter of Thomas Burruss and Frances Tandy, on 5 Feb. 1791 in Orange Co., VA.  He served in the War of 1812 and lost a leg.  His residence was on the Rapidan River in Madison Co., VA.  His wife and at least one daughter were buried on the family lot of his father at Wolftown, Madison Co., VA.  (R‑18, R‑907, R‑915)

Children - Graves

+743.    Frances Graves, b. 20 Jan. 1792, m. Reuben C. Sims, 22 Oct. 1812.

    744.    Martha Graves, b. 2 March 1793, m. William (or Willis D.) Garth, 18 Dec. 1813 (Madison Co., VA).

+745.    Sarah Graves, b. 3 Oct. 1794, m. William E. Early, 22 Oct. 1812, d. 9 Jan. 1885.

    746.    Ann Graves, b. 17 April 1797, died young.

    747.    Catherine Burruss Graves, b. 3 March 1800, m. Joel B. Garnett (#779), 3 Oct. 1823, d. 25 Dec. 1871.  See #779 for descendants.

+748.    Mary Louise Graves, b. 31 (or 30) Dec. 1801, m. John Vivion Webb, 19 Sept. 1820, d. 18 May 1865.

+749.    Elizabeth Graves, b. 1 Nov. 1805, m. Brightberry Garth, 9 Dec. 1824, d. before 1833.

    750.    Edmund Thomas Graves


Joel Graves (384) was born 4 March 1766 in Culpeper Co., VA.  He married Sarah Graves (#405), his first cousin, daughter of Isaac Graves and Elizabeth Cowherd, on 20 Dec. 1794 in Orange Co., Va.  She was born 5 July 1773.  She was disinherited because of the marriage.  They lived in Madison Co., VA.  He may have married second Elizabeth Cowherd, who died before 15 April 1818.  (R‑179, R‑907, R‑915)

Children - Graves

+751.    James Thornton Graves, b. 16 Dec. 1791, m(1) Sarah Strole, 3 April 1819, m(2) Hannah Strole, m(3) Christena Sigler, d. 1 May 1857.

+752.    Elizabeth Graves, b.c. 1790, m. Bennett Rains, 1 Jan. 1816.

    753.    Hardin Graves, m. Mrs. ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Wharton.  No children.

+754.    Drusilla C. Graves, b. 11 Dec. 1798, m. John Strole, 4 Oct. 1819, d. 31 May 1882.

    755.    Cynthia Graves, m. Humphrey Utz, 12 Aug. 1829 (Madison Co., VA).

    756.    Ann Graves, m. William Hammer.

    757.    Susan Graves, b.c. 1808, m. Gustavus Blankenbaker, 2 Dec. 1835 (Madison Co., VA).

    758.    Frances ("Fanny") Graves, never married.

    759.    Eliza Graves, m. Owen Thomas, 24 July 1818 (Madison Co., VA).

    760.    Jane Graves, b.c. 1802, m. Lawrence Pope, 27 Dec. 1827 (Madison Co., VA), d. aft. 1880.  Recorded on the 1850-1880 censuses in Boone Co., KY.

    761.    Joel S. (or A.) Graves, moved west.

    762.    Sarah Graves, b.c. 1795, m. Lindsay (or Lindsey) Daniel, 3 April 1822 (Madison Co., VA), d. after 1860.  Recorded on the 1860 census in Page Co., VA.


Benjamin Graves (385) was born 24 Jan. 1767 in Culpeper Co., VA.  He married Elizabeth Collins, daughter of William Collins, on 10 Sept. 1796 in Orange Co., VA.  In addition to the following children, there were probably others.  They lived in Madison Co., VA.  (R‑907, R‑915)

Children - Graves

    763.    Alexander Graves, never married.

+764.    Lucinda Graves, b. 9 May 1798, m. Charles Lewis Yancey, 14 Oct. 1820, d. 5 Oct. 1879.

    765.    Ann Graves, m. Richard P. Kinzie, 27 Jan. 1820 (Madison Co., VA).


Elijah Graves (388) was born 3 Sept. 1773 in Culpeper Co., VA, and died in 1800.  He married Sarah ("Sally") Gaines, daughter of Edmund Gaines, on 1 March 1797 in Madison Co., VA.  After Elijah died, she married Abraham Lewis on 10 July 1806.  (R‑907, R‑915)

Children - Graves

+766.    Thomas W. Graves, b. 1790-1800, m. Mildred Peed Thrift, 5 April 1825, d. 16 Oct. 1830.

    767.    Edward Graves


Asa Walker Graves (391) was born 25 Jan. 1780 (or 1781) in Culpeper Co., VA (in what is now Wolftown, Madison Co., VA), and died 17 Feb. 1840 in Wolftown, VA.  He married Sarah ("Sally") Kirtley, daughter of Francis R. Kirtley of Madison Co., on 3 (or 7) March 1815 in Madison Co., Va.  She was born 22 Feb. 1788, and died 9 March 1868 in Wolftown, Madison Co., VA.  They were both members of the Rapidan Baptist Church.  He was a man of great force of character.

He owned more than 2600 acres in the Graves Mill section of Madison Co., VA, and was considered one of the aristocrats.  He owned several large brandy and whiskey distilleries.  Mint julep was his favorite drink. His guests were awakened with a glass of old cream toddy served by slaves.  His house is still standing in Wolftown.  Their children were born in Wolftown.

(See correspondence of 6 June 1982 in folder no. 1 for Gerald Born.)  (R‑103, R‑907, R‑915)

Children - Graves

+768.    Thomas Sidnor Graves, b. 5 May 1816, m. Ann Moore, d. 24 Oct. 1883.

+769.    Sarah Ann Graves, b. 28 Sept. 1817, m. George Mason Reed Bohannon, 30 Nov. 1837, d. 21 Nov. 1847.

    770.    Susan Marion Graves, b. 4 March 1819, m. George Washington Reedy.

+771.    Asa Wesley Graves, b. 3 Feb. 1821, m. Lucy M. Booton, 20 June 1854.

    772.    Mary Jane Graves, b. 17 Sept. 1823, m. Manuel Strickler, 9 Sept. 1843.

+773.    Francis Edward Graves, b. 27 March 1825, m. Mary Peach Hamilton, 8 Dec. 1858, d. 23 Jan. 1899.

    774.    Amanda Thompson Graves, b. 5 March 1828, m(1) James Albert Lindsay, m(2) Alfred H. Carpenter.

    775.    Cremora Jane Graves, b. 28 April 1830, m. Robert Andrew Jackson, 16 Nov. 1851, d. 28 Feb. 18‑‑.  Bur. Arlington, Va.


Jane Graves (392) was born 1 Dec. 1783 in Culpeper Co., VA.  She married Edwin Cuddin Davis, called Cuddin (or Cuddon), son of Joseph Davis and Mary ‑‑‑‑‑‑, on 30 Jan. 1811.  He was born 30 Jan. 17‑‑ in Greene Co., VA, died about 23 Oct. 1854 in Greene Co., and was buried in Stanardsville, VA.  (R‑187)

Children - Davis

    776.    Edwin Cuddin Davis, Jr., never married.

+777.    Benjamin Franklin Davis, b. 3 Dec. 1821, m. Susan Anne Carden, 17 March 1853, d. 1910.

    778.    William G. Davis, m. Mary C. Davis (#1649, his niece).



Sarah (“Sally”) Graves (393) was born 6 Sept. 1761 in Culpeper Co., VA, and died 15 Sept. 1824 in Boone Co., KY.  She married Edmund Garnett, son of James Garnett and ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Rowe, on 1 June 1787 in Culpeper Co., VA.  He was born 25 April 1765, died 4 Sept. 1826, and was buried in Quiet Shade, all in Culpeper Co., VA.  Their first 3 children plus Polly were born in Culpeper Co., VA, and the others were born in Boone Co., KY.

In addition to the children listed below, R‑451 also gives Jeremiah (“Jerry”) Garnett, m. Susan ‑‑‑‑‑‑, and Mary Garnett who married James Ingram.  Jeremiah is probably the husband of daughter Susanna, and Mary is probably the daughter named Polly, so these two were probably not additional children of Sarah and Edmund.  (R‑342, R‑451)

Children - Garnett

+779.    Joel B. Garnett, b. 21 June 1788, m. Catherine Burruss Graves (#747), 3 Oct. 1823, d. 9 April 1858.

+780.    Nancy Ann Garnett, b. 24 July 1790, m. Robert Willis, 1 Jan. 1809.

+781.    James Garnett, b. 4 Feb. 1792, m. Elizabeth Garnett, 17 Dec. 1816, d. 12 July 1875.

+782.    Elizabeth Garnett, b. 16 April 1793, m. William Henry Garnett, 11 (or 5) Sept. 1811, d. 17 March 1886.

    783.    Polly Garnett, b. 6 May 1795, m. ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Ingraham.

    784.    Sarah Garnett, b. 14 Sept. 1798.

+785.    Susanna Garnett, b. 30 March 1800, m. Jeremiah Garnett.

    786.    Frances (“Fanny) Garnett, b. 20 Dec. 1801, m. Henry F. James, 27 Sept. 1824 (Boone Co., KY).

    787.    John Milton Garnett, b. 27 July 1804, m(1) Elizabeth Willis, m(2) Felicia Cave.


Susannah (or Susan) Graves (395) was born 30 Dec. 1764 in Culpeper Co., VA, and died 17 March 1845 in Boone Co., KY.  She married George Gaines, son of Henry Gaines and Sarah George, on 18 Dec. 1788 in Culpeper Co., VA.  He was born 20 Oct. 1768 (or 1766) in Orange Co. (or Culpeper Co.), VA, and died 28 (or 26) June 1839 in Boone Co., KY.  They were grandparents of Absolom Graves Gaines, former President of St. Lawrence Univ.  (R‑348)

Children - Gaines

+788.    Richard Gaines, b. 29 Oct. 1789, m(1) Catherine Bruce, m(2) Judith Rice, 5 Jan. 1816, m(3) Ellen Walker, d. 14 Feb. 1870.

    789.    John Gaines, b. 6 Aug. 1791, m. Polly Souther, 24 Oct. 1824, d. 4 May 1873.  She was b. 25 Dec. 1804 and d. 16 May 1870, dau. of Abraham Souther and Elizabeth ‑‑‑‑‑‑.

+790.    Sallie Gaines, b. 27 June 1792, m. William Cloud, 14 Feb. 1830, d. 11 March 1878.

+791.    William Gaines, b. 16 March 1794, m. Jeanette Watts, 15 Jan. 1818, d. 24 Nov. 1866.

+792.    James Gaines, b. 9 Oct. 1798, m. Virginia Watts, 11 Nov. 1819, d. 24 Feb. 1869.

    793.    Nancy Gaines, b. 13 March 1801, m. Gabriel J. Gaines, d. 13 Aug. 1870.  He was b. 1806 in VA, and d. 1880, son of Thomas Gaines and Lucy Wilson.

    794.    Elizabeth Gaines, b. 8 Sept. 1803, d. 14 March 1835.

+795.    Absolom Gaines, b. 6 April 1806, m. Frances Souther, 17 Jan. 1828, d. 14 March 1863.


John Graves (396) was born 19 Jan. 1767 in Culpeper Co. (now Madison Co.), Va., and died 13 Aug. 1824 at his home in Woodford Co., Ky.  He first married Hannah Cave, daughter of Rev. Richard Cave (a Baptist clergyman of Woodford Co.) and Elizabeth Craig, on 1 Aug. 1790 in Woodford Co., Ky.  Rev. John Taylor, in his "History of Ten Churches", speaks of her "great personal beauty, a close student of the Bible, a good singer, deeply pious and one of the most provident of wives."  She died in 1819.  He married second Elizabeth Eve, widow of his brother Stephen, in 1820.  She died in 1824, a few weeks before her husband's death.  (R‑5, R‑907, R‑915)

Children - Graves, by Hannah Cave

+796.    Absalom Graves, b. 13 Sept. 1791, m. Elizabeth Graves, 5 March 1816, d. 6 Nov. 1866.

    797.    William Hawkins Graves, b. 23 Nov. 1795 (or 1794), never married, d.c. 1817 (while on a visit to his brother Absolom).

    798.    Mary ("Polly") Graves, b. 23 Dec. 1796, m. Sydnor Dale Hanks, 19 Sept. 1816, d. 28 Nov. 1886 (Greensburg, Ind.).  He was born 29 Dec. 1793 in Woodford Co., Ky.

+799.    Reuben Graves, b. 18 Oct. 1799, m. Elizabeth C. Cox, 27 May 1822, d. 27 May 1842.

+800.    Richard Cave Graves, b. 19 May 1803, m(1) Lucy Mitchum, 10 Oct. 1824, m(2) Helen Mae (Dillon) Scott, Sept. 1851, d. 16 Nov. 1895.

    801.    Benjamin Taylor Graves, b. 1 Sept. 1805, m. Lucinda Scearce, c. 1840, d.c. 1842.

+802.    Joseph Craig Graves, b. 30 March 1808, m. Ann Q. Kirtley, 23 Dec. 1828, d. 16 Aug. 1878.

    803.    Elizabeth H. Graves, b. 27 Feb. 1811.


Absalom (or Absolom) Graves (397) was born 28 Nov. 1768 in Culpeper Co. (now Madison Co.), VA, and died 17 Aug. 1826.  He married Felicia White, daughter of John White and Polly ‑‑‑‑‑‑, on 18 Dec. 1789 in Orange Co., VA.  She was born 20 Nov. 1771, and died 19 Feb. 1851 at their home in Boone Co., KY.  She is said to have led a very devout and charitable life.  They moved from Virginia to Kentucky with the rest of his parents' family.  He was prominent in civil life before 1810, when he was ordained a minister in the Baptist Church.  He became distinguished throughout Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana.

The following is extracted from a sketch of this remarkable man (as quoted by John Card Graves), "written by Rev. A. C. Graves of Lebanon, Ky., who had studied and become perfectly familiar with his character."  "In early life, there was about Absolom Graves a manliness and fascination which won the respect of all classes and foreshadowed the patriarchal position he was to occupy in the world.  He was studious, devoting his leisure hours to self-improvement, and became the best educated young man in his community.  His fitness for civil responsibilities was soon recognized and he was made Clerk of the Quarter Sessions in 1779, the year after Boone Co., Ky. was formed.  He held that position until 1805, when the Circuit Court was formed and he was made clerk, which office he held until just before his death in 1826.  He was ordained to the Christian ministry in 1812, and was Pastor of the Bullittsburg Baptist Church for many years, and the author of the hymn book entitled "Graves Hymns".  He was known as an exemplary man and his life was a blessing to the world."

Speaking of him, Rev. John Taylor says, "Perhaps the Gospel of the Saviour never came better recommended by human character."  It was said of him by one who knew him well, "He was a model for any man.  He was the most upright, perfect man I have ever known in my life."  He was a prosperous man and accumulated a comfortable property.  He erected the first two-story brick house built in Boone Co., Ky., which, somewhat remodeled, was still standing back from the bluffs which overlook the Ohio River opposite the mouth of the Miami River which divides Ohio and Indiana around 1900.  (R‑915)

Children - Graves

+804.    Willis Graves, b. 12 Oct. 1790, m(1) Kitty Johnson, m(2) Sophia Conn, d. 11 Nov. 1834.

+805.    Polly Graves, b. 22 March 1792, m. Jeremiah Cave, 21 Dec. 1807, d. 28 June 1867.

    806.    Nancy Graves, b. 29 Dec. 1793 (Madison Co., VA), m(1) Richard Cave (son of Rev. Richard Cave and Elizabeth Craig), 10 May 1810 (Boone Co., KY), m(2) Robert Willis, 31 March 1820 (Boone Co., KY).  Richard Cave was born 1790, and died 20 July 1818 in Boone Co., Ky.  Robert Willis was born 7 April 1784 and died 23 June 1844.

    807.    Elizabeth Graves, b. 28 Sept. 1799, m. Absolom Graves, 5 March 1816, d. 12 Nov. 1858.  See #796 for descendants.


Anne (or Ann or Nancy Ann) Graves (398) was born 15 Jan. 1771[18] in VA, and died 15 May 1840 in Boone Co., KY.  She married Rev. Daniel James, son of Joseph James and Mary Field, on 2 June 1789 in Culpeper Co., VA.  He was born 9 Jan. 1764[19] in Culpeper Co., VA, and died 28 April 1845[20] in Boone Co., KY.  They lived in Madison Co., VA, and later in Boone Co., KY.  He was a Baptist clergyman, and was also sheriff at one time.  Their first 2 children were born in Culpeper Co., VA, and all the others in Madison Co., VA.  (R‑242)

Children - James

    808.    Mary James, b. March 1790, m. William Garnett, 16 Jan. 1806, d. Dec. 1823.

    809.    Sarah James, b. June 1792, m(1) ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Beckun or Bickum, m(2) George W. Abbott, d. 29 Oct. 1868 (VA).

    810.    Henry Field James, b. 18 July 1795, d. 10 March 1797 (VA).

+811.    John Graves James, b. 15 March 1797, m(1) Anna Skinner, 7 Jan. 1836, m(2_ Nannie Montgomery Coleman, 13 Sept. 1860, d. 18 Dec. 1874.

+812.    Henry Field James, b. 2 Jan. 1799, m. Frances Garnett, 30 Sept. 1824.

    813.    Maria James, b. 23 Oct. 1800, m. Daniel Hickenson, 15 Jan. 1824, d. 23 Aug. 1864.

+814.    Ann James, b. 9 Aug. 1802, m. Robert Powell, 20 Dec. 1821, d. 16 May 1887.

    815.    Thomas Jefferson James, b. 23 April 1804, m. Nancy Singleton, 25 Oct. 1827, d. 5 Sept. 1833.

    816.    Daniel James, b. Sept. 1806, d. 14 July 1814.

    817.    Joseph James, b. Jan. 1811, d. 11 July 1829.

+818.    Elizabeth F. James, b. Jan. 1813, m. James Jones, 22 May 1832.


Joseph Graves (399) was born 20 (or 2) June 1773 in Culpeper Co. (now Madison Co.), VA, and died 22 April 1836 in Boone Co., KY.  He moved from VA to KY with his family, probably in 1797, and lived the remainder of his life in Boone Co.  He married Malinda Watts, daughter of Johnson Watts and Susan Davis of Boone Co., KY, on 4 May 1812.  She was born 31 Oct. 1791, died 11 Oct. 1860, and was buried in Graves Cem.  They lived in Boone Co., KY.

From “A Watts Family History” (R‑340): “Johnson Watts was born about 1762 in Orange County, Virginia.  He was a farmer who grew tobacco mostly.  He moved to Bullitsville, Boone County, Kentucky, circa 1800 and had many children.  His last will and testament reveals that he owned considerable amounts of land in the county and gave generously to his children.  It also reveals, not surprisingly, that he was a slave owner.  This is nothing to be proud of, but it is a part of the family history.  For the most part, the family was devoutly religious.  This is evident in the many remarks mentioning them in the minutes of the Sand Run Baptist Church, which is located near present day Hebron, Kentucky.  One of Johnson Watt’s sons married the preacher’s daughter, Mary Ann Whitaker.  These people lived through some tumultuous times, the Civil War not the least of these.  Although Kentucky was officially neutral, there is little doubt that the Watts family loyalty was to the CSA.”  Johnson Watts died 8 Jan. 1813, and was buried in Watts Cem., Bullitsville, KY.  He married Susannah Davis (?) about 1785 in Orange Co., VA.  Their children were: Benjamin Watts, b. 1787, d. 26 Feb. 1859; Malinda Watts, b. 31 Oct. 1791, m. Joseph Graves; Maria Watts, b. 1793, d. 29 May 1817, buried Watts Cem., Bullitsville, KY; Virginia Watts, b. 9 Nov. 1797, d. 24 Feb. 1868, m. James Gaines; Janetta Watts, b. 17 June 1798, d. 1 Nov. 1862, m. William Gaines, 15 Jan. 1818; Washington Watts, b. 1800, d. 31 Oct. 1870, m. Nancy Kendal; Nancy Watts, b. 1806, d. 5 Jan. 1869, bur. Watts Cem., Bullitsville, KY, m. Robert Sanford; William Watts, b. 13 March 1808, d. 23 Nov. 1879, bur. Watts Cem., m(1) Almedia Kirtley, m(2) Mary Ann Whitaker, 16 April 1849.

The reconstructed census (consisting of tax lists, etc.) for KY in 1800 showed only one Joseph Graves in Boone Co., as well as his father and three of his brothers (Absalom, Edward and William Graves).  Joseph Graves was in the 1820 census for Boone Co., KY, page 16, with the families of uncles and cousins living nearby.  He was in the 1830 census for Boone Co., KY, page 246.  In his household was 1 male, born 1800-1810 (probably James C.), 2 males, born 1810-1815, 1 female, born 1790-1800 (probably his wife), and 1 female, born 1810-1815.  Since he didn’t marry Malinda until 1812 (when he was 39 years of age), he almost certainly had an earlier marriage.  Since some of the family were born in Orange Co., VA, the first marriage could either have been there or in Boone Co., KY.  There are three marriages for Joseph Graves recorded in VA:  1) Mary Goodwin on 23 Oct. 1790 in Louisa Co., VA, 2) Susannah Dyer, 17 Jan. 1793 in Frederick Co., VA, and Nelly Branham, 1 Jan. 1800 in Culpeper Co., VA.  R‑172 shows four sons born to Joseph and Nellie Branham and three children born to Joseph and Malinda.  (R‑172, R‑340, R‑915)

Children - Graves, by Nellie Branham

+819.    James Chitham Graves, b. 15 March 1803, m(1) Frances Christenberry, 26 Dec. 1824, m(2) Lackey Jane Webber, 18 Dec. 1833, aft. 1880.

    820.    Edward Graves, b.c. 1807.

    821.    William Graves, b.c. 1809.

    822.    Joseph Graves, b.c. 1811.

Children - Graves, by Malinda Watts

+823.    Johnson Watts Graves, b. 26 Feb. 1813, m. Lucretia Souther, 28 Feb. 1833, d. 1894.

    824.    Maria W. Graves, b. 14 Dec. 1814, m. John Leathers Graves, 4 Feb. 1836, d. 27 Dec. 1854.  He was descended from genealogy 270, and their descendants are there.

    825.    Owen Graves, b. 6 Jan. 1823, d. 18 Jan. 1823.


James Graves (400) was born 1 March 1776 in Culpeper Co. (now Madison Co.), Va., and died 12 July 1835.  He moved with his parents to Boone Co., KY in 1797.  He married Mary Walker, daughter of Henry Walker of Woodford Co., KY, in 1797.  She was born 2 March 1782 and died 4 April 1830.  Their home was near Burlington, Ky.  (R‑915)

Children - Graves

+826.    Walker Graves, b. 22 Nov. 1806, m. Eliza Cave, 1828, d. 6 Oct. 1837.

    827.    Sarah Graves, b. 12 June 1809, d. 17 June 1827.

    828.    Richard Graves, b. 6 Dec. 1810, d. 15 June 1835.

    829.    James Graves, b. 13 July 1812.

    830.    John Henry Graves, b. 22 Nov. 1813, d. 5 May 1838.

    831.    Henrietta Graves, b. 1 Oct. 1815, d. 11 Jan. 1832.

+832.    Franklin Graves, b. 17 Nov. 1817, m. Malvina W. Cave, 5 Jan. 1844.

+833.    Stephen Graves, b. 18 July 1819, m. Elizabeth Jane Shropshire, 6 June 1853, d. 17 May 1863.

+834.    William Graves, b. 1 Nov. 1821, m. Kate Maddox, 5 April 1865, d. 24 Aug. 1880.

+835.    Milton Graves, b. 10 May 1825, married.


Edward (or Coward or Cowherd) Graves (401) was born 10 Oct. (or 20 June) 1778 in Culpeper Co. (now Madison Co.), Va., and died 11 Sept. 1852.  He moved with his parents to Boone Co., Ky. in 1797.  He married Nancy Willis, daughter of John Willis, on 17 Sept. 1801 in Culpeper Co., Va.  Edward owned a large and well improved farm near Bullittsville, Ky.  He was a prominent and public spirited citizen, and was held in high esteem throughout the county in which he held the office of Coroner for many years.  His apt and quaint sayings often became proverbs, many of which are still quoted.  His widow was born 1786 and died 31 Jan. 1861.  (R‑915)

Children - Graves

    836.    Polly Graves, b. 30 March 1803, d. 8 Feb. 1805.

    837.    Eliza Graves, b. 5 Dec. 1804, m. John Terrill (of Boone Co., Ky.), 13 March 1823, d. 30 Sept. 1823.  She probably had no children, since she died so soon after marriage.

    838.    Hannah Graves, b. 4 Dec. 1807, m. (Rev.) William Whitaker, 15 Dec. 1825, d. 8 Sept. 1829.  He was born 25 March 1793 in Scott Co., Ky.  He was pastor of the Sand Run Church in Boone Co. for 40 years.  He married again, and died 2 Aug. 1872.

+839.    John Willis Graves, b. 8 April 1809, m. Louisa Cave, 16 May 1832, d. 24 Feb. 1849.

+840.    Sarah Graves, b. 16 April 1811, m. Owen Kirtley, 17 May 1832, d. 4 Feb. 1874.

    841.    Ann Graves, b. 7 March 1813, d. 31 Jan. 1828.

    842.    Emily Graves, b. 19 Aug. 1815, d. 25 Jan. 1829.

+843.    Jeremiah Graves, b. 14 Jan. 1818, m. Marietta Francis Willis, 27 Jan. 1847, d. 27 May 1896.


Stephen Graves (402) was born 17 (or 19) June 1781 in Culpeper Co. (now Madison Co.), Va., and died 11 Sept. 1818 in Scott Co., Ky.  He moved with his parents to Boone Co., Ky. in 1797.  He married Elizabeth Eve, daughter of Rev. George Eve (of Scott Co.) and Elizabeth Johnson.  Elizabeth (Johnson) Eve was aunt of Richard M. Johnson "who killed Tecumseh" and was afterwards Vice President of the United States.  Her father, William Johnson, married a sister of Rev. Richard Cave of Woodford Co., Ky., whose daughter Hannah became the wife of John Graves, brother of Stephen.  Stephen lived in Scott Co., Ky.  His widow married second his brother John Graves in 1822.  She died in 1824.  (R‑915)

Children - Graves

    844.    Polly Graves, died young.

    845.    Harriet Graves; went to Knox Co. with her uncle, Gill Eve, and died there unmarried.

    846.    Elizabeth Graves, d. at about age 12.

    847.    Milton Graves, d. in infancy.


J. Reuben Graves (404) was born 18 May 1786 in Culpeper Co. (now Madison Co.), VA, and died 24 July 1872 in St. Mary Twp., Hancock Co., IL.  He moved with his parents to Boone Co., KY in 1797.

He first married Elizabeth Willis of Boone Co., KY, daughter of William Willis and Elizabeth Garnett, on 7 Jan. 1808 in Boone Co.  She was born 13 Aug. 1788, and died 29 Aug. 1840 in St. Mary Twp., Hancock Co., IL.  Reuben was an enterprising businessman and was held in the highest repute for his moral worth and public spirit.  In 1836 he moved to Hancock Co., IL, purchased a large tract of land and founded the township of St. Mary.  At a later date he founded the town of Colmar, two miles away on the C.B.&Q. Railroad.

Reuben married second Lucinda Geohagen between 1840 and 1850.  She was born about 1820 in KY[21], and died 12 June 1886 in St. Mary Twp., Hancock Co., IL.  They were in the 1850 and 1870 censuses for St. Mary’s Twp., Hancock Co., IL.  He was a farmer.  All Reuben's children by his first marriage were born in Boone Co., KY, and by his second marriage in St. Mary Twp., Hancock Co., IL.  (R‑13, R‑161, R‑907, R‑915)

Children - Graves, by Elizabeth Willis

+848.    William Willis Graves, b. 18 May 1810, m. Ann Graves Garnett, 11 Sept. 1836, d. 1897.

+849.    Benjamin Garnett Graves, b. 27 May 1812, m. Sarah Frances Ingraham, 27 Dec. 1834, d. 1 Sept. 1846.

+850.    Joseph Addison Graves, b. 23 Feb. 1815, m. Cornelia Agnes Graves, 8 Oct. 1833, d. 18 June 1868.

    851.    Ann Eliza Graves, b. 16 Oct. 1817, m. Joel Graves Garnett (#1668), 9 Oct. 1833, d. 14 Aug. 1890 (St. Mary, IL).  Joel was a grandson of Sarah Graves (#393), sister of Ann's father.  See #1668 for descendants.

+852.    John James Graves, b. 18 Oct. 1819, m(1) Mary Jane Johnson, 1 July 1841, m(2) Orilla Landon Berry, 15 Sept. 1855, d. 30 Jan. 1910.

    853.    Elizabeth Ann Graves, b. 18 Dec. 1822, d. 23 July 1823 (Boone Co., KY).

+854.    Edward Dicken Graves, b. 12 Feb. 1825, m(1) Martha Ann Garnett, 19 Sept. 1847, m(2) Isabella Mary Boyer, 11 April 1867, d. 11 Nov. 1879.

+855.    Mary E. Graves, b. 16 April 1827, m. William Daniel Powell, 18 April 1844, d. 3 March 1877.

+856.    Isaac Newton Graves, b. 8 Aug. 1830, m. Cornelia Annette Ingraham, d. 22 Aug. 1889.

Children - Graves, by Lucinda Geohagen

    857.    Doshe Graves, b. 9 July 1850, died young.

    858.    Sarah Susan Graves, b. 19 Feb. 1854, m. Taylor Scott, 18 Aug. 1870.

    859.    Lutie Kate Graves, b. 15 Nov. 1856 (or 1857), m. Jasper Elias Talbot, 9 Oct. 1879, d. 1889.  2 sons and 1 dau.



Jonathan Graves (406) was born 17 Nov. 1774 in Orange Co., VA, and died 4 Aug. 1849 at his home in Orange Co., VA.  He was four years old when his father took him to the camp of Revolutionary soldiers under Gen. LaFayette, near his father's home, and he always remembered the appearance of the camp and of Gen. LaFayette, who took him by the hand and spoke to him.

He married Margaret Long in 1799.  She died 4 July 1853.  They lived on a portion of his father's estate which was divided between him and his brother Jacob.  He built a two-story frame home there in 1800.  He named his place "Pleasant View" and afterwards added six or seven hundred acres to it.

The inventory of Jonathan's estate was recorded Nov. 1, 1849.  Among other items, it lists by name and value 53 slaves.  The total value of the estate not including land was $21,338.17.  A brief sample: "half (of a) still owned jointly with J. Graves - $5.00; eight beds and bedsteads - $240.00."  (R‑907, R‑915)

Children - Graves

+860.    Richard Perrin Graves, b. 2 May 1823, m(1) Lucy Frances Graves, 7 May 1747, m(2) Fanny Barbour Moore, d. 26 April 1894.

    861.    Frances Elizabeth H. Graves, b. 11 Sept. 1824, m. William Graves Crenshaw, 24 May 1847, d. 27 Oct. 1896.   See #904 for descendants.


Claiborne Graves (407) was born 13 Dec. 1776 and died 8 Dec. 1839.  He married Sarah ("Sally") Tandy, daughter of Henry Tandy and Ann Mills, about 1798.  She was born 3 June (or July) 1774 in Orange Co., VA, on a place adjoining "Pleasant View", and eventually forming a part thereof, and died 9 Aug. 1857.  Claiborne Graves is said to have had a remarkable memory and was possessed of great mechanical ingenuity.  He invented and built a stationary threshing machine long before such machines came into general use.  He had the reputation of being strictly honorable and upright in all his dealings. (R‑907, R‑915)

Children - Graves

+862.    Charles Tandy Graves, b. 10 Oct. 1799, m(1) Ann Rogers Webb, 18 Sept. 1821, m(2) Susan A. Campbell, 29 Sept. 1836, d. 22 Oct. 1878.

+863.    Elizabeth Catherine Graves, b. 2 Jan. 1801, m. William Lindsay Brockman, 21 Feb. 1821.

    864.    George Washington Graves, b. 5 Dec. 1802, d. 24 Oct. 1803.

+865.    Frances Ann Graves, b. 28 July 1804, m. Samuel Lindsay Brockman, 23 Nov. 1825.

    866.    Virginia Graves, b. 3 Dec. 1806, m. John White (son of Richard White of Greene Co., VA), 22 Nov. 1830, d. 4 July 1841.

    867.    Claiborne Giles Graves, b. 31 Oct. 1809, m. Philadelphia Waller, d. 1886.  No children.

+868.    Albert Gallatin Graves, b. 2 April 1813, m. Frances Harrison.

+869.    Isaac Finks Graves, b. 21 April 1815, m. Margaret Ann Stevens, 25 Nov. 1835, d. 17 Nov. 1886.


Jacob Graves (408) was born 1 Feb. 1779 and died 6 July 1854.  He first married Frances (“Fanny”) White[22], daughter of Richard White, on 20 Sept. 1800.  Fanny was an aunt of Frances White, who married Lewis Holliday Graves.  He married second Mary Walker, daughter of John Walker and Mary Merry.  She was born about 1781 and died in 1866.  He lived in Orange Co., VA.  He was a soldier in the War of 1812, and was commissioned Captain in 1814 by Governor James Barbour for the performance of some duty assigned him which "was done in a martial and military manner".  (R‑907, R‑915)

Children - Graves, by Fanny White

+870.    Jeremiah White Graves, b. 9 Aug. 1801, m(1) Catherine S. Boxley, 4 Aug. 1831, m(2) Nancy Richardson Hunt, 15 Nov. 1841, d. 15 April 1884.

    871.    John Graves, b. 7 May 1804, m. Marian Boxley, 1 May 1829.  She was a daughter of John Spiller Boxley and Mary Wills Barclay.  John and Marian lived in Greene Co., VA.

    872.    Isaac W. Graves, b. 6 Feb. 1803, m. Eliza C. Brockman, 14 Nov. 1831.  He was a planter.

    873.    Elizabeth White Graves, b. 23 July 1805, m(1) ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Eddins, m(2) Paschal Graves, 25 Aug. 1830.  See #738 for descendants.

    874.    George Graves, b. 7 March 1807.  Twin of Garrett.

    875.    Garrett (or Garnett) Graves, b. 7 March 1807, m. Jane F. Graves (#896).  She was a daughter of Colby Graves and Jane V. Ferguson.  He was a planter.

+876.    William Graves, b. 28 May 1809, m(1) Eliza Quarles, c. 1831, m(2) Eliza Ann Thompson, 28 Jan. 1833, d. 1905.

    877.    Jonathan Graves, b. 17 Jan. 1811, m. Ann Glass.  Moved to Missouri or TX.

    878.    Frances Ann Graves, b. 10 March 1815, m. John Henderson, Jr., 5 Nov. 1832 (Orange Co., Va.).  His father was John Henderson.  They moved to Missouri.  She is also reported to have married Lindsay Brockman.

    879.    Susan (or Susanna) Jemima Graves, b. 10 Feb. 1817, m. Lindsay E. Brockman, 4 Feb. 1839 (Orange Co., Va.).  She is also reported to have married John Henderson.  They lived in Missouri.

Children - Graves, by Mary Walker

    880.    James Walker Graves, b. 25 June 1826, m. Sarah Jane Graves (#1882), 12 Jan. 1847, d. 1856.


Francis Graves (410) was born 22 May 1783 in Orange Co., VA (according to the Douglas Register), was christened 13 July 1783, died 4 Oct. 1858 in Bengal, Green Co. (now Taylor Co.), KY, and was buried in the Graves family cemetery.  He received a good education, and moved when a young man to Green Co. (now Taylor Co.), KY.  He married Drusilla (or Ann Drucilla) Cowherd, daughter of James Cowherd (pronounced Coward) and Ann ("Nancy") Drucilla Young, on 20 Nov. 1807 (or 21 Nov. 1806) in Green Co., KY.  She was born 20 June (or Jan.) 1791 in Orange Co., VA, died in April 1841 in Green Co., KY, and was also buried in the Graves family cemetery.  They were first cousins.  He accumulated a large landed property in Green and Taylor counties, and was known as an honorable and useful citizen.  He was a prominent member of the Baptist Church, and a liberal supporter and promoter of schools.  (R‑185, R‑907, R‑915)

Children - Graves

    881.    James C. Graves, b. 17 Jan. 1808, d. 16 Feb. 1821.

+882.    Isaac Claiborne Graves, b. 22 Feb. 1809, m. Mary Elizabeth Sanders, 13 May 1830, d. 4 March 1883.

    883.    Elizabeth Ann Graves, b. 9 (or 7) Aug. 1810, m. Robert Henry Gaines (of Green Co., KY), 5 May 1829, d. 4 Jan. 1863.

+884.    Leonard Henry Graves, b. 13 Oct. 1812, m. Elizabeth Garnett Ingram, 26 May 1836, d. 22 March 1885.

    885.    Mary Jane Graves, b. 28 July 1814, never married, d. 18 Jan. 1863.

+886.    William Graves, b. 10 May 1816, m(1) Margaret Ann George, 2 Feb. 1841, m(2) Mary Elizabeth Lillard, 1863, d. 28 Jan. 1894.

    887.    Francis ("Frank") Owen Graves, b. 4 Jan. 1818 (or 29 June 1820) (Taylor Co., KY), m(1) Mary Walters, 1 Jan. 1851, m(2) Mrs. Anna Y. Willis, 21 Sept. 1889, d. 5 Dec. 1893 (at his home near Simpsonville, KY).  Mary, daughter of Isaac and Elizabeth Walters, d. 21 Nov. 1887.  Anna was b. 11 Nov. 1840 (Shelby Co., KY).  Frank was a man of unusual intelligence, useful and honorable.  He had no children.  (R‑915)

    888.    Napoleon Bonaparte Graves, b. 29 Jan. 1820, d. 18 Jan. 1827.

    889.    Sarah L. Graves, b. 17 Dec. 1822, d. 5 May 1841.


Isaac Graves, Jr. (412) was born 8 June 1787 in Orange Co., Va., and died in 1845.  He left a will in Orange Co., Va.  He first married Elizabeth Plunkett (or Brooks) on 18 May 1821.  He married second Nancy H. Mansfield, daughter of Robert Mansfield.  She was born in 1790. (R‑907, R‑915)

Children - Graves, by first marriage

    890.    Amanda M. Graves, b. 1825, m. Isaac Lewis Graves, 18 Dec. 1845, d. 3 June 1871.  See #909 for descendants.

    891.    Sarah A. Graves, b. 1828, m. Thomas C. (or E.) Waddy, 3 Jan. 1849 (Orange Co., Va.).  He was born 1822.

    892.    Elizabeth Graves, died young.

    893.    Mary S. Graves, b. 1832, m. Thomas M. (or William Thomas) Mills, 21 Aug. 1852 (Orange Co., Va.), d. 1868.  He was born 15 April 1829.  He was a son of Nathaniel Mills and Catherine Draper.

    894.    Susan Graves, died young.


Colby Graves (413) was born 5 March 1789 in Orange Co., Va., and died in 1852.  He married Jane Vivion Ferguson, daughter of William Ferguson and Margaret Vivion.  They lived in Spotsylvania Co., Va., where he had a large estate.  (R‑907, R‑915)

Children - Graves

    895.    William F. Graves; living in Cooper Co., Mo. in 1853.

    896.    Jane F. Graves, m. Garrett Graves (#875).

    897.    Colby Graves, Jr. (listed by John Card Graves, but not by Mrs. Hiden).

    898.    John Q. Graves

    899.    Mildred A. Graves

    900.    Virginia S. Graves

    901.    Rosalie L. Graves

    902.    Benton Graves, b. 1833, m. Susan Stubblefield, 19 Nov. 1865 (Orange Co., Va.).  She was born 1836, and was a daughter of Thomas Stubblefield and Mary Hillman.


Winifred Graves (414) was born 5 Aug. 1792.  She married Spottswood Dabney Crenshaw of Richmond, Va. on 18 June 1816.  In addition to the three children shown below, there were also others.  (R‑907)

Children - Crenshaw

    903.    Lewis Dabney Crenshaw

+904.    William Graves Crenshaw, b. 7 July 1824, m. Frances Elizabeth H. Graves, 25 May 1847, d. 24 May 1897.

    905.    Elizabeth Crenshaw, m. James Henry Grant.


Lewis Holliday Graves (415) was born 6 (or 16) Sept. 1793 in Orange Co., VA, and died 30 May 1868 at Spring Hill, Orange Co., VA.  He married Frances ("Fanny") A. White, daughter of Col. Richard White of Greene Co., VA, on 18 Feb. 1819.  She was born 14 Nov. 1799 and died 27 Aug. 1882.  Col. White served seven years in the Revolutionary War.  Frances was a niece of Fanny White, who married her husband's brother Jacob.  Lewis and Frances lived at Spring Hill, VA.  (R‑907, R‑915)

Children - Graves

    906.    Francis Graves, b. 14 Nov. 1819, died young.

+907.    James Richard Graves, b. 9 (or 19) Nov. 1820, m. Anna Catherine Fritz, 23 April 1859.

    908.    Joseph Henry Graves, b. 27 March 1822.  Thrown from a cart and killed at age 16.

+909.    Isaac Lewis Graves, b. 27 Nov. 1823, m(1) Amanda M. Graves (#890), 18 Dec. 1845, m(2) Isabella M. Blaydes, 15 Sept. 1875, d. aft. 1880.

    910.    Anne (or Ann) Elizabeth Graves, b. 12 June 1825, m. Robert B. Burrus (or Burruss), 30 Nov. 1847.

+911.    John Spotswood Graves, b. 8 Sept. 1827, m. Ursula Kendall, 6 March 1862.

+912.    Benjamin Franklin Graves, b. 27 Feb. 1830, m. Mary D. Pulliam.

    913.    Winnifred (or Winifred) H. Graves, b. 12 Oct. 1832.

+914.    Thomas Edward Graves, b. 9 Jan. 1834, m. Louisa Brockman, 23 Dec. 1867, d. 1905.

    915.    Joseph Clinton Graves, b. 23 May 1838.

+916.    Frances Catherine Graves, b. 20 Feb. 1842, m. William Notley Green, 20 Feb. 1868, d. 8 March 1889.

    917.    Hugh Curran Graves, b. 30 Oct. 1844, died young.


Nancy Graves (418) was born 7 Dec. 1797 in VA, and died 20 Sept. 1878.  She married Benjamin Cason on 6 Oct. 1818 in Orange Co., VA.  He was born in 1797 and died 12 Jan. 1821.  She was recorded on the 1850-1870 censuses in Spotsylvania Co., VA.  (R‑907)

Children - Cason

    918.    Maria Elizabeth Cason, b.c. 1818, never married, d. aft. 1880.



James Chiles, Jr. (420) was born 12 April 1765 in Va., and died 8 Oct. 1804 in Abbeville, S.C.  He married Mary ("Polly") West in 1785.  (R‑133)

Children - Chiles

+919.    Lewis B. Chiles, b. 27 Nov. 1800, m. Caroline Elizabeth Merriweather, 31 Oct. 1822, d. 28 Sept. 1882.



William Graves (421) was born in Albemarle Co., Va.  He married Elizabeth Davidson of Nelson Co., Va.  (R‑915)

Children - Graves

+920.    Thomas Graves, b.c. 1787, m(1) Judith Turner, c. 20 Nov. 1810, m(2) Phebe Ames, 1840, m(3) Elizabeth H. Nalley, 27 Dec. 1846, d. 28 April 1859.



Matthew Graves (428) was born 7 Nov. 1780 in Chesterfield Co., VA.  He married Martha Bruce on 14 March 1814.  He is probably the Matthew Graves in the 1830 census for Chesterfield Co., VA, page 433, with 2 males 15-20 (probably William and Henry), 1 male 40-50 (Matthew), 1 female 10-15 (probably Sallie), 1 female 30-40 (probably Martha).  Matthew was in the 1840 census for Lower District, Chesterfield Co., VA, page 222, with 1 male 20-30, 1 male 50-60, 1 female 40-50.  In 1840 their daughter Sallie had probably married, Henry was still living at home, and William was probably the William A. in the 1840 census, Chesterfield Co., VA, page 186.  (R‑915)

Children - Graves

+921.    William Armistead Graves, b. 15 Feb. 1815, m. Mary ‑‑‑‑‑‑.

    922.    Sallie Cox Graves, b. 22 Sept. 1817.

+923.    Henry King Graves, b. 13 May 1818, m. Mary Susan Cheatham, d. 1869.


William Graves (429) was born about 1750 in Chesterfield Co., VA, and died about 1799.  He married Euphan Armistead, daughter of William Armistead and granddaughter of Col. Robert Armistead of Elizabeth City Co., VA, about 1789.  She was born about 1760 in Elizabeth City Co., VA.  Her will, dated Dec. 2, 1829 and proved 25 Jan. 1830 in Norfolk, VA, mentions her son William A., and niece Mary Phillips.  (R‑915)

Children - Graves

+924.    William A. Graves, b.c. 1799, m(1) Ann Pullen, m(2) Agnes (Branham) Brown, 25 Jan. 1834, d.c. 1839.


Rebecca (or Mary Susan) Graves (435) was born before 1776 in Buckingham, VA, and died 7 Aug. 1815.  She married Bolling Branch, son of Thomas Branch and Mary Eldridge, on 19 Feb. 1800 in Chesterfield Co., VA.  He was born about 1768 in Halifax Co., VA, and died 4 Nov. 1829.  All their children were born in VA.  (R‑2)

Children - Branch

    925.    Mary Susan Branch, b. 9 Nov. 1801, m. John Fleming Wiley, c. 1821 (VA), d. 1890.  He was b.c. 1789 in VA.

    926.    Robert Bolling Branch, b. 30 Nov. 1803, d. 12 Feb. 1827 (Richmond, VA).

    927.    William Arthur Branch, b. 30 Sept. 1805, d. 1893 (Albemarle Co., VA).

    928.    Sarah (“Sally”) Graves Branch, b. 19 Feb. 1808, m. Edward Gregg, c. 1815 (VA).  He was b.c. 1793 in VA.

    929.    Thomas Branch, b. 15 Feb. 1811, d. 26 April 1817.


Arthur Graves (436) married Frances (“Fannie”) Eanes on 22 Dec. 1803 in Amelia Co., VA.  They lived in Amelia Co., VA.  Henry Graves (Arthur's son) was the administrator of the property of Arthur Graves.  Mentioned in his account were William Graves (could be William's son as mentioned in William's will), Martha Graves, Ivey Graves, and Frances Graves.  (R‑221)

Children - Graves

+930.    Mary P. Graves, b.c. 1804, m. Amos Lipford, 23 Dec. 1827, d. aft. 1870.

+931.    Henry Eanes Graves, b. 5 April 1805, m. Caroline Matilda Booker, 7 Oct. 1825, d. aft. 1880.

    932.    William Arthur Graves

    933.    John Graves

    934.    Robert H. Graves



William Winfree (441) was born about 1753 and died before 13 Oct. 1794.  He married Ann Chappell on 5 April 1780 in Amelia Co., VA.  She was born about 1755 and died after 1794.  All their children died after 1796.  (R‑1)

Children - Winfree

    935.    Elizabeth Winfree, b.c. 1781.

    936.    James Wiley Winfree, b.c. 1783.

    937.    Nancy Winfree, b.c. 1785.

    938.    William Winfree, b.c. 1787.

    939.    Susanna Winfree, b.c. 1789.

    940.    Patsy Winfree, b.c. 1790.

    941.    Abner Winfree, b.c. 1792.

    942.    Thomas Winfree, b.c. 1794.


Henry Winfree (443) was born about 1764 and died after 12 Oct. 1793.  He married Elizabeth Jarratt on 2 Jan. 1784.  She was born about 1767 and died after 1784.  (R‑1)

Children - Winfree

    943.    Valentine Winfree, b.c. 1786, d. after 1795.

    944.    Henry Winfree, b.c. 1788.

    945.    David Winfree, b.c. 1790.



William Stone (446) was born about 1760 in Henrico Co., VA, and died about 1832 in Grayson Co., KY.  He first married Lucy Trammel in 1785.  She was born in 1765 and died in 1810.  He married second Polly Snyder in 1810.  At least the first 3 children below were born in Henrico Co., VA.  (R‑327)

Children - Stone, by Lucy Trammel

+946.    Moses Stone, b. 3 Dec. 1789, m. Catherine Barnes, d. 29 Aug. 1832.

+947.    Aaron Stone, b. 3 Dec. 1789, m(1) Rosannah Hanners, 12 Feb. 1812, m(2) Jemimia Braizer, 26 May 1859.

+948.    Hosea Stone, b. 22 June 1792, m(1) Elizabeth Weedman, 1812, m(2) Artemitia Morris, 28 May 1826, d. 17 April 1863.

+949.    Mary Stone, b.c. 1792, m. John Weedman, c. 1812.

    950.    Hetty Stone

    951.    Sally Stone, m. William Haycraft.

Children - Stone, by Polly Snyder

+952.    William B. L. Stone, b. 24 Dec. 1820, m(1) Eliza A. Dennison, m(2) Martha Burnett.

+953.    Ephraim Blackford Stone, b. 14 Nov. 1823, m. Elizabeth Johnson, c. 1842, d. 3 Dec. 1908.

    954.    John Christopher Caleb Stone



Capt. George Calvert (455) was born 6 Feb. 1744 in Prince William Co., VA, and died 22 May 1821 in Bourbon Co., KY.  He married Lydia Beck Ralls, daughter of John Ralls and Margaret Williams, on 7 Feb. 1764. She was born 9 Oct. 1748 in Culpeper Co., VA, and died about 1830 in Harrison Co., KY.  (R‑29, R‑30, R‑120)

Children - Calvert

+955.    Ralls Calvert, b. 9 Oct. 1767, m. Mary Wade Strother, 15 Nov. 1790, d. 29 June 1815.

+956.    Margaret Calvert, b. 25 April 1770, m. John Adams, 17 April 1794.

+957.    George Calvert, b. 13 Dec. 1771, m. Anne Jennings, 19 Oct. 1809, d. before 1850.

+958.    Ann (“Nancy”) Beck Calvert, b. 6 Sept. 1773, m. Cecilius Calvert, 20 Nov. 1797, d. 1835.

    959.    John Calvert, b. 17 May 1775, m(1) Sarah Adams, 28 April 1799 (Culpeper Co., VA), m(2) Ann Askins, 3 Feb. 1804 (Culpeper Co., VA).

    960.    Lydia Calvert, b. 13 March 1777.

    961.    Elizabeth Calvert, b. 4 March 1779.

    962.    Catherine Calvert, b. 25 March 1781.

    963.    Jane Calvert, b. 15 Feb. 1785.

+964.    Sarah Calvert, b. 15 Dec. 1786, m. John Kaylor, 3 Feb. 1803, d. 5 Oct. 1856.

    965.    Elijah Calvert, b. 23 March 1789.

    966.    Maria (or Mariah) Calvert, b. 17 Oct. 1793, m. Jacob Myers, 6 Dec. 1808 (Culpeper Co., VA).


Anne Calvert (456) was born about 1751 in VA, and died about 1822 in Prince William Co., VA.  She married William Lindsey in VA.  He was born about 1743 and died 15 Sept. 1782.  (R‑25)

Children - Lindsey

+967.    Anne Lindsey, b.c. 1770-75, m. Joseph Woodruff, 24 Jan. 1784/85, d. 7 Jan. 1826.



Jesse Calvert (457) was born about 1740 or 1742 in Maryland, and died in 1802 in Prince William Co., VA.  He first married Susannah ‑‑‑‑‑‑.  He married second Mollica (or Mary) Brown in 1762 or 1765.  She was born 1741 or 1745 and died about 1773 or 1800.  (R‑186)

Children - Calvert, by Susannah ‑‑‑‑‑‑

+968.    Priscilla Calvert, b.c. 1764, m. John Leatherwood, 1783, d. 4 April 1839.

Children - Calvert, by Mollica Brown

+969.    James Calvert, b.c. 1767, m(1) Elizabeth Shadows, 1792, m(2) Alcey Check, 7 Feb. 1797, d. 1823.

    970.    Vincent Calvert

    971.    Obed Calvert

    972.    Jesse Calvert, Jr.

    973.    William Calvert

+974.    Jane Calvert, m. William Calvert, 1792, d. 1840.

    975.    Anne Calvert, m. Francis Davis.


Obediah ("Obed") Calvert, Jr. (458) was born in 1743 and died in 1809, both in Prince William Co., VA.  He married Catherine ‑‑‑‑‑‑ in 1764.  (R‑186)

Children - Calvert

    976.    Presley Calvert, b. 1772.

    977.    John Calvert, b. 1774.

    978.    Jeremiah Calvert, b. 1779.

    979.    Isaac Calvert, b. 1785, d. 1853.

    980.    Rhodam Calvert, b. 1790, m(1) Martha ‑‑‑‑‑‑, m(2) Mary Colbert.


Lydia Calvert (459) was born in 1750 and died in 1844.  She first married George Mills in 1783.  He served in the Rev. War.  He was born in 1756 and died in 1838.  She married second Obediah Cooksey.  (R‑186)

Children - Mills

    981.    John Pysan Mills, b. 1785.

    982.    Caty Mills, b. 1789.

    983.    Ann Mills, b. 1795.



James Naylor (474) was born in 1774 and died in 1841. He married his first cousin, Priscilla Wilson (#473), in 1797.  She was born in 1776.  (R‑141)

Children - Naylor

    984.    James Wilson Naylor, b. 1799, d. 1799.

    985.    Verlinda Naylor, b. 1800, d. 1852.

+986.    James Naylor, b. 1804, m(1) Mary A. Watson Smith, m(2) Mary Anne Reed Perrie, 1835, d. 1878.

    987.    Mary Priscilla Naylor, b. 1807, d. 1828.

    988.    William Naylor, b. 1811.

    989.    Ann Susanna Naylor, b. 1818, m. John Thomas Young.



Lawrence Allnutt (479) was born 6 Feb. 1796 in MD, and died 20 Aug. 1859.  He married Eleanor Smith White.  She was born 6 Feb. 1802 in MD, and died 22 May 1860.  This family was recorded on the 1850 census in Montgomery Co., MD; their children were born in MD.  On the 1860 census in Montgomery Co., MD, dated 18 June, Sarah, Benoni, Benjamin, and Evelina were recorded in the household next to their brother Nathan.  (R‑128)

Children - Allnutt

+990.    Nathan White Allnutt, b. 16 Dec. 1826, m. Margaret Eleanor White, 23 Dec. 1850, d. 24 Oct. 1901.

    991.    Margaret Allnutt, b.c. 1828.

    992.    Sarah E. Allnutt, b.c. 1832.

    993.    Edwin R. Allnutt, b.c. 1833.

    994.    Benoni Allnutt, b.c. 1835.

    995.    Benjamin W. Allnutt, b. 1838.

    996.    Eveline (or Evelina) Allnutt, b.c. 1841.



Nicholas Dawson Garrott (480) was born about 1780 and died after 1826, probably in Frederick Co., MD.  He married Martha Burgee, daughter of Thomas Burgee and Eleanor ‑‑‑‑‑‑, of Hyattstown, MD on 28 Sept. 1801 in Frederick Co., MD.  She was born in 1783 and died in 1850.  (R‑130)

Children - Garrott

+997.    Julia Ann Garrott, b. 1810, m. John Hamilton Smith Linthicum, 31 March 1832, d. 1887.



Mary Ann Hamilton (485) was born in 1757, and died after 1823, probably in Nelson Co., KY.  She married Richard Mitchell before 1774 in Prince George’s Co., MD.  He was born about 1750 in Prince George’s Co., MD, and died after 22 Jan. 1812 in Spencer Co., KY.  (R‑4)

Children - Mitchell

    998.    Benjamin Notley Mitchell, b.c. 1774.

    999.    James A. Mitchell, b.c. 1776.

    1000.    Samuel Mathias Mitchell, b.c. 1778.

    1001.    Mary Ann Mitchell, b. 18 Sept. 1782.

+1002.     Joseph Mitchell, b.c. 1788, m. Henrietta Jarboe, 7 Feb. 1814, d. 5 July 1877.

    1003.    Tabitha Mitchell, b.c. 1794.

    1004.    Barbara Mitchell, b.c. 1796.

    1005.    Harriet Mitchell, b.c. 1796.

    1006.    Thomas R. Mitchell, b.c. 1800.



John Threlkeld (488) was born 26 Oct. 1757 in Berleith, and died 30 Aug. 1830, both in Georgetown, DC.  He married Elizabeth Ridgeley, daughter of Nicholas Greenberry Ridgeley and Jane Johns, on 10 March 1787.  She was born 19 Jan. 1771 in MD, and died 19 Aug. 1826.  (R‑525)

Children - Threlkeld

+1007.     Mary Threlkeld, b. 2 May 1790, m. ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Grayson,d. 25 April 1843.

    1008.    William Threlkeld, b. 27 Jan. 1792, d. 3 Aug. 1793.

+1009.     Jane Threlkeld, b. 15 Jan. 1795, m. John Cox, 14 Jan. 1818, d. 4 Feb. 1847.

    1010.    Elizabeth Ridgeley Threlkeld, b. 15 May 1811, d. 1826.



Michael Wallace (492) was born 8 June 1753.  He married Lettice (Smith) Wishart, daughter of William Smith, niece of Col. William Rowley, and widow of Rev. John Wishart, on 8 June 1775 in Brunswick Parish, King George Co., VA.  (R‑10)

Children - Wallace

    1011.    Gustavus Brown Wallace, b. 2 April 1776, m. Frances Lurty, 1805.

+1012.     Michael Wallace, b. 1777, m(1) Mary Kelton Glassell, c. 1800, m(2) Cecilia Gustavus (Brown) Brooke, m(3) Margaret Henderson, 25 Dec. 1835, d. 14 Feb. 1851.


John Wallace (496) was born 19 Jan. 1761 at "Ellerslie", King George Co. (now Stafford Co.), VA.  He lived at "Liberty Hall", Stafford Co., VA, and died there 4 May 1829.  He first married Esther Gaines in 1782.  He married second Elizabeth Hooe, daughter of Howson Hooe, in 1792.  (R‑10, R‑114)

Children - Wallace, by Esther Gaines

+1013.     William Wallace, b. 14 Feb. 1784, m. Nancy Elizabeth Yates, 8 Sept. 1806, d. 1840-50.

    1014.    Hugh Wallace, perhaps twin of William.

Children - Wallace, by Elizabeth Hooe

+1015.     Mary Dade Wallace, b. 23 Nov. 1791, m. William Buchanan.

    1016.    John Hooe Wallace, b. 1793, m. Mary Nicholas Gordon, 27 Sept. 1826.

    1017.    Elizabeth Brown Wallace, b. 29 Jan. 1795, d. 16 Oct. 1877.  No children.

    1018.    Thomas Wallace, b. 25 Dec. 1796, m. Ann Kauffman, 20 Nov. 1845, d. 23 Dec. 1882.

    1019.    Howson Hooe Wallace, b. 1799, m. Elizabeth Brown Wallace, 1826, d. 1849.

    1020.    Michael Wallace, b. 1800, m. Hannah Hull Moncure, 26 Sept. 1844, d. 10 Sept. 1877.  No children.

    1021.    Julia Wallace, m. Addison Hansford.

    1022.    Gustavus Brown Wallace, b. 26 Jan. 1810, m. Emily Travers Daniel, 15 Nov. 1832, d. 11 May 1882.



Hezekiah H. Hyatt (499) was born about 1745 in Cumberland, Allegany Co., MD, and died 20 April 1820 in Burke Co., NC.  He married Mary Burchfield, daughter of Thomas Burchfield II and Sarah Gash, on 16 Feb. 1769 in Frederick, Frederick Co., MD.  She was born 14 July 1743 in St. Georges Parish, MD, and died 20 July 1837 in Burke Co., NC.  Their first 3 children were born in Allegany Co., MD, and all the others may have been born in Rowan Co., NC.  Some of the children, or at least some of the information about them may not be correct, such as 2 children named Meshack born different years and places but both died the same year but different places.  (R‑95, R‑100)

Children - Hyatt

    1023.    Rachel Hyatt, b.c. 1759, m. Richard Willison, d. 1825 (Allegany Co., MD).  It seems unlikely that Rachel was a daughter of Hezekiah and Mary if they didn’t marry until 1769.

+1024.     Esther Hyatt, b.c. 1769, m. Elisha Willison, 1784, d. 1804.

    1025.    Mary Hyatt, b.c. 1770, m. Ezekiel Robinett, 1787, d. 1841.

    1026.    Meshack Hyatt, b.c. 1772 (Rowan Co., NC), d. 7 Dec. 1833 (Missouri city, Fort Bend Co., TX).

    1027.    Priscilla Hyatt, b.c. 1773 (VA).

    1028.    Shadrack Hyatt, b.c. 1773 (Burke, Rowan Co., NC), d. Dec. 1845 (Buncombe co., NC).

    1029.    Seth Hyatt, b.c. 1774 (Burke, Rowan Co., NC), d. River, Cleveland Co., NC).

    1030.    Margaret Ellen Hyatt, b. 30 Nov. 1774 (Flinstone, Allegany Co., NC), d. 1861 (Waterloo, Athens Co., OH).

    1031.    Meshack Hyatt, b.c. 1779 (Swain Co., NC), d. 7 Dec. 1833 (Pulaski Co., MO).

    1032.    Jesse Richardson Hyatt, b.c. 1786 (Burke Co., NC), d. 6 April 1867 (Culbertson, Cherokee Co., NC).

    1033.    Naomi Hyatt, b.c. 1790 (Burke Co., NC), d. 1841 (Jackson Co., NC).



John Dickerson Odell (501) was born 24 Sept. 1737.  He married Providence Baker, daughter of Zebediah Baker and Keturah Petticoat.  She was born about 1739 and died 17 March 1815.  (R‑526)

Children - Odell

    1034.    Rachel Odell, b. May 1759, m. Basil John Dorsey, 7 Dec. 1785 (Baltimore, MD), d. 12 Feb. 1786.  He was b.c. 1760 and d. 9 May 1823, son of Francis Dorsey, Jr. and Ann (possibly Ridgeley).

+1035.     William Odell, b. 10 Oct. 1760, m. Rachel Walters, 7 Feb. 1797, d. July 1846.

+1036.     Isaiah Odell, b. 7 May 1764, m. Elizabeth Buck Towson, 30 Jan. 1800, d. 20 March 1847.

    1037.    Keturah Ann Odell, b. 26 Nov. 1775, m. Abraham Odell (#1038), 10 Dec. 1800, d. 5 Sept. 1807.  See #1038 for descendants.


Walter Odell (503) was born about 1742 and died in May 1828, both in Baltimore Co., MD.  He married Lucy Frizzel.  She was born about 1741, and died 22 April 1822 in Baltimore Co., MD.  (R‑526)

Children - Odell

+1038.     Abraham Odell, b. 9 July 1770, m. Keturah Ann Odell (#1037), 10 Dec. 1800.



Sarah Prather (508) was born about 1738, and died 3 Nov. 1796 in Montgomery Co., MD.  She married Zachariah Linthicum in 1757.  He was born about 1735 in Anne Arundel, MD, and died 14 June 1809 in Montgomery Co., MD.  (R‑526)

Children - Linthicum

+1039.     John Linthicum, b.c. 1770, m. Priscilla Magruder.

+1040.     Elizabeth Linthicum, b.c. 1775, m. James Magruder, 10 Dec. 1799, d. 1806.

    1041.    Sarah Ann Linthicum, b.c. 1777, m. William McElfresh, 2 Dec. 1802 (Montgomery Co., MD).  He was b.c. 1777 and d. 1808, son of Phillip McElfresh and Lydia Griffith.

    1042.    Mary Linthicum, b.c. 1778, m. John Magruder, 9 Dec. 1799 (Montgomery Co., MD), d. 1806.  He was b.c. 1774 in Frederick Co., MD, and d. 1823 in Montgomery Co., MD, son of Samuel Brewer Magruder and Rebecca Magruder.


Thomas Henry Franklin Prather (509) was born 12 June 1740 in Montgomery Co., MD, and died about 1820 in Rowan Co., NC.  He married Eleanor Rachel Gaither, daughter of Edward Gaither and Eleanor Whittle Davis.  She was born about 1745 in MD, and died before 1783 in NC.  (R‑526)

Children - Prather

+1043.     Sarah Prather, b. 17 Feb. 1774, m. William Howard, c. 1794, d. 12 Sept. 1845.


Mary Prather (510) was born about 1747 and died in 1815.  She married William Duvall, son of William Duvall and Priscilla Prewitt.  He was born 3 April 1750 in Prince Georges, MD, and died in 1826.  All their children were born in Frederick Co., MD.  (R‑526)

Children - Duvall

+1044.     John Prather Duvall, b.c. 1777, m. Sophia Cooke, 4 July 1809.

+1045.     Benjamin Duvall, b.c. 1778, m. Rebecca Ijams, 12 Jan. 1805, d. 1827.

    1046.    Thomas Duvall, b.c. 1786, m. Elizabeth Ijams, 14 June 1814 (Frederick Co., MD), d. after 1850 (Frrederick Co., MD).  She was b.c. 1793, and d. after 1850 in Frederick Co., MD, dau. of John Ijams and Mary Waters.



Thomas Duckett (511) was born 24 Nov. 1744 in Prince George’s Co., MD, and died in Sept. 1824 in Newberry Co., SC.  He married his first cousin, Mary Odell (#513), daughter of James Odell and Martha Prather, about 1766, perhaps in Frederick Co., MD.  She was born 16 Jan. 1748 in MD, and died before 18 July 1822 in Newberry Co., SC.  (R‑150)

Children - Duckett

    1047.    James Odell Duckett, b. 10 March 1767 (Frederick Co., MD), m. Sarah Whitmore (or Whitmire), SC, d. 16 Nov. 1832 (Laurens Co., SC).  Sarah was b.c. 1770, daughter of John Whitmore and Alcey ‑‑‑‑‑‑, d. 16 Nov. 1832 (Laurens Co., SC).

    1048.    Sarah A. Duckett, b. 20 March 1769 (Frederick Co., MD), m. Josiah Fowler, SC, d. by 17 Dec. 1827.  Josiah was the son of Richard Fowler and Ruth ‑‑‑‑‑‑, and d. by 7 April 1817 (Laurens Co., SC).

    1049.    Jacob Duckett, b. 8 June 1773 (Frederick Co., MD), m. Sarah Williams (his first cousin), c. 1799, d. 15 Dec. 1846 (Newberry Co., SC).  Sarah was b. 28 Dec. 1772, daughter of Baruch Williams and Mary Duckett, and d. 19 Jan. 1840.

    1050.    Thomas Duckett, Jr., b. 23 (or 25) Aug. 1775 (Laurens Co., SC, m. Lydia Whitmore, by 4 Nov. 1797, d. 15 July 1800 (Newberry Co., SC).  Lydia was b. 28 Dec. 1772, daughter of John Whitmore and Alcey ‑‑‑‑‑‑, and d. 12 Dec. 1858 in SC.  She m(2) Simon Reeder, Jr. as his second wife.

+1051.     Mary Duckett, b. 5 Dec. 1777, m. Daniel Reeder, 17 July 1796, d. 20 Oct. 1835.



James Williams (512) was born 6 June 1745 in Prince George Co., MD, and died in 1822.  He married Mary Duckett, daughter of Jacob Duckett and Sarah Odell.  She was born about 1757 in Frederick Co., MD, and died in 1805 in SC.  (R‑526)

Children - Williams

    1052.    Sarah Williams, b. 4 Aug. 1780 (Frederick Co., MD), m. Jacob Duckett, d. 19 Jan. 1840 (SC).  He was b. 8 June 1773 in Frederick Co., MD, and d. 15 Dec. 1840 in SC.



Rev. Thomas Odell (517) was born 17 May 1752 in Queen Anne's Parish, Prince George's Co. (now Montgomery Co.), MD, died 25 Aug. 1827 in Eagle Fork, Liberty Twp., Adams Co., OH, and was buried there.  In 1955 his remains were moved to Salem Mills Cem., Odell, Tippecanoe Co., IN, and placed next to those of his second wife.

He first married Elizabeth Garrett in 1771 in Frederick Co., MD.  She was born about 1753 and died before 1776, both in Frederick Co., Md.

He married second Gracie Austin in 1778 in Berkeley Co., VA. (now WV).  She was born 22 Sept. 1756 in Wales, Great Britain, and died 6 July 1835 in Davis Twp., Tippecanoe Co., IN.

He was a farmer and a mill owner.  They moved to Back Creek, Berkeley Co., VA.  During the Revolutionary War, Thomas was commissioned as a 1st lieut. on 4 July 1776 in a company of militia belonging to the Upper District of Frederick Co., Md.  Sometime after 1778 in Berkeley Co., Va., Thomas was ordained a Methodist minister by Francis Asbury, Bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church in America.  The family moved on west, first to KY, and then to Adams Co., Ohio in 1801.  In 1804, Thomas founded the Briar Ridge M. E. Church.

Their first 9 children were born in Back Creek, Berkeley Co., VA.  (R‑116, R‑117)

Children - Odell, by Elizabeth Garrett

    1053.    Nathan Garrett Odell, b. 11 Nov. 1772 (Queen Anne Parish, Prince George's Co., Md.), m. Rebecca Sharp, 5 Feb. 1795 (Berkeley Co., VA), d. 28 Sept. 1834 (Cass Co., Mich.).

Children - Odell, by Gracie Austin

    1054.    James Odell, b. 20 July 1779, m. Catherine Pittinger, 28 Feb. 1804 (Adams Co., OH), d. 23 Aug. 1835 (Vandalla, Cass Co., MI).

    1055.    Martha O. Odell, b. 4 Aug. 1781, m. Benjamin Northcott, 11 Nov. 1800 (Maysville, Mason Co., KY), d. 1836 (Fleming Co., KY).

+1056.     Nancy Odell, b. 1783, m. Josiah Lockhart, 10 Aug. 1803-5, d. 1836.

    1057.    Mary ("Polly") Odell, b. 1875, m(1) Samuel Wright, m(2) ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Keneth.

    1058.    Sarah ("Sally") Odell, b. 1787, m. Jonathan Wamsley, 29 Feb. 1804 (Adams Co., OH).

    1059.    John Weslie Odell, b. 19 Aug. 1789, m. Susannah C. Beasley, 17 April 1814 (Adams Co., OH), d. 187- (Fountain Co., IN).

+1060.     Elizabeth Odell, b. 7 May 1792, m(1) William Page, 16 Oct. 1816, m(2) William Thompson, 13 Feb. 1838, d. 22 July 1854.

    1061.    Thomas Odell, b. 20 March 1794, m. Hannah Ann Davis, 1827 (Adams Co., OH), d. 6 May 1867 (MI).

    1062.    Deborah Odell, b. 20 March 1796, m. Thomas Cox, 15 March 1827 (Adams Co., OH), d. 6 May 1861.

+1063.     Rhoda Prather Odell, b. 11 April 1799, m. Ebenezer Bailey, 15 Nov. 1818, d. 2 Nov. 1881.

    1064.    Charlotte Odell, b. 18 April 1801 (Liberty Twp., Adams Co., OH), m. Samuel Rankin, 13 March 1823 (Adams Co., Ohio), d. 18 Feb. 1872 (Fountain Co., OH).



John Odell, Jr. (525) was born 5 Nov. 1771 in S.C., and died 5 Feb. 1830 in Laurens Dist., S.C.  He married Rebecca ("Becky") Hendricks, daughter of William Hendricks and Margaret Evans, in SC.  Rebecca was a sister of Thomas Hendricks, who married John Odell's sister, Martha.  Rebecca was born in 1784 (or 1775) in East Florida, and died in 1857 in Laurens Dist., SC.  Their children were born between 1800 and 1817.

In his will, which was written 30 Jan. 1830 and proven 1 March 1830 in Laurens Dist., SC, John Odell named his wife and Their children except the last one, Eli, who had died.  John's will gave to his wife, Rebecca, a life interest in his land, farm equipment, and livestock, and at her death all of the property was to be sold and the proceeds were to be equally divided among all of their children.  His estate was probated in what is now Laurens Co., SC, and his brother Eli was one of the appraisers. John and his youngest child, Eli, were buried in Odell's Chapel Cem. in the extreme eastern part of Laurens Co., SC.  (R‑121)

Children - Odell

    1065.    James Odell

+1066.     William Odell, b.c. 1804, m(1) Nancy Huffis, m(2) Sarah Ann (Phillips) Cooper, probably d. by 1860.

    1067.    Thomas Odell

    1068.    Martha Odell

    1069.    Margaret Odell

    1070.    Elender Odell

    1071.    Eli J. Odell, b.c. 1817, d. 14 Oct. 1829.



Nathan Bracco (530) was born about 1757 and died after 4 Feb. 1799.  He married ‑‑‑‑‑‑ about 1779.  (R‑244)

Children - Bracco

+1072.     Nathan Bracco, b. 1782, m. Jane Lindsey Kent, 27 Nov. 1804, d. 13 April 1839.






Letitia Powers (or Power) Graves (532) was born 1785 and died 18 Aug. 1810 (obit. in Va. Argus).  She married John Mumford Gregory, son of John M. Gregory, a Revolutionary soldier.  (R‑14, R‑915)

Children - Gregory

    1073.    Hon.) John Mumford Gregory, Jr., b. 8 July 1804.  He was Governor of Va.

    1074.    William R. (or T.) Gregory

    1075.    Letitia (or Leticia) Gregory, m. William P. Ware.



Louisa Graves (538) married ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Tinsley.  (R‑500)

Children - Tinsley

    1076.    Magdalin Mildred Tinsley



Charles Henry Graves (545) was probably born about 1780 in VA.  He married Patsy ‑‑‑‑‑‑.  She died 27 Aug. 1831.  He was a physician.  He was a member of the Virginia Senate from Isle of Wight, Surry, and Prince George Counties in 1812, and was Grand Master of Masons of Virginia in 1813-15.

In 1826 (York D.B. 10, p. 264), Charles H. Graves, an insolvent debtor in the custody of the Sheriff of Surry Co., having been arrested for debt, surrendered to Mathew Wills, Sheriff of York, all his interest in a piece of land in York Co. that descended to him from his father, commonly known as Graves’s.  The Richmond Enquirer of Sept. 9, 1831, records that Mrs. Patsy Graves died Aug. 27, 1831, in the 47th year of her age, wife of Dr. Charles H. Graves, survived by her husband and eight children.  Surry Marriage Register shows the marriage on 14 May 1832 of Ralph Graves, possibly a son of the preceding, and Virginia P. Robertson.  (R‑924)

Children - Graves

    1077.    Eight children


William Powell Graves (547) may have been born about 1785 in VA, and died in 1829[23].  He married ‑‑‑‑‑‑.

On March 24, 1839, Richard H. Graves conveyed to Robert P. Waller, both parties of Williamsburg, for $75.00 said Graves’s undivided one-sixth part of a certain parcel of land in the upper part of York Co. known by the name of Graves’s, it being the land possessed by William P. Graves, Charles Graves and Mary Graves afterwards Bell as heirs of their father containing 190 acres more or less (York D.B. 13, p. 493).  On the same day (York D.B. 12, p. 389), Robert I Barlow and Sarah T. his wife conveyed to Robert P. Waller their 1/6 interest in the above tract “which was held and possessed by William P. Graves father of the said Sarah T. Barlow.”  By 1852, Sarah T. Barlow was dead, leaving children William Henry and Robert Barlow, who with their uncle, Richard H. Graves, are certified as “the only heirs of Lt. William of the Va. State Navy in the Revolution” (York Rec.).  Mrs. Hiden (R‑924) believed it likely they were certified as being the only heirs in the county.  The Lt. William must have been the William born 2 Aug. 1756, son of Richard and Dionysia Graves.

It is not proven that the Richard H. Graves listed as a child of William was his, but if not, then he was a son of Richard’s brother Charles Henry Graves.  (R‑924)

Children - Graves

    1078.    Sarah T. Graves, m. Robert I. Barlow, d. by 1852.

+1079.     Richard H. Graves, b.c. 1816, m. Elizabeth N. ‑‑‑‑‑‑, 6 (or (20) June 1839, d. after 1880.



Sarah Otey (550) was born in New Kent Co., VA.  She first married Reuben Wilkes about 1805.  He died about 1810.  She married second John Manning.  Their son was born in KY.  (R‑263)

Children - Wilkes

    1080.    Margaret Wilkes

    1081.    Elizabeth Wilkes

Children - Manning

+1082.     Richardson H. Manning, b. 13 Aug. 1813, m(1) Eliza Richardson, 6 Nov. 1832, m(2) Sarah Sallie Cherry, 21 March 1860, m(3) Rhoda Chastain Morrow, d. 26 Nov. 1894.


Elizabeth Otey (551) was born in New Kent Co., VA, and died in Marengo Co., AL.  She first married James Howell.  She married second John Griffith about 1816.  He was born in VA, and died 26 May 1840 in Marengo Co., AL.  Their children were born in New Kent Co., VA.  (R‑263)

Children - Griffith

+1083.     Thomas W. Griffith, b. 14 Oct. 1816, m. Lucy Ruth White, 27 Jan. 1839, d. 18 July 1892.

    1084.    Richard Otey Griffith

    1085.    Phillip B. Griffith

    1086.    George Major Griffith

    1087.    John S. Griffith

    1088.    Samuel M. Griffith

    1089.    Daniel Griffith

    1090.    James F. Griffith

    1091.    Joseph Griffith

    1092.    Benjamin Griffith


James Otey (552) was born about 1780 in VA, and died 1 Sept. 1837 in Bowling Green, Warren Co., KY.  He first married Martha Cowles about 1799 in New Kent Co., VA.  Their children were born in VA.  He married second Mary Ann Cherry on 23 May 1835 in Warren Co., KY.  She was born about 1810 and died 22 Dec. 1898, both in Warren Co., KY.  She married second Benjamin Lankford.  He was born about 1795 in NC.  This family was recorded on the 1850 census in Warren Co., KY.  Young James Otey lived with them.

Children - Otey, by Martha Cowles

    1093.    W. Torrence Otey

+1094.     James Graves Otey, b.c. 1796, m. Sarah W. ‑‑‑‑‑‑, d. bef. 1860.

    1095.    Matilda Caroline Otey, b. 22 July 1802, d. 13 April 1896 (Logan Co., IL).

+1096.     Thomas Cowles Otey, b. 12 Dec. 1803, m. Susannah Hill, d. 29 Sept. 1879.

    1097.    Martha Ann Otey, b.c. 1807.

    1098.    Pleasant Thurman Otey, b.c. 1810.

    1099.    John Frances Otey, b. 6 Feb. 1810, d. 1 Jan. 1893 (Corinth, Williamson Co., IL).

    1100.    Selina G. F. Otey, b. 26 Jan. 1812.

Children - Otey, by Mary Cherry

+1101.     James Hobson Otey, b.c. 1836, m. Tabitha H. Taylor, 21 Sept. 1861 (or 22 Sept. 1865), d. aft. 1920.


Isaac Otey (553) was born 5 Feb. 1787 and died 7 Feb. 1859, both in New Kent Co., VA.  He first married Ann Clopton on 24 Dec. 1812 in Henrico Co., VA.  She was born 19 July 1797 and died 6 Oct. 1833[24], both in New Kent Co., VA.  He married second Ann K. Binns, daughter of Daniel Binns and Ann K. Cooke.  She was born about 1808 in New Kent Co., VA, and died after 1870.  Isaac and Ann Binns separated before 1850.  Isaac was recorded on the 1850 census in New Kent Co., VA with Betty Otey, age 24, and Martha Otey, age 22, both born in VA.  Ann (Binns) Otey was recorded on the 1850 census in New Kent Co., VA, and the 1860 and 1870 in Charles City Co., VA.  (R‑263)

Children - Otey, by Ann Clopton

+1102.     James Walter Otey, b. 8 May 1814, m. Mary Ann Austin (#1113), 15 Aug. 1844, d. 2 Dec. 1891.

    1103.    William Clopton Otey, b. 21 April 1816, d. 1 June 1842 (Green Springs, AL).

    1104.    Larkin Otey, b. 28 Jan. 1819, d. June 1823.

    1105.    Isaac Otey, b. and d. Dec. 1822.

    1106.    Elizabeth A. Otey, b. 12 April 1824, d. 7 Jan. 1825.

    1107.    Elizabeth Otey, b. 23 Feb. 1826, m. Anderson Jones, 19 Dec. 1857.

    1108.    Martha Ann Otey, b. 18 July 1828, d.c. 1895.

Children - Otey, by Ann K. Binns

    1109.    Charlesanna (or Charles Anna) Otey (twin), b. 4 Nov. 1837, m. Richard Marshall Graves (#586), 18 Jan. 1871, d. 10 Sept. 1901 (or 1902).  See #586 for descendants.

    1110.    Champner Otey (twin), b. 4 Nov. 1837.

+1111.     John Otway Otey, b. 13 Aug. 1839, m(1) Ophelia M. Barrow, m(2) Ellen Burnley Slater, c. 1873, m(3) Lula C. ‑‑‑‑‑‑, c. 1904, d. 26 April 1916.


Frances Otey (556) was born about 1790 in VA, and died by 14 Aug. 1844.  She married Josiah Austin about 1810.  He was born about 1785 in VA, and also died by 14 Aug. 1844.  Listed in the Marriage Bonds of Henrico County, Virginia, 1782-1853, p. 122, is the following entry:  “James Walter Otey, with the consent of his father Isaac Otey, to Mary Ann Austin, orphan of Josiah Austin, New Kent County, and ward of Isaac Otey.  Isaac Otey, surety.  14 Aug. 1844.”  (R‑263)

Children - Austin

    1112.    Isaac Otey Austin, b. 15 Nov. 1816.

    1113.    Mary Ann Austin, b. 20 Nov. 1820, m. James Walter Otey (#1102), 15 Aug. 1844, d. 8 Dec. 1892.  See #1102 for descendants.



Josiah Graves (557) was born 5 Dec. 1778 in VA, and died 25 Aug. 1829.  He married Sarah Lynn, daughter of Alexander Lynn and Hannah Kemper, on 3 Sept. 1801 in Fauquier Co., VA.  She was born 14 March 1786 in Fauquier Co., VA, and died 23 July 1871 in Jacksonville, IL.

His parents are said to have moved to KY from PA where they had supposedly lived for a while.  He is said to have had brothers John, George, and two others, a sister Caroline, who married Nelson Rush of Ohio, and a sister Mary who married Tillman Lewis.  Josiah moved to KY and lived at Lexington, Fayette Co., where all his children were born.  (R‑47, R‑255, R‑920)

Children - Graves

+1114.     John D. Graves, b. 13 June 1802, m. Margaret Kibloe, 8 Oct. 1829, d. 22 July 1881.

    1115.    Eliza Graves, b. 14 July 1804, d. 13 Aug. 1804.

+1116.     George W. Graves, b. 10 Oct. 1805, m. Eliza Jane Church, 1829, d. 13 Aug. 1832.

+1117.     James Alexander Graves, b. 25 April 1807, m(1) Sarah Ann Gibbons, 15 Dec. 1826, m(2) Mary (Addison) Neibling, 28 Jan. (or June) 1848, d. 28 April 1893.

    1118.    Mary Jane Graves, b. 28 April 1809, m. Washington W. Happy, 1830, d. 28 March 1876.

+1119.     William Lewis Graves, b. 17 Dec. 1811, m(1) Samantha Lee, 16 Oct. 1834, m(2) Emily Melissa Newman, 28 Sept. 1842, d. 8 March 1869.

    1120.    Elizabeth Ann Graves, b. 17 April 1813, m. John C. Orrick, d. 17 June 1833.

+1121.     Samuel Lynn Graves, b. 15 Feb. 1815, m(1) Amelia Ann Doneghy, 18 May 1836, m(2) Frances Ann Rialle, 16 March 1852.

    1122.    Lucretia L. Graves, b. 4 Feb. 1817, m. James King, 27 Sept. 1836, d. May 1875.

    1123.    Charles W. Graves, b. 2 June 1820, married, d. 1890 (or May 1875).  A daughter lived in Decatur, IL.

+1124.     Henry Hall Graves, b. 14 Nov. 1823, m. Elizabeth Hamilton, 1847, d. 20 Nov. 1856.

+1125.     Sarah Kemper Graves, b. 23 June 1826, m. Samuel Bacon, 12 July 1849, d. 3 May 1893.



Joseph Croshaw Graves (562) was born 16 Oct. 1796 and died about 16 Feb. 1843, both in Charles City Co., VA.  He first married Sarah (or Sara) Henry Walker, daughter of Wyatt Walker and Elizabeth Christian, about 1816.  She was born 4 March 1797 in Charles City Co., VA.  He married second Catherine Marrable, daughter of Henry Marrable and Elizabeth ‑‑‑‑‑‑, about 1836.  She was born in 1819 in Charles City Co., VA.  (R‑7)

Children - Graves, by Sarah H. Walker

+1126.     Thomas Walker Graves, b. 1 Jan. 1817, m. Virginia Ann Wyatt, 6 Feb. 1839, d. 10 June 1881.

    1127.    William Freeman Graves, b. 16 Dec. 1818, m. Elizabeth Armistead (Graves) Christian (#583), d. 1882.  See #583 for descendants.

    1128.    Sarah Henry Graves, b. 13 Sept. 1824, m. Joel W. Shifflett, 17 Jan. 1849.

    1129.    Margaret Graves

    1130.    George Mingo Graves

Children - Graves, by Catherine Marrable

+1131.     Henry Clay Graves, b. 27 Sept. 1837, m. Rebecca Elizabeth Hudson, 27 June 1866, d. 2 Jan. 1891.


William Wyatt Graves (563) was born about 1798 in Charles City Co., VA, and also died there.  He married and had the following children (according to John Card Graves).  (R‑915)

Children - Graves

    1132.    Cornelia Graves, m. George Watt (of the family of the inventor, James Watt).  She died in AL.

    1133.    Malvina Graves, m. George Watt (as his 2nd wife), d. by 1838.

    1134.    William Wallace Graves; moved to TX and was in the State Legislature.

    1135.    George Washington Graves, died in California.


Robert Walker Graves (564) was born 2 July 1800 and died 28 March 1858, both in Charles City Co., VA, and was buried in Sidland, Potters Field or at Mt. Pleasant Church, Charles City Co., VA.  He married Elizabeth Cornelia Egmon (or Egmond), daughter of Cornelius Egmon and Sarah Clark, on 3 Dec. 1822.  She was born 26 Dec. 1804, and died 3 March 1848 in Charles City Co., VA.  (R‑263, R‑473, R‑474, R‑915)

Children - Graves

    1136.    Sarah (“Sally Ann”) Graves, b.c. 1824, d. 23 Aug. 1831 (Charles City Co., VA)

    1137.    Elizabeth Cornelia Graves, b. 26 July 1826, m. Benjamin Croshaw Graves (#587), 29 July 1858, d. 6 Feb. 1887.  See #587 for descendants.

    1138.    Martha Malvena Graves, b.c. 1828, d. young.

    1139.    Robert Walker Graves, Jr., b. 16 July 1830, m. Emily Babcock.  She was b.c. 1833.  Recorded on the 1860 census in Charles City Co., VA.

+1140.     Mary Minge Graves, b. 31 July 1833, m. Dr. Carter Perkins, 29 Sept. 1858, d. 1882.

    1141.    Musidora Graves, b.c. 1836, d. young.

    1142.    John Freeman Graves, b. 13 May 1838, m. the widow of his brother William C.  Recorded on the 1860 census in Charles City Co., VA with brother Robert’s family.

    1143.    William Croshaw (or Cornelius) Graves, b. 9 June 1839 (Charles City Co., VA), m. ‑‑‑‑‑‑.  Recorded on the 1860 census in Charles City Co., VA with brother Robert’s family.

    1144.    Tabitha Graves, b.c. 1841, d. young.

    1145.    Frances Egmon Graves, b.c. 1843, d. young.

    1146.    Henrietta Robinson Graves, b. 30 July 1846.

    1147.    Laura Ann Graves, b.c. 1849, d. young.  Benjamin Croshaw Graves (#587) also had a daughter Laura A., b.c. 1869.


Richard Freeman Graves (567) was born 20 Jan. 1807 in Charles City Co., VA, and died 2 Nov. 1875 at Powhatan Court House, VA.  He married Martha Ann Smith on 1 Dec. 1831 in Powhatan Co., VA.  She was born 11 June 1808 and died 19 Nov. 1875.  They were buried in the family cemetery at "Bienvue", Powhatan Court House, VA.

He was Commissioner of Revenue of Charles City Co. for a number of years.  He moved to Powhatan Co. about 1840, and lived at his home, "Texas", about four miles from the Court House, on the road to Maidens.  He was Commissioner of Revenue of Powhatan Co. for a number of years, and at the death of William Spencer Dance, he was elected Clerk of the Powhatan County Court in 1859.  He then moved to "Bienvue" at the Court House, and lived there until his death.  This family was recorded on the 1850 census in Powhatan Co., VA; their children were born in Powhatan Co., VA.  (R‑925)

Children - Graves

+1148.     Virginia Cornelia Graves, b.c. 1834, m. Powhatan Spencer Dance, 18 Aug. 1858.

+1149.     Robert William Graves, b.c. 1835, m. Mary Jane Watkins.

+1150.     Richard Freeman Graves, Jr., b.c. 1837, m. Caroline Russell.

+1151.     Henry Clay Graves, b.c. 1844, m. Martha Virginia Harris.



Edmund Hamilton Graves (571) was born 26 May 1809 in VA, and died 11 April 1843.  He moved to GA.  He married Emily C. Hatcher, daughter of Josiah Hatcher and Sarah Hill, on 6 Jan. 1841 in Richmond Co., GA.  Her name was changed from Emula to Emily.  She was born 3 May 1816 in Burke Co., GA.  After Edmund died, Emily married second his brother Joseph A. Graves.  (R‑473)

Children - Graves

    1152.    Sarah Graves

    1153.    Andrew Graves, b. 5 May 1843 (GA).  Recorded with Emily and Joseph on the 1850 census in Burke Co., GA.


Elizabeth L. Graves (573) was born about 1815 in VA, and died 18 March 1837 in GA, and was buried in the Walker family cemetery Burke Co., GA.  She married Daniel T. Rea of Macon, GA.  Daniel, an artist, deserted Elizabeth, and General Valentine Walker befriended her and her son.  Her tombstone in the Walker cemetery reads “Died at the hospitable mansion of General Valentine Walker, March 18, 1837 aged 22 years.  Elizabeth L. Graves, daughter of Col. R. Graves, New Kent County, Virginia and wife of Daniel T. Rea, Macon, Ga.”  After Elizabeth’s death, General Walker raised Clarence and gave him the name:  Clarence Valentine Walker Rea.  Clarence dropped the surname Rea and was known as Clarence Valentine Walker.  Daniel T. Rea married second Louisa J. Craige on 5 May 1839 in Bibb Co., GA.  (R‑473)

Children - Rea

+1154.     Clarence Valentine Walker Rea, b.c. 1835, m(1) Lucy Pearson, c. 1858, m(2) Mary Elise Rodgers, aft. 1873, d. 14 May 1899.


Joseph A. Graves (574) was born about 1820 in VA, and died 6 Oct. 1862 in Richmond Co., GA.  He married Emily C. (Hatcher) Graves, daughter of Josiah Hatcher and Sarah Hill, after 1843 (when his brother died).  Her name was changed from Emula to Emily.  She was born 3 May 1816 in Burke Co., GA.  She had first married Joseph’s brother Edmund Hamilton Graves.  This family was recorded on the 1850 and 1860 censuses in Burke Co., GA; their children were born in GA.  (R‑473)

Children - Graves

    1155.    Vadie Graves, d. at age 6.

    1156.    William Henry Graves, b.c. 1846, never married, d. 1914.

+1157.     Richard Augustus Graves, b. 11 July 1848, m. Anne Rebecca Culver, 15 Jan. 1879, d. 27 Dec. 1901.

+1158.     James Ralph Graves, b. 17 June 1852, m. Agnes Cassandra Donaldson, c. 1880, d. 1902.

+1159.     Sarah Hamilton Graves, b.c. 1854, m. Edmund Palmer, by 1880.



Maria C. Bullifant (577) was born about 1800 in VA, and died about 1841.  She married Beverly Harrison Randolph on 21 Feb. 1821 in Henrico Co., VA.  He was born about 1800, in VA according to his son’s 1880 census information, and died after 1860 when he was recorded with son Edward in Bossier Parish, LA.  (R‑473)

Children - Randolph

+1160.     Edward Graves Randolph, b.c. 1829, m. Mary Esther Thompson, d.c. 1893.



Croshaw (or Crosher) Graves (579) was born after 1790 according to the 1840 census for Sussex Co., VA, and died 5 July 1842 in Sussex Co., VA.  He first married Sally Henry Lacy on 30 March 1819.  She died 6 Jan. 1823 in Sussex Co., VA.  He married second Rebecca Pennington (Genealogy 270) on 18 (or 23) Nov. 1826 in Sussex Co., VA.  He married third Martha Ann Marable on 1 Nov. 1831 in Sussex Co., VA.  This family was recorded on the 1840 census in Sussex Co., VA.  Martha was born 21 July 1807 and died 28 Nov. 1866, both in Sussex Co., VA.  She was recorded on the 1850 and 1860 censuses in Sussex Co., VA with her children.  All his children were born in Sussex Co., VA.  (R‑263)

Children - Graves, by Sally Lacy

    1161.    William Henry Graves

    1162.    Juriah Clements Graves

Children - Graves, by Rebecca Pennington

    1163.    Sally Henry Rebecca Graves

    1164.    Joseph John Pennington Graves

Children - Graves, by Martha Marable

    1165.    Hester Ann Graves, b. 14 Sept. 1832, d. 11 May 1856 (Sussex Co., VA).

    1166.    Martha Christian Graves, b. 6 June 1834, m(1) Robert William Henry Parsons, m(2) Robert F. Parker, d. Feb. 1909.  No children by either marriage.

    1167.    Benjamin Bartholomew Graves, b. 31 Jan. 1836, d. 3 July 1863.  Killed at Battle of Gettysburg (PA) while serving as a Confederate soldier.

    1168.    Edward Wardsworth Graves, b. 8 Feb. 1838, d. 1861-65 (Madison Co., MS).  Died of fever while serving as a Confederate soldier.

+1169.     Mary Elizabeth Graves, b. 21 Dec. 1839, m. John Thomas Holt Moore, 21 Aug. 1867, aft. 1910.

    1170.    Angelica Graves, b. and d. 31 Aug. 1841 (Sussex Co., VA).



William Southall Graves (582) was born 23 Sept. 1804 probably in New Kent Co., VA, and died 16 March 1874.  He first married Elizabeth Major Brown, daughter of John F. Brown of "Fairfield", Charles City Co., VA, on 23 March 1836 in Charles City Co., VA.  She was born 19 Feb. 1819 in VA, and died 16 March 1864.  This family was recorded on the 1850 in Charles City Co., VA and 1860 census in Charles City Co., VA, post office Appersons.  He married second Sarah E. (Smith) Coleman, widow of Benjamin Coleman, by 1870.  She was born about 1823 in VA, and died after 1880.  William and Sarah were recorded on the 1870 census in Charles City Co., VA.  In 1880, recorded as S. E. Graves, widow, Sarah lived with her daughter-in-law Isabella (“Bell”) Graves Coleman (#1187) in Chickahominy, Charles City Co., VA.  They are buried in an overgrown family plot in the woods near the intersection of Routes 5 and 713 in Charles City Co., VA.  (R‑24, R‑168, R‑915)

Children - Graves

    1171.    James Alonzo Graves, b. 8 Jan. 1837, d. 23 Aug. 1841.

    1172.    Sarah E. E. Graves, b. 2 March 1840, d. 4 Aug. 1841.

    1173.    William Southall Graves, Jr., b. 17 May 1842, d. 10 May 1843.

+1174.     John Edmond Graves, b. 29 Oct. 1843, m. Fannie Beverley Lamb, 9 June 1875, d. 26 Nov. 1915.


Elizabeth Armistead Graves (583) was born about 1809 in VA, and died after 1880.  She first married Llewellyn Armstead Christian, son of Turner Christian and Elizabeth C. Dancy.  He died before 1850.  Her sister Tabitha married his brother Edmund.  Elizabeth and her children were recorded on the 1850 census in Charles City Co., VA in the household of her sister Tabitha’s family; her children were born in VA.  She married second William Freeman Graves (#1127), son of Joseph Croshaw Graves and Sarah H. Walker.  He was born 16 Dec. 1818 in VA, and died in 1882.  This family was recorded on the 1860 census in Charles City Co., VA; Elizabeth was listed as age 45, born about 1815.  (R‑915)

Children - Christian

    1175.    Edmonia Christian, b.c. 1833.

    1176.    Jordan Collier Christian, b.c. 1835.

    1177.    Thomas Llewellyn Christian, b.c. 1837, m. Louisa ‑‑‑‑‑‑.  Recorded on the 1870 census in Charles City Co., VA.

Children - Graves

+1178.     Rosa V. Graves, b.c. 1853, m. Robert A. Gary, d. aft. Dec. 1879.


Tabitha Rebecca Graves (584) was born 21 June 1813 in VA, and died 6 March 1866 at “Edge Hill” in Charles City Co., VA.  She married Edmund Thomas Christian, son of Turner Christian and Elizabeth C. Dancy, in 1838.  Her sister Elizabeth married his brother Llewellyn.  Edmund was born 21 June 1814 in VA, and died 6 March 1856 from pneumonia after falling through ice while skating..  He was clerk of Charles City Co. court.  This family was recorded on the 1850 census in Charles City Co., VA; their children were born in VA.  Tabitha was recorded on the 1860 census as the head of the household in Charles City Co., VA.  (R‑168, R‑915)

Children - Christian

    1179.    Edmund Turner Christian, b.c. 1840.

    1180.    George Llewellyn Christian, b. 13 April 1841.  He was a judge.  Lived in Richmond, VA.

    1181.    Richard Langhorne Christian, b.c. 1844.

    1182.    John Douglas Christian, b.c. 1846; lived in Richmond, VA.

    1183.    Margaret Ann Christian, b.c. 1848.

    1184.    Elizabeth Armistead Christian, b.c. 1850, d. 8 Sept. 1853.  Typhoid fever.

    1185.    Robert S. Christian, b.c. 1852.

    1186.    Benjamin Christian, b.c. 1855.


Richard Marshall (or Marcellus) Graves (586) was born 4 Sept. 1816 at Sidland, Charles City Co., VA, and died 7 April 1874 in Charles City, VA.  He first married Jane Warren Walker, daughter of William F. and Sallie Walker of Poplar Springs, Charles City Co., Va., on 20 Aug. 1844.  She was born 13 Sept. 1822 in VA, and died 19 Feb. 1868.  This family was recorded on the 1850-1870 censuses in Charles City Co., VA.  He married second Charlesanna (or Charles Anna) Otey (#1109), daughter of Isaac Otey and Ann K. Binns of New Kent Co., VA, on 18 Feb. 1871 in New Kent Co., VA.  She was born 4 Nov. 1837 in VA, and died 10 Sept. 1901 (or 1902) of consumption.  She and her sons were recorded on the 1880 census in Charles City Co., VA.  All of Richard’s children were born in VA.

When but little over 30 years of age, Richard was made Justice of the Peace of his county and the next year, sheriff.  He held other positions of responsibility and in them, in the private walks of life, he showed that fidelity to public trusts and interest in his fellow men as to render him a marked and honored man in his state.  (R‑263, R‑915, R‑925)

Children - Graves, by Jane Walker

+1187.     Isabella Dudley Graves, b. 15 July 1845, m. Hawes Coleman, d. aft. 1920.

    1188.    Sarah ("Sallie") Clayton Graves, b. 28 July 1847, never married, d. aft. 1900.

    1189.    Jane Warren Graves, b. Sept. 1851, died in infancy.

Children - Graves, by Charlotte Otey

+1190.     Richard Edward (or Edmund) Graves, b. 17 Jan. 1872, m. Martha Austin Otey (#2351), 12 Feb. 1896, d. aft. 1930.

+1191.     Charles Marshall Graves, b. 8 Nov. 1873, m. Mary Blair Harvie, 30 April 1903, d. aft. 1930.


Benjamin Croshaw Graves (587) was born 4 (or 23) Jan. 1822 in VA, died 12 Dec. 1909 in Charles City Co., VA, and was buried in Charles City Chapel Church Cem., Charles City Co., VA.  He first married Elizabeth (“Betty”) Wyatt Walker in 1846.  She died in 1847.  He married second Elizabeth Cornelia Graves (#1137), daughter of Robert Walker Graves and Elizabeth Egmon, on 29 July 1848 in Charles City Chapel by Rev.James W. Christian.  Elizabeth was born 26 July 1826 in VA and died 6 Feb. 1887, both in Charles City Co., VA.  They had 11 children of whom only six survived.  This family was recorded on the 1850-1880 censuses in Charles City Co., VA; their children were born in VA.  (R‑171, R‑263, R‑915)

Children - Graves, by Betty Walker

    1192.    Elizabeth Wyatt Graves, b.c. 1847, m. ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Wills.

Children - Graves, by Elizabeth Graves

    1193.    Laura Ann Graves, b. 12 April 1849, d. 28 May 1928 (Charles City Co., VA).

    1194.    Edward V. Graves, b. 3 Jan. 1850, d. 8 Nov. 1854.

    1195.    Emma Graves, b. 12 March 1853, d. 29 March 1858.

    1196.    Edmund B. Graves, b. 11 Feb. 1855, d.c. 1856.

    1197.    Harriet (“Hattie”) Rebecca Graves, b. 9 Feb. 1857, d. 18 May 1939 (Charles City Co., VA).

+1198.     Benjamin Croshaw Graves, b. 5 Jan. 1859, m. Helen Otelia Binns, 10 Oct. 1889, d. 11 March 1920.

    1199.    Robert Lee Graves, b. 12 Aug. 1863, d. 13 May 1931 (Berkley, Charles City Co., VA).  Bur. Oakwood Cem. (Richmond, VA).

    1200.    Annie W. Graves, b. 3 March 1866, m. William P. Southall (of Richmond, VA).

    1201.    Mary Lou Graves, b. 12 July 1868.


Mary Louisa Graves (588) was born about 1822 in VA, and died after 1880.  She married James H. Crump.  He was born about 1818 in VA.  This family was recorded on the 1850-1880 censuses in Charles City Co., VA; their children were born in VA.

Children - Crump

    1202.    Richard E. Crump, b.c. 1849.  Not recorded on the 1860 census.

    1203.    Margaret Crump, b.c. 1854.

    1204.    Virginia Crump, b.c. 1856.

    1205.    Harriet Crump, b.c. 1858.  Called Louisa on the 1870 census and Lou W. on the 1880 census.



Elizabeth Graves Christian (595) was born about 1809 in VA.  She married John Redwood.  Elizabeth Redwood was recorded on the 1840 census in Charles City Co., VA; she was the head of the household.  There may have been other children besides the one listed below.  (R‑263)

Children - Redwood

    1206.    Mary Louise Redwood



Ralph Graves (598) was born about 1755 in VA (probably either in Goochland Co. or Fluvanna Co.), and died 1830-1840.  He married Jane ‑‑‑‑‑‑.  She was born about 1774-1776 in VA, and died after 1860.  Fluvanna Co., where they lived, is next to Goochland Co., where his grandfather lived.

They were in the 1830 census for Fluvanna Co., VA, page 350, with 1 male 10-15, 1 male 15-20 (Richard), 1 male 20-30 (Barrett), 1 male 70-80 (Ralph), 2 females 10-15, 1 female 15-20, 1 female 20-30, and 1 female 40-50 (Jane).  Ralph had probably died by 1840, since Jane was head of the family in the 1840 census for Fluvanna Co., VA, page 266, with 2 males 5-10, 1 male 30-40, 2 females 15-20, and 1 female 50-60 (Jane).  The 1850 census for Fluvanna Co., VA, page 10, dwelling 165, listed Jane Graves, 72, Richard Graves, 36, farmer, and Joseph B. Pace, 16, and John N. Pace, 18, laborers, all born in VA.  The 1860 census for Fluvanna Co., VA, Chapel Hill P.O., page 670, indexed as Gravis, listed Richard H. Graves, 44, farmer, Jane Graves, 86, and Barrett P. Graves, 54.  (R‑497)

Children - Graves

    1207.    Barrett P. Graves, b.c. 1804.

    1208.    Richard H. Graves, b.c. 1814.

+1209.     Sarah P. Graves, b.c. 1820, m. Lewis Nicholas Johnson, 15 Sept. 1846.



John Barnett (603) was born about 1794 in VA, and died in Sept. 1849 in Pulaski Co., KY.  He married Mary Martin, daughter of Johnson Martin, on 24 Jan. 1825 in Pulaski Co., KY.  (R‑3)

Children - Barnett

    1210.    child

    1211.    Elizabeth Barnett, b.c. 1828, m. Levi Vanover, 29 Jan. 1851 (Pulaski Co., KY).

+1212.     Francis Jackson Barnett, b.c. 1829, m(1) Catherine Taylor, m(2) Lucinda Wilson, 8 Jan. 1872.

    1213.    Thursday Barnett, b.c. 1831.

    1214.    Almeda Barnett, b. 1832.

    1215.    Nancy Barnett, b. 1833, m. John Perry, 15 Feb. 1853 (Pulaski Co., KY).

    1216.    Mahala Barnett, b. 1835 (Pulaski Co., KY), m. Daniel Cox, 24 May 1857 (Pulaski Co., KY).

+1217.     Sherod W. Barnett, b. 12 Jan. 1836, m. Tabitha Jane Hyden, 10 Dec. 1865.

+1218.     Alexander Barnett, b. 1842, m. Rose Taylor, d. 2 April 1911.

+1219.     Cynthia N. Barnett, b. Sept. 1843, m(1) Solomon Taylor, 11 Feb. 1861, m(2) Stephen Loveall, 5 April 1889.


Joshua Barnett (604) was born about 1800.  He married Eliza Brummett.  (R‑3)

Children - Barnett

    1220.    child

    1221.    William B. Barnett, b. 1827, m. Susan Jane Childress.

+1222.     Sanford T. Barnett, b. 24 Sept. 1828, m. Melvina Nancy White, d. 17 June 1904.

+1223.     Cintha M. Barnett, b. 1829, m. Anderson Freeman, 25 Jan. 1855.

+1224.     Crawford S. Barnett, b. 1832, m. Elisabeth Higginbottom.

+1225.     Cinderella Barnett, b. 1833, m. Mark White, 22 Oct. 1855, d. 14 Aug. 1856.

+1226.     Bethsada Barnett, b. 1835, m. Thomas J. White, 21 Dec. 1855.

    1227.    Lankford G. Barnett, b. 1837.

+1228.     Alfred M. Barnett, b. 1839-1841, m. Margaret Harmon, 30 Sept. 1863.

    1229.    Bradford Barnett, b.c. 1841.

    1230.    Sarah A. Barnett, b. 1846-1848.


Francis J. Barnett (606) was born about 1804 in VA, and died 25 Feb. 1861 in Pulaski Co., KY.  He married Perlana Jane Brummett.  She was born in 1811 in TN.  (R‑3)

Children - Barnett

    1231.    Paralee (“Parley”) Barnett, b. 30 Dec. 1828 (TN), d. 4 July 1898 (TN).

+1232.     Joel Barnett, b. 1830, m. Louisa Jane Higginbottom, 20 Feb. 1862.

+1233.     James Milton Barnett, b. 29 June 1832, m. Martha V. James.

+1234.     Emily Barnett, b. 1834, m. James Warman, 5 April 1853.

+1235.     Henry Barnett, b. Aug. 1835, m. Charlotte White, 26 Feb. 1857.

+1236.     Mariah Barnett, b. 1838, m. Jacob H. Mayfield, 8 Sept. 1857, d. 1871.

    1237.    Alvin J. Barnett, b. 1839-1841, m. Elender Davis, 26 Feb. 1866 (Whitley Co., KY).

+1238.     Moses McFee Barnett, b. 30 April 1840, m. Elizabeth Francis Davis, 18 Jan. 1865, d. 28 April 1903.

    1239.    Zachariah Barnett, b. 1845.


William Aylen Barnett (607) was born 3 Aug. 1805 in KY, and died in 1881.  He married Hannah Heath.  She was born in 1810 in KY, and died in 1893.  (R‑3)

Children - Barnett

    1240.    Samuel Clayton Barnett, b. 1828, m. Cisely Jane Lewis, d. 1909.  She was b. 1835 and d. 1923.

+1241.     Sampson Allen Barnett, b. 1829,

    1242.    Sarah Barnett, b. 1833.

    1243.    Zephaniah Barnett, b. 1835.

    1244.    Ebenezer Barnett, b. 1838.

    1245.    Elija Barnett, b. 1838.

    1246.    Mary Barnett, b. 1842, m. Charles Haynes, d. 1920.  He was b. 1838 and d. 1914.

    1247.    Elizabeth Barnett, b. 1844.

    1248.    Thomas Barnett, b. 1848.

    1249.    Martin Barnett, b. 1849.

    1250.    Mahaly Barnett, b. 1851.



Elizabeth Allen (618) was born 3 Jan. 1799.  She married Elisha Pruitt.  (R‑3)

Children - Pruitt

    1251.    Thomas Pruitt

    1252.    Lucy Turner Pruitt, b. 31 July 1828, m(1) Littleton Washington Jeffreys, m(2) James Knox Wright.

    1253.    Rebecca Allen Pruitt, b. 1830, m. Alexander Evans, d. 1897.

    1254.    Catherine Farris Pruitt, b. 1836, m. James Knox Wright, d. 15 Nov. 1878.


Thomas Barnett Allen (619) was born 11 June 1800 and died 3 Jan. 1874.  He first married Judith Bradford.  She died 17 Nov. 1857.  He married second Emily N. Whitfield.  (R‑3)

Children - Allen, by Judith Bradford

    1255.    William Davis Allen, m. Melveny Minnis.

    1256.    Mary Emeline Allen, m. Edward Bullock Lawrence.


William Allen (620) was born 25 Jan. 1802.  He married Rachel Ray.  (R‑3)

Children - Allen

    1257.    Thomas Allen

    1258.    James Allen

    1259.    Lucinda Allen

    1260.    William Allen, Jr.


James Barnett Allen (623) was born 24 May 1808 and died 15 July 1854.  He married Amarillis Morgan.  She was born 22 March 1810 and died 4 Feb. 1861.  (R‑3)

Children - Allen

    1261.    Leonidus Burris Allen, b. 1838, m. Emma Susan Critcher.

    1262.    Demarcus Serilis Allen, b. 7 June 1838, m. Pamela Jane Gill, d. 26 Oct. 1891.

    1263.    Atlas Jackson Allen, b.c. 1841.

    1264.    Piety Winfield Allen, b. 7 Nov. 1842, m. William Harmon Peace Jenkins, d. 24 Jan. 1908.  He was b. 3 May 1830 and d. 24 Jan. 1908.

    1265.    Sophronia Ann Allen, b.c. 1845, m. Al Jackson.

    1266.    Odelia Evelyn Allen, b. 15 July 1847, m. James Alexander Gill, d. 18 Nov. 1901.

    1267.    Dednam Damsel (“Danielle”) Allen, b. 1848, m. Robert Francis Gill, d. 1884.

    1268.    Erastus Everard Allen, b.c. 1852, m. Dora Davis.

    1269.    Mary Elizabeth Allen, b.c. 1855, m. James Archibald Harris.


Joseph Barnett Allen (624) was born 23 Jan. 1813 and died 11 July 1854.  He married Julia Morgan.  She was born in 1822 and died in 1894.  (R‑3)

Children - Allen

    1270.    Zachariah W. Allen, b. 1845, d. 1915.

    1271.    Louisa F. Allen, b.c. 1846, m. Thomas A. Allen.

    1272.    Amarillis (“Rill”) Allen, b. 1848, m. Henry Dawson Magum, d. 1907.

    1273.    Rufus Henry Allen, b. 1850, m. Mary Frances Magum, d. 1923.

    1274.    Joseph Dupree Allen, b.c. 1852, m. Elizabeth Jeffreys.

    1275.    James Barnett Allen, b. 1854, m. Virginia Mitchell, d. 1923.


Tarcia McCaden Allen (625) was born 20 June 1815 and died 21 July 1859.  She married William Thomasson, Jr.  (R‑3)

Children - Thomasson

    1276.    William A. Thomasson, b. 1838, d. 1909.

    1277.    Martha Ann Thomasson, b. 1840, d. 1912.

    1278.    Junius Thomasson, b. 1841, d. 1912.



Rachel Hendrick (628) died in 1836 in Washington Co., AL[25].  She married Christopher ("Chris") C. Collins.  He was born about 1768 in NC[26], and died 28 Aug. 1855 in Whistler, Mobile Co., AL[27].  Apparently she was not home much, for she only shows up once on a census or tax list from 1816 to 1855, and she was not included in the family Bible kept by her son Benjamin.  This Bible did have death dates for Chris and about 5 of his sons.  Christopher C. Collins was the father of 9 sons and no daughters.  The first 4 children were born in Barnwell Co., SC, the 6th in Twiggs or Wilkinson Co., GA, and the last 3 in Wayne Co., MS.  They were Baptists[28].  (R‑90, R‑93)

Children - Collins

    1279.    Jacob Collins, b. 30 Dec. 1799, m. Martha Mariah (“Patsy”) Baker, before Oct. 1822, d. 19 March 1882.  Bur. Wayne Co., MS.

    1280.    Hendrick Horne Collins, b. 1800-10, m. Billison Roberts, 19 April 1828, d. 2 Oct. 1839[29].  Bur. Mobile Co., AL.

    1281.    Joshua Collins, b. 1803, m. Sarah Baker, 5 Dec. 1829, d. 29 Dec. 1871.

    1282.    Robert Collins, b. 21 April 1804, m(1) Jane Garrott, 18 May 1825, m(2) Zilphia C. Hailes, 20 Nov. 1855, d. 29 Oct. 1877.  Bur. Old Hailes Cem. (DeSoto, Clark Co., MS).

+1283.     Christopher B. Collins, b.c. 1805, m(1) Bashaba Cooper, 3 Sept. 1828, m(2) Elizabeth Wheeler, 2 July 1832, m(3) Jane Wheeler, 3 June 1834, m(4) Emily Scarborough, 16 Jan. (or Feb.) 1840, d. 17 Jan. 1854.

+1284.     Benjamin Collins, b. 18 May 1811, m. Elizabeth Cooper, 5 Jan. 1878.

    1285.    Joseph Collins, b. 1813, m. Seletia Leah Wheeler, 3 Dec. 1831, d. 8 Aug. 1839.  Bur. Mobile Co., AL.

    1286.    James P. Collins, b. 1815, m(1) Eliza G. Ainsworth, m(2) Mrs. Mary H. Campbell, d. 23 Dec. 1879.  Bur. Antioch Cem. (Leesville, Gonzales Co., TX).

    1287.    Eli L. Collins, b. 8 March 1817, m. Tabitha Payne, 26 July 1849, d. 5 April 1881.  Bur. Galveston, TX.



Nancy Montague (639) was born in 1779 in Rutherford Co., NC, and died and was buried in Holmes Co., MS.  She married James D. Scott, son of John Scott, Jr. and Letitia (sometimes shown as Lettice) Cleghorn, on 6 May 1803.  He was born in 1780 in Rutherford Co., N.C., and died 27 Feb. 1847 in Holmes Co., MS.  He served in the War of 1812.  (R‑98, R‑99)

Children - Scott

+1288.     John Scott, b.c. 1808, m. Ann L. (or E.) ‑‑‑‑‑‑, d. 1857.

+1289.     Henry Montague Scott, b. 30 Nov. 1809, m. Betty Elizabeth Burns, 1832, d. 26 Oct. 1899.

+1290.     Nancy Scott, b.c. 1811, m. John D. Wyatt, d.c. 1833.

+1291.     James D. Scott, b.c. 1812, m. Mary C. ‑‑‑‑‑‑, d. 10 April 1876.

    1292.    Graves Scott, b.c. 1815 (NC), never married.  Recorded on the 1870 census in Harrison Co., TX with H. R. Scott.

+1293.     Beverly Daniel Scott, b.c. 1818, m. Hester Williams, 14 May 1840, d. 18 June 1887.

+1294.     Letitia Scott, b.c. 1825, m. Duncan B. Whitfield, d. 13 May 1867.


Elizabeth Montague (642) was born 1784-1794.  She married Joseph Hawkins, son of William Hawkins, Jr. and Elizabeth ‑‑‑‑‑‑.  Joseph was born 1784-1794.  They are said to have moved to GA, but at least one of their children, William, was born in NC.  (R‑241)

Children - Hawkins

    1295.    Henry Montague Hawkins, b.c. 1809.

    1296.    James Hawkins, b.c. 1810-1820.

+1297.     William Graves Hawkins, b. 1 Jan. 1813, m. Sarah Jane Adkins, 14 Aug. 1836, d. 24 Nov. 1902.

    1298.    Mary Posey Hawkins, b.c. 1810-1820.

    1299.    Charlotte Hawkins, b.c. 1810-1820.



Mary (“Polly”) C. Graves (647) was born 13 Jan. 1794 and died 26 Aug. 1863, both in Halifax Co., VA[30].  She married Jesse Brandon, son of Francis S. Brandon and Sarah Lee Scott, on 2 March 1816 in Person Co., NC.  He was born 2 March 1793 and died 7 May 1864, both in Halifax Co., VA.  This family was recorded on the 1850 census in Southern District, Halifax Co., VA; their children were born in Halifax Co., VA.  Daughter Mary was recorded as a 20-year old woman; her death certificate gives her date of birth as 21 Nov. 1829.  (R‑434, R‑435, R‑436)

Children - Brandon

    1300.    John Graves Brandon, b. 13 Jan. 1817, d. 26 July 1861 (Person Co., NC).

    1301.    Sarah Scott Brandon, b. 9 Sept. 1818, m. Berryman Green Pulliam, 20 Dec. 1844 (Person Co., NC), d. 20 June 1845 (Person Co., NC).  He was b. 12 Sept. 1801 (Person Co., NC), d. 1877 (Leasburg, Caswell Co., NC), and was bur. Connally Pulliam Cem. (Leasburg, NC).  He was the son of Joseph Pulliam, Jr. and Agnes Byrd Brandon.

+1302.     Nancy Daniel Brandon, b. 29 July 1820, m. John Berryman Scott, 18 Dec. 1836, d. 23 Nov. 1873.

+1303.     Mary Alley Brandon, b. 21 Nov. 1829, m(1) William A. Brandon, 20 March 1851, m(2) John E. Tracy, by 1870, d. 7 June 1917.


Nancy Graves (649) was born about 1800.  She married Williamson Moore on 3 March 1817 in Person Co., NC.  (R‑350)

Children - Moore

    1304.    Olive Ann Moore, b. 14 Oct. 1818.

    1305.    son, b.c. 1820.

    1306.    son, b.c. 1822.

    1307.    Rojina Moore, b.c. 1824, m. ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Chaffin.

    1308.    Elizabeth Moore, b.c. 1826.

    1309.    daughter, b.c. 1828.

    1310.    Judia Moore, b.c. 1831.

    1311.    Candice Spec Moore, b.c. 1838.



William C. ("Buck") Graves (650) was born 25 Dec. 1791[31] in Granville Co., NC, and died 8[32] (or 17) Nov. 1874 in Howard Co., AR.  He married Elizabeth ("Betsy") Amis on 10 Sept. 1811 in Granville Co., NC.  She was born 11 Oct. 1794 in Granville Co., NC, and died 31 Aug. 1864.  They were buried in Graves Cem., Howard Co., AR.  They moved to Giles Co., TN, where their children were born.

The article in The Graves Newsletter by Barbara Graves Billings (g-g-g-granddaughter of this couple) only listed daughters Elizabeth and Mary.  The genealogy by Maude Graves Coulter gave children as Albert Reaves, Lewis, Arabella, Polly (same as Mary), Susan, and William Warren Graves.

The family was in the 1850 census for DeSoto Co., Northern Div., MS, dwelling 129, page 397.  Listed were William C. Graves, 55, farmer, NC, Elizabeth, 15, NC (probably his wife with a wrong age), Issabella, 18, TN (possibly daughter Arabella, but more likely daughter Isabella Susan).  Living next door in dwelling 130 was the family of Albert Reaves Graves.  They were recorded on the 1860 census in Sevier Co., AR.  William was also recorded on the 1870 census in Sevier Co., AR.  (R‑261)

Children - Graves

    1312.    Elizabeth Amis Graves, b. 1813, m. Addison Graves, 1835.  See #676 for descendants.

    1313.    Mary ("Polly") Graves, b. 1816, m. William C. Graves (#672), 1840.

    1314.    Lewis W. Graves, b. 23 Feb. 1820.

+1315.     Albert Reaves Graves, b. 7 May 1823, m(1) Martha Jane Abernathy, 1843, m(2) Mary Elizabeth Tolbert, 28 March 1855, d. 23 Feb. 1892.

+1316.     William Warren Graves, b. 17 June 1826, m(1) Julia A. Phillips, 25 Dec. 1850, m(2) Jane Falls, d. 1 April 1898.

    1317.    Isabella Susan Graves, b. 12 April 1832, m. Barnett (or Bernard H.) Graves (#1325), 24 Oct. 1851 (DeSoto Co., MS).  See #1325 for descendants.

    1318.    Arabella F. Graves, b. April 1838, m(1) ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Thompson, m(2) Lewis Amis Graves (#1319), 1870, d. aft. 1900.  See #1319 for descendants.


Sterling Graves (651) was born 23 April 1793 in Granville Co., NC, and died in 1837 in Fayette Co., TN.  He married Nancy Amis in 1817 in Granville Co., NC.  They moved to Giles Co., TN about 1816, then to Fayette Co., TN in 1833.  Nancy died in 1849 in Fayette Co.  (R‑112, R‑261)

Children - Graves

+1319.     Lewis Amis Graves, b. 22 Sept. 1818, m(1) Margaret Stanley, 25 Nov. 1849, m(2) Arabella F. (Graves) Thompson, 1870, d. after 1900.

+1320.     Joseph Graves, b. 12 Dec. 1822, m. Rebecca Graves, aft. 1860, d. 12 March 1903.

+1321.     Bernard M. (or Barnett) Graves, b. 15 Aug. 1820 (or c. 1823), m. Isabella Susan Graves, 24 Oct. 1851.

+1322.     William H. Graves, b. 28 April 1824, m. Margaret S. (or L.) Smith, 16 Dec. 1845, d. 11 Nov. 1856.

+1323.     Alexander Graves, b.c. 1826, m. Elisabeth ‑‑‑‑‑‑., about 1847, d. 31 Dec. 1908.

+1324.     Grandison Granville Graves, b. 10 Dec. 1829 (or 1830), m. Malinda C. Turance, d. 12 Feb. 1912.

    1325.    Nathaniel (“Idaho Nat”) Graves, b.c. 1834 (TN), m. Rebecca Thornton.  No children.  Recorded on 1870 census in Ada Co., ID.


Nathaniel Graves (653) was born 7 Jan. 1798 in Granville Co., NC, and died 13 Sept. 1872.  He married Martha C. ‑‑‑‑‑‑.  She was born about 1799 in NC, and died after 1850.  This family was recorded on the 1850 and 1860 censuses in Giles Co., TN; their children were born in TN.  (R‑258)

Children - Graves

    1326.    Susan K. Graves, b. 15 April 1833, d. 24 Nov. 1892 (Giles Co., TN).

    1327.    William W. Graves, b.c. 1836.

    1328.    Joseph L. Graves, b.c. 1838.

    1329.    Collatins K. Graves, b.c. 1843.


Alexander Graves (654) was born 6 July 1800 in Granville Co., NC, and died 12 March 1863 in Phillips Co., AR.  He married Ann Graves (descended from genealogy 270), daughter of Thomas Graves and Elizabeth Lanier, on 25 Dec. 1825.  She was born 21 Aug. 1804 in VA, and died 7 Sept. 1864.  This family was recorded on the 1850 census in Spring Creek, Phillips Co., AR, with children Mary E., Nathan, Amanda, Louisa, Margaret, and Susan.  They were both buried in Barton-Green Cem., Phillips Co., AR.  (R‑38)

Children - Graves

    1330.    Frank Graves, b. 11 Feb. 1827.

    1331.    Thomas Graves, b. 11 Sept. 1828.

+1332.     Mary Elizabeth Graves, b. 15 Oct. 1830, m. Thomas Allison, 1 Oct. 1851, d. 26 Dec. 1854.

    1333.    infant son, b. and d. 15 Sept. 1832.

+1334.     Nathaniel Lee Graves, b. 16 Nov. 1833, m(1) Mary Elizabeth Boone, March 1869, m(2) Florence Carson, 1 April 1878, d. 19 Jan. 1902.

+1335.     Amanda E. Graves, b. 26 Dec. 1835 (TN), m. William H. Renfro, 7 Dec. 1858.  Lived in Poplar Grove, AR.

    1336.    M. A. Graves (infant daughter), b. and d. 25 Feb. 1838.

    1337.    Louisa Frances Graves, b. 29 Aug. 1840 (MS), m. Barton W. Green, 3 April 1860, d. 1870.  He was born about 1828 in KY.  They were in the 1860 census for Helena, Phillips Co., AR, living with the Russell Shelby family, when he was sheriff.  They have not been found in the 1870 or 1880 censuses.

+1338.     Margaret Ann Graves, b. 20 Jan. 1842 (MS), m(1) Thomas J. Renfro, 29 Nov. 1864, m(2) Joseph Travis Graves (#1349), 12 March 1878, d. 5 March 1893.

    1339.    Susan Katharine Graves, b. 4 Jan. 1844 (Shelby Co., TN), d. 16 Dec. 1862 (Phillips Co., AR).


David L. Graves (655) was born 6 March 1803 in Granville Co., NC, and died 23 July 1859 in Howard Co., AR.  He married Minerva Ann M. Graves (#677) (according to Barbara Billings, or Mary Minerva Graves according to John Card Graves) in 1836.  She was born in 1814 in Granville Co., NC, and died in 1860 in Sevier Co., AR.  This family was recorded on the 1850 census in DeSoto Co., MS.  Fanny and Nathaniel were born in TN, Margaret, Julia, and Henry in MS.  Minerva was the head of the family when they were recorded on the 1860 census in Sevier Co., AR, with children Nathaniel, Virginia, Julia L., and Henry M. still at home.  Minerva’s place of birth on both censuses was listed as TN.  (R‑110, R‑459)

Children - Graves

    1340.    Frances (“Fanny”) A. Graves, b.c. 1837, m(1) Mathew Colter, 1857, m(2) Dr. Richard Owen, 1860.

+1341.     Nathaniel A. Graves, b. 22 July 1839, m. Alice Coons, 1877.

+1342.     Margaret Virginia Graves, b.c. 1842, m. John A. Thomas, 1867.

    1343.    Julia L. Graves, b. 18 Nov. 1847, m. Barnett H. Graves (#2698), c. 1875, d. aft Feb. 1881.  Bur. Graves Cem.  See #2698 for descendants.

    1344.    Henry Melvin Graves, b.c. 1850-1855.  This is apparently the Melvin H. Graves, recorded on the 1900 census as b. Feb. 1855 in TN, living with his brother Nathaniel, and the Melvin Graves (b.c. 1853) on the 1880 census living with his sister Margaret.


Grandison Granville (or Grandville or Avery) Graves (656) was born 10 Aug. 1806 in Granville Co., NC, and died of pneumonia on 13 Oct. 1875 in Grenada Co., MS.  He married Sarah Anderson Butler, daughter of Capt. John Isaac and Polly Butler of Giles Co., Tenn., on 22 Oct. 1835 near Pulaski, TN.  She died of yellow fever on 3 Sept. 1878, also in Grenada Co., MS.

Children - Graves

    1345.    Mary Ann Graves, b. 15 Oct. 1836 (Giles Co., TN), m(1) Richard H. Parsons, 31 March 1854 (Carroll, MS), m(2) Dr. Samuel D. Y. Seruggo.

    1346.    John Isaac Graves, b. 12 Feb. 1839 (Giles Co., TN), d. 1843.

    1347.    Ella Graves, b. 7 Feb. 1841 (Carroll Co., MS), m. George W. Mitchell, 1870.

    1348.    Charles Grandison Graves, b. 15 March 1843, d. 25 Aug. ---- (Barton, Phillips Co., AR).

    1349.    Joseph Travis Graves, b. 23 Dec. 1845, m. Margaret Ann Graves (#1338), 12 March 1878.  No children.  Lived in Latour, Phillips Co., AR.

    1350.    Nedora Graves, b. 13 Feb. 1851, m. Alfred T. Sexton, 27 Nov. 1876.  Lived in Eutaw, Greene Co., AL.

    1351.    Bernard Pattison Graves, b. 27 Oct. 1856.



Robert Graves Steele (659) was born about 1793 in Granville Co., NC, died 25 March 1831 in Pulaski, Giles Co., TN, and was buried in Old City Cem., Pulaski, TN.  He married Sarah (or Sally) Yancey Graves.  She was born about 1800, probably in Caswell Co., NC, and died 14 Oct. 1825, 13 days after the birth of her son.  (R‑258)

Children - Steele

+1352.     John T. Steele, b. 1 Oct. 1825, m. Josephine Cassira Wilkes, d. 10 March 1904.


Alexander (“Lex”) G. Steele (663) was born 16 July 1806 in Granville Co., NC, and died 13 June 1872 in Giles Co., TN.  He was killed by a black employee who threw a rock at him.  He first married Elizabeth (or Eliza) Anderson.  She was born 1 June 1808, and died 25 June 1859 in Giles Co., TN.  He married second Margaret Elizabeth Waters.  She was born about 1822, and died 5 May 1893 in Giles Co., TN.  All three were buried in Mt. Moriah Cem.  (R‑258)

Children - Steele, by Elizabeth Anderson

+1353.     Lydia Margaret Steele, b.c. 1848, m. Lemuel Tillotson Oliver, d. 23 April 1867, bet. 1885 and 1888.



William C. ("Major") Graves (672) was born in 1800 in Granville Co., NC, and died in 1873 in Sevier Co., AR.  He first married Mary ("Polly") Graves (#657), daughter of William Graves and Anne ("Nancy") Neal, in 1832.  She was born in 1809 in Granville Co., NC.  He married second Mary ("Polly") Graves (#1313), daughter of William C. Graves and Elizabeth Amis, in 1840.  They lived in Howard Co., AR.

Children - Graves, by 1st wife

    1354.    Nancy F. Graves, b. 1836, m. William Babbitt.  Lived in Marianna, Lee Co., AR.


Henry Young Graves (674) was born in 1804 in Granville Co., NC, and died after 1880 in Sevier Co., AR.  He married Mary Kirk.  She was born about 1812 in TN, and died before 1860.  This family was recorded on the 1850 census in Fayette Co., TN; their children were born in TN.  This family was also recorded on the 1860 and 1870 censuses in Sevier Co., AR and the 1880 census in Howard Co., AR.  (R‑261)

Children - Graves

    1355.    Mary Minerva Graves, b.c. 1836.

    1356.    Ludlow D. Graves, b.c. 1838.  Lived in Center Point, Howard Co., AR.

    1357.    Tennessee Graves, b.c. 1840.

    1358.    Caroline Graves, b.c. 1842.

    1359.    Nancy A. Graves, b. 1846, m. Joseph Boatright.


Addison Graves (676) was born in 1809 in Granville Co., NC, died in 1860 in Sevier Co., AR, and is believed to be buried in an unmarked grave in the old Graves Cem., Howard Co., AR.  He was five years old when his family moved to Giles Co., TN.  He married Elizabeth ("Bettie") Amis Graves (#1312), daughter of William C. Graves and Elizabeth Amis, in 1835 in Fayette Co., TN.  She was born in 1813 in TN.  Their children were born in Fayette Co., TN.

Addison Graves and other members of the Graves family left Fayette Co., Tenn. in 1852, planning to relocate in southwest Arkansas.  Unable to cross the Mississippi River because of high water, the group camped on the east bank for several days.  A disagreement occurred, some unwilling to wait for the waters to recede changed their minds and settled in Mississippi, while Addison and others crossed the river several days later and settled in Sevier Co., AR.  Some members of the family who went to Miss. eventually went to Howard Co., AR, and settled near Center Point.

The will of Addison Graves lists his children's names as William, Elizabeth, Rebecca, Martha and Fanney, while the 1850 census of Fayette Co., Tenn. shows their names as William, Elizabeth, Rebecca, Manitta and Lachlin.  Another source mentions children Marietta and Latch.

While living in Sevier Co., Ark. (that part that later became Howard Co. in 1873), the Graves family attended the Center Methodist Church.  At that time there were three rows of pews inside the church; men sat on one side, women on the opposite side, and their slaves occupied the center section.

According to the book Methodism in Arkansas, 1816-1976, by Walter N. Vernon, Center Church, organized in 1841, was the second oldest church in the county.  The oldest Methodist Church in present day Sevier Co. is Green's Chapel Methodist Church in Lebanon, AR, organized in 1840.  (R‑110)

Children - Graves

    1360.    Elizabeth F. Graves, b. 12 Sept. 1836, never married.

+1361.     William David Graves, b. 23 March 1838, m. Rebecca Ann Susan John, 7 Nov. 1866, d. 29 Jan. 1931.

    1362.    Rebecca Graves, b. 18 July 1840, m. Joseph Graves, aft. 1860, d. 2 March 1900.  See #1320 for descendants.

    1363.    Martha Graves, b. 1843, never married, died young.

    1364.    Fanney Graves, b. 1847, never married.



Elizabeth Woodson Coffee (685) was born 7 Aug. 1788 in VA, and died 10 May 1852 in Lauderdale Co., AL.  She married Stewart Jackson on 25 Jan. 1808 in Prince Edward Co., VA.  He was born in 1783 and died in 1842.  The 1850 census for Div. 2, Lauderdale Co.,AL listed Elizabeth W. Jackson, 60, VA, with Caroline, 26, AL, Belzora, 22, AL, Caroline Knight, 30, TN, and Elizabeth Knight, 8, TN.  The 1840 census for Lauderdale Co., AL, listed S. Jackson (probably Stewart), with 1 male 15-20, 1 male 60-70, 2 females 10-15, 1 female 15-20, 1 female 20-30, and 1 female 50-60.  Also listed was J. Jackson (possibly oldest son James), with 1 male 5-10, 1 male 30-40, 2 females under 5, and 1 female 20-30.  (R‑54)

Children - Jackson

    1365.    James Jackson, prob. b.c. 1810, m. Nettie Lewis.

    1366.    Thomas Jackson, prob. b.c. 1820-1825.

    1367.    Julia Ann Jackson, prob. b. 1810-1820, m. Robert T. Gillespie, 2 Dec. 1847 (Lauderdale Co., AL).

+1368.     Catherine Cassandra Amanda Jackson, b.c. 1814, m. Dempsey Dean Bulls, 7 Jan. 1834, d. after 1860.

    1369.    Vashti Jackson, prob. b. 1820-1825.

+1370.     Caroline Cordelia Frances Jackson, b.c. 1824, m(1) Carlisle Woodson Knight, m(2) Noble R. Ladd, 18 Dec. 1851.

+1371.     Mary Claiborne Jackson, b.c. 1825, m. Jacob T. Borah, 11 Jan. 1848, d. 1904.


Richard Smith Coffee (688) was born 21 March 1800 in Prince Edward Co., VA, and died 21 Aug. 1879 in Lauderdale Co., AL.  He married Sarah D. Fielder, daugher of Nimrod Fielder and Elizabeth Riggs, on 29 July 1819 in Madison Co., AL.  She was born 29 Oct. 1804 in Williamson Co., TN, and died 14 July 1881 in Center Star, Lauderdale Co., AL.  They were buried in Coffee Cem., Lauderdale Co., AL.  This family was recorded on the 1850 and 1860 censuses in Lauderdale Co., AL.  (R‑54)

Children - Coffee

+1372.     Claibourn Mayes Coffee, b. 22 June 1820, m. Cornelia E. Green, 17 Dec. 1840, d. 1893.

    1373.    Mary A. Coffee, b.c. 1821, m. Azel Myrick, 1 Jan. 1842 (Lauderdale Co., AL).

+1374.     John C. Coffee, b.c. 1823, m(1) Rebecca Goodlet Rogers, 1 Nov. 1851, m(2) Elizabeth Patrick, m(3) Anna Morgan, 1865, d. after 1880.

+1375.     Miriam B. Coffee, b. 25 April 1826, m. John H. Scott, 17 April 1847.

+1376.     Richard Newton Coffee, b. 4 Oct. 1828, m. Ada Byron Crenshaw, 11 Oct. 1860, d. bet. 1900-1910.

    1377.    Joseph Riggs Coffee, b.c. 1830, d. 1864.  Killed near Atlanta, GA.  He was in the C.S.A.

    1378.    Joel F. Coffee, b.c. 1832.

    1379.    Prudence Ann Coffee, b. 23 March 1833, m. John Joshua Crittenden, 11 Oct. 1853, d. 6 March 1900.  See #1389 for descendants.

    1380.    Mariah Coffee, b.c. 1835.

+1381.     Missiniah C. Coffee, b. 28 March 1835, m. Marcus G. Williams, 21 Oct. 1856, d. 8 Feb. 1907.

+1382.     Nimrod Thomas Coffee, b. 10 Feb. 1837, m. Mary Catherine Davidson, 4 Dec. 1858, d. 18 Feb. 1904.

+1383.     Joshua David Coffee, b. 16 March 1839, m(1) Fannie Watkins, m(2) Mary Louise Easter, d. 27 Feb. 1903.

+1384.     Elizabeth Fielder Coffee, b. 1 March 1841, m. Aristides Edward Jackson, 13 Feb. 1871.

    1385.    Sarah S. Coffee, b. 2 June 1845, m. Justinian W. Williams, Jr., d. 6 Sept. 1900.


Prudence J. Coffee (689) was born about 1805 in VA, and died after 1850.  She married Thomas W. Crittenden on 20 April 1820 in Lauderdale Co., AL.  He died before 1850.  Prudence was recorded on the 1850 census as head of household in Lauderdale Co., AL; their children were born in AL.  (R‑54)

Children - Crittenden

+1386.     Misseniah A. Crittenden, b.c. 1824, m. Malachi J. Carter, 14 March 1844, d. after 1880.

+1387.     Thomas J. Crittenden, b. 17 Dec. 1822, m(1) Elizabeth Flannigan, 25 Nov. 1845, m(2) Octavia (Ingram) Crittenden, 2 May 1860, m(3) Martha E. Shane, 9 June 1863, d. after 1880.

+1388.     Lucy Desdemona Ann Crittenden, b. 1 Feb. 1827, m. George Mason Ingram, 4 Dec. 1845, d. 25 May 1881.

+1389.     John Joshua Crittenden, b. 30 March 1829, m. Prudence Ann Coffee, 11 Oct. 1853, d. 30 April 1899.

+1390.     Mary Ann Crittenden, b. 13 March 1831, m. Moses Ingram, d. 17 Jan. 1891.


Missiniah C. Coffee (691) was born 4 July 1807 in VA, died 4 Jan. 1862 in Giles Co., TN, and was buried in Maplewood Cem., Giles Co., TN.  She first married Robert Wells on 6 Sept. 1827 in Lauderdale Co., AL.  She married second Samuel Moseley about 1838.  He was born about 1806 in VA (according to the 1850 census), and died before 1860.  Samuel and ‘Miseniah’ were recorded on the 1850 census in Giles Co., TN; living with them were her two sons from her first marriage and her Mosely children, all born in TN.  ‘Mesiniah’ was recorded on the 1860 census in Giles Co., TN with her three Mosely children.  (R‑54)

Children - Wells

+1391.     Prudence Wells, b. March 1830, m. Bolivar W. Knight, d. after 1900.

    1392.    William Thomas Wells, b.c. 1832.

    1393.    Robert Wells, b.c. 1835.

Children - Mosely

    1394.    Indiana J. Mosely, b.c. 1840.

    1395.    Augustus C. Mosely, b.c. 1842.

    1396.    Manilla Mosely, b.c. 1844.


Joshua D. Coffee (692) was born about 1808 in VA.  He married Minerva Green on 10 Dec. 1833 in Lauderdale Co., AL.  She died before 1850.  Joshua and daughter Mary were listed on the 1850 census in Lauderdale Co., AL.  (R‑54)

Children - Coffee

    1397.    John Charles Coffee, b. 14 Nov. 1834.

+1398.     Mary M. Coffee, b.c. 1844, m. W. G. Nance, 8 Nov. 1860.



Mary Donelson Coffee (693) was born 24 Sept. 1812, died 11 Dec. 1839, and was buried in the John Coffee Cem., Florence, Lauderdale Co., AL.  She married Andrew Jackson Hutchings on 14 Aug. 1833 in Lauderdale Co., AL.  He was born about 1813, died 15 Jan. 1841, and was also buried in the John Coffee Cem.  Their children were also buried in the John Coffee Cem.  (R‑54)

Children - Hutchings

    1399.    John Coffee Hutchings, b. 20 Nov. 1831, d. 25 Dec. 1831.

    1400.    Mary Hutchings, b. 8 June 1836, d. 16 June 1836.

    1401.    Coffee Hutchings, b. 14 March 1838, d. 1 Sept. 1844.

    1402.    Andrew J. Hutchings, b. 1 June 1839, d. 29 April 1862.


John Donelson Coffee (694) was born 15 March 1815, died 18 Aug. 1837, and was buried in the John Coffee Cem., Florence, Lauderdale Co., AL.  He married Mary Narcissa Brahon on 3 Feb. 1836.  (R‑54)

Children - Coffee

+1403.     John Donelson Coffee, Jr., b. by 1838, m. Sallie Ruffin Tucker.


Andrew Jackson Coffee (696) was born 28 Jan. 1819 in TN, died 11 March 1891 in Oakland, Alameda Co., CA. and was buried in Mountain View Cem., Oakland, CA.  He married Elizabeth Atwood Hutchings on 3 April 1839 in Madison Co., AL.  She was born 22 March 1822 in AL, died 12 Sept. 1913 in Oakland, CA, and was also buried in Mountain View Cem.  Kate and John were born in AL, Frank in LA, and the rest of the children were born in CA.  This family was recorded on the 1860 and 1870 censuses in Alameda Co., CA and the 1880 census in San Francisco Co., CA.  (R‑54)

Children - Coffee

    1404.    Winnie Coffee

    1405.    Mary Elizabeth Coffee, b. 27 April 1839, d. 13 Dec. 1840 (AL).

+1406.     Kate Coffee, b. 15 June 1842, m. Charles John McDougal, 22 Aug. 1866, d. 11 Sept. 1932.

    1407.    John Coffee, b.c. 1845 (AL), d. 1916.

+1408.     Frank Larned Coffee, b.c. 1848, m. Posey Beauregard Green, d. 1912.

    1409.    Nellie Coffee, b.c. 1855.

    1410.    Susan Hays Coffee, b.c. 1858, m. Louis Cass Heilner.

    1411.    Andrew Jackson Coffee, Jr., b.c. 1861, m. Edith Hinton, d. 17 Dec. 1928.


Alexander Donelson Coffee (697) was born 3 June 1821 and died 9 May 1901.  He first married Ann Eliza Sloss, daughter of James L. Sloss and Letitia B. Trowbridge, on 16 May 1844.  She was born 10 Sept. 1824 and died 22 March 1871.  He married second Camilla Wilmont (Madding) Jones, daughter of Elisha Madding and Eliza Maria Croom, on 18 Oct. 1876 in Leighton, Lauderdale Co., AL.  She was born in 1842 and died in April 1928 in Lauderdale Co., AL.  Alexander, Ann, and Camilla were all buried in the John Coffee Cem., Florence, Lauderdale Co., AL.  (R‑54)

Children - Coffee, by Ann E. Sloss

    1412.    Mary Coffee, b. 26 July 1852, m(1) Edward Asbury O’Neal II, 3 Feb. 1875 (Lauderdale Co., AL, m(2) William P. Campbell, 1887, d. 31 Oct. 1930 (Lauderdale Co., AL).

Children - Coffee, by Camilla W. Madding

    1413.    Daughter, b. and d. 1877.

    1414.    Eliza Croom Coffee, b. 18 Aug. 1879 (Florence, AL), d. 5 Sept. 1904.  Bur. Coffee Cem.


William Donelson Coffee (701) was born in July 1830 in AL according to the 1900 census in Lauderdale Co., AL, and died in 1902.  He married Virginia Malone on 22 April 1856.  She was born about 1840 and died in 1891.  They were buried in the John Coffee Cem., Florence, Lauderdale Co., AL.  (R‑54)

Children - Coffee

+1415.     Mary Donelson Coffee, b. 29 March 1857, m. Charles N. Nye, 31 Dec. 1878, d. 18 Oct. 1884.



John Coffee Harris (707) was born 17 Feb. 1800 in TN, and died 10 Feb. 1885.  He married Jane Peace (or Pace) Ragsdale, daughter of John Ragsdale and Mary Peace (or Pace), on 23 June 1825.  She was born 20 June 1802 in Granville Co., NC, and died 18 June 1853.  This family was recorded on the 1850 census in Rutherford Co., TN; their children were born in TN.  John was also recorded on the 1860-1880 censuses in Rutherford Co., TN.  John and Jane were both buried in the Harris Cem., Rutherford Co., TN.  (R‑54, R‑69)

Children - Harris

    1416.    John S. Harris, b. 30 Jan. 18‑‑, d. 21 July 1830.  Bur. Harris Cem.

    1417.    James P. Harris, b. 9 Nov. 1828, d. 18 March 1929.  Bur. Harris Cem.

    1418.    Rufus C. Harris, b. 14 April 1831, d. 30 May 1855.  Bur. Harris Cem.

    1419.    Simpson Harris, b.c. 1833.

    1420.    Lucinda W. Harris, b.c. 1835.

    1421.    Robert B. Harris, b. 6 Sept. 1837, m. Susie ‑‑‑‑‑‑, d. 25 Dec. 1891.  She was b. 2 Feb. 1850 and d. 8 April 1879.  Both bur. Harris Cem.

+1422.     General Jackson Harris, b. 28 Jan. 1840, m(1) Sarah Ann Hill, (2) Olivia Brazelton, m(3) Johnnie Barnes, 1885, m(4) Sallie Porter Smith, 15 June 1892, d. 11 Aug. 1905.

    1423.    John Coffee Harris, Jr., b.c. 1842, m. Anna M. Green, 6 Dec. 1866 (Rutherford Co., TN).  She was b. 26 Sept. 1838 and d. 3 April 1883.  Both bur. Harris Cem.



Ralph Graves (708) was born about 1799 in Granville Co., NC, and probably died about 1854.  He was a Methodist minister.  He married Adaline Jacques about 1826.  She was born about 1805 in NY.  The will of Ralph Graves is dated 29 Aug. 1854, recorded in Robertson Co., TX, in vol. H, p. 486, 12 Oct. 1857.

Ralph was in Pulaski, Giles Co., Tenn., 1807-1809. Where he married Adaline is not known, but from the birth of the children we know they were in Tenn. in 1828, 1832, and 1834.  He was in Yalobusha Co., Miss. in 1836 and 1839.  He was in TX by 1839, since a 2nd class land grant was issued to Ralph Graves in Washington Co., TX by the Republic of TX, no. 343, dated 12 Dec. 1839. The TX census, 1841-49, shows Ralph Graves in Washington Co.  On 5 Jan. 1846 he was in Montgomery Co., TX, and he was in Robertson Co., TX in 1850 (lived in the Wheelock area) and in 1854 (deed dated 1854).  He was in Limestone Co., TX on 16 May 1855.

All the children listed below were named in his will, and the information on them is from the will and the 1850 Robertson Co. census.  Ralph Graves was in the 1850 census for Precinct 5, Robertson Co., TX, dwelling 8, page 230, with Ralph, 51, Methodist minister, Adaline, 45, William, 22, Gilbert, 18, James, 16, Adaline, 6, George, 4, Andrew, 4, all children born in TN.  The family was in the 1860 census for Precinct 3, Brazos Co., TX, Wheelock P.O., dwelling 545, page 97, with Adeline Graves, 54, Farmer, Adeline L., 15, student, Andrew, 13, and George, 13.

Many descendants of this line lived in Granville Co., NC, and Giles Co., TN.

The 1860 census for Precinct 3, Brazos Co., TX, page 97, Wheelock P.O., lists Adeline Graves, 54, farmer, NY, Adeline L., 15, TX, Andrew, 13, TX, and George, 13, TX.  (R‑470)

Children - Graves

    1424.    Alonzo D. Graves

+1425.     William Neil Graves, b. 28 Dec. 1828, m. Roberta Elnir McDaniel, 12 Jan. 1860, d. 10 Jan. 1902.

    1426.    Sarah E. Graves, m. C. W. Bratton.  He was Chief Justice, Robertson Co., TX in Sept. 1862.

    1427.    Gilbert T. Graves, b.c. 1832 (TN).

    1428.    James R. Graves, b.c. 1834 (TN).

    1429.    Mary M. Graves, m. Francis Kellogg.

+1430.     Lucinda Adaline Graves, b. 30 Jan. 1845, m. Isham Harrison Earle, 7 Sept. 1865, d. 13 Nov. 1906.

+1431.     George W. Graves, b. 6 Dec. 1846, m. Miriam Thompson, 18 Jan. 1872, d. 7 Aug. 1917. 

+1432.     Andrew Jackson Graves, b.c. 1846, m. Mary Wynn, d. 1910.


George Watt Graves (709) was born about 1808 in Tenn., probably Giles Co., and died in 1874 in Robertson Co., TX  He married Sarah Mary Elizabeth Cocke about 1834.  She was born about 1817 (or 1810) in VA, and died after 1880 in Bald Prairie, Robertson Co., TX.  They were in the 1850 census for Precinct 5, Robertson Co., TX, dwelling 9, page 230, with George W., 42, farmer, Mary E., 40, Lucy E., 12, Ann M., 10, Sarah G., 8, and Joseph D., 1, all children born in TN, living next to his brother Ralph.  They were in the 1860 census for Precinct 5, Robertson Co., TX, dwelling 181, page 182, with George W., 46, Mary E., 41, Sarah J., 17, Joseph D., 11, James C., 8, and Mary A., 4.  (R‑470, R‑475)

Children - Graves

    1433.    John McFerrin Graves, b. 23 Sept. 1835 (TN), d. 7 Feb. 1836 (Polaski, Giles Co., TN).

+1434.     Lucy E. Graves, b.c. 1838, m. Thomas W. Jordan.

    1435.    Amelia Ann Graves, b. 17 Sept. 1840 (TN), d. 2 Nov. 1888 (Leon Co., TX).

+1436.     Sarah Ann Jane Graves, b. 27 May 1843, m. John Harris Henderson, 7 Feb. 1861, d. 22 Feb. 1869.

    1437.    Joseph D. Graves, b.c. 1849 (TN), m. Gladys ‑‑‑‑‑‑, d. 29 April 1910 (TX).

+1438.     James Crawford Graves, b. 8 Jan. 1852, m. Louisa L. Smith, 21 Dec. 1871, d. 29 April 1910.

    1439.    Mary A. Graves, b.c. 1856.



John William Graves (710) was born 16 July 1804[33] in NC, and died 12 Sept. 1876[34].  His burial place is not known.  His son-in-law, Greenberry Dorsey, was named administrator according to an Administrator Bond dated Jan. 26, 1877, recorded in East Carroll Parish, LA.  No further record of the administration of the Graves estate has been found.

John W. Graves was listed in the 1830 Carroll Co., TN census as head of household, age 20-30, with no family.  He was mentioned in county court minutes in December 1830 as security, along with John Collins and Levi Lewis, for John McLeod who was appointed administrator of the estate of Murdock McLeod on Dec. 13, 1830.  He did not appear on the 1840 census of Carroll Co., TN.

He first married Elizabeth Rose of Madison Co., MS, daughter of Enoch Rose and Mary ‑‑‑‑‑‑ of Madison Co., MS, about 18 Sept. 1835.  The license was issued Sept. 16, 1835, and the surety was Thomas O. McDonald.  The exact place of marriage is not known, since there was no return of the license.  Enoch Rose named his wife and children in his will dated 1 July 1843.  Elizabeth died in Oct. 1849, leaving 3 children.  The 1850 Mississippi Mortality Schedule states that Elizabeth Graves, 28 years of age, died in October of consumption.  The 1850 census for Madison Co., MS shows, John W., 42, Pascal, 12, Margaret, 9, and Virginia, 6, all children born in MS.

He married second Martha Ann Lee about 25 May 1853.  He obtained the license to marry her on 23 May 1853.  There was no return on the license for the exact date of marriage.  Sometime between 1853 and 1860, John W. and Martha moved to Lake Providence, East Carroll Parish, LA.  The 1860 census of East Carroll Parish shows John W., 54, Martha A., 23, Margaret C., 17, Virginia E., 14, Elizabeth, 1, and Mary E. Graves, 11, niece (TN).  (Mary E. Graves was a daughter of Walter C. Graves, brother of John, according to her death certificate.)  Martha, wife of John Graves, died on or about 31 Oct. 1865, after the birth of her son, John W. Graves, Jr., and a twin.  The twin died also.

He married third Sarah Rebecca Lee, sister of Martha Ann Lee, on 3 May 1866 in East Carroll Parish, LA.  Witnesses included Thomas G. Lee, father of Martha and Sarah Lee.  There were no known children from this marriage.  A family story is that Martha Lee Graves was traveling on a boat on the Mississippi River and met General Robert E. Lee.  During the conversation, they discovered that they were kinfolks.

According to the 1870 census of East Carroll Parish, the family consisted of John W., 65 (NC), Rebecca, 25 (MS), Elizabeth, 11 (LA), Ida, 8 (LA), J. W. Jr., 4 (LA), Mary, 67 (NC), Linder, 17 (TN), Walter, 15 (TN), and Stella, 13 (TN).  It is believed that the three children born in TN were the children of Walter C. and Jane Graves who died in 1859 and 1860 respectively.  There was a lawsuit in Carroll Co., TN, involving some land formerly owned by Walter and Jane Graves.  It seems their land had been sold without regard for the children.  The lawsuit states that the children of Walter and Jane were stated to have been residents of Tennessee, when in fact they were residents of Louisiana.  (The oldest child, Mary E., had already married and left the home of her uncle John when the 1870 census was taken.)  The census does not show a relationship of the three children born in TN to the head of the household.

The first 3 children below were born in MS and the next 3 in LA.  (R‑512)

Children - Graves, by Elizabeth Rose

    1440.    Pascal Graves, b.c. 1838.

+1441.     Margaret C. Graves, b. 4 June 1840, m. William L. Sibley, 3 or 4 Feb. 1866, d. 2 April 1925.

+1442.     Virginia Elizabeth Graves, b. March 1844, m. Greenberry Dorsey, 4 Feb. 1867, d. 15 March 1921.

Children - Graves, by Sarah R. Lee

    1443.    Elizabeth Rose Graves, b.c. 1859 (East Carroll Parish, Lake Providence, LA).  The 1860 census of East Carroll Parish shows Elizabeth, age 1, as daughter of John W. Graves and Martha Ann (Lee) Graves.  Elizabeth’s mother, Martha A. Graves, died in Oct. 1865, and in 1866 John W. Graves married Martha’s sister, Sarah Rebecca Lee.  Elizabeth is shown as daughter, age 11, in their household in the 1870 census of East Carroll Parish.  After the death of her father in 1876, Elizabeth went to live with her older sister, Virginia E. Dorsey and family who had moved across the Mississippi River to Issaquena Co., MS.  The 1880 census of Beat 4, Issaquena Co. shows Lizzie R. Graves, age 16, in the household of Greenberry and Virginia Dorsey listed as sister.  No further record has been found of Elizabeth.

    1444.    Ida Lee Graves, b.c. 1862.

+1445.     John William Graves, Jr., b. 29 Sept. 1865, m(1) Mamie Alena Ammons, 14 Dec. 1890, m(2) Mattie Jane Poynter, 30 Dec. 1915, d. 14 Feb. 1946.


Henry C. Graves (711) was born 20 Nov. 1801 (tombstone) or about 1805 (census) in VA, and died 4 Oct. 1876 in Carroll Co., TN.  He was in the 1830, 1840 and 1850 censuses of Carroll Co., TN.  He first married ‑‑‑‑‑‑.  She probably died between 1830 and 1840.  He married secondly Harriet Emily Jolly, daughter of John Jolly and Elizabeth Montgomery of SC and TN, on 5 July 1840 in Carroll Co., TN.  He married third Elizabeth ‑‑‑‑‑‑.  She was born 1 July 1823 and died 4 July 1868.  (Dates are from her tombstone.)

All the children of Henry Graves were named in documents produced for the probate of Henry’s will.  The will was proved in open court during the May term, 1877, and was ordered to be recorded.  The court clerk lost the will, and when it had not been probated by Feb. 1884, David Graves, a son, sued to have the will probated.  Enough witnesses who had seen the will were brought into court, including witnesses and the writer of the will.  All witnesses testified that Henry had left his property and personal belongings to his three youngest children, (David W., Ledora Elizabeth, and John W. Graves), and $1.00 to each of the other children.  Robert Benton Graves, a son of Henry, was the administrator.  There were thirteen children born to Henry and his three wives.

The 1830 census for Carroll Co., TN lists Henry Graves with 1 male under 5, 1 male 20-30, 2 females 5-10, and 1 female 20-30.  The 1840 census for Carroll Co., TN lists Henry with 1 male under 5, 1 male 10-15, 1 male 15-20, 1 male 30-40, 1 female 5-10, 2 females 10-15, and 1 female 20-30.  The 1850 census for Carroll Co., TN lists Henry C., 45, Narcissa, 24, Mary C., 22, George W., 20, McDonald, 18, Emmaritta, 16, Robert B., 9, Marcus G., 6, and Paneecy J., 4.

According to R‑513 and R‑512, Henry's tombstone gives his name as James H. (or James Henry) Graves.  This is the only place where the name James is used.  The 1850 census lists him as Henry C. Graves, and all other documents give his name as simply Henry Graves.

The father of Henry is believed to have been William Graves, who was in Carroll Co. by 1825, where he served as a juror and road overseer and is on the 1830 census.  However, there is no proof of this as yet.  According to family stories, Henry’s father was called “Buck”.  The family story also says that three brothers came from Virginia or NC to TN.  One stayed in Carroll Co., one went north, possibly to KY, and one went south.

It is also possible (but less likely) that Henry is the one who was a son of Joseph Croshaw Graves (#320) and Angelica ‑‑‑‑‑‑, probably of New Kent Co., VA.  (R‑511, R‑512)

Children - Graves, by 1st wife

+1446.     Wilburn Henderson Graves, b. 20 May 1824, m(1) Sophronia Weathers, 18 July 1854, m(2) Elizabeth P. Hamilton, 22 Sept. 1858, d. 8 July 1879.

+1447.     Narcissa Graves, b.c. 1826, m. John Gwin Harper, 9 Aug. 1851, d. after 1886.

    1448.    Mary C. Graves, b. Aug. 1828, d. after 1900.

+1449.     George Washington Graves, b. 22 May 1831, m(1) Minerva A. Hamilton, 6 June 1861, m(2) Sarah Elizabeth Carter, 21 Feb. 1878, d. 11 Nov. 1903.

+1450.     McDonald Graves, b. 6 Nov. 1833, m. Sarah Adline Couch, 11 June 1859, d. 1 Oct. 1907.

    1451.    Emmaretta Graves, b.c. 1834, d. 7 July 1916 (TX death certificate).

Children - Graves, by Harriet E. Jolly

+1452.     Robert Benton Graves, b.c. 1841, m. Livonia Josephine Murray, 10 Feb. 1870, d. 19 Oct. 1927.

+1453.     Marcus George Graves, b. 3 May 1844, m(1) Mary Elizabeth Purdy, 16 Dec. 1865, m(2) Genetta Wallace, d. 3 Oct. 1930.

    1454.    Paneecy (“Niecie”) Jane Graves, b.c. 1846, d. after 1870.

Children - Graves, by Elizabeth ------

    1455.    James Henry Graves, b. 7 Oct. 1854, d. 29 Nov. 1926.

    1456.    Ledora Elizabeth ("Betty") Graves, b. 25 Aug. 1858, d. 6 Aug. 1931.

    1457.    David Washington Graves, b. 2 May 1862, d. 8 Jan. 1932.

    1458.    John W. Graves, b. 20 May 1865 (or 1866), d. 11 April 1924 (AZ death certificate).


Howell Franklin Graves (713) was born 9 Dec. 1819.  His tombstone gives this as his date of birth, which agrees with the dates for the unnamed son of William Graves in the 1830 census of Carroll Co., TN.  However, the 1850 census indicated he was born in 1824, the 1880 census for Hickman, Fulton Co., KY indicated a birth date of about 1822, and his age of 45 when he was married for the third time in 1867 indicated a birth date of 1822.  He is a probable son of William Graves, but this is not proven.  He first married  ‑‑‑‑‑‑.  He married second ‑‑‑‑‑‑.  He married third Margaret C. ‑‑‑‑‑‑ in 1867.  He lived in Hickman, Fulton Co., KY, which is on the TN-KY border in the southwest corner of the state.  (R‑512)

Children - Graves, by 2nd wife

    1459.    William C. Graves, b.c. 1852 (TN).

Children - by Margaret C. ------

    1460.    John H. Graves, b.c. 1871 (KY).

    1461.    Mary Graves, b.c. 1874 (KY).


Walter C. Graves (714) was born about 1822 in NC, and probably died in late 1859 during a pneumonia outbreak.  He married Elizabeth Jane Black on 1 Jan. 1846 in Carroll Co., TN (Carroll Co. Marriage Records).  She was born about 1825, and died in early 1860 of pneumonia.

Walter was in the 1840 census for Carroll Co., TN.  He was mentioned many times in the Carroll Co. Court Minutes beginning Jan. 1845 through the late 1850’s as road worker, road overseer, and bridge builder.  They were in the 1850 census for Carroll Co., TN, as Walton C., 28, Jane, 25, Mary E., 4, William N., 2, William, 18, Eliza J. Croft, 12, Mary C., 32, and Mary Graves, 71 (probably Walter’s mother and the widow of William Graves).  Walter and Jane are both on the Carroll Co. Mortality Schedule for 1860, with his age given as 48 (should have been 38 according to the census).

Since Walter and Elizabeth Jane died in late 1859 and early 1860, they did not appear on the 1860 census which was taken in August 1860.  However, a court document listed five children: Mary E. Graves, Madison Graves, Melinda Graves, Jacob Graves, and Matilda Graves.  Three of these children were listed in the 1860 census of Carroll Co. in the home of Mary Graves who may have been an aunt.  These were Melinda S., 9, Madison, 7, and Matilda, 6.  Mary E. and Melinda A. lived with John W. Graves in LA.  (R‑512, R‑514)

Children - Graves

+1462.     Mary E. Graves, b.c. 1846, m. Irwin Davis, 28 Oct. 1868.

    1463.    William N. Graves, b.c. 1848.

+1464.     Malinda S. Graves, b. 20 March 1852, m. James Graham Oldfield, 26 May 1878, d. 9 March 1910.

    1465.    Walter Graves, b.c. 1853.

+1466.     Stella Graves, b.c. 1856, m. John B. Kerlin, d. 28 March 1915.



Jane Yancey (715) was probably born about 1775[35] in NC.  On some records of the marriage of Jane, her name appears as Quincy or Jincey (possibly Janie or Janey).  She first married William Christmas on 28 July 1790 in Granville Co., NC.  He was born after 1764 and died 11 April 1804, both in Warren Co., NC.  His parents were Thomas Christmas (son of John, son of Thomas) and Sarah Duke (daughter of William Duke).  She married second John Green on 12 Oct. 1805 in Warren Co., NC.  All her children were born in NC.  (R‑228)

Children - Christmas

    1467.    Lewis Yancey Christmas, b.c. 1791, d.c. 1820 (Warren Co., NC).  He left a will in 1820 in Warren Co., NC.

    1468.    Thomas H. Christmas, b.c. 1795, m(1) Margaret L. J. Williams, 23 May 1815 (Warren Co., NC), m(2) Elizabeth C. Davis, 8 Feb. 1817 (Warren Co., NC).

    1469.    William D. Christmas, b.c. 1796.

    1470.    Mary L. Christmas, b.c. 1798, d.c. 1820 (Warren Co., NC). There is a record of a Mary L. Christmas marrying a John Davis 13 April 1815 in Warren Co., NC; uncertain whether this is the same Mary Christmas.  He left a will in 1820 in Warren Co., NC.

    1471.    Jane Yancey Christmas, b.c. 1799, d.c. 1819 (Warren Co., NC).  She left a will in 1819 in Warren Co., NC.

    1472.    Sally (or Lucy) D. Christmas, b.c. 1801, m. John Marshall, 11 May 1818 (Warren Co., NC).  They moved to Smith Co., TN.


Henry Graves Yancey (716) was probably born about 1777[36] in NC, and died about 1848[37] in Granville Co., NC.  He left a will in 1848 in Granville Co.  He first married Elizabeth Royster, daughter of William Royster (son of William Royster) and Sarah Puryear, on 15 Jan. 1805 in Granville Co., NC.  He married second Sarah Green, daughter of John Green and Polly Christmas, on 10 April 1813 in Warren Co., NC.  Henry and family were listed in the 1810 and 1820 censuses for Granville Co., NC, and his wife was in the 1850 census for Warrenton Dist., Warren Co., NC.  All his children were born in NC, at least the last 2 in Granville Co.  (R‑228)

Children - Yancey, by Elizabeth Royster

    1473.    Henry Graves Yancey, b.c. 1806, never married, d. after 1842.  He was a physician, and was in the 1840 census for Granville Co., NC.

Children - Yancey, by Sarah Green

    1474.    John Green Yancey, b.c. 1813, m. Temperance Anne Boddie, 17 June 1841 (Nash Co., NC), d. 2 May 1874.  She was b.c. 1820 in NC.  He was listed in the census records for Mecklenburg Co., VA, W District in 1840, in Warren Co., NC in 1850, 1860 and 1870 (age 56), and in a will record in 1883 in Vance Co., NC (for her?).

    1475.    Alexander Lewis (“Alex”) Yancey, b.c. 1815, m(1) Elizabeth W. Bragg (dau. of Thomas Bragg and Margret Crossland), 27 July 1836 (Warren Co., NC), m(2) Martha E. Eldridge, 10 May 1849 (Shelby Co., TN), d. 14 Dec. 1858.  Elizabeth d. 27 Jan. 1847 in TN.  Martha was b.c. 1830 in VA.  He and his family were in the 1840 census for Hardeman Co., TN, and the 1850 census for Shelby Co., TN (age 33).

    1476.    Edwin Thomas Yancey, b. 1816, m. Mary May Anderson, 9 Nov. 1839 (Fayette Co., TN), d. Sept. 1879.  She was b.c. 1822 in NC.  He was in the 1840 census for Hardeman Co., TN, the 1850 census for Fayette Co., TN, 13th Civil Dist., and the 1860 census for Austin Co., TX.



Rev. Elijah Graves (717) was born 23 Jan. 1791 at Grassy Creek, Granville Co., NC, and died 7 May 1869 in Houston, TX.  He married Areanna (or Ariana) Stanford, daughter of Hon. Richard Stanford and granddaughter of Hon. Alexander Mebane (both members of Congress), on 5 May 1812 in Orange Co., NC.  She died in 1864 at Clinton (now Cuero), TX.

They settled on a farm given him by his father, located about two miles from the latter's home in Granville Co.  Their parents also gave them 20 negroes and a supply of horses and cattle.  In addition to farming, he had a large private school.

They must have moved to Orange Co., NC about 1817 (unless the county boundaries changed), since their first 3 children were born in Granville Co., NC, but the others were born in Orange Co., NC, with the 5th through the 9th child born at Longmeadow, NC.  (R‑80, R‑915)

Children - Graves

+1477.     Eliza Jeanette Graves, b. 24 Jan. 1813, m(1) George Washington Morrow, 28 Aug. 1828, m(2) Edwin Greer Thompson, 10 Jan. 1839, m(3) William Thompson, 1845, d. 12 Dec. 1880.

+1478.     Cornelia Mebane Graves, b. 8 Aug. 1814, m. Alexander Morrow, 7 July 1834, d. 18 June 1890.

+1479.     Richard Stanford Graves, b. 27 Sept. 1816, m. Martha Elizabeth Thomas, 11 Aug. 1842, d. 10 Oct. 1887.

+1480.     Ralph Lewis Graves, b. 19 March 1818, m. Susan Guier, 4 Sept. 1849.

+1481.     Elijah Morrison Graves, b. 6 Jan. 1820, m. Elizabeth Hodge, 7 Sept. 1842, d. 1861-5.

+1482.     Henry Scott Graves, b. 21 Sept. 1821, m(1) Flora Dowell, 3 Oct. 1849, m(2) Martha Lawson, c. 1855, m(3) Elizabeth Lawson, c. 1859, d. 9 Feb. 1906.

    1483.    Ariana Stanford Graves, b. 19 Aug. 1825, m. (Col.) N. A. Milton, 1842 (Middleton, MS), d. 30 June 1869.

    1484.    Mary Annabella Graves, b. 29 May 1827, m. Robert Graham (of Middleton, MS), 1848, d. 11 May 1852 (Middleton, MS).

    1485.    Julia Caroline Graves, b. 1829, m. William B. Leigh, 4 March 1857 (San Antonio, TX).  Lived in San Antonio.

+1486.     William Paisley Graves, b. 27 Sept. 1831, m. Louisa Post, 2 April 1867, d. 4 Feb. 1881.


Henry Lewis Graves (718) was born 11 Jan. 1793 in Granville Co., NC. and died about 1829 according to his will (Granville Co., NC Will Book 11, pp. 251-252).  He married Mary Brown Dickens on 9 Feb. 1814.  She was born 14 Sept. 1792 (or 1793) in Person Co., NC, and died in 1838 in Roxboro, Person Co., NC.  They lived in Granville Co., NC.  (R‑19, R‑94, R‑915)

Children - Graves

    1487.    Selina Frances Graves, b. 21 June 1815, m. James S. Morrow, 4 July 1833, d. 7 July 1854.

+1488.     Ralph Henry Graves, b. 9 March 1817, m. Emma Taylor, 4 Dec. 1849, d. 10 May 1876.

+1489.     Jesse Dickens Graves, b. 13 May 1819, m. Mary Elizabeth Foust, 25 March 1854, d. 19 Sept. 1884.

    1490.    Betsey Calhoun Graves, b. 7 March 1821, m(1) Richard Gordon, m(2) Dr. R. S. Baynes.

+1491.     Calvin Elijah Graves, b. 24 (or 3) June 1823, m. Caroline Murphy Foust, 20 March 1845, d. 1860-1870.



Thomas K. Graves (719) was born about 1793 (or 1797) in Granville Co., NC, and died after 1870.  He married Nancy D. Kimbrough.  She was born about 1795 in VA, and also died after 1870 in Giles Co., TN.  She was named in her father’s will.  They were in the 1840-1870 censuses for Giles Co., TN.  (R‑253, R‑258, R‑915)

Children - Graves

    1492.    Elijah E. Graves, b.c. 1825 (Giles Co., TN); was a Presbyterian minister.

    1493.    Mary Graves, b.c. 1826 (NC).

+1494.     Sarah A. Graves, b. June 1832, m. James Wilson Tucker, 2 Aug. 1866, d. 1906.


Elizabeth N. (“Betsy”) Graves (722) was born about 1804, probably in Granville Co., NC, and died about 24 July 1841 in Guntersville, Marshall Co., AL.  She married Nathaniel Steele.  He was born about 1795 in Granville Co., NC, and died about June 1837 in Claysville, Marshall Co., AL.  (R‑258)

Children - Steele

+1495.     Mary Elizabeth Steele, b.c. 1824, m. John Madison Scott, d. 1865.

    1496.    Nathaniel Thomas Steele, b.c. 1829, d. 26 Jan. 1834 (Pulaski, Giles Co., TN).  Bur. Old City Cem.

    1497.    Saffona Steele, b.c. 1832, d. bet. 8 June and 15 Sept. 1832 (Pulaski, TN).  Bur. Old City Cem.

    1498.    Ann Jane Steele, b.c. 1834, m. Daniel W. Boone, m(2) William W. Thompson, d.c. 1887 (probably St. Clair Co., AL).  Bur. Springville Cem.

+1499.     Virginia Steele, b.c. 1836, m. Samuel A. Bradley, d.c. 1889.

    1500.    Nathaniel Graves Steele, b.c. 1838 (Marshall Co., AL), d. aft. June 1863.  Battle of Chickamauga - U.S. Civil War.


Ralph Wade Graves (725) was born about 1812 (or 1799) in Granville Co., NC, and died in 1847 in Dover, Lafayette Co., MO.  He first married Sarah Dorsey Larsh, daughter of Abram Larsh and Catherine Worthington, on 22 Nov. 1833 in St. Louis Co., MO.  She died in 1838.  He married second Clara Eliza Barnett of Rocheport, Boone Co., MO on 27 Nov. 1839 in Howard Co., MO.  She died in 1845 in Dover, MO.  He was a merchant in Dover.  (R‑253, R‑915)

Children - Graves, by Sarah D. Larsh

+1501.     Abram Larsh Graves, b. 24 Sept. 1834, m. Martha Elizabeth Pollard, 20 Oct. 1857, d. 1 Jan. 1919.

    1502.    Mary E. Graves, b.c. 1836.  Educated in Catholic school in St. Louis, MO.  Entered a convent in Indiana, and known as Sister Mary Gonzaga.

    1503.    David Wade Graves, b. 1838, d. in infancy.

Children - Graves, by Clara Barnett

+1504.     Thomas Henderson Graves, b. Jan. 1841, m. Jane Ravenscroft, 1864, d. aft. 1910.



Richard Graves (726) was born about 1773, apparently in VA.  He was always called "Dickey", according to Mrs. Murriel L. Smith.  According to tradition, he "originated near Richmond, VA", possibly Amherst Co., VA.  The Graves and Murrell families were found in Dinwiddie Co., VA also.  He died 11 Jan. 1849 in White Co., IL, and was buried in Phillipstown Cem., White Co., IL.

Amherst Co. is much too far west to be considered "near Richmond."  David Graves, the father of the Richard (“Dickie”) Graves who married Nellie Tilley was born near Richmond in Louisa or Spotsylvania Co.  This David was in Surry Co., NC by 1762, in Shelby Co., KY by 1807, and was descended from immigrant Capt. Thomas Graves of VA.  Dickie Graves who married Nelly Tilley on 26 Dec. 1797 in Shelby Co., KY has long been confused with the Richard Graves who married Millie Murrell, but it is now apparent that they are two different people.

The Richard Graves of this genealogy was descended from Capt. Thomas Graves of VA as follows: Thomas1, John2, Ralph3, Ralph4 m. Unity White, John5 m. Elizabeth, John6 m. Lucy Adams, John7, Richard8.  Richard’s parents were listed in the 1810 Albemarle Co., VA census.  The source for the parentage of Richard is Critzer-Drumheller Ancestors by Margaret C. Reese, Waynesboro, VA, 1979.  According to this book, Richard married second Jane Fielding (widow) on 28 Feb. 1799 in Augusta Co., VA.  (See also The Graves Family Newsletter, pp. 70-71, 1995.)  However, there is considerable question as to whether Jane Fielding really married this Richard Graves.  See genealogy 188 for some of the probable descendants of Richard Graves and Jane Fielding of Augusta Co., VA.  (R‑283)

Richard Graves first married Millie (or Milly) Murrell (or Murril) on 14 March 1796 in Amherst Co., VA.  He later married Cassandra Riggs, daughter of Levi Riggs, probably as his third wife.  She was born 10 May 1784 or 1787 in VA, died 18 Jan. 1871 in White Co., IL, and was buried in New Phillipstown Cem., White Co.  It is not known for sure whether Elizabeth and Nancy were by the first or second marriage.  Cassandra was recorded on the 1850 census living with son Thomas and the 1860 and 1870 censuses living with son James in White Co., IL.

The first four children were born in VA, the second and third probably in Amherst Co., and the fourth definitely there according to her grave marker at Stokes Chapel.  Richard Graves, Jr. was born in KY, and Nancy may have been.  Although Elizabeth was supposedly born in White Co., it seems more likely that she was born in KY.  The last three children were probably born in White Co., IL.


The following is an article by Barry Cleveland that appeared in the Carmi Times, vol. 25, no. 30, Tues., 4 Feb. 1975, Carmi, IL.  "For more than a century and a half they stood, silent but eloquent testimony to the skill of their creators and the strength of their timbers.

Stoically they braved the ravages of weather and time; quietly they perservered as hundreds and thousands of their kind grew up around them, aged and withered away.

Generations of men and animals sought their shelter; generously they offered it to their builders and their builder's children and grandchildren and greatgrandchildren...

And then, in the 16th decade of their existence, there were no more men to shelter.  And slow death set in.

But death was not to be the fate of these two aging Phillips Township structures, located just 1-1/2 miles south of Crossville, believed to be the oldest in White County.  Resurrection in a new setting, instead, lies before them, across the river in New Harmony, Ind.

Here is the story, pieced together from old abstracts, family histories and stories by Mrs. John C. (Grace) Spencer, Carmi.

Richard Graves, a Virginia pioneer, found the old Dominion's atmosphere a bit stifling toward the end of the 1700's and moved west to Kentucky.

By that time "Old Kaintuck" had also become a state, and Graves, probably infected with the "go west, young man" fever which was so much a part of the American psyche, soon moved on.  He settled, eventually, in what was to become White County, IL.

Graves cleared a bit of the flat land about 1-1/2 miles south of what is now Crossville and built a log house, probably around 1805.  He soon added another one-room structure nearby and built a loft to connect the two, leaving space between them (and beneath the loft) wide enough for a team and wagon to pass through.

Here Richard Graves settled with his second wife, Cassandra, and began to carve a life out of the Illinois wilderness.  Back east, Thomas Jefferson was the President of the United States -- the same Thomas Jefferson whose home was just 40 miles from Richard Graves' old home in Amherst County, Va.  But out in the bleak Northwest Territories, there were far more important considerations than worrying about national affairs.  There was a growing family to raise, feed, and house.

Richard Graves soon saw the need for a new home, so he undertook to build a second double log house just southwest of the original.  He could afford to take a bit more care with this one, and he did; the logs of the first building were more roughly hewn than the second.

The new structure was completed about 1810, and the growing Graves family moved in.  It was headquarters for the 2,000-acre family estate, but also a haven from the elements and the Indians who still occasionally plagued the settlers.  The "old" house eventually became a barn.

Civilization finally caught up to Richard Graves, and, with a family of eight children to feed and a large farm to help him with that task, he gave up his flight from it, and settled down.

His sons were growing fast, and in 1837 he presented his namesake, Richard Jr., with the land on which the home place stood, for "services rendered as a dutiful son."

History doesn't record when the senior Graves died, and details of the next years of the estate are sketchy. [His tombstone at Phillipstown Cemetery gives his death date as 11 Jan. 1849.]  The junior Graves farmed his land and lived in the family homestead until his death in 1877, leaving eight children and a grandchild as heirs.

The home place went to a son, Lafayette Graves, but it was soon to pass temporarily out of the family.  Samuel Goodman acquired the place in 1884, but he died in 1888. Then came Jacob Dennis, a Crossville man.  [Samuel Goodman was a grandson of Richard Graves, and a son of Elizabeth Graves and James Goodman.  However, Jacob Dennis was not descended from Richard Graves, as far as is known.]

In 1899, Mrs. Alice Spencer Caplinger, widow of John Spencer, acquired the property and moved into the old house, where she lived until her death in 1937.

Two years later, her grandson, John C. Spencer, who had lived with Mrs. Caplinger for many years, acquired the property from his brothers and sister -- Earl and Alfred, both of Carmi, Mrs. Lucille Lamar and Mrs. Alma Wave McKnight, both then of Crossville.  Their father, Chancey, died in 1920 at the age of 36.

Thus the old homestead was again in the possession of a Graves descendant.  John's grandmother was Lucy Graves Hart, his greatgrandfather Thomas Graves, his greatgreat- grandfather Richard Graves, Jr.

Eventually, the house became vacant, and its deterioration accelerated.

The family had learned of the buildings' approximate age in the late 1930's, from the aging Henry Graves, son of Richard Jr. and uncle of Mrs. Sarah Forrester, Crossville.  As the structures began to decay, the Spencers grew progressively concerned, particularly Mary Jane and John E.  Mrs. Spencer considered tearing them down, but the children persuaded her to wait a bit, in hopes that someone would want the old logs for preservation's sake.

And then New Harmony entered the picture.  Richard Travis, county superintendent of schools and a friend of the Spencers, suggested that they talk with a historically-minded organization called Historic New Harmony.

Mrs. Spencer did just that, contacting Ralph Schwarz, a Connecticut native who heads HNH.  Upon discovering the historical nature of the buildings, he agreed to purchase them for reconstruction on a site in New Harmony.

The work began late last fall.  The siding and roof were torn away from first the house and then the barn, exposing the ancient logs.  These were carefully numbered and charted and then moved to the Indiana site, where they will be reconstructed by this summer.

The buildings are probably older than any still standing in either White County or New Harmony, Schwarz said.  They are of the same type which were built in the early days at New Harmony, but they will be clearly labeled in the reconstruction as being from White County.

Exactly what use the buildings will be put to remains to be seen, although tourists will be able to view them.

In any case, the Spencers can relax, knowing that their old homestead is in good hands, and White Countians can take pride in the reconstruction of one of their historic old buildings in one of the nation's most historic little towns."  (R‑231, R‑233)

Children - Graves, by Millie Murrell

+1505.     Nelson Graves, b. 15 Jan. 1796, m(1) Caroline Farr, 13 March 1820, m(2) Phoebe (Rudolph) McHenry, 2 Dec. 1840, d. 24 Feb. 1860.

    1506.    Sarah ("Sally") Graves, b.c. 1799 (VA), m. William Gilston, 14 April 1820 (White Co., IL), d. aft. 1860.  He was b.c. 1792 (VA), d. aft. 1860.  Recorded on 1860 census in McLean Co., IL.

+1507.     Martha Graves, b.c. 1800, m. Daniel B. Brown, 16 June 1817, d.c. 1820.

+1508.     Mary Graves, b. 15 June 1802, m. William Council, 24 Nov. 1818, d. 25 Jan. 1869.

Children - Graves, by Jane Fielding

+1509.     Elizabeth Graves, m(1) James Goodman, 24 Sept. 1827, m(2) ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Borroughs.

+1510.     Nancy Graves, b. 1811, m. James Green Stokes, 22 March 1827, d. 25 May 1878.

+1511.     Richard Graves, Jr., b. 11 Oct. 1815, m. Sarah Elliott, 20 Sept. 1836, d. 13 May 1877.

    1512.    Minerva Ann Graves, m(1) William W. Brown, 24 Dec. 1842 (White Co., IL), m(2) Richard Henry.  This 2nd marriage may not have happened, and the supposed 2nd husband may be Richard Henry Brown, son of Minerva and William.

+1513.     Thomas Graves, b.c. 1825, m(1) Sarah Rudolph, 1 Nov. 1843, m(2) Sarah F. Crouder, 21 Sept. 1856, m(3) Lucy Elizabeth Greer, 20 June 1862, d. probably 1870.

+1514.     James Graves, b. 6 Aug. 1829 (or 1830), m(1) Emmeline Elliott, 23 Aug. 1849, m(2) Nancy Jane Gamron, 6 Dec. 1855, d. 21 Sept. 1913.


Sarah (“Sally”) Graves (727) was born about 1777-1778 in VA, and died 16 Jan. 1857 in Albemarle Co., VA.  She married John Toms on 22 (or 23) April 1792 in Albemarle Co., VA.  Marriage bond of £50 was posted by Richard Graves (probably Sarah’s brother).  John Toms died about 1841 in Albemarle Co., VA.  (R‑230)

Children - Toms

    1515.    Smithin Toms, b.c. 1797 (VA), m. Nancy Jackson, 11 May 1819, d. 26 April 1859.

    1516.    Acenett Toms, b.c. 1797 (Albemarle Co., VA), m. William Critzer, 13 Dec. 1819, d. 31 March 1867 (Albemarle Co., VA).

    1517.    Malinda Toms, m. Samuel Ray.

    1518.    Nancy Toms, m. John Jackson, Jr., 21 Nov. 1825.

+1519.     Louisa Toms, b.c. 1815, m. David W. Wade, 8 May 1827.

    1520.    Maria B. Toms, b.c. 1815 (Albemarle Co., VA), m. Andrew J. Critzer, 15 Sept. 1834, d. 21 June 1887.

    1521.    Virginia Toms, b.c. 1816 (VA), m. Robert Field, 4 June 1832.

    1522.    Harriet Toms, m. Robert L. Haskins.


John Graves (730) was born about 1784 in Albemarle Co., VA, and died in 1848 in Lincoln Co., MO.  He married Lucy Turner, daughter of James Turner and Rebecca Hamner, on 17 Nov. 1807 in Amherst Co., VA.  She was born about 1790 in Amherst Co., VA, and died in 1847 in Lincoln Co., MO.  (R‑23, R‑45)

Children - Graves

    1523.    Louisa Graves, b. VA, m. John Page.

+1524.     Thomas Graves, b. 9 April 1811, m(1) Nancy M. Nally, 28 Oct. 1841, m(2) Mildred Ann Garner, 7 July 1858, d. 10 Nov. 1876.

    1525.    James Graves, m(1) Elizabeth Waugh, m(2) Jane Turner.

+1526.     William Graves, b. 30 March 1816, m(1) Lucinda Ferguson, 21 Nov. 1844, m(2) Sarah Ann Waugh, 30 Oct. 1849, d. 8 June 1904.

    1527.    Sarah ("Sallie") Graves, m. Thomas Waugh, 25 May 1843.

+1528.     Edward P. Graves, b. 5 May 1824, m(1) Frances J. Woods, 8 June 1849, m(2) Louisa Woods, 20 July 1854, m(3) Amanda Caroline (Smart) Walrond McLeod, 8 Aug. 1871, d. 20 June 1918.

    1529.    Lucy Ann Graves, m. Hirah Keeling, 24 Nov. 1850.

    1530.    John Graves



William Simeon Graves (735), called Simeon, died in 1829 in VA.  He married Maria L. (or S.) Yancey, daughter of William Layton Yancey and Frances Lynn Lewis, on 28 Aug. 1813[38] in Rockingham Co., VA.  She was born 29 Oct. 1789 in Rockingham Co., VA, and died 24 Feb. 1868 in IN.  She was listed in the 1850 census of Union Co., IN.  Their children were born in VA.  (R‑228)

Children - Graves

    1531.    Frances L. Graves, b.c. 1816, m. James M. Taylor, 4 Aug. 1835 (Orange Co., VA), d. 1887 (Union Co., IN).

    1532.    John P. Graves, b. 3 Feb. 1818, d. 1838 (Union Co., IN).

    1533.    Maria E. Graves, b.c. 1821, m. James Brown, 5 April 1849 (Union Co., IN), d. 1908 (Union Co., IN).

    1534.    Layton Y. Graves, b.c. 1822, m. Mary Ellwood, 6 Feb. 1845 (Union Co., IN).

    1535.    Amanda Jane Graves, b. 10 Sept. 1823, m. William Wood, 6 April 1845 (Union Co., IN), d. 1908 (IN).

    1536.    Clarissa E. Graves, b.c. 1825, m. William Wood, 20 July 1849 (Union Co., IN).


Jane Graves (737) was born in 1794 in Syria, Madison Co., VA, and died 14 May 1875 in Criglersville, Madison Co., VA.  She married Adam Wilhoit, son of Michael Wilhoit and Elizabeth Crisler, on 14 (or 10) Sept. 1815 in Madison Co.  He died 26 Aug. 1846 in Criglersville, VA.  Their children were born in Criglersville, all married in Madison Co., VA, and all were buried in Madison Co. except for Clarissa who was buried in Orange Co., VA.  (R‑103)

Children - Wilhoit

    1537.    Carmichael Wilhoit, b.c. 1817, never married, d. 29 Jan. 1853.

    1538.    Elizabeth Cornelia Wilhoit, b. 30 June 1818, m. Benjamin Franklin Garnett, 10 Dec. 1835, d. 8 Sept. 1891.  He was b. 27 Aug. 1814 and d. 22 Jan. 1884.

+1539.     Martha Jane Wilhoit, b. 26 Aug. 1820, m. Thomas Waggoner Chapman, 5 Dec. 1837, d. 26 April 1877.

    1540.    Frances Ellen Wilhoit, b. 9 Sept. 1822, m. (Dr.) Alexander Payne, 21 Feb. 1843, d. 26 Dec. 1885.  He was b. 2 March 1812 and d. 15 July 1874.

    1541.    Clarissa Adeline Wilhoit, b. 26 July 1823, m. Robert W. Brooking, 18 Feb. 1847, d. 6 June 1897.  He was b. 25 March 1824.

    1542.    Almira Adelaide Wilhoit, b. 8 June 1827, m. James Madison Graves, 18 Dec. 1852, d. 20 Jan. 1907.  See #1545 for descendants.


Paschal Graves (738) was born 26 June 1796 in Madison Co., VA, died 28 Aug. 1860 in Marksville, Page Co., VA, and was buried in Graves Chapel Cem., Page Co., VA.

He first married Mary ("Polly") Beidler (or Beedler), daughter of Ulrich Biedler and Barbara Varner, on 22 March 1819 in Shenandoah Co., VA Shenandoah Co. Marriage Record Book, 1772-1858, p. 247).  She was born 29 Nov. 1802 and died 21 Oct. 1829.  They lived in Page Co., VA  He was a farmer, and they belonged to the Methodist Episcopal Church.

He married second Elizabeth White Graves[39] (#873), daughter of Jacob Graves of Orange Co., VA, on 25 Aug. 1830 (or 14 Sept. 1829) in Stanley, Page Co., VA.  She was born 23 July 1805, died 1 May 1870 in VA and was also buried in Graves Chapel Cem., Page Co.  She first married ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Eddins.  Paschal is said to have had 13 children by this second marriage, although only 12 are listed below.  This family was recorded on the 1850 census in Page Co., VA; their children were born in VA.

It had been believed by some that there was another son, Richard Thomas Graves, b.c. 1822, died 18 May 1899, who married Nancy Watkins about 1841.  However, there is no mention of such a son in the family bible record submitted by R‑96.  In addition, DNA test results received in early 2007 show that the line from Richard Thomas Graves is not part of this family and is probably descended from Francis Graves of Gloucester Co. & Essex Co., VA (genealogy 220).  (R‑96, R‑101)

Children - Graves, by Mary Beidler

+1543.     John William Graves, b. 22 March 1820, m. Mary Catherine Brubaker, 14 Jan. 1848, d. 31 Oct. 1906.

    1544.    Elizabeth Graves, b. 9 Feb. 1822, d. July 1823 (Page Co., VA)

+1545.     James Madison Graves, b. 20 Aug. 1824, m. Almira Adelaide Wilhoit, 18 Dec. 1852, d. 11 Dec. 1895.

+1546.     Benjamin Franklin Graves, b. 25 Aug. 1826, m. May Malone.

Children - Graves, by Elizabeth Graves

    1547.    Jacob White Graves, b. 6 Jan. 1832, d. 11 Dec. 1860 (CA during the Gold Rush).

+1548.     Frances Ann Graves, b. 15 March 1833, m. Peter Long, d. 8 March 1863.

+1549.     George Washington Graves, b. 27 May 1834, m. Louise H. Wilhoit, c. 1861, d. aft. 1910.

+1550.     Thomas Jefferson Graves, b. 14 Feb. 1836, m. Elizabeth Ann Reid, 1 June 1855, m(2) Sarah Elizabeth Keyser, 26 Dec. 1865, d. 27 Jan. 1916.

+1551.     Trenton Orvell Graves, b. 7 Jan. 1838, m. Emma Judd, 7 Jan. 1863, d. 10 July 1890.

    1552.    Mary Susan Graves, b. 20 Aug. 1839, m. Sink Lillard.  No children.

+1553.     Sarah Elizabeth Graves (twin), b. 23 Sept. 1841, m. John Newton Wilhoit, 30 June 1863, d. aft. 1930.

    1554.    Eliza Jane Graves (twin), b. 23 Sept. 1841, m. James William Koontz, 14 Oct. 1860 (Page Co., VA), d. 12 Feb. 1927.  See #3199 for descendants.

    1555.    Clarissa Margaret (or Marguerite) Graves, b. 1 Sept. 1843, m. Isaac H. Reid, d. 1913.  No children.

+1556.     Virginia Page Graves, b. 15 April 1845, m. John Pendleton Beaver, 26 Dec. 1864, d. aft. 29 Jan. 1916.

+1557.     Isaac Newton Graves (twin), b. 22 Dec. 1849, m. Annie Lee Keyser, 1 April 1884, d. 1935.

+1558.     Charles Edward Graves (twin), b. 22 Dec. 1849, m. Martha Lee Koontz, 11 May 1875, d. bef. 1930.


Abraham[40] Graves (740) died 28 Sept. 1839 in VA.  He married Rebecca Biedler[41], daughter of Ulrich Biedler, on 27 Oct. 1825[42].  She was born 1 June 1810 in Marksville, VA, died in 1868, and was buried in Graves Mill, VA.  She belonged to the Primitive Baptist Church.  After Abraham died, she married Thomas J. Allen.  He died in 1888.

It is said that Abraham and Rebecca had 4 children, all listed in the family Bible with their dates of birth.  The information from R‑201 is from Madison Co., Will Book 7, page 14, the Graves Bible, and History of Descendants of John Hottel.  (R‑201)

Children - Graves

    1559.    Isaac Newton Graves, b. 30 Sept. 1826.

+1560.     Thomas Dewitt Clinton Graves, b. 1 Oct. 1829, m. Margaret Jane Jackson, 18 March 1854, d. 1 April 1888.

    1561.    Elizabeth (Ann or Albert) Virginia Graves, b. 17 (or 7) May 1832[43].

+1562.     Morgan Gilbert Graves, b. 20 Sept. 1835, m. Sarah Ann Gibbs, 21 May 1854, d. 5 May 1900.


Judith Graves (742) was born about 1798 in Madison Co., VA, and died 11 April 1869 in VA.  She married John W. Snyder on 28 Oct. 1816 in Madison Co., VA.  He was born 30 Nov. 1785 in Madison Co., VA, and died 28 Jan. 1874 in VA.  All their children were born in VA.  (R‑9, R‑183)

Children - Snyder

    1563.    William Snyder, b. 5 Nov. 1817, d. 4 Aug. 1871.

+1564.     Jane Snyder, b. 13 Nov. 1819, m. James Thomas Koontz, 20 Aug. 1834, d. 7 Feb. 1890.

    1565.    Emmanuel Snyder, b. 17 Sept. 1821 (Page Co., VA), d. 7 Sept. 1903.

    1566.    John W. Snyder, b. 21 Feb. 1826 (Page Co., VA), d. 23 Jan. 1870 (Page Co., VA).

    1567.    Mary Ann Snyder, b. 10 Sept. 1827 (Shenandoah Co., VA), d. 6 June 1857 (Page Co., VA).

    1568.    James P. Snyder, b. 2 March 1829, d. 27 Jan. 1911.

    1569.    Frances Elizabeth Snyder, b. 5 Feb. 1831 (Page Co., VA), d. 13 Oct. 1898 (Massanutten, Page Co., VA).

    1570.    Lewis A. Snyder, b. 5 Feb. 1831.

    1571.    Clarissa A. Snyder, b. 21 July 1832 (Marksville, Page Co., VA), d. 1905 (Fauquier, VA).

+1572.     Verinda Jane Snyder, b. 7 Feb. 1834, m. David Koontz, 13 Dec. 1852, d. 29 Sept. 1927.



Frances Graves (743) was born 20 Jan. 1792 in Madison Co., VA.  She married Reuben C. Sims on 22 Oct. 1812 in Madison Co., VA.  They moved from VA to IL with their daughter Eliza and son-in-law Major Isaac Newton Walker in 1835.  (R‑18)

Children - Sims

    1573.    Eliza Graves, b. (VA), m. Major Isaac Newton Walker.  Moved to IL in 1835.  Major Walker had been in the Virginia Militia and was an honorary escort for Marquis de Lafayette on his visit to Orange Co., VA in 1824.  In Illinois he served in the Illinois General Assembly with Abraham Lincoln and became friends with him.  Major Walker and Eliza entertained Lincoln on several occasions; he also drove Lincoln by buggy from the train station to some of his speeches in 1858 when Lincoln was running for the U.S. Senate against Stephen Douglas.

    1574.    Frances Graves, m. ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Ross.  Abraham Lincoln was an overnight guest in her home in IL.

    1575.    Elizabeth Graves, m. David Rutledge, brother of Anne Rutledge.


Sarah Graves (745) was born 3 Oct. 1794 in Madison Co., VA, died 9 Jan. 1885, and was buried in the family burial grounds, Wolftown, Madison Co., VA.  A portrait of Sarah was passed down to Mrs. Marion Garnett, a great-great-granddaughter.  She married William E. Early, son of Capt. James Earl Early and Elizabeth (“Bettie”) Thompson, on 22 Oct. 1812 in Madison Co. (or Orange Co.), VA.  He was born 23 Sept. 1789 in Orange Co., VA, and died 11 May 1856 in Wolftown, VA.  (R‑343, R‑429)

Children - Early

+1576.     Thomas James Early, b. 24 Oct. 1813, m. Caroline Malinda Wood, 18 Feb. 1840, d. 18 Nov. 1855.

+1577.     Elizabeth Francis Early, b. 29 Nov. 1815, m. John Graves Dulaney, 25 Nov. 1834, d. 1 Nov. 1864.

+1578.     William Leyton Early, b. 1819, m. Sarah Elizabeth Twyman, 8 Nov. 1842, d. 25 Jan. 1879.

    1579.    Mary Catherine Early, b. 1 Dec. 1820.

    1580.    Sarah Cornelia Early, b. 1834, m. Franklin E. Garnett.


Mary Louise Graves (748) was born 31 (or 30) Dec. 1801 in Madison Co., VA, and died 18 May 1865 in Lexington, Lafayette Co., MO.  She married John Vivion Webb, son of Augustine Webb and Lucy Rogers, on 19 Sept. 1820 in Madison Co., VA.  He was born 18 May 1797 in Orange Co., VA, and died 25 March 1855 in Lexington, MO.  They were buried in Webb Cem., Lafayette Co., MO.  They moved from Orange Co., VA, where their farm adjoined that of President James Madison, to Lafayette Co., MO.  This family was recorded on the 1850 census in Lafayette Co., MO; children Garland through Virginia lived with them.  Children Mary through Thacker were born in VA, the later children were born in MO.  (R‑341, R‑450)

Children - Webb

    1581.    Mary Vivion Webb, b. 5 May 1823, m. Edward Roth, 1 Jan. 1850 (Lafayette Co., MO), d. 15 Jan. 1897 (Lafayette Co., MO).  He was b. 24 Dec. 1819, d. 29 Feb. 1892.  Both bur. Corder Calvary Cem. (Corder, Lafayette Co., MO).

+1582.     William Crittenden Webb, b. 5 Feb. 1825, m. Martha H. Jones, Oct. 1853, d. 4 March 1896.

    1583.    John Garland Webb, b. 18 Feb. 1828 (Orange Co., VA), m. Elizabeth Carter, C. 1855, d. 1 April 1895 (Dover, MO). She was b. 27 Feb. 1834 (VA), dau. of Edwin H. Carter and Anna Maria Paul, and d. 11 Feb. 1908 (Lafayette Co., MO).  Both bur. Webb Family Cem.  10 children.

    1584.    Thomas Augustine Webb; b.c. 1830, m(1) Elizabeth Nancy Buford, 6 April 1852 (Lafayette Co., MO), m(2) Margaret Ann Prather, 15 Dec. 1868 (Lafayette Co., MO), d. aft. 1870.

    1585.    Lucy Mouring Webb, b.c. 1832, m. Charles Whiting, 25 Sept. 1853 (Lafayette Co., MO, d. bet. 1910 and 1920 (probably IL).  Ten children.

    1586.    Thacker (or Thatcher) Vivion Webb, b. 1 May 1833 (Orange Co., VA), m. Martha Ann Tyre Green, 7 June 1859 (Lafayette Co., MO), d. 29 May 1911 (Dover, Lafayette Co., MO).  Bur. Webb Family Cem.  She was b.c. 1839 (TN), dau. of Lewis Green and Betsy P. Guerrant, d. bet. 1870-1880.  Bur. Machpelah Cem. (Lexington, MO).

    1587.    Virginia Webb, b. 9 Aug. 1835, d. 25 Aug. 1839.  Bur. Webb Family Cem.

    1588.    Wyatt Webb, b. Nov. 1837, m. Mary Isabell Rice, 20 Dec. 1859 (Ray Co., MO), d. aft. 1920 (possibly in OK).  Six children.

    1589.    Edward Webb, b. 27 Nov. 1840, d. 16 March 1842.  Bur. Webb Family Cem.


Elizabeth (or Eliza) Graves (749) was born 1 Nov. 1805 in VA, and died before 1833.  She married Brightberry Garth on 9 Dec. 1824.  He was born about 1800 in VA, and died after 1860, probably in TX.  He married second Jane Rucker Early on 9 Nov. 1833 in Madison Co., VA.  (R‑179, R‑907)

Children - Garth

    1590.    Mary Edward Garth, b.c. 1826.

    1591.    Martha Garth, b.c. 1828.

    1592.    Virginia Elizabeth Garth, b.c. 1830.



James Thornton Graves (751) was born 16 Dec. 1791 in Orange Co., VA, and died 1 May 1857 in Columbia Bridge, Page Co., VA.  He first married Sarah Strole on 3 April 1819.  She was born 4 March 1798 in Rockingham Co., VA, and died 11 Dec. 1824 in Madison Co., VA.  He married second Hannah Strole.  She was born 19 Jan. 1806 in VA, and died 18 June 1843 in VA.  He married third Christena Sigler.  She was born 1 Sept. 1810, and died 9 March 1888 in Honeyville, Page Co., VA.  (R‑252)

Children - Graves, by Sarah Strole

    1593.    Mary Ann Graves, b. 10 Feb. 1820 (Rockingham Co., VA), d. 1 Dec. 1847.

+1594.     Isaac Harden Graves, b. 31 March 1821, m. Jane Hollingsworth.

Children - Graves, by Hannah Strole

    1595.    William J. Graves, b. 24 May 1826, d. 10 Sept. 1848.

    1596.    Sarah Elizabeth Graves, b. 21 Feb. 1828 (Rockingham Co., VA), m. John Hardin Strole, d. 22 June 1905 (Compton, Page Co., VA).  He was b. 9 Sept. 1828 in Luray, Page Co., VA, and d. 25 Aug. 1891 in Vigo Co., IN.

    1597.    John L. Graves, b. 29 Feb. 1832 (VA).

+1598.     Rebecca Francis Graves, b. 6 Nov. 1834, m. William B. Menefee, d. 19 Nov. 1916.

+1599.     Eliza Jane Graves, b. 14 June 1837, m. Henry Kite, d. 18 Nov. 1913.

    1600.    Andrew Jackson Graves, b. 13 Sept. 1839 (VA).

    1601.    Benjamin F. Graves, b. 15 Feb. 1841.

+1602.     Matilda Catherine Graves, b. 21 April 1842, m. Andrew Frank Lam, d. 29 Aug. 1934.


Elizabeth Graves (752) was born about 1790 in VA.  She married Bennett (or Bennet) Rains (or Raines) on 1 Jan. 1816 in Shenandoah Co., VA.

Bennett’s brother William Rains married Frances Eddins (daughter of Mildred Eddins) on 23 Oct. 1811 in Orange Co., VA.  Sarah Graves (daughter of John Graves and Elizabeth Eddins) married William Delaney in 1809 in Madison Co., VA.  William and Bennett Rains lived in the Elkton area of Rockingham Co., VA.  Their lands were located on Elk Run with it bounded by lands of Charles L. Yancey (who married Lucinda Graves (#764), daughter of Benjamin Graves).  (R‑432)

Children - Rains

    1603.    Strauder Rains

    1604.    Sarah Rains

+1605.     Sarah Elizabeth Rains, b. 4 May 1820, m. Thomas Fitzgerald, 16 May 1843, d. 7 Dec. 1875.

    1606.    other children


Drusilla (or Drucilla) C. Graves (754) was born 11 Dec. 1798 in Madison Co., VA, died 31 May 1882 in New Goshen, Vigo Co., IN, while visiting her son, and was buried in Rosehill Cem., Vigo Co., IN.  She married John Strole, son of Christian Strole and Elizabeth Keyser, on 4 Oct. 1819 in Madison Co., VA.  He was born 20 July 1791 and died 23 Sept. 1868, both in Cob Run, Rockingham (now Page) Co., VA, and was buried in Strole Cem., Page Co.  He was a farmer and a miller.  (Sources of information include History of Vigo Co., Ind., by Bradsby, 1891, and the Christian Strole History, by Kathryn Foltz Layman.) (R‑139)

Children - Strole

    1607.    William Asher Strole, b. 6 July 1820 (Page Co., VA), m. Sarah Ann Kibler, 11 Aug. 1845 (Luray, Page Co., VA).  5 children.

    1608.    Jane Strole, b. 25 Oct. 1821 (VA), m. Jacob Long, 10 Jan. 1845 (Page Co., VA), d. 10 Sept. 1892.

    1609.    Cynthia Strole, b. 4 March 1823 (VA), m. Gideon Foltz, 30 May 1843 (Page Co., VA), d. 26 Jan. 1891.  Bur. Hall Cem. (Clinton Twp., Vermilion Co., IN).

    1610.    Joseph Christian Strole, b. 14 Oct. 1824 (VA), m. ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Sasseen.  4 children.

    1611.    Sarah ("Sally") Strole, b. 13 Nov. 1826.

    1612.    John Hardin Strole, b. 9 Sept. 1828 (Page Co., VA), m(1) Barbara Menefee, m(2) Matilda E. Whitesell, 14 Feb. 1856 (Vigo Co., IN), m(3) Sarah E. Graves, 19 Aug. 1878 (Page Co., VA), d. 25 Aug. 1891.  Bur. Rosehill Cem.  Moved to Vigo Co. in 1852.

    1613.    Simeon Franklin Strole, b. 28 Feb. 1831 (Page Co., VA), m. Nancy Jane ("Agnes") Kite, 26 July 1852 (Luray, VA), d. 26 Nov. 1893 (IN).  He was a miller and possibly a doctor.  Moved to Ind. 1857-8.  6 children.

    1614.    George Washington Strole, b. 30 April 1832 (VA), d. young.

    1615.    Daniel Strole, b.c. 1833.

    1616.    Alfred Edward Strole, b. 6 Jan. 1834-5 (Page Co., VA), m. Sarah Frances Strickler, 22 Jan. 1865, d. 10 Dec. 1906 (VA).  Bur. St. Paul's Lutheran Cem., Shenandoah, VA.  He was a miller.  House destroyed by flood of 1870.  6 children.

    1617.    Jacob Perry Strole, b. 12 March 1838 (VA), m. Mary Jane Whitesel, c. 1862, d. 19 Dec. 1880.  Bur. Vigo Co., Ind.  Moved to Ind. 1857-8.  4 children.

+1618.     Eliza Jane Strole, b. 13 April 1839, m. Lewis Wolford Kite, 12 June 1866, d. 1 Jan. 1918.  Moved to St. Joseph and Craig, MO.

+1619.     Elizabeth Ann Strole, b. 6 Oct. 1841, m. Benjamin M. Kite, 23 April 1863, d. 1 Nov. 1896.  Bur. Winfield, KS.  Moved to Missouri, and Nagle, OK.



Lucinda Graves (764) was born 9 May 1798 in VA, and died 5 Oct. 1879.  Her will and probate record dated 1879 is in Rockingham Co., VA.  She married Charles Lewis Yancey, son of William Layton Yancey and Frances Lynn Lewis, on 15 Oct. 1820 in Madison Co., VA.  He was born 6 May 1799 in VA, and died 16 May 1854 in Rockingham Co., VA.  His military record shows that he served in the 6th Regular Virginia Militia in 1812, possibly in the War of 1812.  He was listed in the Rockingham Co., VA census in 1820, 1830, 1840 and 1850 (District 56), and Lucinda was listed in the 1860 and 1870 censuses for Rockingham Co.  Their children were born in Rockingham Co., VA.  (R‑228)

Children - Yancey

    1620.    Elizabeth Frances Yancey, b. 21 Sept. 1823, m(1) Abbott W. Hudson, 15 Sept. 1850 (Rockingham Co., VA), m(2) John S. Dulaney, 17 May 1866 (Rockingham Co., VA), d. 3 Aug. 1867 (Giles Co., VA).  Abbott was b. 12 Jan. 1822 (VA), and d. 1857.  John was b. 1831 (VA), son of William Dulaney.

    1621.    Lucinda A. Yancey, b. 29 Nov. 1824, d. 21 Sept. 1829 (VA).

    1622.    Charles Benjamin Yancey, b. 19 Feb. 1826, m. Mary Jane Davis, 27 Jan. 1850 (Greene Co., VA), d. 22 June 1865.  She was b.c. 1825 (VA), dau. of B. F. Davis.  They were in the census for Rockingham Co., VA in 1850 (Dist. 56) and 1860.

+1623.     Anne Virginia Yancey, b. 20 June 1828, m. Thomas Kennerly Harnsberger, 5 Sept. 1852, d. 28 Sept. 1897.

+1624.     Mary Columbia Yancey, b. 14 Sept. 1829, m(1) Fontain Newton Taliaferro, 9 March 1853, m(2) Henry B. Harnsberger, 17 Jan. 1867, d. 17 April 1889.

+1625.     Thomas Alexander Yancey, b. 10 Nov. 1831, m(1) Sarah Anne Pollock, 1854, m(2) Mary Carey Snoddy, 19 Oct. 1859, d. 11 June 1888.



Thomas W. Graves (766) was born 1790-1800[44], and died 16 Oct. 1830 at home in Madison Co., VA (rather than 1888 as stated in published accounts in R‑907 or R‑915).  Thomas was listed as head of household in the 1830 census for Madison Co., VA, and his widow Mildred was listed in the 1840 census for Madison Co., VA.  Thomas married Mildred Peed Thrift, daughter of Robert Thrift and Rachel Magruder, on 5 April 1825.  Albemarle Co., VA Marriage Register, 1806-1868, vol. 34, shows this marriage with date 7 March 1825, minister Francis Bowman, bondsman Robert Thrift.  Mildred was born 30 Aug. 1804.

Mildred was listed in the 1870 census for Madison Court House, Rapid Ann Twp., Madison Co., VA, age 61, with son Thomas E. Graves.  She was listed in the Rapidan, Madison Co., VA census in 1880, age 73, with 2 servants.  (R‑302)

Children - Graves

+1626.     Cornelia Rachel Magruder Graves, b. 12 Aug. 1826, m. Edward Francis Birckhead, 29 April 1846, d. 27 Feb. 1896.

    1627.    Robert T. (probably Thrift) Graves, b.c. 1829.  He was living with his uncle George N. Thrift in 1850, according to the 1850 Madison Co., VA census.

    1628.    Thomas E. Graves, b.c. 1831.  The 1850 and 1870 Madison Co., VA censuses showed him living with his mother.



Thomas Sidnor Graves (768) was born 5 May 1816 in Wolftown, Madison Co., Va., and died 24 Oct. 1883.  He married Ann ("Annie") Moore.  She was born about 1835 in MD[45], or about 1830[46].  They were listed in the 1860 and 1880 censuses for Madison Co., VA.  Thomas was listed in the 1850 census for Madison Co., VA, with his brother Asa W. Graves, was a merchant.  They were both living with William Rose and family, tavern keeper.  (R‑103)

Children - Graves

    1629.    Olivia F. Graves, b.c. 1856.

    1630.    Philip M. Graves, b.c. 1859.  He went south and it is believed that he died of yellow fever at New Orleans about 1880.

    1631.    Frank Graves, b.c. 1860.  Only listed in the 1860 census, so may have died before 1870.


Sarah Ann Graves (769) was born 28 Sept. 1817 in Wolftown, Madison Co., VA, and died 21 Nov. 1847 in Syria, Madison Co., VA.  She married George Mason Reed Bohannon, son of Capt. Thomas Bohannon and Frances ("Frankie") Dicken, on 30 Nov. 1837 in Madison Co., VA.  He was born 9 June 1814 in Madison Co., and died 1 March 1898 in Syria, Madison Co., VA.  All their children were born in Syria, VA.

After Sarah died, George married second Elizabeth Slaughter on 20 Feb. 1849.  He married third Martha Virenda Early on 12 Feb. 1873-4.  By his second wife he had 6 children:  Lucy Hadassa ("Dass"), b. 13 March 1850; Petey (male), b. 1851; Samuel A., b. 13 Feb. 1853; Martha F., b. 24 Feb. 1854; James A., b. 21 Nov. 1855; and Georgia, b. 1857.  None of these children married, and they were all buried in the family plot in Syria, Va.  (R‑103)

Children - Bohannon

    1632.    Mary Venetia ("Nish") Bohannon, b. 22 Sept. 1838, m(1) James Presley Yager, 2 May 1857, m(2) Edwin ("Ned") Henshaw, 25 March 1874, d. 18 May 1915.  Bur. Cedar Cem. (Madison, Madison Co., VA).

    1633.    Thomas Asa Bohannon, b. 14 May 1840, m. Helena E. Miller, 29 May 1862, d. 10 March 1927.  Bur. Burlington, N.C.

    1634.    Sarah F. Bohannon, b. 7 Oct. 1841, d. 11 June 1842.  Bur. family plot (Syria, VA).

    1635.    Elizabeth Alice ("Betty") Bohannon, b. 11 June 1843, m. William Thomas Clore, 23 Feb. 1860, d. 11 May 1870 (KY).

    1636.    Sarah Catherine Bohannon, b. 16 March 1845, m. James Carmichael Chapman, 17 Dec. 1863, d. 22 June 1884.  See #3133 for descendants.

    1637.    William E. ("Billy") Bohannon, b. 17 April 1847, m. Mary E. Renalds, 14 Feb. 1878, d. 18 Aug. 1931.  Bur. Cedar Cem.


Dr. Asa Wesley (“Acy”) Graves (771) was born 3 Feb. 1821 in Wolftown, Madison Co., Va.  He married Lucy M. Booton (or Booten) of Madison Co., Va. on 20 June 1854.  She was born about 1830, according to the 1860 census.  They lived at Wolftown, Madison Co., on the farm of his grandfather Thomas Graves.  They were listed in the 1860 census for Wolftown, Madison Co., VA, and the 1880 census for Rapidan, Madison Co., VA, p. 359A, but could not be found in the 1870 census.  The 1880 census listed him as “Acy.”  (R‑915)

Children - Graves

    1638.    Francis Seldon Graves, b.c. 1857, m. Lena M. ‑‑‑‑‑‑.

    1639.    Thomas (?) Graves, b. 1858.  Only found in the 1860 census for Wolftown, Madison Co., VA.


Francis Edward Graves (773) was born 27 (or 17[47]) March 1825 in Wolftown, Madison Co., VA, and died 23 Jan. 1899.  He married Mary Peach Hamilton on 8 Dec. 1858.  She was born 3 May 1830 in West River, Anne Arundel Co., MD[48], and died 2 June 1917.  He erected in 1883-4 "Graves Chapel", a Baptist Meeting House which stands on land purchased by his grandfather and which had never been out of the possession of his family.  The chapel stands near the family burying ground and was donated by him as a memorial to the family, which had long been prominent and useful in the community.  The family was recorded on the 1870 and 1880 censuses in Madison Co., VA.  (R‑337, R‑915)

Children - Graves

    1640.    Sarah (“Sallie”) Graves, b. 5 Oct. 1859, d. 18 Aug. 1860.  Listed in the 1860 census but not in the 1870 census.

    1641.    Lucien A. Graves, b. 15 May 1861, d. 2 Jan. 1882.

+1642.     Mary Edward Graves, b. 30 Sept. 1864, m. William Butler Bonham, d. 28 Dec. 1943.

    1643.    Summerfield Hamilton Graves, b. 28 Oct. 1866[49], probably never married, d. 30 Oct. 1925.  He lived in Roanoke, VA, and was a lawyer.  He was in the 1910 census for Jefferson Ward, Roanoke City, VA, page 37A, as Hamilton Graves, lodger, single, 42, born VA.  He was in the 1920 census for Roanoke City, VA, ED 20, page 6A, as Hamilton S. Graves, lodger, single, 53.

    1644.    Milton Eddins Graves, b. 2 Feb. 1869, d. 4 Dec. 1869.  Not in the 1870 census.

+1645.     Benjamin Samuel Graves, b. 13 June 1871, m. Mary Eva Cowherd, c. 1898, d. 27 July 1902.



Benjamin Franklin Davis (777) was born 3 Dec. 1821, and died in 1910 at his home in Uno, Madison Co., VA.  He married Susan Anne Carden, daughter of William F. Carden and Catherine Thomason, on 17 March 1853 in Albemarle Co., VA.  She died in Uno, VA.  They were buried at their homeplace in Uno, VA.  Their children were born in Uno, Madison Co., VA.  (R‑187)

Children - Davis

    1646.    Elizabeth M. Davis, m. Edward Whitlock, d. Oct. 1954.

    1647.    Minnie Estelle Davis, m. Jesse Lewis Whitlock.

    1648.    Grace M. Davis, m. Granville Twyman, 19 Dec. 1892, d. April 1954.

    1649.    Mary C. Davis, m. William G. Davis (#778, her uncle).

    1650.    James E. Davis, m. Josephine Malone.

+1651.     Benjamin Franklin Davis, Jr., b. 11 Nov. 1875, m. Annie Grace Lohr, 21 Dec. 1920, d. 8 Jan. 1952.

    1652.    Franklin Graves, died as a small child (kicked by a horse).

    1653.    Twin, died.

    1654.    Twin, died.



Joel B. Garnett (779) was born 21 June 1788 in Culpepper Co., VA, and died 9 April 1858 in Slater, Saline Co., MO.  He married his cousin, Catherine Burruss Graves (#747), daughter of Thomas Graves, Jr. and Mourning Burruss, on 3 Oct. 1823 in Madison Co., VA.  She was born 3 March 1800 in Madison Co., VA, and died 25 Dec. 1871 in Slater, MO.  This family was recorded on the 1850 census in Boone Co., KY. They moved to Saline from Boone Co., KY.  They were buried in Rehoboth Cem., Slater, MO.  (R‑342)

Children - Garnett

    1655.    Martha Ann Garnett, b.c. 1825, m. Edward Dicken Graves (#854), d. 23 Jan. 1866.  See #854 for descendants.

+1656.     Virginia Sarah Garnett, b. 11 Feb. 1827, m. Edward Graves Garnett, 6 March 1845, d. 7 Jan. 1875.

+1657.     Eliza G. Garnett, b. 16 Sept. 1829, m. Thomas Lyne, d. 17 Jan. 1898.

+1658.     Emily Frances Garnett, b. 3 Oct. 1830, m. John H. Latimer, d. 17 Dec. 1864.

    1659.    Caroline Amanda Garnett, b. 10 April 1833, m. Oscar Kirtley Graves (#1739), d. 14 Jan. 1898.  See #1739 for descendants.

    1660.    Mary Catherine Garnett, b. 9 March 1835, m. Thomas Cox Graves (#1726), 29 Aug. 1858, d. 15 Nov. 1913.  See #1726 for descendants.

    1661.    Laura Alexina B. Garnett, b. 10 July 1841.


Nancy Ann Garnett (780) was born 24 July 1790 in Culpeper Co., VA, and died before 1826.  She married Robert Willis on 1 Jan. 1809 in Boone Co., KY.  (R‑342, R‑451)

Children - Willis

    1662.    Elizabeth Willis


James Garnett (781) was born 4 Feb. 1792 and died 12 July 1875, both in Culpeper Co., VA.  He married Elizabeth Garnett, daughter of Reuben Garnett and Mary Twyman, on 17 Dec. 1816 in Culpeper Co., VA.  She was born 7 April 1790 and died 6 Sept. 1863, both in Culpeper Co., VA.  (R‑451, R‑452)

Children - Garnett

    1663.    Joel Garnett, m. Ann E. Scott, 16 Oct. 1855 (Orange Co., VA).

    1664.    Tabitha A. Garnett, d. 1883.

    1665.    Absalom G. Garnett, b. 1819, d. 1896.

    1666.    Milton Garnett, b. 24 March 1824, m. Mary Ann Cobbs, 3 Nov. 1857 (Orange Co., VA), d. May 1872 (Culpeper Co., VA). She was dau. of Peter N. Cobbs and Courtney A. Henshaw.

+1667.     Franklin Edmund Garnett, b. Sept. 1826, m(1) ‑‑‑‑‑‑, m(2) Florence ‑‑‑‑‑‑, c. 1890, d. 1913.


Elizabeth Garnett (782) was born 16 April 1793 and died 17 March 1886, both in Boone Co., KY.  She married William Henry Garnett, son of Rev. Robert Garnett and Eleanor (“Rhoda”) Cochran, on 5 (or 11[50]) Sept. 1811 in Boone Co., KY.  He was born 20 Feb. 1791, and died 27 Jan. 1845 in Boone Co., KY.  (R‑451, R‑452)

Children - Garnett

+1668.     Joel Graves Garnett, b. 14 Sept. 1812, m. Ann Eliza Graves, 9 Oct. 1833, d. 15 Aug. 1894.

    1669.    Benjamin Franklin Garnett, b. 27 April 1814.

    1670.    Alvira M. Garnett, b. 30 May 1816, m. Thomas Huey.

    1671.    Elizabeth S. Garnett, b. 16 March 1818, m. Seburn P. Brady.

    1672.    Sarah Ann Garnett, b. 14 Feb. 1820, m. William W. Ingram.

    1673.    Amanda Frances Garnett, b. 22 Jan. 1822, m. Green Clarkson.

+1674.     Robert Edmund Garnett, b. 4 Jan. 1824, m. Helen Mary Garnett, 20 Dec. 1846.

    1675.    Catherine Ellen Garnett, b. 18 May 1827, m. John Arnold.

    1676.    James Milton Garnett, b. 2 July 1830 (Boone Co., KY), m. Mary (“Molly”) S. Arnold, 12 Jan. 1854 (residence of Mrs. Sarah Arnold).  She was b.c. 1831 (Woodford Co., KY).

    1677.    Louise Agnes Garnett, b. 27 March 1833, m. Lilburn Arnold.

    1678.    Willie Henry Garnett, b. 10 Nov. 1837, d. 13 May 1863 (while serving in the Confederate Army in the Civil War).

    1679.    child, b. 23 Dec. 1839, d. 5 March 1840.


Susanna (or Susan) Garnett (785) was born 30 March 1800.  She married Jeremiah Garnett, son of Robert Garnett and Rhoda Cochrane.  He was born in 1793.  (R‑452)

Children - Garnett

    1680.    Robert Calvin Garnett

    1681.    Mary E. Garnett



Richard Gaines (788) was born 29 Oct. 1789 in VA, and died 14 Feb. 1870.  He first married Catherine (“Kitty”) Bruce.  He married second Judith Rice on 5 Jan. 1816.  She was born in KY.  He married third Ellen Walker.  (R‑348)

Children - Gaines, by Catherine Bruce

    1682.    Jane Gaines, m. Tazewell Rouse.

+1683.     Gabriel Gaines, m. Sarah Goodridge.

+1684.     Susan Ann Gaines, b. 28 Sept. 1839, m. Abraham Clore, 26 Dec. 1855, d. 15 March 1901.

Children - Gaines, by Judith Rice

+1685.     John Graves Gaines, b. 29 May 1818, m(1) Jane Ellis, 8 Nov. 1878, m(2) Jane Cloud, d. 26 March 1906.

+1686.     Benjamin Rice Gaines, b. 26 Dec. 1821, m(1) Nannie Berkshire, m(2) Eliza J. Graves, 6 May 1852, m(3) ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Duncan, m(4) Emily Gaines, d. 31 Dec. 1910.

+1687.     Mary Gaines, b. 20 March 1823, m. William T. Smith, 24 Feb. 1842, d. 9 April 1907.

+1688.     Elizabeth Gaines, b. 21 July 1824, m. Henry Price Crisler, 27 Oct. 1842, d. 6 March 1898.

    1689.    Absolom Gaines, b. 27 March 1827.

+1690.     Edward Gaines, b. 13 March 1829, m. Elizabeth Cloud.


Sallie Gaines (790) was born 27 June 1792 and died 11 March 1878.  She married William Cloud on 14 Feb. 1830.  (R‑348)

Children - Cloud

+1691.     James Cloud, m. Lucy White.

+1692.     Susan Cloud, m. Henry Wingate.

    1693.    Elizabeth Cloud, m. Edward Gaines (#1690).  See #1690 for descendants.


William Gaines (791) was born 16 March 1794 and died 24 Nov. 1866.  He married Jeanette Watts, daughter of Johnson Watts and Susanna Davis, on 15 Jan. 1818.  She was born 8 June 1797 and died 18 Nov. 1868.  (R‑348)

Children - Gaines

    1694.    Maria Gaines, m. Charles Cox Graves (#1723), 24 Dec. 1847.  See #1723 for descendants.

    1695.    Stephen Graves Gaines, b. 9 Jan. 1819, m(1) Elizabeth Christy, 22 Dec. 1842, m(2) Laura Baldwin, 4 May 1887, d. 13 June 1891.  Elizabeth was b. 9 Feb. 1824 and d. 16 Dec. 1862.  Laura was b. 7 July 1840 and d. 20 Feb. 1930.

    1696.    Washington Watts Gaines, b. 1 May 1820, m. Susan Duncan, 27 Dec. 1854, d. 21 May 1885.

+1697.     Joseph Addison Gaines, b. 6 Sept. 1822, m. Martha Lyne, 3 Nov. 1848, d. 9 June 1910.

+1698.     Alonzo Gaines, b. 20 Sept. 1825, m. Mary Christy, 3 March 1848, d. 26 Jan. 1886.

+1699.     Oscar Gaines, b. 19 March 1831, m. Aletha Utz, 1856, d. 6 Jan. 1912.

    1700.    Templeton Gaines, b. 14 Aug. 1832, m. Marietta Graves (#1790), 15 Feb. 1874 (Boone Co., KY), d. 21 Oct. 1905.  She was b. 29 April 1838, dau. of Johnson Watts Graves and Lucretia Souther.

+1701.     Milton Gaines, b. 13 Sept. 1836, m. Mary E. Cropper, 19 Jan. 1864, d. 19 Aug. 1894.


James Gaines (792) was born 9 Oct. 1798 and died 24 Feb. 1869.  He married Virginia Watts, daughter of Johnson Watts and Susanna Davis, on 11 Nov. 1819 in Boone Co., KY.  She was born 11 Dec. 1803 and died 10 Dec. 1881.  (R‑348)

Children - Gaines

    1702.    Melvina Gaines, died young.

+1703.     Amanda Gaines, b. 11 Dec. 1821, m. Joseph Addison Huey, 28 Oct. 1841, d. 3 June 1895.

+1704.     Owen Gaines, b. 23 Jan. 1824, m. Pauline Huey, 1858.

    1705.    Susan Gaines, b. 20 Aug. 1827, m. (Dr.) Benjamin Crisler, d. 27 Nov. 1871.

    1706.    Elizabeth Gaines, b. 4 Nov. 1828, m. Oscar W. Huey, 20 Feb. 1850, d. 4 Nov. 1892.

+1707.     Benjamin Watts Gaines, b. 12 Feb. 1832, m(1) Mary Eliza Graves, 19 Oct. 1854, m(2) Eliza Hall, d. 1932.

    1708.    Matilda Gaines, b. 12 April 1834, died young.

+1709.     George Washington Gaines, b. 7 July 1835, m. Elizabeth Winston, 1865, d. 25 July 1919.

    1710.    Thomas Gaines, b. 15 Oct. 1838, died young.

+1711.     Virginia Ann Gaines, b. 22 Feb. 1841, m. John Cropper, 25 Dec. 1864, d. 26 Feb. 1902.


Absolom Gaines (795) was born 6 April 1806 and died 14 March 1863, both in Boone Co., KY.  He married Frances Souther, daughter of Abraham Souther and Elizabeth Wilhoit, on 17 Jan. 1828.  She was born 17 May 1807, and died 25 Feb. 1879 in Boone Co., KY.  They were buried in Old Burlington Cem., Boone Co., KY.  (R‑348)

Children - Gaines

+1712.     Mary Edna Gaines, b. 13 Jan. 1829, m. James E. Duncan, 12 Feb. 1845, d. 25 July 1899.

+1713.     Melvina Gaines, b. 21 Dec. 1831, m. James William Duncan, 27 Jan. 1847, d. 10 March 1853.

+1714.     Legrand Gaines, b. 21 Dec. 1833, m. Ann Elizabeth Rogers, 26 Feb. 1857, d. 7 Dec. 1922.

+1715.     Benjamin Logan Gaines, b. 22 Feb. 1837, m. Eugenia Brady, 19 Jan. 1864, d. 16 June 1910.

+1716.     Clinton Gaines, b. 26 Dec. 1839, m. Carrie Kirtley, d. 19 April 1917.

+1717.     John William Gaines, b. 17 Aug. 1843, m(1) Virginia Watts, 5 Oct. 1865, m(2) Mary E. Rogers, 30 Sept. 1869, m(3) Laura Leach, 8 June 1898, d. 30 April 1904.

+1718.     Elizabeth Frances Gaines, b. 20 Jan. 1856, m. Edward Cropper.



Absolom (or Absalom) Graves (796) was born 13 Sept. 1791 in Kentucky, and died 6 Nov. 1866.  He married his cousin Elizabeth Graves (#807), youngest daughter of Rev. Absolom Graves and Felicia White, on 5 March 1816.  She was born 28 Sept. 1799 in Boone Co., Ky., and died 12 Nov. 1858.  He was a soldier in the Cavalry branch of service in the War of 1812 under Gen. William Henry Harrison, and served until the close of the war.  After his marriage, he settled in Boone Co., Ky., where he spent the remainder of his life, a useful man in the church and community.  He was a deacon in the Bullittsville Church.  (R‑915)

Children - Graves

    1719.    Cornelia Agnes Graves, b. 24 Sept. 1817, m. Joseph Addison Graves, 8 Oct. 1833, d. 1863.  See #850 for descendants.

    1720.    Willis Graves, b. 2 Sept. 1820, d. 15 Aug. 1821.

+1721.     Robert Kirtley Graves, b. 15 March 1826, m. Sarah Evelyn Mothershead, 15 May 1849, d. 11 Sept. 1877.

    1722.    Richard Cave Graves, b. 23 July 1828, m. ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Willis (in Va.), d. 17 May 1858.  No children.


Reuben Graves (799) was born 18 Oct. 1799 in KY, and died 27 May 1842 in Woodford Co., KY.  He married Elizabeth C. (or Mary) Cox on 27 May 1822.  She died 17 April 1871.  They lived in Woodford Co., KY.  (R‑19, R‑915)

Children - Graves

+1723.     Charles Cox Graves, b. 7 June 1824, m. Maria Gaines, 24 Dec. 1846.

+1724.     William Hawkins Graves, b. 27 June 1826, m. Katie Scott, 1861, d. 18 Jan. 1909.

    1725.    John Taylor Graves, b. 19 June 1828, d. 1840.

+1726.     Thomas Cox Graves, b. 30 July 1830, m. Catherine Garnett, 29 Aug. 1858, d. May 1895.

    1727.    Elizabeth Hannah Graves (called Hannah), b. 25 May 1834.

+1728.     James C. Graves, b. 22 Aug. 1837, m(1) Laura Gaddy, m(2) Mary Huggins, 27 Oct. 1868.

    1729.    Hattie T. Graves, m. Charles Whitfield Graves Garnett (#3312), Oct. 1874, d. June 1881.  See #3312 for descendants.


Hon. Richard Cave Graves (800) was born 19 May 1803 in Woodford Co., KY, and died 16 Nov. 1895 at the home of his son, James M. Graves, at Versailles, Woodford Co., KY.  He was reared on his father's farm and received a good common school education.  He read law with Judge William Blackburn of Versailles.  In 1850, he was elected senator, and in 1852 county judge, holding the latter office for four years.  He was a man of fine understanding, excellent in counsel and strong in friendship.  He was a member of the Christian church and a Knight Templar.  He first married Lucy Mitchum, daughter of James Mitchum of Woodford Co, on 10 Oct. 1824.  She died 22 Feb. 1849.  He married second Helen Mae (Dillon) Scott in Sept. 1851.  She died 13 Jan. 1892.  He was a deservedly popular man, and enjoyed the esteem of all who knew him.  Richard and Helen were buried in Lexington Cem., Lexington, Fayette Co., KY.  (R‑915)

Children - Graves. by Lucy Mitchum

+1730.     James M. Graves, b. 9 Sept. 1823, m. Kitty Chrisman, 16 Sept. 1864, d. 26 Feb. 1917.

    1731.    John T. Graves, b. 28 Feb. 1827, d. 25 Jan. 1849.

    1732.    Laura G. Graves, b. 24 July 1831, m. Barton Warren Wasson, 26 Nov. 1851, d. 2 April 1917.  Lived in Cincinnati, Ohio.

    1733.    Florida M. Graves, b. 11 March 1835, d. 21 Aug. 1873.

Children - Graves, by Helen Dillon

+1734.     Richard Cave Graves, Jr., b. 9 Aug. 1852, m. Martha Elizabeth Flanery, 3 Dec. 1896.

    1735.    Alice Graves, b. 5 June 1854.  Lived in Versailles, Ky.

    1736.    Clifford V. Graves, b. 23 Oct. 1856, m. Dora Arnold, 10 Jan. 1907, d. 27 Feb. 1937 (Woodford Co., KY).  No children.

+1737.     Frank Norton Graves, b. 1 April 1862, m. Elisabeth Malvina Saffarrans, 19 Oct. 1898.


Joseph Craig Graves (802) was born 30 March 1808 in Woodford Co., KY, and died 16 Aug. 1878 in Boone Co., KY.  He received a good common school education, as did his brothers and sisters.. He married Ann Q. Kirtley, only daughter of Rev. Robert Kirtley, on 23 Dec. 1828.  She was born 19 April 1812 and died 9 April 1892.  They lived in Boone Co., KY.  (R‑915)

Children - Graves

    1738.    Mary E. Graves, b. 12 Sept. 1829, d. 17 May 1843.

+1739.     Oscar Kirtley Graves, b. 11 April 1833, m. Caroline Amanda Garnett (#1659), 30 Nov. 1855, d. 22 May 1907.

+1740.     Menter T. Graves, b. 2 Dec. 1837, m. Martha Grant, 26 Feb. 1880.

+1741.     Carrie Graves, b. 11 Feb. 1843, m. William I. Garnett, 27 Oct. 1869, d. 19 July 1927.

    1742.    Vienna Graves, b. 14 Dec. 1845, m. Thomas F. Grant, 19 May 1880.  Lived near Bullittsville, Ky.



Willis Graves (804) was born 12 Oct. 1790 in Madison Co., Va., and died 11 Nov. 1834.  He moved with his parents to Boone Co., Ky. in the spring of 1797.  He first married Kitty Johnston (or Johnson), daughter of Col. Cave Johnston (or Johnson) of Boone Co.  She was born 6 Dec. 1799 and died 2 Aug. 1819.  He married second Sophia Conn, daughter of John M. Conn and Nancy Keene of Bourbon Co., Ky.  She was born 26 Aug. 1798 and died 7 Feb. 1892.  He was admitted to the Bar and was Clerk of the Boone Co. Court from 1815 to the time of his death.  He was one of the most prominent men in his county, active in ecclesiastical and civil matters, and was esteemed by everyone.  After Willis died, his wife married second Jeremiah Garnett, who lived but a short time after his marriage.  (R‑915)

Children - Graves, by Sophia Conn

+1743.     Thomas Conn Graves, b. 9 Dec. 1824, m. Agnes Elizabeth Willis.

    1744.    Sophia Katharine Graves, b. 14 June 1826, m. William Henry Buckner, 1843.  They lived in Covington, Ky.  After his death, she lived in Erlanger, Ky.


Polly Graves (805) was born 22 March 1792 in Madison Co., VA, and died 28 June 1867 in Boone Co., KY.  She married Jeremiah Cave of Woodford Co., KY, son of Rev. Richard Cave and Elizabeth Craig, on 21 Dec. 1807 in Boone Co., KY.  He was born 17 April 1780 and died 17 Feb. 1825.  (R‑453, R‑915)

Children - Cave

    1745.    Felicia Cave, b. 12 March 1809.

    1746.    Eliza Cave, b. 12 Nov. 1810 (VA), m. Walker Graves (#826), 1828, d. 16 May 1831 (Boone Co., KY).  See #826 for descendants.

    1747.    Matilda Cave, b. 17 May 1812, d. 1821 (KY).

    1748.    Polly Cave, b. 11 Dec. 1813.

    1749.    Louisa Cave, b. 15 Jan. 1816, m. John Willis Graves (#839).  See #839 for descendants.

    1750.    Permelia Cave, b. 26 April 1818 (VA), m. John Kirtley, June 1836 (KY), d. 19 June 1837 (Boone Co., KY).  He was b.c. 1814.

+1751.     Nancy Cave, b. 22 Dec. 1819, m. Lewis Burns Arnold, d. 18 Oct. 1894.



Rep. John Graves James (811) was born 15 March 1797 in Madison Co., VA, died 18 Dec. 1874 in Fayette Co., KY, and was buried in Lexington Cem., Section 0, Lot 27, Fayette Co., KY.  He first married Anna Skinner on 7 Jan. 1836 in Jefferson Co., MS.  She was born 28 Nov. 1817 in Jefferson Co., MS, died 26 Sept. 1848 in Fayette Co., KY, and was also buried in Lexington Cem., Fayette Co., KY.  He married second Nannie Montgomery Coleman on 13 Sept. 1860.  She was born in 1826, died 24 July 1889, and was buried in Lexington Cem., all in Fayette Co., KY.  (R‑242)

Children - James, by Anna Skinner

    1752.    Jayne Payne (“Jennie”) James, m. John S. Phelps (Esq./Rep.), 1869 (Walnut Lawn Farm, Woodford Co., KY).  He was b. 2 Dec. 1840 (Bath Co., KY).

    1753.    Ann Eliza James (twin), b. 1837 (Fayette Co., KY), d. 1851 (in her 14th year, Fayette Co., KY).  Bur. Lexington Cem.

    1754.    Mary Virginia James (twin), b. 1837, d. 1843 (Fayette Co., KY).  Bur. Lexington Cem.

    1755.    Richard Skinner James, b. 1838 (Fayette Co., KY), d. 1867 (Fayette Co., KY).  Bur. Lexington Cem.

    1756.    Thomas James, b. 1843 (Walnut Lawn Farm, Fayette Co., KY), d. 1843 (Fayette Co., KY).  Bur. Lexington Cem.

+1757.     David Hunt James, b. 26 July 1844, m. Annie T. Gay, 29 May 1877, d. 2 Dec. 1914.

    1758.    William Henry James, b. 1848 (Walnut Lawn Farm, Fayette Co., KY), d. 1851 (Fayette Co., KY).  Bur. Lexington Cem.

Children - James, by Nannie M. Coleman

    1759.    Robert Coleman James (Dr.), b. 22 July 1866 (Woodford Co., KY), prob. d. New York, NY.


Henry Field James (812) was born 2 Jan. 1799 in Madison Co., VA, and died in Boone Co., KY.  He married Frances Garnett on 30 Sept. 1824.  She was born about 1804.  Their children were born in Boone Co., KY.  (R‑242)

Children - James

    1760.    Sarah A. James, b.c. 1826.

    1761.    Mary James, b.c. 1832.

    1762.    Frances James, b.c. 1835.


Ann James (814) was born 9 Aug. 1802 in Madison Co., VA, and died 16 May 1887 in St. Mary Township, Hancock Co., IL.  She married Robert Powell on 20 Dec. 1821 in Pettis Co., MO.  (R‑242)

Children - Powell

    1763.    William Daniel Powell, b. Nov. 1822, m. Mary E. Graves, d. 28 Feb. 1875.  See #855 for descendants.

    1764.    Henry Hill Powell, b. May 1825.

    1765.    Robert Perry Powell, b. Jan. 1827.

    1766.    John Bumbay Powell, b. Jan. 1829.

    1767.    Nancy Graves Powell, b. Feb. 1831.

    1768.    Joseph James Powell, b. July 1833.

    1769.    Mary Eliza Powell, b. Dec. 1835.

    1770.    Sarah Elizabeth Powell, b. Dec. 1836.

    1771.    Edward Dickens Powell, b. March 1837.

    1772.    Lucy Powell, b. Nov. 1838.

    1773.    Susan Powell, b. June 1840.

    1774.    Frances Ann Powell, b. Jan. 1842.


Elizabeth F. (“Eliza”) James (818) was born in Jan. 1813 in Madison Co., VA.  She married James Jones on 22 May 1832.  (R‑242)

Children - Jones

+1775.     John M. Jones, b. 1836, m. Betty L. Lewis, d. 1905.



James Chitham (or Chapman) Graves (819) was born 15 March 1803 in VA, was raised in Boone Co., KY, lived most of his adult life in Livingston Co., MO, and died after 1880, probably in Poweshiek Co., IA.  He first married Frances Christenberry on 26 Feb. 1824 in Boone Co., KY.  He married second Lackey Jane Webber, daughter of Phillip and Mary Webber, on 18 Dec. 1833 in Gallatin Co., KY (marriage Book 2, p. 140).  The ceremony was performed by the Rev. James Cox.  She was born 10 Sept. 1808 in Gallatin Co., KY, and died in Livingston Co., Mo.  This was her second marriage also; she was first married to James C. Craig on 22 Dec. 1825 by Rev. H. Ogburn.  She had two children by her first marriage: (1) Charles Craig, died on way to Calif., and (2) Ellen Craig, died young.  In the book referenced below, she is called Liticia Webber; it may be that Lackey was a nickname.

Between 1841 and 1843, James and Lackey, with their five children, went west and settled in Creamridge Twp., Livingston Co., Mo.  Later census records indicate that three more children were born there.  James served as sheriff of Livingston Co. for some time, and was a justice of the peace for twenty years.  They were members of the Missionary Baptist Church.  They farmed in this area until death, and were both buried in Macadonia Cem. in Livingston Co., MO.  They were listed in the 1850 census for 51st district, Livingston Co., dwelling 109, page 52, the 1860 census in Jackson Twp., P.O. Springhill, Livingston Co., MO, and the 1870 census for Creamridge Twp., Livingston Co., MO, dwelling 20, page 515.  Recorded incorrectly as Joseph C. Graves, he was listed on the 1880 census as a 78-year old widower, born in VA.  He lived with his son Joseph’s family in Poweshiek Co., IA.

Additional information can be found in the book, The Ozark Region: a Reminiscent History, pages 568 and 569, published 1894.

Records indicate that James and Lackey assisted her sister Caroline Matilda Grayson Ward in settling the estate of Caroline's late husband, Archibald Ward.  He served as the clerk for the estate sale and she provided an affidavit for Caroline to apply for pension for War of 1812 service by Archibald.  (R‑172, R‑345)

Children - Graves, by Frances Christenberry

+1776.     William B. Graves, b.c. 1822, m. Martha E. ‑‑‑‑‑‑, d. before 1890.

    1777.    Frances A. Graves, b.c. 1826 (KY).

+1778.     Joseph Newton (or Nicholas) Graves, b. 26 May 1830, m. Eliza House, 3 Dec. 1849, d. 19 Feb. 1911.

    1779.    Eliza Jane Graves, b.c. 1831, d. 1 Oct. 1890 (Jeffersonville, Clark Co., IN).

Children - Graves, by Lackey J. Webber

+1780.     Emily Eliza Graves, b. 4 March 1835, m. Fayette Dandridge Ward, 18 Oct. 1862, d. 2 March 1865.

+1781.     Caroline Matilda Graves, b.c. 1837, m. George Robert Riley Brassfield, 17 Sept. 1857, d. 24 Dec. 1911.

    1782.    Joseph (or James) B. Graves, b.c. 1839 (KY).  Lived in Cedarville, KS.  Served 3 years in the Civil War in U.S. Grant's army in Illinois, and was in Andersonville prison 18 months.  He was a farmer in Kansas.

    1783.    Harriet A. Graves, b. 10 April 1841, m. M. H. Davis, d. 13 Oct. 1907 (Livingston Co., MO).

    1784.    Sarah J. Graves, b.c. 1843 (MO).

+1785.     John D. Graves, b. 28 Aug. 1847, m. Ellen M. Hosman, d. aft. 1890.

    1786.    Melissa Graves, b.c. 1853, m. ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Woosa.

    1787.    Horace Angeine Graves, b.c. 1855, d.c. 1857.


Johnson Watts Graves (823) was born 26 Feb. 1813 and died in 1894, both in Boone Co., KY.  He married Lucretia Souther on 28 Feb. 1833.  She was born 13 Jan. 1812 and died 25 March 1887.  They lived in Boone Co., KY.  Johnson and Lucretia were living in the household of their son Abraham in the 1880 census for Taylorsport, Boone Co., KY, page 511D.  Their children were born in Boone Co., KY.

It appears that the families of Johnson Graves and his cousin Charles Cox Graves (#1723) were very close.  A son of Charles Cox Graves, Templeton Graves, was living with Johnson’s son William in the 1880 census, and there was also the mutual connection with the Gaines family, as mentioned in the discussion about Johnson’s daughter Marietta.  (R‑915)

Children - Graves

    1788.    Cyrus Graves, b. 7 April 1834, d. 3 June 1835.

    1789.    Sarah Elizabeth Graves, b. 29 March 1836, d. 9 Jan. 1853.

    1790.    Marietta Graves, b. 29 April 1838, m. Templeton Gaines (#1700), 15 Feb. 1874.  He was a son of William and Jenetta Gaines, and a brother of Maria Gaines who m. Charles Cox Graves (#1723).  They lived in Boone Co., Ky.

+1791.     Joseph Graves, b. 27 Oct. 1840, m. Amanda Mitchell, 19 Dec. 1861.

+1792.     William Gaines Graves, b. 12 Dec. 1842, m. Mary Jane Surface, 12 June 1875.

+1793.     Abraham Graves, b. 19 Aug. 1846, m. Florence Virginia Cooley, 29 Dec. 1874.

+1794.     Maria Lucretia Graves, b. 6 April 1850, m. Richard Henry Crisler, 5 Oct. 1875, d. 20 Aug. 1924.



Walker Graves (826) was born 22 Nov. 1806 near Burlington, Ky., and died 6 Oct. 1837 in Boone Co., Ky.  He married Eliza Cave (#1746), daughter of Jeremiah Cave and Polly Graves of Boone Co., in 1828.  She was born 12 Nov. 1810 in VA, died 16 May 1831 in Boone Co., KY, and was buried in Graves Cem., Boone Co., KY, on Graves/Rice place, at the top of the hill above Idlewild.  (R‑453, R‑915)

Children - Graves

    1795.    Polly Ann Graves, b. Dec. 1828, d. 22 June 1830.


Rev. Franklin Graves (832) was born 17 Nov. 1817 in Boone Co., Ky., near Burlington.  He married Malvina W. Cave, daughter of Uriel and Susan Cave, formerly of Boone Co., on 5 Jan. 1844.  She was born 2 April 1822.  He was ordained to the Baptist ministry in Missouri in 1844.  He labored successfully and was highly esteemed.  They lived in Kearney, Clay Co., Mo.  (R‑915)

Children - Graves

    1796.    Laura Graves, b. 25 Sept. 1844.

    1797.    Permelia Graves, b. 20 July 1847, m. Isely Craven, 1872.  He was born 20 Oct. 1832.  They lived near Kearney, Mo.

    1798.    Whitfield Graves, b. 31 May 1849.

    1799.    Susan E. Graves, b. 20 Aug. 1851, died young.

    1800.    Eliza F. Graves, b. 13 Nov. 1853.

    1801.    Mary V. Graves, b. 4 June 1856.

    1802.    Milton Graves, b. 28 Dec. 1859, d. 18 Oct. 1879.

    1803.    Luella Graves, b. 5 Feb. 1862, died young.

    1804.    Montgomery Graves, b. 11 Nov. 1866.


Stephen Graves (833) was born 18 July 1819 near Burlington, Boone Co., KY., and died there 17 May 1863.  He married Elizabeth Jane Shropshire, daughter of Dr. Moses P. Shropshire and Agatha Ann Pemberton of Scott Co., KY, on 6 June 1853.  She was born 25 May 1834 in KY, and died after 1880.  She married second David Hogan on 25 Oct. 1864 in KY.  David died 16 March 1890.  (R‑915)

Children - Graves

    1805.    Gertrude Graves, b. 6 May 1854 (Boone Co., KY), m. Asa Cason, 26 June 1875, d. 5 June 1912 (Boone Co., KY).

    1806.    Hortense C. Graves, b. 7 Sept. 1860, m. John J. Rice, 1 May 1879.  They lived in Kansas.


William Graves (834) was born 1 Nov. 1821 near Burlington, Ky., and died 24 Aug. 1880 near Sulphur (or Sulpher?), Henry Co., Ky.  He married Kate Maddox, daughter of Thomas G. and Cynthis (or Cynthia?) Maddox of Shelby Co., Ky., on 5 April 1865.  They lived near Sulphur, Ky.  (R‑915)

Children - Graves

    1807.    Walter Graves, b. 17 March 1866, d. Aug. 1867.

    1808.    Annie Graves, b. 8 Dec. 1867, m. Wardis J. Wright (of Sulphur, Ky.), 23 Feb. 1887.  He died 18 May 1888.

    1809.    Nora Graves, b. 8 Sept. 1869.

    1810.    Franklin Graves, b. 18 Jan. 1872, d. Sept. 1892.

    1811.    Hallie Graves, b. 10 May 1874.

    1812.    Warren Graves, b. 19 Dec. 1876.

    1813.    Clara Graves, b. 29 Jan. 1879.


Milton Graves (835) was born 10 May 1825 near Burlington, KY.  He married and died in California.  (R‑915)

Children - Graves

    1814.    Charles Graves

    1815.    Alice Graves



John Willis Graves (839) was born 8 April 1809 near Bullittsville, Ky., and died 24 Feb. 1849.  He married Louisa Cave (#1749), daughter of Jeremiah Cave and Polly Graves of Boone Co., Ky., on 16 May 1832.  Polly Graves was a daughter of Rev. Absolom Graves.  John was educated at Bullittsville Academy, was a teacher and surveyor, was located for a time as a merchant at Shelbyville, IN, and finally settled on a farm in his native county.  After he died, his widow married Rev. Robert Kirtley on 17 June 1852.  Rev. Kirtley had succeeded John's grandfather, Rev. Absolom Graves, as pastor of the Bullittsville Church.  Rev. Robert Kirtley died 9 April 1872 and was succeeded by his son, Rev. J. A. Kirtley.  Louisa died 13 Sept. 1858.  She was active and influential, and was first in every good work.  She had no children by her second marriage.  All the following children were born in Boone Co., KY.  (R‑915)

Children - Graves

+1816.     Junius Graves, b. 22 May 1833, m. Annie Goble, 15 Feb. 1857, d. 25 Feb. 1881.

    1817.    Mary Eliza Graves, b. 23 (or 17) Jan. 1836, m. Benjamin Watts Gaines (#1707), 19 Oct. 1854, d. 16 Dec. 1879.  Benjamin married second Sarah Elizabeth Hall.  They lived in Slater, MO.  Benjamin was son of James Gaines and Virginia Watts.  Virginia was dau. of Johnson Watts and Susannah Davis, and was sister of Malinda Watts who m. Joseph Graves (#399).  See #1707 for descendants.

+1818.     Alfred Chambers Graves, b. 5 Jan. 1838, m. Annie Duvall Smith, 21 July 1868.

    1819.    Melvin Graves, b. 20 April 1840, d. 28 Nov. 1859.

    1820.    Edward Graves, b. 15 Jan. 1843, never married, d. 23 June 1894 (Fairville, MO).  Bur. Rehoboth Cem. (Slater, Saline Co., MO).

    1821.    child, b. 12 April 1845, d. 14 April 1845.

    1822.    Pamelia Graves, b. 20 July 1846, m. William C. Gaines, 24 Nov. 1868.  He was b. 3 Feb. 1843 (Shelby Co., IN), son of Henry F. Gaines and Matilda Cornelius.  They moved to Slater, MO in Sept. 1875.


Sarah (“Sally”) Graves (840) was born 16 April 1811 in KY, and died 4 Feb. 1874.  She married Owen Kirtley, son of Jeremiah Kirtley and Sally Johnson, on 17 May 1832.  He was born about 1808 in KY, and died 22 June 1895 on the farm where he was born and had lived for 88 years at North Bend, KY.

The 1850 census for Dist. 2, Boone Co., KY, page 204, listed Owen Kirtley, 42, farmer, Sally, 38, and their 4 children listed below, all born in KY.  (R‑915)

Children - Kirtley

    1823.    Columbus Kirtley, b.c. 1833.

    1824.    Almeda Kirtley, b.c. 1838.

    1825.    William Kirtley, b.c. 1840.

    1826.    Caroline Kirtley, b.c. 1842.


Jeremiah (“Jerry”) Graves (843) was born 14 (or 4[51]) Jan. 1818 near Bullittsville, Boone Co., KY, and died 27 May 1896 in Marshall, Saline Co., MO.  He married Marietta Francis Willis, daughter of Robert Willis and Emily Hudson of Culpeper Co., VA, on 27 Jan. 1847 in Culpeper Co., VA.  She was born 4 July 1828 in Culpeper Co., VA, and died 24 Dec. 1915 in Marshall, MO.  They were buried in Fairville Cem., Fairville, Saline Co., MO.  They first settled in Boone Co., but moved to Saline Co., MO in 1853, and settled in Marshall.  Their first three children were born in Boone Co., KY and the last six were born in Saline Co., MO.  (R‑229, R‑915)

Children - Graves

    1827.    Laura E. Graves, b. 29 Sept. 1848[52], d. 5 April 1865 (Saline Co., MO).  Bur. Mt. Carmel Cem., Saline Co., MO.

    1828.    John Willis Graves, b. 2 Feb. 1850[53], d. 20 Feb. 1904.

    1829.    Ralph T. Graves, b. 5 March 1852, d. 19 Nov. 1927 (Redlands, CA).

    1830.    Hugh Irvin Graves, b. 2 Feb. 1854, m. Mrs. Bowman, 27 Feb. 1891, d. 11 Oct. 1925 (Marshall, Saline Co., MO).  Bur. Ridge Park Cem., Marshall, MO.  They lived in Springfield, Mo.

    1831.    Susan Emma Graves, b. 17 July 1856, d. 4 March 1929 (Marshall, MO).  Bur. Ridge Park Cem., Marshall, MO.

+1832.     Edward Leslie Graves, b. 10 Sept. 1858, m. Mollie B. Cordry, 1 June 1881.

+1833.     Mary Lena Graves, b. 7 Feb. 1860, m. Dewitt Clinton Bolton, 17 Nov. 1881, d. 19 Feb. 1946.

    1834.    Nannie Louisa Graves, b. 27 April 1862, m. E. Keeler Stephens (or Stevens) (of Boone Co., KY), 17 April 1888.  She lived on part of her grandfather's farm in Bullittsville, Ky.

    1835.    Robert (or Albert?) S. Graves, b. 5 Nov. 1866, d. 31 Dec. 1917 (Kansas City, Jackson Co., MO).



William Willis Graves (848) was born 18 May 1810 in Boone Co., KY, and died in 1897.  He married Ann Graves Garnett, daughter of William and Mary Garnett of VA on 11 Sept. 1836.  She was born 25 Oct. 1814 and died 29 Aug. 1840.  He lived in Eldorado Springs, MO, where he was engaged in banking.  (R‑915)

Children - Graves

    1836.    William Sydnor Graves, b. 25 June 1837, d. 17 March 1860.

    1837.    Reuben Graves, b. 23 Oct. 1839, d. 14 Aug. 1841.

    1838.    Mary Elizabeth Graves, b. 1 April 1843, d. 4 Jan. 1847.

    1839.    Martha Ann Graves, b. 12 Aug. 1846, d. 13 Dec. 1847.


Benjamin Garnett Graves (849) was born 27 May 1812 in Boone Co., Ky., and died 1 Sept. 1846.  He married Sarah Frances Ingraham, daughter of James and Polly Ingraham of Boone Co., on 27 Dec. 1834 (or 1832).  She was born 15 June 1816.  (R‑915)

Children - Graves

    1840.    John James Graves, b. 13 June 1838.

    1841.    Edward Graves, b. 13 April 1841.


Joseph Addison Graves (850) was born 23 Feb. 1815 in Boone Co., Ky., and died 18 June (or 15 Aug.) 1868 (or 1869) in Saline Co., Mo.  He married Cornelia Agnes Graves (#1719), daughter of Absolom Graves and Elizabeth Graves, on 8 Oct. 1833.  She was born 24 Sept. 1817, and died in 1863 in Saline Co., Mo.  They moved to Saline Co., Mo.  (R‑915)

Children - Graves

    1842.    Willis Warder Graves, b. 3 Sept. 1834, m. Mary E. Garnett (dau. of Joel G. and Ann Garnett).  She was born 23 July 1836.

    1843.    Absolom John Graves, b. 2 Feb. 1837.

+1844.     Cyrus E. Graves, b. 26 March 1839, m. Susan Hanks, 1871, d. 9 March 1875.

    1845.    Elizabeth Ann Graves, b. 1 Aug. 1841.

    1846.    Martha Graves, b. 4 Oct. 1843, died young.

    1847.    Mary Graves, b. 4 Oct. 1843, died young.  Twin of Martha.

    1848.    Felicia Graves, b. 25 April 1846, m. W. C. Harrison, June 1872.

    1849.    Ella Graves, m(1) ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Ryderman, m(2) ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Montgomery.  Lived in Meade Center, Kansas.

    1850.    Kate Graves

    1851.    R. Pinckney Graves, b. Jan. 1858, d. March 1880.


John James Graves (852) was born 18 Oct. 1819 in Boone Co., KY, and died 30 Jan. 1910 in Spokane, Spokane Co., WA.  He first married Mary Jane Johnson on 1 July 1841 in Hancock Co., IL.  She was born about 1821 in KY.  They were in the 1850 census for Hancock Co., IL. He married second Orilla (or Orrilla) Landon Berry, daughter of Jireh (or Jirah) Berry and Ann Hyde, on 15 Sept. 1855.  She was born 27 Dec. 1822 in Grand Isle Co., VT, and died 11 Jan. 1895 in Spokane, WA.  They were in the 1860, 1870, and 1880 censuses for  St. Mary’s Twp., Hancock Co., IL.  He was a farmer.  (R‑915)

Children - Graves, by Mary J. Johnson

    1852.    Harriet Comer Graves, b. 17 April 1842, m. Milo McGuffey, 17 April 1869.  Lived in Washington.

+1853.     Elias Johnson Graves, b. 17 April 1844, m. Martha Jane Horn, 28 March 1878.

+1854.     Margaret Elizabeth Graves, b. 10 April 1846, m. Ulysses Samuel Boydston, 1 March 1866.

+1855.     James Addison Graves, b. 4 March 1847, m(1) Eva T. Quick, 4 Dec. 1870, m(2) Clara J. Camp, 5 Oct. 1897.

Children - Graves, by Orilla L. Berry

+1856.     Frank Hyde Graves, b. 15 June 1857, m. Esta Maud Ferris, 7 Sept. 1882.

+1857.     John P. Graves, b. 29 June 1859, m(1) Amanda Cox, 9 Oct. 1879, m(2) Mary Alice Hardin Towne, 6 July 1921, d. 27 April 1948.

+1858.     Carroll Berry Graves, b. 9 Nov. 1861, m(1) Ivah Elizabeth Felt, 25 Jan. 1888, m(2) Catharine Osborne, 21 June 1898, d. 12 May 1929.

+1859.     William Gurnell Graves, b. 16 May 1866, m. Sophia Rebecca Feek, 13 June 1893.


Edward Dicken Graves (854) was born 12 Feb. 1825 in Boone Co., KY, and died 11 Nov. 1879.  He first married Martha Ann Garnett (#1655), daughter of Joel Garnett and Catherine Burruss Graves, on 19 Sept. 1847 in Boone Co., KY, in a ceremony performed by the Rev. William Whitaker.  She was born 21 Nov. 1824, died 23 Jan. 1866 of pleuropneumonia in Saline Co., MO, and was buried in Rehoboth Cem., Slater, Saline Co., MO.  They lived in Saline Co.  He married second Isabella (“Belle”) Mary Boyer, daughter of Alfred Zealer Boyer and Zerelda McCoy, on 11 April 1867 in Miami, Saline Co., MO, by the Rev. William M. Bell.  She was born 25 June 1844 in KY, and died 6 Dec. 1900.  (R‑132, R‑305, R‑915)

Children - Graves, by Martha A. Garnett

+1860.     Tacitus Clay Graves, b. 24 Oct. 1850, m. Luretta Ann (Henson) Crawford, Dec. 1896, d. 1930.

    1861.    Beulah Dell Graves, b. 29 Dec. 1858, d. 24 Dec. 1883 (consumption).

    1862.    Cecelia Helen Graves, b. 23 March (or 20 April) 1862, m. P. H. Casebolt, 25 Dec. 1878 (Saline Co., MO), d. 24 Dec. 1883 (childbed fever).

Children - Graves, by Isabella M. Boyer

+1863.     Nina Belle Graves, b. 29 Jan. 1868, m(1) Henry Lee Huston, 19 Oct. 1887, m(2) John M. Darroch, c. 1909, d. after 1930.

    1864.    William Henry Graves, b. 11 Feb. 1872.

+1865.     Alverda Boyer Graves, b. 6 Nov. 1876, m(1) James D. Akins, c. 1897, m(2) Fletcher Webster Appleton, 19 June 1905, d. 29 Sept. 1959.


Mary E. Graves (855) was born 16 April 1827 in Boone Co., KY, and died 3 March 1877 in St. Mary Township, Hancock Co., IL.  She married William Daniel Powell (#1763), her first cousin once removed, on 18 April 1844 in St. Mary Twp., IL.  He was a son of Robert Powell and Ann James, and a grandson of Anne Graves, sister of Mary's father, Reuben.  William died 28 Feb. 1875.  They lived in Colmar, IL.  Their children were born in St. Mary Twp., IL.  (R‑161)

Children - Powell

    1866.    Robert Powell, b.c. 1845.

    1867.    Reuben Powell, b.c. 1847.

    1868.    Ann Elizabeth Powell, b. 18 Oct. 1849, m. Sylvester Talbot, 30 June 1873, d. 24 Jan. 1905 (St. Mary, IL).  3 sons, 2 dau.

+1869.     Mary Powell, b. 1851, m. Otho Johnson Talbot, 1 Jan. 1878, d. 1906.


Isaac Newton Graves (856) was born 8 Aug. 1830 in Boone Co., KY, and died 22 Aug. 1889 in Slater, Saline Co., MO.  He married Cornelia Annette Ingraham (or Ingram), daughter of James and Polly Ingraham, on 27 Oct. 1850 in Saline Co., MO.  She was born about 1833 in KY, and died in 1879 in Slater, Saline Co., MO.  According to John Card Graves (R‑915, information likely from a descendant), they lived in Kansas; however, it appears that they lived in Saline Co., MO, all their married lives.  They were in the 1860 and 1870 censuses for Saline Co., MO.  All their children were born in Saline Co., MO.  (R‑504, R‑915)

Children - Graves

+1870.     Clarence Eugene Graves, b. 4 Dec. 1851, m. Margaret Elizabeth Gaines, 23 Dec. 1874, d. 1 Jan. 1940.

    1871.    Erasmus Sylvester Graves, b. 15 July 1854, d. 1 Jan. 1892.

    1872.    Leora Allie Graves, b. 18 May 1856.

    1873.    Elenora (or Elnora) Lettie Graves, b. 24 Dec. 1858.

    1874.    Missouri Graves, b.c. 1861.

    1875.    Mary Elizabeth (“Mollie”) Graves, b. 2 Aug. 1864, d. 25 Dec. 1950 (Los Angeles Co., CA).

    1876.    Cornelia Frances (or Frances Cornelia) Graves, b. 27 Aug. 1868, d. 16 March 1946 (Los Angeles Co., CA).

    1877.    Sydnor Graves, b. 3 July 1871.

    1878.    Reuben Graves, b. 22 Nov. 1873.



Hon. Richard Perrin Graves (860) was born 2 May 1823 (or 1820) at "Pleasant View", located two and a half miles from Orange Springs, Orange Co., Va., and 12 miles from Orange Court House, and died 26 (or 25) April 1894.

In 1840 Richard added a large brick section to his father's house.  At some point the home was called "Wilmington".  On his death it was sold (allegedly, but without proof, to a member of the Crenshaw family, with whom the Graves were interrelated) and the name was changed to "Pleasant View".  The home still stands today, abandoned, on land owned and used to raise cattle by a descendant of Isaac Graves and his third wife Jemima.

Richard first married Lucy Frances Graves (#1881), daughter of his cousin Charles T. Graves, on 7 May 1847 in Orange Co., Va.  She was born 19 June 1822 and died 2 Aug. 1877. He married second Fanny Barbour Moore, daughter of William C. Moore and Mehitable Taylor of Rose Valley, Orange Co., Va., and widow of Edwin Moore, her third cousin.

Richard Perrin Graves served as a Captain in the Army of Virginia during the Civil War, and was a member of the House of Delegates of Virginia in 1893.  He was a man of education and refinement, and was highly respected by his friends and neighbors.

His will, filed Jan. 10, 1882, names his son James as executor and asks that he care for Richard's wife, Fanny. The will leaves nothing to Richard, Jr., "advancements having already been made."  (R‑52, R‑915)

Children - Graves, by Lucy F. Graves

+1879.     Richard Perrin Graves, Jr., b. 14 Dec. 1848, m. Emma Dickinson, d. 20 Nov. 1890.

    1880.    James Walker Graves



Charles Tandy Graves (862) was born 10 Oct. 1799, and died 22 Oct. 1878 in Milford, Orange Co., Va.  He first married Ann Rogers Webb, daughter of Augustine Webb and Lucy Crittenden of Culpeper Co., Va., on 18 Sept. 1821. She was born in 1802 and died 23 May 1834.

He married second Susan A. Campbell, daughter of Col. William Campbell and Susan Pierce, on 29 Sept. 1835 (or 1836).  She was born 1 Sept. 1804, and died 26 April 1885 in Milford, Orange Co.  (R‑915)

Children - Graves, by Ann R. Webb

    1881.    Lucy Frances Graves, b. 19 June 1822, m. Richard Perrin Graves, 7 May 1847, d. 2 Aug. 1877.  See #860 for descendants.

    1882.    Sarah Jane Graves, b. 2 Aug. (or 4 July) 1824, m. James Walker Graves (#880), 9 Jan. 1847, d. 12 June 1878.

    1883.    Ann Eliza Graves, b. 2 Aug. 1826, m. Joshua Lindsay Brockman, 8 Nov. 1852, d. 7 Sept. 1853.  See #1900 for descendants.

+1884.     William Crittenden Graves, b. 13 Oct. 1828, m. Martha Ann Hiden, 19 July 1850, d. 10 May 1912.

    1885.    Louise Cornelia Graves, b. 22 Nov. 1830, d. 11 June 1832.

    1886.    Pamelia Augusta Graves, b. 30 Jan. 1833, m. William C. Scott, 10 Jan. 1850.  He was b. 1826, son of John Scott and Sally Hackett, and cousin of James Scott who married her half-sister Katherine.

Children - Graves, by Susan A. Campbell

    1887.    Mary Virginia Graves, b. 1 Sept. 1837 (Milford, Orange Co., Va.), m. (Dr.) William L. Parran, 15 Feb. 1860, d. 2 Dec. 1928.  He was son of Nathaniel and Ann Parran, and was killed at Antietam.

+1888.     Charles Linnaeus Graves, b. 19 March 1839, m. Lavinia Smith.

    1889.    Katherine Graves, b. 1842, m. James Scott (son of Garrett Scott and Ellen Nalle).

    1890.    Emma Graves, b. 24 June 1843, d. 5 Aug. 1859.

    1891.    Joseph Woodson Campbell Graves, b. 1845, m. Margaret Smith, d. 1924.  She was sister of the wife of his brother, Charles.


Elizabeth Catherine Graves (863) was born 2 Jan. 1801.  She married William Lindsay Brockman, son of William Brockman[54] and Mary Lindsay, on 21 Feb. 1821 in Orange, VA.  He was born in St. Thomas Parish, Orange Co., VA.  He was a successful businessman and prominent farmer.  His will, dated and recorded in Orange Co. (book 12, page 255) leaves property to his children Mary Ann King, Ira S. Brockman, Frances Elizabeth Brockman, and Lucien T. Brockman.  This information is from Brockman Scrapbook by William E. Brockman (sent by R‑271).  (R‑271, R‑915)

Children - Brockman

+1892.     William Alfred Brockman, b.c. 1825, m. Elizabeth L. Moore, 6 Dec. 1855.

+1893.     Mary Virginia Brockman[55], b.c. 1829, m. John F. King, 15 Dec. 1846, d. 1928.

    1894.    Ira L. (or S.) Brockman, m. Lucy Davis.

    1895.    Frances Elizabeth Brockman, m. Edward ("Ed") Davis (of King William Co., VA).

    1896.    Buford Brockman, died young.

    1897.    Lucien Tandy Brockman[56], b.c. 1842, m. Adeline ("Addie") Cornelia Samuel, 12 Jan. 1863.  She was dau. of Trenton E. Samuel and Bettie Coleman.

    1898.    Silas Brockman, killed by a horse.


Frances Ann Graves (865) was born 28 July 1804.  She married Samuel Lindsay Brockman, brother of her sister Elizabeth's husband, on 23 Nov. 1825.  He was from Greenway, Orange Co., VA.  He was born 15 Nov. 1799 in Orange Co., VA, and died in 1846.  He was a wealthy landowner and successful planter.  (R‑271, R‑915)

Children - Brockman

    1899.    Charles C. Brockman, b. 10 Sept. 1826, never married, d.c. 1853 (age 27).

+1900.     Joshua Lindsay Brockman, b. 1 Feb. 1829, m. Ann Eliza Graves (#1883), 8 Nov. 1852.

    1901.    Virginia Alice Brockman, b. 17 Feb. 1833, m. Robert Kendall.

    1902.    Horace Quintas Brockman, 5 Aug. 1835, d. 7 July 1837.

    1903.    Louisa Brockman, b. 20 Nov. 1837, m. Thomas Edward Graves, 26 Nov. 1867.  See #914 for descendants.

    1904.    Elizabeth Brockman, b. 10 Jan. 1840, m. Martin Teasdale.

    1905.    Albert Tandy ("Allie") Brockman, b. 5 Sept. 1842, m. Alice Burruss, 27 Oct. 1866.

    1906.    Mary Champe Brockman, b. 10 May 1845.

    1907.    Caroline Brockman


Albert Gallatin Graves (868) was born 2 April 1813 in VA.  He married Frances J. Harrison.  He moved first to Missouri, and later to McKinney, TX, where he lived until his death.  He was in the 1850 census for Jackson, Johnson Co., MO, page 73.  He was in the 1860, 1870, and 1880 censuses for Precinct 1, Collin Co., TX, McKinney P.O.  He was a farmer.  Their first 10 children were born in MO and the last 2 in TX.  (R‑915)

Children - Graves

    1908.    Lucretius H. Graves, b.c. 1841.