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Mary Graves (1) was probably born about 1670.  She married Samuel Richards.  He was born 1668-1676, and died 6 Feb. 1732/33 in Hartford, CT.  He was a son of John Richards, born about 1631 in Hartford, CT, and Lydia Stocking, born 1624-1627 in Suffolk Co., England, or Hartford, CT (not likely, since Hartford was not settled until about 1636).  Both their children were born in Hartford, CT.

It has been conjectured that Mary Graves was a daughter of George Graves (son of Deacon George Graves who was one of the original proprietors of Hartford in 1636) and Elizabeth Ventres.  This seems unlikely, since Mary was not mentioned in George’s will.  It does seem likely that Mary was descended from either Deacon George Graves (genealogy 65) or from Thomas Graves of Hartford, CT (genealogy 168).

Mary Graves probably died soon after the birth of her daughter Lydia, since Samuel Richards married second Hannah Henbury on 14 June 1697 in Hartford, CT.  Children by this second marriage, all born in Hartford, CT, were: Hannah, b. 17 June 1700, Josiah, b. 15 Feb. 1701/02, Mary, b. 1 July 1705, James, b. 3 Feb. 1705/1706, Daniel M., b. 25 Dec. 1708, Jonan, b.c. 1709, Esther, b. 18 June 1713, Hezekiah, b.c. 1715.

It is not proven that this is the Mary Graves mentioned in the marriage record of her daughter, Lydia Richards, but it is likely, especially since Lydia was married in Hartford, CT also.  There was also a Mary Graves who was born about 1647 in Weymouth, MA, who married a Samuel Richards in Dec. 1665 in Weymouth, MA.  He was born about 1645 in Dorchester, MA.  (R‑1)

Children - Richards

   2.  Samuel Richards, b.c. 1690, m. Elizabeth Latham, 4 March 1714.

+3.  Lydia Richards, b. 14 March 1696, m. John Merrill.






Lydia Richards (3) was born 14 March 1696 in Hartford, CT, and died after 1762.  She married John Merrill.  He was born 29 Sept. 1695 in Hartford, Hartford Co., CT, and died in 1762 in New Hartford, Litchfield Co., CT.  He was one of the first settlers in New Hartford.  All their children were baptized in West Hartford, CT.  (R‑1)

Children - Merrill

   4.  Ruth Merrill, bapt. 3 April 1726, d. before 1762 (West Hartford, CT).

   5.  Lydia Merrill, bapt. 27 March 1728, d. after 1762.

   6.  John Merrill, bapt. 1 Nov. 1730, m. Irene Olmstead (or Irena Olmsted), 7 Feb. 1758 (West Hartford, CT), d. Feb. 1808 (New Hartford, CT).

   7.  Samuel Merrill, bapt. 25 June 1732, m(1) Mary Merrill, March 1758 (New Hartford, CT), m(2) Sarah Merrill, after 1814, d. 30 March 1798 (New Hartford, CT).

   8.  Hannah Merrill, bapt. 15 Sept. 1735, m. John Miller, c. 1753 (New Hartford, CT), d. New Hartford, CT.


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