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Peter Greaves (1) was probably born about 1570.He was of Greenhill, parish of Norton, County Derby, yeoman.He married Elizabeth Hargrave.(R‑5)

Children - Greaves

+2.William Greaves, perhaps b.c. 1610, m. ‑‑‑‑‑‑, d.c. 31 Dec. 1662.






William Greaves (2) was of Greenhill, parish of Norton, near Sheffield, South Yorkshire (or Derbyshire?), England.He may have been born about 1610, and was baptized at Norton.He married ‑‑‑‑‑‑.His will was dated 31 Oct. 1662.He was buried 2 Jan. 1662/3 at Norton.

A note at the end of the chart of this family in Familae Minorum Gentium states: ďThe account of the family of Greaves in these four pages I received in writing from Mr. Charles Greaves of Rowlee [now spelled Rowsley], by whom it was compiled, when I called upon him at his residence at Rowlee in Woodlands parish of Hope [Derbyshire], on Sunday Oct. 16, 1836.He shewed me at the same time a Marriage Certificate of a marriage of a Greaves & an Eyre in 1654, before Randolf Ashenhurst, Esq.I do not feel quite confident respecting the Greaves of Greenhill at the head of the pedigree, the rest I have reason to think correct.Ē

There was a John Greaves of St. Clementís. St. Maryís Co., MD (genealogy 247), who applied for land certificates in 1719 and died in 1748.He may have been Williamís son, John, but more likely (based on his likely birth of 1680-1690) he was a grandson.The mention in his will of a right to an estate in England probably referred to the estate of William Greaves.It is also likely that Joshua Graves of MD (genealogy 346) was related to these families.It is also possible that the family of William Greaves and Ann Brittlebank of Hathersage, Derbyshire (genealogy 395) may be related to this family.

It is also interesting to see in this family several names that showed up in Virginia, including a Crawshaw (marrying #35), perhaps of the same family as the probable wife of Capt. Thomas Graves of VA (genealogy 169).(R‑1, R‑5)

Children - Greaves

+3.William Greaves, b.c. 1634, m. Agnes ‑‑‑‑‑‑, d. Jan. 1696/7.

+4.Edmund Greaves, m. Sarah Bradwell.

+5.Christopher Greaves, m. Elizabeth Glossop, 1695.

6.John Greaves, m. Sarah Balguy (of Hope, Co. Derby), 5 March 1693 (Hope, Co. Derby).He was executor of his fatherís will, and was of Hancock, parish of Hathersage, Co. Derby.

7.Catherine Greaves, m. Hugh Benson (of St. Clementís Bay, St. Maryís Co., MD).The widow of a Hugh Benson married Thomas Cooper by 1707 in St. Maryís Co., MD; this widow might have been Catherine Greaves.

8.Anne Greaves, m. Anthony Poynton, 3 Dec. 16‑‑ (Hope, Co. Derby).






William Greaves (3) was born about 1634.He was of Crook Hill, parish of Hathersedge (now Hathersage) (Hope), co. Derby.He was later of Beacon, parish of Bradfield, Co. York.His will was dated 16 May 1696, and was proved at Lichfield PCC on 12 May 1697.Estate £185.12.6d.He was buried 17 Jan. 1696/7 at Hope, co. Derby.He married Agnes ‑‑‑‑‑‑ of Upper Midhope, parish of Penistone, Co. York.She was buried 4 Feb. 1704 at Hope.(R‑1, R‑5)

Children - Greaves

+9.William Greaves, bapt. 25 Feb. 1662, m. Mary Cartlege, 16 Oct. 1690, d. 19 Nov. 1719.

10.Samuel Greaves; of Bierley, near Hathersage, Co. Derby.Mentioned in his fatherís will.

11.Daniel Greaves; of Crook Hill, parish of Hathersage, Co. Derby, bapt. 22 Jan. 1676 at Bradfield, Co. York. He is mentioned in his fatherís will as being left a farm at Ronksley.

12.Elizabeth Greaves, bapt. 7 April 1670, m. Joseph Ibbotson (or Ibbutson) (of Marebotham), 25 April 1696 (Hope, Co. Derby).She is mentioned in her fatherís will.

13.Sarah Greaves, bapt. 16 Oct. 1673 at Bradfield, Co. York.Mentioned in her fatherís will.

+14.Helen Greaves, bapt. 19 Dec. 1677, m. Thomas Morton, 19 Feb. 1694.

15.Ann Greaves, m. Thomas Barber (of Malcoffe, parish of Chapel-en-le-Frith, Derbyshire).She is mentioned in her fatherís will.

16.Mary Greaves, m. Thomas Harrison.


Edmund Greaves (4) married Sarah Bradwell of County Derby.The child listed below is from the IGI.

Children - Greaves

17.Sarah Greaves, bapt. 24 Sept. 1700 (Hope, Derby).


Christopher Greaves (5) married Elizabeth Glossop in 1695.She was of Offerton Parish, Co. Derby.The children listed below are from the IGI.All were baptized in Hope, Derby.

Children - Greaves

18.John Greaves, bapt. 4 Jan. 1701.

19.Edmund Greaves, bapt. 16 Sept. 1703.

20.Sarah Greaves, bapt. 22 Jan. 1707.

21.William Greaves, bapt. 11 Dec. 1709.






William Greaves (9) was of Twothornfield Farm, parish of Hope, and afterwards of Woodlands, Rowlee (now spelled Rowsley), township of Woodlands, parish of Hope, co. Derby.He was born in 1662, baptized 25 (or 26) Feb. 1662 at Bradfield, Co. York, he died 19 Nov. 1719 at Hope, at age 57, and was buried at Hope.His will was dated 8 June 1719, and was proved at Lichfield on 20 May 1720.Estate £1819.5.2d.He married Mary Cartlege (or Eyre) of Owlerbrook in Edale on 16 Oct. 1690 at Hope.She was born in 1668, was baptized 2 March 1672, died 11 Oct. 1719, aged 51 years, and was buried in the Chancel at Hope.She was a daughter of George Eyre of Owlerbrook, Edale, Co. Derby, and Mary, his wife.(R‑1, R‑5)

Children - Greaves

22.Jonathan Greaves, b. 23 Aug. 1691, bapt. 17 Sept. 1691 (Hope).Mentioned in his fatherís will.

+23.Sarah Greaves, b. 12 Sept. 1693, m. William Thomason.

+24.John Greaves, b. 21 (or 11) Sept. 1695, m. Frances Greaves.

+25.Rachel Greaves, b. 16 July 1697, m. John Greaves, 22 May 1722.

+26.William Greaves, b. 27 June 1698, m. Elizabeth Champion.

+27.Charles Greaves, b. 27 Aug. 1700, m. Mary Barker, 6 Jan. 1736, d. 2 Dec. 1773.

+28.Joanna Greaves, b. 24 June 1702, m. George Brownhill.

+29.Joseph Greaves, b. 4 Oct. 1704, m. Catherine Balguy, 20 Jan. 1732-3.

+30.Christopher Greaves, b. 25 Feb. 1705, m. Peggy Burrowes.


Helen Greaves (14) was baptized 19 Dec. 1677 in Bradfield, Co. York.She married Thomas Morton on 19 Feb. 1694 in Hope, Co. Derby.He was of Malcoff, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Co. Derby.She is mentioned in her fatherís will.The children listed below are from the IGI, the first two born in Bradwell, Hope, Derby, and the next two in Woodland, Hope, Derby..

Children - Morton

31.Thomas Morton, b. 8 Feb. 1691.

32.Robert Morton, b. 15 Oct. 1693.

33.Thomas Morton, b. 28 July 1694.

34.John Morton, b. 2 July 1796.






Sarah Greaves (23) was born 12 Sept. 1693, and was baptized 25 Sept. 1693 at Hope, Co. Derby.She married William Thomason (or Tomasson) of Grainfoot, near Derwent, Co. Derby.She was mentioned in her fatherís will.(R‑1, R‑5)

Children - Thomason

+35.William Thomason, m. Elizabeth Crawshaw.

36.Mary Thomason

37.Ann Thomason

38.Ruth Thomason

39.Sarah Thomason

40.Jane Thomason

41.Rachel Thomason


John Greaves (24) was born 21 (or 11) Sept. 1695 and was baptized 16 Oct. 1695.He married Frances Greaves of Castleton, Derbyshire (near Hope).He was sometime Churchwarden of Hope.He was mentioned in his fatherís will.They had only one child.(R‑1)

Children - Greaves

42.daughter, m. ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Richardson (of Leeds, tinman).


Rachel Greaves (25) was born 16 July 1697, and was baptized 12 Aug. 1697 at Hope, Co. Derby.She married John Greaves of Upper Middop (or Mid Hope), parish of Peniston (or Penistone, South Yorkshire?) on 22 May 1722 by licence at Hope.She is mentioned in her fatherís will.(R‑1, R‑5)

Children - Graves

+43.Joseph Greaves, married.

44.William Graves, married.3 children.

+45.Benjamin Greaves, m. ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Howe.

+46.Mary Greaves, m. Richard Ellis.


William Greaves (26) was born 27 June 1698, and was baptized at Hope on 16 July 1698.He married Elizabeth Champion of Nether Booth, parish of Castleton, Derbyshire.He was mentioned in his fatherís will.His will was dated 30 Jan. 1739.(R‑1, R‑5)

Children - Greaves

47.William Greaves, never married.

+48.Christopher Greaves, m. Mary Bocking.

+49.Benjamin Greaves, m. ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Champion.

+50.Rachel Greaves, m. Christopher Siddal.

+51.Elizabeth Greaves, m. William Holmes.

52.Mary Greaves, died as a young woman.


Charles Greaves (27) was born 27 Aug. 1700, was baptized 1‑ Sept. 1700 at Hope, and died 2 Dec. 1773.He was of Rowlee, parish of Hope, gentleman.He married Mary Barker of Edensor, parish of Bakewell, Derbyshire, by license.She was a daughter of William Barker, of Edensor, parish of Bakewell, Co. Derby, and Ann, his wife.She was baptized in 1717, and died 18 April 1782, at age 66.They were both buried in the Church at Hope, co. Derby.(R‑1, R‑5)

Chilren - Greaves

+53.Charles Greaves, b. 28 Oct. 1740, m. Anne Pierrepoint, d. 6 Nov. 1800.

54.William Greaves, b., bapt. and d. 28 June 1742.Bur. at Hope.

+55.Thomas Greaves, b. 25 Jan. 1745, m. Mary Bradwell, d. 7 July 1800.

+56.William Greaves, b. 2 April 1748, m. Elizabeth Bromhead, d. Nov. 1818 (or 1814).

+57.Alexander Benjamin Greaves, b. 22 Nov. 1750, m. Anne Green, 8 Dec. 1785, d. 8 July 1834.

+58.John Greaves, b. 31 March 1753, m. Elizabeth Roe, d. May 1824.

+59.George Greaves, b. 6 March 1756, m. Mary Priestley.

+60.Christopher Greaves, b. 20 June 1758, m. Mary Bradwell, d. 30 Jan. 1833.


Joanna Greaves (28) was born 24 June 1702.She married George Brownhill of Bamford, parish of Hathersedge, co. Derby.She was mentioned in her fatherís will.(R‑1)

Children - Brownhill

+61.Mary Brownhill, m. Richard Oliver.

62.Jane Brownhill, m. George Hall (of Oughtibridge).No children.

+63.Hannah Brownhill, m. ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Ibbotson.


Joseph Greaves (29) was born 4 Oct. 1704, and was buried at Hathersedge, co. Derby.He was of Moscar House, Hathersage.He is mentioned in his fatherís will as being under age at that date.He married Catherine Balguy on 20 Jan. 1732-3 at Hathersedge.She was daughter of Henry Balguy, Esq., of Derwent Hall, Co. Derby.She was buried 29 Nov. 1768 at Hathersage.(R‑1, R‑5)

Children - Greaves

+64.Charles Greaves, m. ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Beardmore.

+65.Frederick Greaves, m. Ellen Bennet, d. 6 or 8 Jan. 1826.

+66.Caroline Greaves, m(1) Francis Tay, m(2) Christopher Booth, d. 1818.

67.Catherine Greaves, m(1) ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Hall (of London), m(2) Thomas Golding (of Nantwich), d. 21 Feb. 1806 (Highfield).Bur. at Norton.No children.

+68.Maria Greaves, m(1) Henry Wardlaw, m(2) Thomas Barnes, d. 1819.

+69.Elizabeth Greaves, m. John Oldale.

+70.Susanna Greaves, m. John Hammerston.

71.Henry Greaves, died in Derwent Dale.

72.Alexander Greaves

73.Clement Greaves, died in Jamaica.


Christopher Greaves (30) was born 25 Feb. 1705, and was buried in the Chancel at Hope, co. Derby.He married Peggy Burrowes, widow of Bradwell, parish of Hope.(R‑1)

Children - Greaves

74.William Greaves, d. 8 Sept. 1826 (Worksop, Nottinghamshire).He was only son, Capt. in the West York Militia.Died at age 70 so b.c. 1756.






William Thomason (35) of Grainfoot, near Derwent, married Elizabeth Crawshaw of Bankhouse, near Bradfield.(R‑1)

Children - Thomason

+75.William Thomason, m. Anne Eyre.

76.Sarah Thomason, m. William Brumby (of Hayfield).

77.Elizabeth Thomason, m. Richard Creswell (of Small Dale).

78.Ann Thomason, m. John Bacon (of Hallfield, near Bradfield).



Joseph Greaves (43) married ‑‑‑‑‑‑.(R‑1)

Children - Greaves

79.William Greaves

80.Christopher Greaves


Benjamin Greaves (45) was of Aldermanís Head.He married ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Howe of Horderm, parish of Peniston.(R‑1)

Children - Greaves

81.Mary Greaves

82.John Greaves

83.Rachel Greaves

84.William Greaves

85.Benjamin Greaves

86.Hannah Greaves, m. ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Nelson.

87.Charles Greaves

88.Betty Greaves


Mary Greaves (46) married Richard Ellis of Midhope Hall.(R‑1)

Children - Ellis

89.William Ellis, m. ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Greaves (dau. of ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Greaves of Aldermanís Head).

90.Ellen Ellis, m. John Ellis (her cousin, of Chapeltown).



Christopher Greaves (48) married Mary Bocking of Hope.They were both buried at Hope.(R‑1)

Children - Greaves

91.William Greaves, never married.Bur. at Hope.

+92.Mary Greaves, m. John Middleton.


Benjamin Greaves (49) married ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Champion of Nether Booth, Edale.She was buried at Manchester.(R‑1)

Children - Greaves

93.Champion Greaves, d. Oct. 1826 (Manchester).

94.William Greaves

95.Martha Greaves

96.Mary Greaves

97.Elizabeth Greaves


Rachel Greaves (50) married Christopher Siddal of Hope.They were both buried at Sheffield.(R‑1)

Children - Siddal

98.Christopher Siddal

99.Mary Siddal

100.Elizabeth Siddal

101.Anne Siddal

102.Sarah Siddal

103.Margaret Siddal

104.Catherine Siddal


Elizabeth Greaves (51) married William Holmes of Hope.(R‑1)

Children - Holmes

105.William Holmes

106.Betty Holmes



Charles Greaves (53) was born 28 Oct. 1740, died 6 Nov. 1800, and was buried in the Church of Wood Street, London.He married Anne Pierrepoint of London, sister of Evelyn Pierrepoint, supposed to be the next heir male to the Duke of Kingston.She died 6 July 1805, and was also buried at the Church of Wood Street, London.(R‑1)

Children - Greaves

+107.Sarah Greaves, m. Kirkman Gardener.

108.John Greaves, b.c. 1786, d. 1805 (age 19)

109.Hannah Greaves, b.c. 1788, d. 1801 (age 13).

+110.Pierrepoint Greaves, m. Martha Alcock, d. by 1847.

+111.Richard Greaves, m. ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Wilson.

112.J. P. Greaves

113.Mary Anne Greaves

+114.Charles Greaves, m. Charlotte Mylne, d. 20 Oct. 1829.

115.Alexander Greaves; M.A., of Queenís College, Cambridge.


Thomas Greaves (55) was born 25 Jan. 1745 and died 7 July 1800.His will was dated 3 Feb. 1797.He married Mary Bradwell of Abney, parish of Hope, co. Derby.She was born about 1753 and died 30 Jan. 1836 at age 83.They were both buried in the Church at Hope.(R‑1)

Children - Greaves

+116.Charles Greaves, b. 14 Jan. 1774, m. Milicent Stringer, 24 Sept. 1807.

+117.Hugh Greaves, b. 21 April 1779, m. Mary Lomas, 2 Dec. 1802.

+118.Thomas Greaves, b. 30 Sept. 1780, m. Martha Heiron Radford, 1 April 1807.

119.George Greaves, b. 15 Jan. 1794, d. 22 Feb. 1833.

120.Charlotte Greaves, b. Sept. 1791, d. 23 July 1833.

+121.Mary Greaves, b. 26 Feb. 1775, m. Arthur Spear.

+122.Ruth Greaves, b. 22 April 1784, m. John Barlow.


William Greaves (56) was born 2 April 1748, died in Nov. 1818, and was buried at St. Jamesí, Sheffield.He married Elizabeth Bromhead of Sheffield, daughter of Joseph Bromhead.(R‑1)

Children - Greaves

123.Mary Bromhead Greaves

+124.Joseph Greaves, m. Eliza Spear.

125.Arabella Greaves


Alexander Benjamin Greaves (57) was born 22 Nov. 1750 at Hope, died 8 July 1834 at Offerton Hall, Derby, and was buried 10 July 1834 at Hope, age 82.His administration was granted 10 July 1835.He was admitted to Trinity College, Cambridge on 9 July 1776, having matriculated at St. Edmunds Hall, Oxford on 12 July 1775.He was sometime Curate to the Rev. William Fletcher, the celebrated Vicar of Medley in County Sslop.He was later B.A., Curate of Middleton Stony, and built the Chapel at Loxley.He married Anne Green of Chapel le Frith on 8 Dec. 1785.She was a daughter of Thomas Green, a surgeon of Chepel-en-le-Frith.She died in Feb. 1802, and was buried at Chapel le Frith.(R‑1, R‑5)

Children - Greaves

126.George Agrippa Greaves, d. 2 May 1814 (Rowlee).He was a cutler at Sheffield.Bur. at Hope.

127.Elizabeth Greaves

128.Joseph Greaves, d. 1816.Bur. at Sheffield.

129.John Green Greaves; lived in London.

130.Mary Anne Greaves

131.Alexander Benjamin Greaves; a shipmaster, apprenticed in Manchester, ran away, went to Jamaica, killed by the natives on the coast of Madagascar in 1826.

132.James Josiah Greaves

+133.Charles Caesar Augustus Greaves, b. 6 Aug. 1793, m. Mary Dillinger, 21 Dec. 1823, d. 22 April 1876.


John Greaves (58) was born 31 March 1753, died in May 1824, and was buried at Hope.He married Elizabeth Roe of Bakewell, Derbyshire.She died in Sept. 1812, and was buried at Peniston.(R‑1)

Children - Greaves

+134.Mary Greaves, m. Edward Core.


George Greaves (59) was born 6 March 1756.He married Mary Priestley of London.She died in Feb. 1833, and was buried at South End.(R‑1)

Children - Greaves

135.George Greaves (M.A. of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge), not married in 1830.

136.Ebenezer Greaves, m. Charlotte Jendur (?), 1824.She was dau. of Joshua Jendur, Esq., of Chigwell, but who was of right a Baronet; sister to Rev. Henry Jendur who m. Caroline Smelt of Gedling, co. Nott., niece to the Earl of Chester.They had 2 sons.

+137.Joseph Greaves, b.c. 1794, m. Maria Anne Pearson, 1826.

138.Ann Greaves

139.Charles Greaves

+140.Samuel Greaves, m. Lydia Abdy.

141.Mary Greaves, m. Rev. Richard Pearson (M.A., of St. Johnís College, Oxford, only son of Richard Pearson, M.D.).8 children.

142.Edward Greaves

143.Henry Addington Greaves; he was M.A., of Corpus Christi College, not married in 1830.

144.Rebecca Greaves

145.Eliza Greaves

146.Alfred Greaves (B.A. of Trinity College, Cambridge, 1830).


Christopher Greaves (60) was born 20 June 1758, and died 30 Jan. 1833, age 74.He married Mary Bradwell of Offerton, parish of Hope.She was born about 1869, and died 1 Aug. 1822 at age 53.They were both buried at Hope.(R‑1)

Children - Greaves

147.William Greaves

148.Alexander Barker Greaves

149.Mary Greaves, married.

150.Charles Greaves, m. ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Riley.



Mary Brownhill (61) married Richard Oliver of Bamford.(R‑1)

Children - Oliver

151.John Oliver

152.Samuel Oliver

153.Joanna Oliver

154.George Oliver


Hannah Brownhill (63) married ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Ibbotson of Sheffield.He was a grocer.(R‑1)

Children - Ibbotson

155.George Ibbotson

156.Thomas Ibbotson

157.Edward Ibbotson

158.William Ibbotson

159.Sarah Ibbotson

160.Mary Ibbotson, m. J. Horn (of London).He m(2) Martha Louise ‑‑‑‑‑‑ of Strangways.



Charles Greaves (64) married Miss ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Beardmore of Southwell.He was buried at Bath.(R‑1)

Children - Greaves

+161.Charlotte Greaves, m. ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Fowler.


Frederick Greaves (65) married Ellen Bennet of Thornset Fields, parish of Glossop.He died 6 or 8 Jan. 1826, and was buried at Norton.(R‑1)

Children - Greaves

+162.Henry Greaves, m. Hannah Hill.

163.Thomas Greaves; ďwent abroadĒ.

164.Bennet Greaves, died abroad.

165.John Greaves

166.Mary Greaves, m(1) ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Singleton (of Manchester), m(2) William Cannah.

167.Anne Greaves, m. John ‑‑‑‑‑‑ (of Manchester).


Caroline Greaves (66) first married Francis Tay of Peak Forest.He was buried there.She secondly married Christopher Booth of The Wood, Woodlands.She died in 1818 at The Wood, and was buried at Hope.(R‑1)

Children - Tay

168.Catherine Tay (only child), m. Zaccheus Middleton (of Twothorn field).No children.


Maria Greaves (68) first married Henry Wardlaw of Bradway, parish of Norton.She secondly married Thomas Barnes of Sheffield.He was a cutler.There were no children by the second marriage.Maria died in 1819 at Bradway.(R‑1)

Children - Wardlaw

+169.Catherine Wardlaw, m. Robert Lilliman.


Elizabeth Greaves (69) married John Oldale of Cold Aston.(R‑1)

Children - Oldale

170.John Oldale; an exciseman in Kent.

+171.Mary Oldale, m. Thomas Biggen.

+172.Catherine Oldale, m. ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Turner.

173.Sarah Oldale, b.c. 1788, d. Nov. 1807 (age 19).

174.Francis Oldale, m. Miss Wylde.

175.Sidney Oldale, m. Miss Jenkins.

176.Charles Oldale, d. 1818.


Susanna Greaves (70) married John Hammerton of Embley.(R‑1)

Children - Hammerton

177.Henry Hammerton

178.John Hammerton

179.Grace Hammerton

180.Catherine Hammerton

181.Elizabeth Hammerton

182.Joseph Hammerton






William Thomason (75) of Grainfoot married Anne Eyre of Howden.(R‑1)

Children - Thomason

183.William Thomason (of Grainfoot in 1836)

184.Hugh Thomason, married (in India), d. 1832 (India).

185.Thomas Thomason, m. Miss Eyre (of Thurlston).

186.Frances Thomason, m. Samuel Bray (of Owler-brook, Edale).

187.Catherine Thomason, m. G. Eyre.



Mary Greaves (92) married John Middleton of Hope.He was born about 1767, died 30 Aug. 1828 at age 61, and was buried at Hope.(R‑1)

Children - Middleton

188.William Greaves Middleton

189.John Middleton

190.Christopher Middleton

191.Robert Middleton

192.Mary Middleton, b.c. 1807, d. 22 April 1824 (age 17).



Sarah Greaves (107) married Kirkman Gardener of Wandsworth.He was an insurance broker.(R‑1)

Children - Gardener

193.Caroline Gardener, b. 23 Sept. 1810 (Kingís Arms Yard, London).

194.Kirkman Gardener, b. 5 or 6 Dec. 1811 (Lambeth), d. 1816.

195.Henry Gardener, b. 1814.


Pierrepoint Greaves (110) of Chorley, co. Lancaster, married Martha Alcock of Heaton Norris near Stockport.He was dead by 1847.(R‑1)

Children - Greaves

196.Mary Anne Greaves, died young.


198.Sarah Greaves, b. 1817.

199.Harriet Greaves, d. 1829.


Richard Greaves (111), M.A. of Wadham College, Oxford, married ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Wilson, daughter of William Wilson, Esq., of Worton, co. Oxon.She was sister of the wife of Daniel Wilson, D.D., Vicar of Islington and Bishop of Calcutta.(R‑1)

Children - Greaves

200.Richard Greaves

201.Evelyn Greaves



Charles Greaves (114) married Charlotte Mylne of Amwell, Hertfordshire.She was daughter of William Mylne, the engineer of Black Friars Bridge, and niece of Sir ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Gordon of Edinburgh, Bart., cousin of Rev. Sir Henry Thompson.Charles Greaves died 20 Oct. 1829.(R‑1)

Children - Greaves

203.Charles Greaves, b. 1816.

204.Charlotte Greaves, b. 1817.

205.Robert Greaves

206.Sophia Greaves

207.Evelyn Greaves

208.Mary Greaves



Charles Greaves (116) was of Rowlee.He was born 14 Jan. 1774, and was living in 1836.He married Milicent Stringer, daughter and heir of John Stringer of Dungworth, on 24 Sept. 1807.At the time of her marriage, she was of Catcliff, parish of Rotherham.(R‑1)

Children - Greaves

209.Mary Greaves, b. 3 Sept. 1810, not married in 1836.

210.Frances Greaves, b. 27 March 1812, not married in 1836.

+211.Charles Greaves, b. 9 Nov. 1814, m. ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Robinson, d. 1892.

212.Thomas Greaves, b. 9 April 1818, not married in 1836.


Hugh Greaves (117) was born 21 April 1779.He married Mary Lomas of Strangways near Manchester on 2 Dec. 1802.(R‑1)

Children - Greaves

213.Mary Lomas Greaves, b. 1803, d. 1834.

214.Thomas Greaves, died young.

215.George Greaves, b. 3 Aug. 1806.(There is apparently some question as to whether this could be the same as #119.)

216.Martha Anne Greaves

217.Charles Greaves

218.Hugh Greaves

219.William Greaves

220.Jane Lomas Greaves

221.Elizabeth Greaves

222.Sarah Gardener Greaves, died young.

223.John Greaves, died young.

224.Edward Joy Greaves, died young.

225.Mary Lomas Greaves

226.Charlotte Greaves, died young.

227.Henry Graves, died young.

228.Sarah Anne Greaves


Thomas Greaves (118) was born 30 Sept. 1780.He married Martha Heiron Radford of Winsley Hall near Matlock on 1 April 1807.She died 20 Aug. 1836 at Hull.(R‑1)

Children - Greaves

229.Martha Radford Greaves

230.Elizabeth Greaves


Mary Greaves (121) was born 26 Feb. 1775.She married Arthur Spear of Manchester.(R‑1)

Children - Spear

231.Mary Anne Spear, b. 15 March 1798, d. 9 Feb. 1799.

232.Mary Anne Spear, b. 1 May 1799.

233.Arthur Greaves Spear, b. 22 Oct. 1800 (Hackney), d. 1815.

234.Harriet Spear, b. 17 March 1802.

235.Robert Spear, b. 15 June 1803 (Sarvie, France), d. 9 Aug. 1805.

236.Eliza Spear, b. 15 March 1805 (Havre, France).

237.Caroline Anne Spear, b. 21 Sept. 1807 (Nantz, France).

238.Sarah Spear, b. 29 Jan. 1809 (Paris, France).

239.Sophia Spear, b. 12 July 1815 (Berwick-house, Essex).


Ruth Greaves (122) was born 22 April 1784.She married John Barlow of Sheffield, iron-founder.(R‑1)

Children - Barlow

240.John Greaves Barlow, died young 21 Dec. 1812.Bur. at the Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Carver St., Sheffield.

241.Charles Barlow, died young.

242.Thomas Greaves Barlow

243.James Barlow

244.Charlotte Barlow

245.Anne Barlow, died young.

246.George Barlow, died young.

247.Mary Anne Barlow, b. 1823 (Belfast).

248.John Barlow, b. 15 May 1825 (Shankelwell).

249.Charles Henry Barlow

250.Reginald Barlow



Joseph Greaves (124) married Eliza Spear.He lived in London, and went to Australia about 1851.(R‑1)

Children - Greaves

251.Frederick Greaves

252.Henry Greaves

253.Josephine Greaves





Charles Caesar Augustus Greaves (133) was born 6 Aug. 1793 at Wadsley, baptized there in the parish church, and died at Roxeth Road on 22 April 1876, aged 85 years.His will is dated 8 Feb. 1872 and was proved 14 June 1876.He was of the township of Wadsley, parish of Ecclesfield, Co. York, late of 58 Roxeth Road, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Co. Middlesex.He joined the Grenadier Guards on 5 Dec. 1811, and took part in the Battle of Waterloo.He was a 2nd Lieutenant and Adjutant in the 87th Regiment in 1830, without purchase, and a lieutenant in the 3rd Regiment of Foot on 8 June 1830, without purchase.He was in the Netherlands under the Prince of Orange from June 1814/15 to Nov. 1818.

He married Mary Dillinger of Chatham, Co. Kent, on 21 Dec. 1823 at St. Johnís Church, Westminster, London.She was born in 1802 in Chatham, and died 9 Aug. 1862 at Roxeth Road, Harrow-on-the-Hill, aged 60 years.(R‑5)

Children - Greaves

256.Charles Robert Greaves, b. 18 Nov. 1825, bapt. at St. Martinís-in-the-Fields, Westminster, London.He went to Australia.

257.Alexander George Greaves, b. 24 Nov. 1828, bapt. at St. Peterís Church, Bolton, Co. York.

+258.Alfred Greaves, b. 2 July 1840, m. Louisa Comley, 18 Aug. 1866, d. 19 Dec. 1894.

259.Mary Elizabeth Greaves, b. 21 Jan. 18‑5 (Westminster, London), bapt. St. Maryís Church, Westminster, London.

260.Elizabeth Jemima Greaves, b. 1831 (Newry, Ireland).Executrix of her fatherís will.

261.Sophia Dillinger Greaves, b. 1833 (Abbingdon, Ireland).Mentioned in her fatherís will.

262.Olivia Greaves, b. 1835 (Hatfield, Co. Hertford).Mentioned in her fatherís will.

263.Ruth Greaves, b. 1837 (Hatfield, Co. Hertford).Mentioned in her fatherís will.



Mary Greaves (134), heir of her father, married Edward Core.He was Rector of Woolhampton, co. Berks.(R‑1)

Children - Core

264.Edward Core



Joseph Greaves (137) was born about 1794 in London, England.He married Maria Anne Pearson in 1826.She was the only daughter of Admiral Richard Pearson, son of Sir Richard Pearson of Greenwich Hospital.She was born about 1800 in Blackheath or Greenwich, Kent, England, and died 19 April 1920.She was listed as age 50 in the 1851 census.All their children were baptized in Dartmouth, Devon, England, at least the first 5 in St. Petrox.At the 1881 census Maria was a widow and was living at 30 Portland Square, Plymouth.(R‑1, R‑3)

Children - Greaves

265.Richard Pearson Greaves, bapt. 28 May 1829.

266.Joseph Greaves, bapt. 8 Aug. 1830.

+267.Henry Blumhardt Greaves, bapt. 6 Oct. 1833, m. Clara ‑‑‑‑‑‑.

268.Lucy Greaves, bapt. 18 June 1836.

269.Frederic Greaves, bapt. 18 June 1836.

270.Emily Greaves, b.c. 1837.

271.Vincent Greaves, b.c. 1842.


Samuel Greaves (140) married Lydia Abdy.She was daughter of Rev. William Jervis Abdy, M.A., Rector of St. Johnís, Horsly Down.(R‑1)

Children - Greaves

272.Samuel Greaves, died young.

273.Cyril Abdy Greaves



Charlotte Greaves (161) married Rev. ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Fowler of Southwell.(R‑1)

Children - Fowler

274.Caroline Beardmore Fowler



Henry Greaves (162) married Hannah Hill of Birchet, parish of Dronfield.(R‑1)

Children - Greaves

275.John Greaves, m. Mary Lowe (of Unthank).

276.Thomas Greaves



Catherine Wardlaw (169) married Robert Lilliman of Stockport.He was a schoolmaster and exciseman.(R‑1)

Children - Lilliman

277.Maria Lilliman

278.Joseph Lilliman

279.Matilda Lilliman

280.Robert Lilliman



Mary Oldale (171) married Thomas Biggen of Cold Aston.(R‑1)

Children - Biggen

281.Nancy Biggen

282.Joseph Biggen


Catherine Oldale (172) married ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Turner of Cold Aston, sicklesmith.(R‑1)

Children - Turner

283.Francis Turner






Charles Greaves (211) was born 9 Nov. 1814 and died in 1892.He was not married in 1836, and was then living at Rowlee.He married ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Robinson after 1836.(R‑4)

Children - Greaves

+284.George Henry Greaves, b. 1849, m. Elizabeth Ann Bradwell, d. 1920.

285.other children



Alfred Greaves (258) was born 2 July 1840 at St. Johns Cottage, Upper Holloway, Islington, Co. Middlesex, and died 19 Dec. 1894 at 3 Therapia Road, Peckham, Camberwell, London, aged 54 years.He was of Roxeth, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Co. Middlesex.He was a civil servant in H.M. Customs.He married Louisa Comley on 18 Aug. 1866, by license, at the parish church, Kennington, London.She was born 4 June 1844 at 125 Wardour Street, London.She was a daughter of Thomas Comley, of 125 Wardour Street, London, and Louisa Sprouston.(R‑5)

Children - Greaves

286.Alfred Charles Greaves, b. 11 June 1867 (Roxeth, Harrow-on-the-Hill), bapt. 3 July 1867 (Roxeth, Harrow-on-the-Hill), d. 3 March 1893 (3 Therapia Road, Peckham, Camberwell, London).

287.Lionel Hugh Greaves; mentioned in his grandfatherís will.

+288.Frederick Augustus Greaves, b. 5 July 1877, m(1) Mabel Kate Breeze, 23 Dec. 1904, m(2) Irene Helen Champion, 17 July 1936, d. 11 Aug. 1943.

289.Maud Mary Louisa Greaves; mentioned in her fatherís will.

290.Eliza Sophia Greaves



Henry Blumhardt Greaves (267) was baptized 6 Oct. 1833 in St. Petrox, Dartmouth, Devon, England, and died by 1881.He married Clara ‑‑‑‑‑‑.She died 19 April 1920 in Victoria, BC, Canada.There is a Clara Greaves buried in the Ross Bay Cem., Fairfield Road, Victoria.Henry and Clara were listed as the parents of Constable Henry Blumhardt Greaves on his wedding certificate.(R‑3)

Children - Greaves

291.Clara M. Greaves, b.c. 1867.

+292.Henry Blumhardt Greaves, b. 1871, m. Isabella Harper Anderson Mutter, 22 June 1895, d. 10 June 1935.






George Henry Greaves (284) was born in 1849 and died in 1920.He married Elizabeth Ann Bradwell.(R‑4)

Children - Greaves

+293.John Heald Greaves, b. 1885, m. May Sankey Buchanan, 1920, d. 1969.

294.other children



Frederick Augustus Greaves (288) was born 5 July 1877 at Mill Hill Road, Acton, Co. Middlesex, and died 11 Aug. 1943 at The Cottage, 40 Villiers Avenue, Surbiton, age 66, not long after the death of his youngest son on the field of battle.His will is dated 25 Jan. 1943.He was of The Cottage, Villiers Avenue, Surbiton, Co. Surrey.He was educated at Dulwich College, London.He was founder and chairman of Greaves & Thomas, Ltd., of Holloway, furniture manufacturers.He first married Mabel Kate Breeze on 23 Dec. 1904 at St. Maryís Church, Balham, parish of Streatham, London.She was a daughter of John William Breeze of Sutton, Co. Surrey, and of Brighton, Co., Sussex, hotel proprietor and merchant, and Sarah Kate Colton, his wife.She was born 2 Sept. 1884 at 5 Alma Villas, Willesden, Co. Middlesex, died 24 Nov. 1926 at 40 Villiers Avenue, Co. Surrey, age 42, and was buried in the Surbiton Cem.He married second Irene Helen Champion on 17 July 1936 at a Registry Office in Surrey.She is mentioned in her husbandís will.She was a daughter of Thomas Arnold Champion of 41 Rayleigh Road, Wimbledon, Co. Surrey.(R‑5)

Children - Greaves, by Mabel K. Breeze

+295.Geoffrey Greaves, b. 24 June 1910, m. Edith Helen Wolff, 23 Jan. 1936, d. Jan. 1991.

296.Frederick Hugh Greaves, b. 1907, m. Ruby Kathleen ‑‑‑‑‑‑.He was of Jacques Hall, Manningtree, Essex, mentioned in his fatherís will.He was educated at Dover College, company director.Ruby was a secretary at Greaves and Thomas.

297.Oliver John Colton Greaves, b. 1912, d. 1942.He was of the Cottage, Villiers Road, Kingston Hill, Surbiton, educated at Dover College, and volunteered to join the Royal West Kent Regiment with his brother, Geoffrey.He was killed in action in North Africa near Tunis, fighting the Vichy French, and was buried near the battle field.

298.Pamela Mary Greaves, b. 12 March 1920 (Surbiton), m. Roy Hession (a Minister of God), 2 March 1968 (Little Chesterford, Co. Essex).She was mentioned in her fatherís will, and was living in Tonbridge Wells in 1999.

Children - Greaves, by Irene H. Champion

299.Susan Elizabeth Greaves, b.c. 1938.She was mentioned in her fatherís will.Living in Essex in 1999.



Constable Henry Blumhardt ("Harry") Greaves (292) was born in 1871 in Plympton St. Mary, Plymouth, Devon.The 1881 census shows him born in Plymouth.He was 23 when he married in 1895.He died 10 June 1935 in BC, Canada of diabetes.Cicely Glover, a granddaughter, remembered that he died as a result of being gassed in World War I.Harry was in the Royal Northwest Mounted Police.

He married Isabella Harper Anderson ("Dolly") Mutter on 22 June 1895 in Somonos, Vancouver Island, BC.She was born 15 March 1876 in Bowmore, Islay, Argyllshire, Scotland, and died 26 Oct. 1968 in Victoria, BC, Canada.Her parents were James Mitchell Mutter (8 April 1845-31 May 1920) and Isabella Allan Morrison (19 March 1849-3 Nov. 1933).Harry and Dolly separated, and Dolly may have raised several children on her own.(R‑3)

Children - Greaves

300.Harry Pearson Greaves, b. 2 April 1896 (Qualicum Dist., BC), d. 24 April 1915 (Ypres Salient, Flanders, World War I).

+301.James Mitchell Greaves, b. 13 Aug. 1897, m. Elizabeth Maude E. Hopkins, 5 Aug. 1925, d. 3 Aug. 1980.

302.Agnes Molly Vera Greaves, b. 15 Sept. 1898 (Somenos Dist., BC).

303.Cecil Blumhardt Greaves, b. 17 April 1901, d. 18 July 1958.

+304.Isobel Claire Madelaine Greaves, b. 16 July 1902, m. James Lawrence Cox, 9 July 1927, d. 23 Dec. 1975.

305.Richard Pearson ("Dick") Greaves, b. 15 Nov. 1904, d. 11 April 1974.


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