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The parents of this family are not presently known.  It has been believed that this family was descended from the Graves family of Yorkshire and Mickleton Manor, Gloucestershire (genealogy 68), but that has not been proven.  There are presently discrepancies between this genealogy and genealogy 68, noted in the appropriate places, and these need to be resolved.

It is not certain that Thomas, William and Mary were children of these parents, but it is believed that they are.

Children - Graves

+2. Thomas Graves, m. Margaret Swinney, 15 Oct. 1699.

+3. Richard Graves, m. Abigail ‑‑‑‑‑‑, d.c. 1725.

+4. John Graves, m. Anne Barker, d.c. 1733.

+5. William Graves, m. Jane ‑‑‑‑‑‑.

  6. Mary Greaves (of Trinity Parish, Waterford), m. Philip Mortimer, 11 April 1699[1].






Thomas Graves (1) married Margaret Swinney of Trinity Parish, Waterford, Ireland on 15 Oct. 16991.  In 1702 Thomas Graves was churchwarden of Trinity and Christchurch1.  (R‑1)

Children - Graves

  7. Anne Graves, bapt. by Mr. France1.


Richard Graves (3) married Abigail ‑‑‑‑‑‑.  She was named in his will[2].  The following items were extracted by Rev. James Graves from corporation and chapter records at Waterford.

Described as “Carpenter” in deed, vol. 74, 421, 51874[3].

1690. Admitted freeman of Waterford, 28 July 16902.

1694. Petitioned the Chapter of Waterford for a lease of Sir Peter Aylward’s house.

1697. Was ordered to be paid his account for alterations of John’s Bridge “for ye carriages.”

1698. Was ordered to build the bridge at John’s gate or be sued on his contract.

1700. Was elected and sworn Sherriff of Waterford, 9 Sept. 1700.

1705. Was granted liberty to pull down the Town Wall on the Quay, the boundary of his house, and to build his house forward with the quay, and a lease was granted to him for 61 years at 1/- per annum, 22 Sept. 1705.

1707. Was elected Alderman of Waterford, 19 June 1707.

Described as Alderman in Trinity Parish Registers and in Deeds3.

Will dated 9 Dec. 1724 is in the printed Indexs of Waterford diocese wills.

Original will destroyed in the Four Courts Fire in 1922.

Brief abstract in handwriting of Rev. James Graves, who died in 1886, gives date of proof 11 Jan. 1724/5, and Exors. Alderman William Barker and brother John Graves2.

He was owner of leasehold property in Waterford in the N.E. part of the city near the Ring Tower, and The Holy Ghost Hospital or St. Francis Abbey, etc.  Vol. 38, 394, 24738, vol. 74, 421, 51874, and vol. 24, 235, 136603.  (R‑1)

Children - Graves

  8. John Graves; mentioned as eldest son in will of Alderman Richard Graves.  But no mention of a wife or children, though his brother Anthony with wife Elizabeth and child Richard are all mentioned.

+9. Anthony Graves, m. Elizabeth Castele, d.c. 1730/31.

  10.  Stephen Graves, bapt. 2 June 1700, bur. 10 Feb. 1702/31.

+11.  Rebecca Graves, m. William Barker.

  12.  Charles Graves; mentioned in Ald. Richard Graves’ will (according to Rev. James Graves’ abstract).  Mentioned in Alumni Dublinenses[4] as follows: Graves (Greaves), Charles. Pensioner (Mr. Fell, Waterford), July 9, 1713, aged 17, son of Richard, generous; born Waterford. Sch. 1716. B.A. spring 1715; M.A. summer 1721.

  13.  Jane Graves, bur. 19 Aug. 1712 (St. Olave’s church, Waterford).  Dau. of Alderman Richard and Abigail Graves1.

+14.  William Graves, bapt. 6 Feb. 1702/3.

  15.  Philip Graves; mentioned in Ald. Richard Graves’ will (per Rev. James Graves’ abstract).  Philip, son of Edward and Abigail Graves of Trinity parish, baptised 26 Sept. 17031.  Seems probable Edward is a mistake for Richard in the Register.


John Graves (4) was a carpenter of Waterford (described as such in deeds).  He was described as of St. Peter’s parish in the Register of St. Patrick’s.  He was executor of the will of his brother Alderman Richard Graves.  A John Graves was Sheriff of Waterford in 1713, 1714, and 1722 (Hansard’s History of Waterford).

His will was dated 27 Feb. 1728/9, proved 1733, and is in the index of Diocesan wills which has survived the fire in 1922, but the original will burned.  An abstract in the handwriting of Rev. James Graves, who died in 1886, mentions wife Anne and 3 children, Mary, George, and Francis.

John Graves was the leaseholder of 2 houses with back houses and yards with a frontage of 64 feet on Bakehouse Lane, and bounded at the back with the old City Wall[5].

There is a slight potential for confusion between the identities of John Graves brother and John Graves eldest son of Alderman Richard Graves.  However, no reference to the son has been identified as such except the reference to him in Richard’s will.

John Graves married Anne Barker.  The will, dated 30 June 1759, of Anne Graves, widow, also Barker, was proved in 1763.  Admon. is in the P.R.O. list in Dublin, but the will burned in the Four Courts Fire of 1922.  An abstract of the will is given in Waterford and S.E. of Ireland Archeological Society Journal, vol. XVII, and mentions daughter Mary Rogers, also Graves.  (R‑1)

Children - Graves

  16.  Abigail Graves, b. 7 May 1712.  Bapt. 11 May 1712 by Mr. Denis in Christchurch.  “Dau. of Mr. John Graves and Anne, his wife, of St. Olave’s”1.  Bur. in St. Olave’s 5 Feb. 1713/14, “dau. of Mr. John Graves and Anne, his wife, of St. Peter’s”1.

  17.  Frances Graves, b. 27 June 1713, bapt. 28 June 1713, bur. 9 July 1713 (St. Olave’s).  “Dau. of Mr. John Graves, sheriff, and Anne, his wife, of St. Peter’s”1.

  18.  Richard Graves, b. 20 July 1715, bapt. 22 July 1715, bur. 26 July 1715 (St. Olave’s)1.  “Son of Mr. John Graves and Anne, his wife.”

  19.  Anne Graves, bur. 17 Jan. 1715/16 (St. Olave’s)1.  “Dau. of Mr. John Graves and Anne, his wife.”

  20.  Eliza Graves, b. 25 Jan. 1716/17, bapt. 27 Jan. 1716/171.  “Dau. of Mr. John Graves and Anne, his wife.”

  21.  Mary Graves, b. 26 Feb. 1719/20, bapt. 15 March 1719/20, m. ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Rogers.  “Dau. of John and Anne Graves”1.  It is surmised that this is the daughter mentioned as Mary in her father’s will, and as Mary Rogers, alias Graves, in her mother’s will.

  22.  Sarah Graves, b. 19 Jan. 1720/21, bapt. 24 Jan. 1720/211.  “Dau. of John and Anne Graves.”

  23.  George Graves; mentioned in will of his father, John Graves, Carpenter of Waterford.  (Perhaps born during a gap in the Registers of Waterford Cathedral from 1721-1729.)

  24.  Francis Graves, b. 30 Jan. 1725/6, bapt. 2 Feb. 1725/6 (St. Patrick’s Church)[6].  “Son of John and Anne Graves of St. Peter’s.”

  25.  William Graves, b. 2 Dec. 1727, bapt. 10 Dec. 1727 (St. Patrick’s Church)6.  “Son of John and Anne Graves of St. Peter’s.”


William Graves (5) married Jane ‑‑‑‑‑‑.  (R‑1)

Children - Graves

  26.  John Graves, bur. 4 Sept. 1719 (St. Olave’s)1.






Anthony Graves (9) was described in deeds as of City of Waterford, Capenter, Gent.  He was mentioned in his father’s will.  He died intestate.  Admon. granted to his widow Elizabeth, 18 March 1730/31.  He was owner of a yard and workshop and 2 brick houses built by him on the leasehold property originally leased by his father, Alderman Richard Graves, from the Holy Ghost Hospital.[7]

He married Elizabeth Castele, daughter of Alexander Castele of Ballyhack.  She was mentioned in her father’s will, dated 22 Sept. 1727[8].  She was also mentioned in the will of Alderman Richard Graves and in several deeds.  She married as her second husband on 20 Feb. 1736/7 Darby Doyle, limeburner1, 3.  Admon. of her estate granted and will proved in 1750.  The will of Darby Doyle was proved in 1757[9].  Her mother, wife of Alexander Castele, was the daughter of William Nicholson and Elizabeth, his wife8.  (R‑1)

Children - Graves

+27.  Richard Graves, b.c. 1713-24, m. Margaret Bull, 25 Sept. 1750, d. 1813.

  28.  Alexander Graves; mentioned in the will of Alexander Castele, dated 2 Sept. 1727.  No mention found elsewhere.  Possibly he may be identical with Richard under another name.

+29.  Anne Graves, m(1) Daniel Finney, m(2) ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Roberts.


Rebecca Graves (11) married Alderman William Barker on 4 Aug. 1713 in the house of Alderman Richard Graves, Waterford1.  He was of St. Peter's Parish, Waterford.  He was executor of Alderman Richard Graves' will.  William Barker's will was proved 17469.  After the death of her husband in 1746, Rebecca acted as executor of Alderman Richard Graves' will, as the other executor, John Graves, carpenter, had died intestate3.  They only had one son.  (R‑1)

Children - Barker

  30.  William Barker, apothecary.  See the deed, vol. 190, 357, 127177, by which Rebecca Barker and her only son William, on 5 Nov. 1756, sold the house in which the Rev. Mr. John Fell formerly dwelt to Richard Graves and Daniel Finney.  The house is described in the deed as near the Ring Tower and in David Bailey's New Street[10].


William Graves (14) was baptized 6 Feb. 1702/3.  He was described as son of Mr. Richard and Abigail Graves of Trinity Parish.  He seems the likely father (or possibly one of his brothers) of William Graves of Bow Street, Dublin, who married Anne.  See also the following records in Registry of Deeds, Henrietta St., Dublin: vol. 756, 129, 513664; vol. 187, 443, 125890; vol. 181, 364, 120996; vol. 174, 9, 114967; vol. 156, 407, 106356.  (R‑1)

Children - Graves

+31.  William Graves, m. Anne Shaw, 1757, d. Feb. 1784.






Richard Graves (27) was born about 1713-24.  He was described in deeds10 as merchant, tallow chandler, and gent. of Waterford.  He was buried in The Thomple-Tha-Haun burial ground at Thomastown in 1813[11].  He was a reputed centenarian when he died in 1813.  Administration of the estate of his father-in-law, James Bull, was granted to him 9 Jan. 1764 (Ossory admon. P.R.O., Dublin).  In deed, vol. 197, 425, 131121, lease dated 8 Nov. 1758, he is referred to as lessee of a chandler's warehouse, workshop, and stable near The Carrigeen, Waterford.

He married Margaret Bull, daughter of James Bull of Thomastown, gent., on 25 Sept. 1750.  Marriage settlement includes half the fortune of James Bull to be bequeathed in his will accordingly, and half Richard Graves' personal fortune, together with reversion of 2 houses in David Bailey's New Street, Waterford, which revert to him on the death of his mother, Elizabeth Doyle (vol. 149, 160, 9928610).  The marriage license was dated 24 Sept. 1750 (Ossory Marriage Licenses, P.R.O., Dublin).

This appears to be the same person as Richard Graves, high sherrif of Limerick in 1735, listed as son of John Graves, in genealogy 68.  (R‑1)

Children - Graves

+32.  Anthony Graves, b. 10 July 1751, m. Mary Brett, Jan. 1772, d. 31 Jan. 1816.

+33.  James Graves, m. Jane Flanagan, d. 1788.

  34.  Margaret Graves, b. Jan. 1755, bur. 1786 at Thomastown[12].

  35.  Elizabeth Graves, b. May 1756.

  36.  Richard Graves, b. 1757.

  37.  Jane Graves, b. March 1759.

  38.  Anne Graves, b. 1760, m. Mr. Ryall (of Tallow Bridge), d. 26 Nov. 1805 (Tallow Bridge).  (Letter from her father Richard Graves to his grandson Simons Graves[13].)

+39.  Shapland John Graves, bapt. 16 Oct. 1760, m(1) Elizabeth White, m(2) Miss Anthony.

  40.  Mary Graves, b. Aug. 1762.

  41.  Sarah Graves

  42.  Charles Graves, b. Sept. 1765, bur. 1784 (Thomastown12).


Anne Graves (29) was described by Miss Frances Graves (aunt of Rev. James Graves) as the widow Roberts who lived in Factory Lane, alias David Bailey's New Street, near the Deanery.

She first married Daniel Finney of Waterford, gent.  After the death of Elizabeth Doyle, mother of Richard Graves and Anne Finney, in 1756, Daniel Finney becomes entitled to his wife's half share of certain property in Waterford, which Alderman Richard Graves had taken on leasehold terms with covenants to renew, and on which Anthony Graves had his workshop and had built 2 brick houses.  Acting as executor of her husband's will, and therefore of Alderman Richard Graves' will, Rebecca Barker, on 5 June 1756, executes a lease of the property to Richard Graves and Daniel Finney (Deed, vol. 191, 102, 12717610.)  By an assignment dated 1 Nov. 1764 (i.e., after the death of James Bull, his father-in-law), Richard Graves assigns all his half share in the property to Daniel Finney (Deed, vol. 230, 594, 15316810).

Anne married second ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Roberts.  He was a merchant captain and owner of a vessel, who with his ship and son by a former wife was lost at sea.  (R‑1)

Children - Finney

  43.  son, married and settled in New York.

  44.  several other children

  45.  Jane Graves, m. George Cottom (of Waterford).  Will proved 1777 (Index of Diocesan Wills).  They had daughters.



William Graves (31) was of Bow Street, Dublin, Esquire.  His will dated 12 Feb., proved 25 Feb. 1784, mentions Richard Graves, "his heir at law," and the latter's eldest son Anthony Graves8.  Deeds in Registry of Deeds, Henrietta St., Dublin, give the following history of a house in Trinity Parish, Waterford, owned by William Graves: The house was bounded on the North by David Baylie's New Street, on the South by the old town wall, on the West by the Deanery and garden, on the East by another house, which in a 1708 deed is described as a new house of Alderman Richard Graves, and in a 1753 deed as the house where Capt. Duffan now dwells.

This house, so bounded, was bought by Alderman Richard Graves by lease and release dated 2 and 4 Feb. 1707/8, from Minard Christian, Esq.  By deed dated 26 Feb. 1752/3 (vol. 156, 407, 10635610), it was leased by William Graves of Dublin, gent., and Mary Graves his mother, to Rev. Hans Thomas Fell, it being then occupied by Rev. John Fell.  The will of the last named was proved in Waterford Consistory Court in 1754, and by deed dated 25 Oct. 1754 William Graves extended the lease to Rev. Hans Thomas Fell to 100 years (Mary Graves not being mentioned, so presumably deceased).  In 1757 William Graves married Anne Shaw, and put the property carrying the leasehold rent of £16 per annum into his marriage settlement.  He died in 1784, leaving Richard Graves his heir at law and the latter's eldest son Anthony (vol. 174, 9, 11496710).  By deed dated 18 Oct. 1820, Simons Graves, eldest son and heir at law of Anthony Graves, sold the house, which was then in the occupation of ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Grant, spinster, for £160 to John Hamilton of Dublin, Esq.  Simons Graves is described in the deed as of Clonmullen Mill, Co. Kildare, and Anthony Graves as late of Abbeyview, Co. Kilkenny, Esq., deceased (vol. 756, 129, 51366410).

William Graves married Anne Shaw, sister of William Jocelyn Shaw of Archerstown, Co. Meath, Esq.  Marriage settlement dated 15 Oct. 1757 includes William Graves' estate of inheritance in fee simple in the house in Waterford, occupied by Rev. Hans Thomas Fell (vol. 187, 443, 12589010).  (R‑1)







Anthony Graves (32) was born 10 July 1751, and died 31 Jan. 1816 (Memorandum written by Maria Graves gives this day of month11, but it is 21 Jan. 1816 in pedigree by Rev. James Graves13).  He was buried in 1816 in The Thomple-Tha-Haun at Thomaston11, 12.  He was owner of Abbeyview House, Jockey Hall, cottages, Grennan Mills, and lands, etc., at Thomastown, which properties are all mentioned in the will of Mary his wife dated 15 May 181811.

He married Mary Brett in Jan. 1772.  She was daughter of Edmund Brett of Ballygowan, Co. Carlow, and Anne his wife, who was daughter of ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Mercer of Knockville Styne (spelling?), Co. Carlow, by his wife, who was Miss Simons, sister of Major Simons of Dragoons, who lost a leg at Bunker Hill in 1775, and was Town Major of Dublin.  Mary Graves died 4 April 1819 at Abbeyview.  Her will was dated 15 May 1818.  She was buried in The Thomple-Tha-Haun11, 12.  Memorandum written by Maria Graves gives Jan. 1772 as date of marriage of her grandparents11.  (R‑1)

Children - Graves

  46.  Richard Graves, bapt. 14 Sept. 1772 (Thomastown; batismal certificate13), died at age 7.

  47.  Simons Graves, m. Francis Hill, d. 16 March 1849 (Dublin).  No children.  Described as eldest son and heir at law of Anthony Graves of Abbeyview in deed, in which he conveys to John Hamilton of Dublin the house at Bailey's New Street, Waterford, formerly demised by William Graves of Dublin to Rev. Thomas Fell of Waterford (vol. 756, 129, 51366410).  He was recipient of letters dated 1805 and 1806 from his grandfather, Richard Graves13.

+48.  Bartholomew Graves, m. Mary Ramsay.

  49.  Edward Graves, died at age 17.

+50.  Anne Graves, b. 1777, m. Robert Allen, 27 April 1794, d. 16 Jan. 1864.

  51.  Margaret Graves, m. (Capt.) Benjamin Derenzi, d. 14 March 1828 (Ballystraw).  Bur. in The Thomple-Tha-Haun.  Married before 1810, when she wrote letters to her brother, Ensign William Graves, under her married name13.

  52.  James Mercer Graves, never married, d. 21 May 1819 (Abbeyview).  Bur. at The Thomple-Tha-Haun at Thomastown.  He was M.D., Edinburgh University.

  53.  John Graves, bapt. 12 Nov. 1780 (Thomastown), d. in infancy12.

+54.  Elizabeth Graves, m. Amyas Davis, d. 26 July 1813.

  55.  Jane Mercer Graves, never married, d. 9 Nov. 1851[14] (Ballystraw).  Bur. in The Thomple-Tha-Haun burial ground at Thomastown11.

+56.  William Graves, bapt. 12 Sept. 1787, m(1) Sarah Elly, 8 Nov. 1814, m(2) Mary Townley, d. 10 March 1859.

  57.  Charlotte Graves, bapt. 20 Sept. 1794, died in infancy.

  58.  Lydia Graves, d. 1806 (age 14).  Bur. in The Thomple-Tha-Haun burial ground.

  59.  Henry Mercer Graves, bapt. 3 Feb. 1796 (Thomastown), never married, d. summer 1832 (London)12.

+60.  Maria Graves, m. William Dann Nicolls, 18 Jan. 1816, d. 25 Feb. 1849.


James Graves (33) was of Thomastown, gent., Protestant.  He was buried in 1788 at Thomastown.  He married Jane Flanagan.  She was born in 1762 and died 1 July 1842.  Ossory marriage license was dated 17 Jan. 1783.  (R‑1)

Children - Graves

+61.  Richard Graves, b. 1785, m. Joanna Anderson, 1813.

  62.  Frances Graves, never married.

  63.  David Graves, bapt. 6 May 1787 (Thomastown12).


Shapland John Graves (39) was baptized 16 Oct. 1760 at St. Olave's, Waterford[15], and was buried at Ring11.  He first married Elizabeth White, daughter of ‑‑‑‑‑‑ White of Shandon, Cork, Esq.  He married second Miss Anthony.  (R‑1)

Children - Graves

+64.  William Valentine Graves, b. 1785-1795, m. Marcella Vincent.

+65.  Charles Graves, b. 1789, m. Anne Morton, Dec. 1814.






Bartholomew Graves (48) settled in Philadelphia, PA, U.S.A., where he was major of of 2nd Batt. of the Philadelphia Militia Legion in 1808, when he wrote a letter to his brother Simons, dated 17 Sept. 1808.  In it he refers to having been there at least 10 years11.  He married Mary Ramsay of Philadelphia.  (R‑1)

Children - Graves

  66.  Jane Graves

  67.  Matilda Graves; both Matilda and her sister Jane received £100 each and an annual allowance under the will of their uncle, William Graves, who died 1859 at New Ross.

  68.  child

  69.  child

  70.  child

  71.  Rebecca Lydia Graves, aged 5 months on 17 Sept. 1808, when their father Bartholomew wrote a letter referring to Rebecca and the 3 other children whose names are not known.


Anne Graves (50) was born in 1777, and died 16 Jan. 1864, aged 8712.  She married Robert Allen of Ballystraw, Co. Wexford, on 27 April 1794.  He was born in 1762 and died in 1843, aged 8112.  (R‑1)

Children - Allen

  72.  John Allen

+73.  Anthony Pierce Allen, b. 1805, m. Lydia Morton Graves, Aug. 1844.


Elizabeth ("Bessy") Graves (54) died 26 July 1813, and was buried in The Thomple-Tha-Haun11.  She married Amyas Davis of Millview, Thomastown.  He was brother of John Davis, Esq., of Summerhill.  Their marriage license was dated 17 Oct. 1803 (Ossory marriage licenses).  (R‑1)

Children - Davis

  74.  Maria Davis, m. ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Wilson (of Dublin).

  75.  Julia Davis, died young.


William Graves (56) was baptized 12 Sept. 1787 at Thomastown, died 10 March 1859 at The Block House, aged 72, and was buried in St. Mary's Churchyard, New Ross.  He was of The Block House, New Ross, where he had mills and a shipping business.  He was Ensign in 79th Cameron Highlanders, 1807-1810, when he returned home to assist in the mill at Grennan.  He visited Canada in 1820, and wrote a diary of his travels11.  He later carried emigrants to Canada in his ships.

He first married Sarah ("Sally") Elly on 8 Nov. 1814 at Upper Shandon Church, Cork, by Rev. Richard Lee.  She died 4 Nov. 1824, daughter of Samuel Elly of The Walks, New Ross, and Jane his wife.  Samuel Elly was born 7 July 1757.

He married second Mary Townley, daughter of Rev. Dr. Townley.  She died in 1847, and was buried at New Ross11.

This appears to be the same person as William Graves, son of Anthony Graves, in genealogy 68.  (R‑1)

Children - Graves, by Sarah Elly

+76.  Anthony Elly Graves, b. 26 Aug. 1815, m. Harriet Haughton, 30 Oct. 1850, d. 16 May 1891.

+77.  Samuel Robert Graves, b. 7 June 1818, m. Elisabeth Anne Haughton, 6 Sept. 1848, d. 18 Jan. 1873.

  78.  William Cameron Graves, b. 20 Jan. 1820 (Wellington, Bannow, Co. Wexford), never married, d. 23 May 1846 (Grennan Cottage, Thomastown).  Bur. in The Thomple-Tha-Haun, Thomastown11.

+79.  James Palmer Graves, b. 13 March 1822, m. Sarah Morgina Fish, 7 May 1856.

Children - Graves, by Mary Townley

  80.  Susan Dora ("Tusey") Graves, b. 3 June 1837, m. James Haughton (of Chelsea Lodge, Duncannon, Co. Wexford), 31 Oct. 186014 (Ross), d. 20 March 1888 (Dublin).  Bur. at Duncannon.


Maria Graves (60) died 25 Feb. 184914 at Abbeyview, and was buried in The Thomple-Tha-Haun burial ground, Thomastown11.  She married William Dann Nicolls, Col., R.A.  His will was dated 12 Jan. 1820.  Memo, written by Maria Graves, their daughter, gives 18 Jan. 1816 as date of marriage of Maria Graves and Captain Nicolls13.  (R‑1)

Children - Nicolls

  81.  Jane Nicolls

  82.  Anne Nicolls

  83.  Gustavus Adolphus Nicolls, b. 3 April 1817.  (Memo by Maria Graves.)

  84.  Jasper Nicolls

  85.  Maria Nicolls, m. James Graves (#85).



Richard Graves (61) was born in 1785 (based on the following entry in the Kilkenny School Register).  He was Rector of Mothel.  Kilkenny School Register has the following entry: "Richard, son of the widow Graves of Thomastown, aged 12 years, 24 Jan. 1797."  He married Joanna Anderson, daughter of Roger Anderson and Margaret Edmunds (dau. of James Edmunds of Dunmore), in 1813.  (R‑1)

Children - Graves

  86.  Rev.) James Graves, m. Maria Nicolls (#84), d. 1886.  He was of Inisnag Rectory, Rector of Stoneyford.  He was one of the founders and Hon. Sec. Of the Kilkenny Archaeological Society, which eventually developed into the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland.

  87.  Richard Graves

  88.  Margaret Graves

  89.  Jane Graves

+90.  Mary Graves, m. John Love.



William Valentine Graves (64) was born 1785-1795.  He married Marcella Vincent, daughter of ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Vincent, Esq., Co. Limerick.  It is interesting to note that William’s son Shapland had a daughter whose middle name was Marcella, and another daughter whose middle name was Vincent, both probably from the name of Marcella Vincent.

William Valentine Graves and Marcella Graves (nee Vincent) held 26 acres of land, (part of Ardcloney, occupied by General Bourchier, Parish of Killaloe, Barony of Tulla, County Clare), in 1834, together with Francis Longworth Bayley and Jane (nee Vincent, his wife), Anne Vincent, Charlotte Vincent, Henrietta Vincent and Caroline Vincent. They were plaintiffs in an ejectment case. The defendants were Mary Goold and William Goold.

This information comes from the Ejectment Books of County Clare, Sixmilebridge Sessions, June 17th 1834 no. 22., accessed in the National Archives of Ireland, and is evidence of the full name of this William Graves.

In 1828 a William Graves Esq was the plaintiff in another ejectment case - the Fisheries and Eel Weirs of Parteen Curreny...the Net and Rod Fishery, Parish of Killaloe, Barony of Tulla, County Clare. (Ennis Sessions, 14th January 1828 no. 3).

The ejectment books are a record of ejectment cases before the Irish Circuit Court.  Each book records the names of hundreds of evicted tenants, numerous landlords and their attorneys, locations of farms, and details of leases.  A complete list of the ejectment books of each county can be obtained from the county indexes of the Circuit Court, which are at the National Archives, Bishop St., Dublin.  The actual records are held at the Four Courts.

William Valentine Graves took his family (including at least his wife, and children Marcella, Henrietta, Charles, Maria, and Francis) to America from Cork, Ireland in 1849 on the “Effingham.”  They were in the 1850 census for Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY, when he was a clerk.  They have not been found in the 1860 U.S. census.  (R‑1)

Children - Graves

  91.  William Graves

+92.  Shapland Valentine Graves, b. 16 Sept. 1819, m(1) Sarah Lavinia Garey, 5 Oct. 1852, m(2) Lydia Louisa Garey, 4 Oct. 1862, d. 17 July 1904.

  93.  Marcella Graves, b.c. 1825 (Ireland).

  94.  Henrietta Graves, b.c. 1830 (Ireland).

  95.  Charles Graves, b.c. 1832 (Wales).

  96.  Maria Graves, b.c. 1837 (Wales).

  97.  Francis Graves, b.c. 1840 (Ireland), m(1) Eliza Mitchell, m(2) Matilda Bellis.


Charles Graves (65) was born in 1789.  He was of Brookvale, Villierstown, Co. Waterford.  He married Anne Morton, daughter of ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Morton of Cork, in Dec. 1814.  (R‑1)

Children - Graves

  98.  Charles Graves

  99.  Lydia Morton Graves, m. Anthony Pierce Allen, Aug. 1844.  See #73 for descendants.






Anthony Pierce Allen (73) was born in 1805.  He married Lydia Morton Graves (#99), daughter of Charles Graves of Brookvale, Villierstown and Anne Morton, in Aug. 1844.  (R‑1)

Children - Allen

  100.  Anne Maria Allen, m. Edward Barrington, M.D.



Anthony Elly Graves (76) was born 26 Aug. 1815 at Grennan Cottage, Thomastown, and died 16 May 1891 at Rosbercon Castle.  He was of Rosbercon Castle, New Ross.  He married Harriet Haughton14, daughter of Samuel Haughton of Burrin House, Carlow, on 30 Oct. 1850 at Carlow.  She died 7 Nov. 1864 at Rosbercon Castle14.  Both Anthony and Harriet were buried in St. Mary's Churchyard, New Ross.

Harriet's father, Samuel Haughton of Burrin House, Carlow, was born 12 Aug. 1787 and died 22 Sept. 1877.  He married Sarah Hancock of Lurgan on 10 April 1817.  She was born 5 April 1787 and died 14 March 1861.  In addition to Harriet, they had: (3) John Hancock Haughton, m(1) Dora Hewetson, m(2) Fanny King, (4) Samuel Haughton, b. 21 Dec. 1821, a doctor in Dublin, m. Louisa ‑‑‑‑‑‑, (5) Elisabeth Anne Haughton, m. Samuel Robert Graves (brother of Anthony Elly Graves).  (R‑1)

Children - Graves

  101.  Dr.) William Robert Graves (eldest son), m. ‑‑‑‑‑‑, d. 1896 (Dublin).  His widow went with her family to California.

  102.  Samuel Haughton Graves (second son), b. 10 July 1854 (Thomastown, Ireland), m. ‑‑‑‑‑‑, d. 13 Nov. 1911 (Carleton, Ontario, Canada).  He was a barrister of one of the Inns of Court, London.  He settled in Chicago and married there.  His death certificate gave the date and place of his birth and death.  At the time of his death he was a railway president.  He was found dead in bed of heart disease, at Aylmer Apts.


Samuel Robert Graves (77) was born 7 June 1818 at Blackwell's Lodge, Thomastown, the residence of the Rev. Joseph Townsend.  He died 18 Jan. 1873 at Euston Hotel, London, and was buried at Smithdown Road Cem., Liverpool.  He was of The Grange, Wavertree.  He was educated at a private school at Scarview House, Taghmon.  He began business in Liverpool in 1846, and contested parliamentary election at New Ross, 2 April 1857, being defeated by a small majority.  He was Chairman of the Liverpool Shipowners' Association, 1856-9.  He was elected to Liverpool City Council for No. 8 or Pitt Street Ward, 9 Feb. 1857, and was elected a member of the Mersey Docks and Harbour Board, 1858.  He was a member of the Royal Commission on Lighthouses, buoys, and beacons, 1859.  He embarked on H.M.S. Vivid at Portsmouth on 4 July 1859 with the members of the Commission for coastal inspection14.

He was Mayor of Liverpool, 1860-61.  He was Commodore of the Royal Mersey Yacht Squadron, and was elected M.P. for Liverpool, 14 July 1865, and also at the next election in Nov. 1868.  He was author of A Yachting Cruise in the Baltic, Longman & Co., 1863.  He was Director of the London & North-Western Railway Co., and of the Pacific Steam Navigation Co., etc.

He married Elisabeth Anne Haughton, daughter of Samuel Haughton of Burrin House, Carlow and Sarah Hancock, on Wednesday, 6 Sept. 1848 at Carlow, by Rev. William Brandon[16].  She was born 25 Feb. 1825.  (R‑1)

Children - Graves

  103.  sons and 3 daughters


James Palmer Graves (79) was born 13 March 1822 at The Walks, New Ross, the residence of his grandfather, Samuel Elly Graves.  He was of Waterpark, Waterford, J.P.  All his children were born at Waterpark, Waterford, except the youngest, born at Dunkitt House.  J. P. Graves crossed to Savannah, GA, sailing 29 Dec. 1848, and visited the U.S.A. several times between then and 185614.

He married Sarah Morgina Fish of Midway, GA.  According to a notice in the Daily Morning News of 10 May 1856: "On Wednesday, 7 May 1856, married at Midway, near Milledgeville, GA, by the Rev. Mr. Pryze, J. Palmer Graves, Esq., of Waterford, Ireland, to Miss Sarah M. Fish of Midway."  (R‑1)

Children- Graves

  97.  6 sons and 3 daughters



Mary Graves (90) married John Love of Armagh Castle, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary.  (R‑1)

Children - Love

  104.  Frances Graves Love; she wrote to Mrs. Margrett Graves of Rockenham, Waterford, in 1920, and presented to her papers on the Graves family pedigree written by Rev. James Graves of Inisnag, together with a coat-of-arms painted on canvas which had belonged to his great-grandfather, Richard Graves of Waterford.  Vert. ‑ an eagle displayed ducally crowned, or.



Shapland Valentine Graves (92) was born 16 Sept. 1819, died 17 July 1904, and was buried in Wallaroo, South Australia.  He lived at Mt. Lofty, Salisbury, Pt. Wakefield, Green Plains and Wallaroo.  He first married Sarah Lavinia Garey on 5 Oct. 1852.  She was born in 1830, and died and was buried 17 July 1859.  She was the oldest daughter of George Daniel Garey, tailor of Melbourne St., North Adelaide.  Shapland secondly married Lydia Louisa Garey, 2nd daughter of George Daniel Garey, on 4 Oct. 1862.

Copper to Gold, A History of Wallaroo, provides the following two accounts:

Shapland Valentine Graves is first recorded in the Adelaide Directory as “Storekeeper, Leigh St., 1853” (the first year after his marriage), then “Grocer, Currie St., 1854, Grocer, 71 Rundle St., 1855, Storekeeper, 32 King William St., 1857.”  (NB: Thomas Graves was listed from 1849-1864 as Wholesale Grocer of Hindley and Currie Sts.  Shapland may have been a relative, and worked with or for him, before his marriage in 1852.)  Shapland was granted a teaching licence in 1860, and taught at Gepps Cross, Greens Plains, Mt. Lofty, Salisbury and Pt. Wakefield schools.  He was also District Clerk of Greens Plains from 1874.  In 1882 he set up as a General Storekeeper/Grocer in Owen St., Wallaroo, shifted the business to Gardener St. in 1887, where he remained until his death in 1905.  [Thomas Graves was born at Cambridge, U.K.  Thomas’s wife was Elizabeth (nee Grose), and Shapland’s first wife, son William, and daughter Charlotte are all buried in a multiple grave site registered to the Grose family.  So there must be some close relationship, although their respective birth dates discounts them being brothers.]

An interesting letter was received by the Manager of the Kadina & Wallaroo Railway & Pier Company, from the ship Hoang Ho.  Dated July 4, 1868, it read, “Sir, I beg to make the following remarks upon this port as a loading port.  The facilities for dispatching ships are second to none, and the jetty and railway are excellent.  I don’t think there would be a danger if due care be observed in mooring the vessels.  I have discharged and loaded here to 16 feet 6 inches without any trouble or anxiety for the safety of the ship.  During the whole time it has been blowing more or less hard, and several times a gale, yet my ship has received no injury whatsoever.  I would be glad to come here again if freights were a little better.  I have received the greatest civility and attention that could be accorded to anyone.

      (Signed)  W. Graves, Master of the Hoang Ho of Liverpool.

[It is possible that the Master of the Hoang Ho was William Valentine Graves.  If so, and if he had made previous voyages to the one mentioned in Copper to Gold, even if he was not Shapland’s father, Shapland could have walked off the ship in any port in Australia, leaving no record of his arrival.]

The following obituary appeared in The Kadina & Wallaroo Times, Wed., Sept. 28, 1905.


The death of an old resident in the person of Mr. Shapland Graves took place at the residence of his daughter Mrs. J. Edwards at Snowtown on Sunday last, Sept. 17th.  On the previous Sunday Mr. Graves, who seemed to be enjoying his usual good health, went to church as usual.  He took part in the singing of the first hymn, but suddenly took ill during the sermon and was taken home, and on Sunday afternoon last at about 4 P.M. he was called away.  Mr. Graves was a resident of Wallaroo for over 20 years.  As a young man he acted as grocer’s assistant in one of the earliest established grocery businesses on Owen Terrace, on a spot now occupied by Mr. Letherby’s chemist shop.

Later he became a school teacher and removed to Paskerville and Green’s Plains where he spent a number of years, after which he was advised to resign on account of failing eyesight.  Returned to Wallaroo, he bought a little property and also opened a grocery business of his own on The Terrace.  This he kept going for some time after which he removed to Gardiner St., and still continued to sell from his premises little odds and ends of drapery.  After the death of his wife about 18 months ago, he gave this up and went to reside with his daughter (Mrs. Edwards), who shortly afterwards removed to Snowtown.  Mr. Graves was always a good church worker.  He had occupied the position of local preacherand class leader, and was for a number of years Sunday School teacher and a prominent member of the Christian Endeavour Society.

Mr. Graves on last September 16th attained the age of 86 years.

The deceased gentleman who was beloved by all who knew him left five daughter: Mrs. Green, Johannesburg, South Africa, Mrs. Stibbles, Adelaide, Mrs. Gunter and Mrs. Edwards of Snowtown, Mrs. Anderson of Yacka, and one son Mr. E. Graves of Adelaide.

It was always the wish of the late Mr. Graves that his last resting place should be among his friends at Wallaroo, hence his remains were brought from Snowtown on Monday evening, the funeral leaving the railway station shortly after 6 P.M.

Reverend Mr. Jones (Welsh Church) officiated at the grave.  Mr. Thomas Davies represented the Methodist Church in the absence of Rev. E. J. Piper who was indisposed.  The funeral arrangements were in the hands of Mr. W. Opie of Kadina.  (R‑1)

Children - Graves, by Sarah L. Garey

  105.  William Graves, b. 9 Aug. 1853, d. 20 Oct. 1853.

  106.  Maria Marcella Graves, b. 15 Nov. 1854, m. Sam Green, 25 Dec. 1880 (Medindie).  At Shapland’s death they were living in Johannesburg, South Africa.

  107.  Charlotte Elizabeth Graves, b. 6 April 1857, d. 31 March 1861.

+108.  Lavinia Louisa A. Graves, b. 4 July 1859, m. Edward B. Stibbles.

Children - Graves, by Lydia L. Garey

+109.  Lydia May Mary Graves, b. 22 July 1863, m. Joe Edwards, 1 May 1884.

  110.  Elizabeth Vincent Graves, b. 2 Nov. 1864, m. John Alexander Anderson, 18 July 1885 (in the house of J. Edwards, Wallaroo), d. 1942.  John was b. 10 Feb. 1862, Banff, Scotland.

+111.  Annie Graves, b. 6 April 1867, m. Albert H. Gunter, 1887.

  112.  Ebenezer George Graves, b. 21 May 1871, m. Ida Bessie Wagstaff, 26 Aug. 1897, d. May 1940.

  113.  Ruth Graves, b. 15 April 1876, d. 6 Dec. 1876.






Lavinia Louisa A. Graves (108) was born 4 July 1859.  She married Edward B. Stibbles.  (R‑1)

Children - Stibbles

  114.  Bert Stibbles

  115.  Elizabeth Stibbles, died young.

+116.  Amy Stibbles, m(1) ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Sleep, m(2) Joe Pearson.

+117.  Florence Stibbles, m. Harry Verral.


Lydia May Mary Graves (109) was born 22 July 1863.  She married Joe Edwards on 1 May 1884.  (R‑1)

Children - Edwards

  118.  Effie Edwards

  119.  Leslie Edwards

  120.  Herbert Edwards


Annie Graves (111) was born 6 April 1867.  She married Albert H. Gunter in 1887.  (R‑1)

Children - Gunter

+121.  Elsie Gunter, m. Roy Hewitt.

+122.  Vera Gunter, m. Gordon Willington.

  123.  Ivy Gunter, m. James Pearce.






Amy Stibbles (116) first married ‑‑‑‑‑‑ Sleep.  She secondly married Joe Pearson.  (R‑1)

Children - Sleep

  124.  Roma Sleep, m. Studley Prertty.


Florence Stibbles (117 married Harry Verral.  (R‑1)

Children - Verral

  125.  Daphne Verral



Elsie Gunter (121) married Roy Hewitt.  (R‑1)

Children - Hewitt

  126.  Lance Hewitt


Vera Gunter (122) married Gordon Willington.  (R‑1)

Children - Willington

  127.  Dorothy Willington


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