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A Thomas Graves (1) was recorded as the father of Giles Graves and his siblings.  Their mother was recorded as Barbara Graves.  This Thomas Graves may be the Thomas Williams Graves, born 27 Feb. 1801, d. 15 Oct. 1877, from Genealogy 270, a slave owner who was the father of another child born by one of his slaves.

Children - Graves

    2.  Paul Graves, b.c. 1845 (Caswell Co., NC), m. Jennie Ross, 3 Nov. 1875 (Danville, VA:  Virginia, Select Marriages, 1785-1940).  She was b.c. 1849 (Caswell Co., NC), daughter of Emily Pruett.

+3.   Giles Graves, b. May 1851, m. Mary Delancey, 27 June 1874, d. 1 July 1915.

    4.  David Graves, b.c. 1853, m. Mary Shields (of Danville, VA), 16 Jan. 1892 (Caswell Co., NC, Marriage Licenses, 1808-1895, #442).  Mary was b.c. 1873, daughter of Ned and Hannah Shields.  David was “of Caswell NC” on his marriage record.  His parents Tom and Barbra [sic] Graves were both deceased.

    5.  Ellen Graves, b.c. 1856, m. Albert Guerrant (of Rockingham Co., NC), 11 Sept. 1874 (Rockingham Co., NC, Book 5, p. 41).  He was b.c. 1853, son of Peter and Louisa Guerrant.  Ellen was “of Rockingham” on her marriage record.  Her parents Thomas and Barbara Graves were living.  Albert was in the 1870 census for Oregonville, Rockingham Co., NC, b.c. 1851 in NC, but has not been found in later censuses.

    5.  W. H. Graves, b.c. 1857 (Caswell Co., NC), m. Lizzie Moorman, 14 Dec. 1887 (Danville, VA).  She was b.c. 1866 (Pittsylvania Co., VA), daughter of George Moorman and Amanda Moorman.  His parents were recorded as Tom Graves and Barbary Graves, and he was listed as a widower.






Giles Graves (3) was born in May 1851 in NC[1], and died 1 July 1915 in Ruffin, Rockingham Co., NC[2].  He married Mary Delancey, daughter of Hanah (or Hannah) Delancey, on 27 June 1874 in Oregonville Township, Rockingham Co., NC[3].  She was born in Jan. 1857 in NC, and died after 1920.  Although there was a Giles Graves family, wife recorded on the 1880 census in Tunstall, Pittsylvania Co., VA, this appears to be a different Giles Graves.  All members of this Giles Graves family show birthplaces as NC, but further research indicated that the descendants of this family were born in VA.  Their daughter Jennie (Graves) Evans died in 1934 in Lynchburg, Campbell Co., VA.  Her parents were listed and Giles Graves and Mary Graves, both born in Pittsylvania Co., VA.

This Giles Graves and his family have not been found on the 1880 census.  They were recorded on the 1900 census in Ruffin, Rockingham Co., NC; their children were born in NC.  A 6-year old granddaughter was recorded with them; daughter Rosa was single and showed no children.  Although Mary claimed to have no children and had only been married 10 years, the 1910 census showed that she had been married once for 35 years with two children, both living.  Mary and her daughters were recorded on the 1920 census in Ruffin, NC on Ridge Road.

Children - Graves

+6.   Rosa B. Graves, b. April 1874, m. John Breyer, d. aft. 1920.

+7.   Barbara Graves, b. June 1896, m(1) Richard Broadnax, 23 Oct. 1909, m(2) Claude Stroud, 23 Aug. 1918, m(3) Charlie Moyer, 10 July 1934, d. 22 Feb. 1940.






Rosa B. Graves (6) was born in April 1874 in NC, and died after 1920.  She married John Brewer (or Breyer) about 1907.  He was born about 1874 in NC.  This family was recorded on the 1910 census in Burlington, Alamance Co., NC.  Living with them was Lizzie Brewer, born about 1894, who may have been the Lizzie Graves recorded with the Giles Graves’ family on the 1900 census.  Rosa was recorded on the 1920 census in Ruffin, Rockingham Co., NC as a 45-year old widow.  She and her sister Barbara lived with their widowed mother Mary.

Children - Brewer

    8.  Lizzie Brewer, b. Sept. 1893 (NC).


Barbara Graves (7) was born in June 1886 in Rockingham Co., NC, and died 22 Feb. 1920 in Ruffin, Rockingham Co., NC[4].  She first married Richard Broadnax, son of Dick Wesson and Martha Broadnax, on 24 Oct. 1909 in Rockingham Co., NC[5].  He was born about 1889 in NC, and died before 23 Aug. 1918.  They were recorded on the 1910 census in Wentworth, Rockingham Co., NC.  Barbara married second Claude Stroud, son of Ned Stroud and Fannie Stroud, on 23 Aug. 1918 in Guilford.  He was born in March 1895 in NC.  Barbara was recorded on the 1920 census in Ruffin, NH as a 33-year old widow.  Barbara married third Charlie Moyer, son of Pete Moyer and Julia ‑‑‑‑‑‑, on 10 July 1934 in Danville, VA[6].  He was born about 1860 in Leaksville, Rockingham Co., NC.

Children - Stroud

    9.  Clarence Edward Stroud, b.c. 1919 (Reidsville, Rockingham Co., NC).


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