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Samuel Graves (1) married Sarah Cole on 30 March 1837 in Randolph Co., NC (Book 1, p. 98).  Moore Graves was listed as the bondsman.  Their children were born in NC.  Samuel died before 1853; Sarah was listed on the 1853 tax lists, but died before Jan. 1854 when Gilliam Graves (genealogy 242) was appointed guardian for their children in Montgomery Co., AR.  It is supposed that Samuel and Gilliam were brothers, but there is no proof of that relationship.  (Samuel and Sarah have not yet been found in the 1850 census.)  Samuel and Gilliam were probably both born in Randolph Co., NC, probably descended from John Graves (b.c. 1750) and Margery Harvey of Randolph Co. (genealogy 77), and may have been descended from his son Leonard Graves.

Gillum and Moor[1] Graves were on the 1840 U.S. census for Cherokee Co., GA, Gillum with 1 male 20-30, 3 males under 5, 1 female 20-30, 1 female 5-10.  It is believed that Moor Graves died in the 1840’s.

Sarah (widow of Samuel) and Gillum are found (separately) on the tax lists in 1853 and later in Montgomery Co., AR.  Sarah owned property that she purchased from the government as follows: 1-NW-SE-11-15-21W-40 150-4-1-100-2-20-270-270-672-67.

Sarah first appeared in Montgomery Co., AR records in 1851 with record NWSE 11 40 acres.

The children of Sarah and Samuel were listed in their own household on the 1860 Montgomery Co., AR census as follows:

Name                          Age    Occ.    R/E Value      Pers. Prop Value       P-O-B

Graves, William [Riley]        22      farmer    500                    52               NC

         Alley                    17                                                            NC

         Ursa                     15                                                            NC

         Alison                   14                                                            NC

         Madison                11                                                            AL

Gilliam appeared on the tax records in Montgomery Co., AR in 1853, 1854, 1855, 1856, 1857, 1858, 1859, 1861, 1865, 1867, 1868, 1871, and 1872.  There is another record in 1861 with Gilliam listed as guardian for the minor heirs of Samuel and Sarah Graves -- Alley, Ultha, Alison, and Madison.  William Riley Graves died intestate on 1 Nov. 1861.  (R‑1, R‑2)

Children - Graves

  2.  William Riley Graves, b.c. 1838, never married, d. 1 Nov. 1861.

  3.  Ally Graves, b.c. 1843, m. James R. P. Ritter, 25 Sept. 1862 (Montgomery Co., AR).  He was b.c. 1845, son of Isham S. Ritter and Mary ‑‑‑‑‑‑.

  4.  Ursa (or Ultha) Graves, b.c. 1845, m. George Washington Breshears, 10 June 1871, (Montgomery Co., AR), d.c. 1872.  Her name was recorded as Youtha Garves on her marriage record.  She and George were recorded on the 1870 census in Montgomery Co., AR; it appears that they were husband and wife at that time.  George was b.c. Sept. 1846 (MS), son of George Washington Breshears (1828-1913), d. 13 Feb. 1932.  He m(2) Sarah Jane Adams, c. 1873, and (3) Laura (Wheeler) (‑‑‑‑‑‑) McCoy, 10 Sept. 1916.  On the 1880 census in Baxter, Garland Co., AR, a 9-year old Nancy D. Breshears, lived with George and Sarah; it is unclear if this daughter is Ultha’s or Sarah’s.  Ultha’s namesake, Utha (Breshears) Rowland (Gen. 242) said that Utha died in childbirth and had no children who survived.

+5.  Allison (or Alison) Graves, b.c. 1846, m(1) Mary Wilson, 20 Sept. 1871, m(2) Barbara E. (‑‑‑‑‑‑) Reed, 1 July 1878, d. before 7 May 1885.

  6.  Madison Graves, b.c. 1849, never married.





Allison (or Alison) Graves (5) was born about 1846 in North Carolina, and died before 7 May 1885 when his widow Barbara remarried.  He first married Mary Wilson on 20 Sept. 1871 in Montgomery Co., AR (Bk. A, p. 285-W).  She was born about 1849.  He married second Barbara Elmira (‑‑‑‑‑‑) Reed on 1 July 1878 in Montgomery Co., AR (Bk. A, p. 445-W).  She was born about 1855 in Alabama, and died before 1900, probably in AR.  They were recorded on the 1880 Montgomery Co., AR census living in Sulphur Twp.  Also living with them was a 16-year-old Frances Graves, listed as a daughter, born in Georgia and George Blocker, age 26, born in Arkansas.  Mrs. Barbara A. Graves married Jerome Pope Beavert on 7 May 1885 in Montgomery Co., AR.  He was listed as a widower on the 1900 census in Pike Co., AR.  (R‑1, R‑2)

Children – Graves, by ‑‑‑‑‑‑

  7.  Frances Graves, b.c. 1864 (GA).

Children - Graves, by Mary Wilson

  8.  George Graves, b.c. 1872 (AR).

Children - Graves, by Barbara E. ‑‑‑‑‑‑

  9.   Nancy Graves, b.c. 1879 (AR).

  10.  Mary Graves, b.c. March 1880 (AR).


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[1]Moor as a given name is very unusual.  It is interesting that a Moor Bagley married Mary Jane Graves in 1810 in Randolph Co. (later Jasper Co.), GA.  Mary Jane was born about 1787 in Chesterfield Co., SC (just across the state line from Anson Co., NC), and was a grandson of Robert Graves (grandson of Thomas Graves and Ann Davenport, descended from Capt. Thomas Graves of VA).