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Artie Mischa Graves (1) was born 14 June 1889 in Jefferson Davis Co., MS, and died 1 April 1971. She married Thomas Lewis ("Tom") Pace, son of Leonidas Pace and Mary Taylor, on 24 July 1912. He was born 4 July 1892 in Marion Co., MS, and died 26 Feb. 1970. (R-1)

Children - Pace

2. Osra Bard, b. 1911, d. 7 April 1994. Was this child by a previous marriage of Artie?

+3. Elois Pace, m. William Bennett Herrin.

+4. Elden Leroy Pace, b. 18 Dec. 1914, m. Lucille Clark, d. 7 May 1968.

+5. Cordi Alice Pace, b. 24 March 1917, m. Talmadge Norris, d. 17 March 1951.

+6. Odell Pace, m. Wilford Marvin Witt.

7. Lura ("Lou") Pace, b. 1 Jan. 1922 (Jefferson Davis Co., MS), d. 28 Sept. 1983 (Jefferson Davis Co., MS). Bur. Doubles Cem., Jefferson Davis Co., MS.

+8. Mary Lou Pace, m. William Trigg.

+9. Gladys Pace, m. Julis Stapleton.

+10. Helen Janet Pace, m. Kerney Carroll.






Elois Pace (3) married William ("Willie") Bennett Herrin. He was born 19 Oct. 1908 in Covington Co., MS, and died 14 April 1988. (R-1)

Children - Herrin

+11. Norma Jean Herrin, m. Shelby Marvin Coulter.

+12. Willene Herrin, m. Charles Mack Stephens.

+13. Lois Sue Herrin, m. Cyril Marc McAuthur.


Elden Leroy ("Brown") Pace (4) was born 18 Dec. 1914 in Jefferson Davis Co., MS, and died 7 May 1968. He married Lucille Clark. (R-1)

Children - Pace

+14. James Leroy Pace, b. 6 April 1936, m(1) Dimple Norris, m(2) June King, m(3) Gloria Jean Norris, d. 1991.

+15. Robert Pace, m. Heidi Lori.

+16. Donald Ray Pace, m. Judy ------.

+17. Rita Faye Pace, m. Kenneth Roy Pack.

+18. Carolyn Sue Pace, m. Donald Ray Russell.

+19. Larry Steven Pace, m. Denise Claire Barthel.

+20. Julia Ann Pace, m. James William Reeves.


Cordi Alice Pace (5) was born 24 March 1917 in Jefferson Davis Co., MS, and died 17 March 1951 of polio in OR. She married Talmadge Norris. (R-1)

Children - Norris

+21. Alice Faye Norris, m. Thomas H. Matheny.

+22. Annie Lou Norris, m(1) Billy Jackson, m(2) Homer ------.

+23. Tommie Sue Norris, m(1) Norman A. Lawson, m(2) Howard Lowe.

+24. Brenda Joyce Norris, m(1) Daryl McClain, m(2) Wayne King.


Odell Pace (6) married Wilford Marvin ("Wish") Witt. He was born 3 March 1921 in Laurel, MS, and died 17 Nov. 1980 in Seminary, MS. (R-1)

Children - Witt

25. Fred Randall Witt, m. Sharon Byrd.

+26. Severa Ann Witt, m(1) Mark Ekes, m(2) Edward Henry Parker.


Mary Lou Pace (8) married William ("Mutt") Trigg. He was born 7 Feb. 1921 in Seminary, MS, and died in March 1995. (R-1)

Children - Trigg

+27. Dorothy N. Trigg, m. Ted Dowell.

28. William Thomas Trigg, b. 25 May 1945 (Laurel, MS), d. 28 Feb. 1963 (Sweet Home, OR).

+29. Marilyn Ann Trigg, m. Alfred Glenn Sawyer.


Gladys Pace (9) married Julis Stapleton. (R-1)

Children - Stapleton

+30. Ray Stapleton, m(1) Latrelle Burke, m(2) Jo Turner.

+31. Robert Stapleton, m. Wanda Foster.


Helen Janet Pace (10) married Kerney Carroll. (R-1)

Children - Carroll

+32. Sarah Pauline Carroll, m(1) William Earl Bayse, m(2) John Victor Mickman.

+33. Reba Kay Carroll, m. Joe Morgan.

34. James Arnold Carroll, b. 17 Oct. 1956, d. 27 Jan. 1957.


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